Verizon introduces Edge - a new device payment and early upgrade plan

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jul 2013 10:54 am EDT

Not to be outdone by T-Mobile or AT&T, Verizon has introduced Edge today - a new device payment and early upgrade plan for Share Everything customers. On the plan, Verizon customers will be able to go on a month-to-month contract where the price of the device will be spread over a 24 month period. You'll make the first month's payment when purchasing the device, then continue to pay monthly until the device is paid off or you choose to upgrade.

If you decide you want to upgrade after 6 months, you can do so providing you've paid off 50% of the retail price of the device (or pay off the 50% on the spot) and you can purchase a new device. You won't be locked into a long-term contract and have no upgrade fees, so if you're one of us who likes to grab the latest new devices, you will be able to do just that.

You'll need to be on a Share Everything plan to take advantage of Edge, and in the long run you may end up spending more than normal depending on your plans and devices, so be wary of changing up until you know just what you're getting into. Edge launches August 25th.

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Verizon introduces Edge - a new device payment and early upgrade plan


They should introduce 10.1 before everyone throws there Z10 at VERIZON REPS.


Plus Verizon hates the fact I have an UNLIMITED DATA PLAN. hahaha... :)

I don't get it. If you have to keep paying for their plan anyway, why not just sign a contract and get the phone for $200 or less???

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Thanks Verizon, but still holding on to my unlimited data plan. And could we possibly get an announcement about something called 10.1?

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I doubt 10.1 will come before summer is over at this rate. I take advantage of my Playbook tether and just stream about five hours of video every week in response to attempts at taking the Unlimited Data plan away.

Shame I'm already locked into a contract with VZW, although I wonder if I could switch to this...

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The beauty of competition. If att had merged with T-Mobile none of this would be happening.

From zeTEN

I was thinking that exact same thing. It seems people are over looking the end of the article stating that they could be spending more using this plan.

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Just think! You can now upgrade your device even more quickly! It will still be running on 10.0.????, but at least the phone will get an update! LoL! (Sorry guys, I couldn't resist!)

Yes but will they offer cheaper service plans for people on the Edge plan since they won't be subsidizing the cost of the phone? Otherwise this just ends up being a ploy to wring even more money out of customers pockets.

"You'll need to be on a Share Everything plan to take advantage of Edge, and in the long run you may end up spending more than normal depending on your plans and devices, so be wary of changing up until you know just what you're getting into."

Give up bros, no one who read the article ask questions about stuff for were mentioned in it. Some just like the hard way

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Still don't have 10.1 or at least a OTA version. Be great to upgrade to A10 at least it will come with 10.2.

VZW STL-1004 10.2.

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When I upgraded to my Verizon Z10, they tried to kick me off my unlimited data plan. I guess I argued my case well enough as they never ended up changing my unlimited data so I'll be sticking with my current plan for the duration. Now if Verizon subscribers could only get the OS update that everyone else has.

They tried that on me too. I wasnt able to get them to give me a Z10 with unlimited data. It was the opposite. Verizon said, in order to keep my Unlimited Data I had to purchase the Z10 for full retail pricing $600. I said no and hung up.

Yet, I been with Verizon for over a decade. Nice customer service huh? SMH

A10 w/10.2 is more like it.

This is very interesting. I purchased my new Z10 from the Verizon store and the sales person told me that because this is a new phone, the unlimited data plan that I had on my Storm 2 was no longer being made available for the Z10! I don't understand this since I've been reading some contributors accounts of unlimited data plans with their Z10's. Perhaps I was deceived by the Verizon saleperson and I am bitterly disappointed to be "tricked" out of this grandfathered plan. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with my Z10!

BB10 devices (and even other platforms' devices) still work with BIS plans. There's no need for them anymore unless you have a legacy BB you need to use, but if you have any other phone, a BIS plan works just as well as a generic plan. I use a GS3 every day on a BIS plan (which I keep because I occasionally switch to a legacy BB.)

I have 5 devices on Verizon; two have unlimited data plans and they've been upgraded since VZW ended unlimited data. I think you got "tricked"; or at least had an ignorant sales person. I'd demand my unlimited plan back if I were you.

Good point, but both my grandfathered lines have been upgraded at different times... multiple sales people not doing their jobs... possible I suppose, I do use the same store, but I doubt it.

It would be hard to find a salesman who wasn't trained on how to handle unlimited data customers. Especially when the company line is "get them off of it!"

Tmobile is the only carrier that you actually save thru their upgrading system by "lowering the monthly plan" to reflect the savings of subsidizing the phone
All others are amateur

Seriously. I wish the other carriers followed suit with at least trying to be competitive with their prices.

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I do find it odd how these carriers can justify not giving a discount if you pay full price. Hopefully we will get to a point where contracts are optional and if you take one your plan is higher but your device cheaper.

Which makes it a better deal than AT&T but still not as 'good' as T-Mobile.

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"the price of the device will be spread over a 24 month period. [...] If you decide you want to upgrade after 6 months, you can do so providing you've paid off 50% of the retail price of the device"

I am missing sth? 6 months out of 24 make 25% not 50.. So how would I have pay 50% of the retail device?

You pay the extra to make it 50 percent on the spot and upgrade. It's not rocket science here.

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The average customer will see this as a way to get a new phone faster and won't see that they are paying the same for service. In fact, they will probably like they can buy the device in payments instead of an upfront cost i.e $200 and not have to use a credit card or (god forbid) put money in a savings account before they buy it.

Seems like the carriers are just moving money around doing this, IMO. But this is the industry now, new devices every year or fewer. We all know people who would change phones more than once a year. I just hope BlackBerry is up to task of keeping up..

Agree. The T-Mobile plan is the only one that has any real benefit to the customer. At least they discount the monthly service. Of course their service isn't viewed as being as good as Verizon's.

It sounds to me that Verizon is now being managed by a used car salesman.
They end up charging you more, yet make you "think" you are getting a great deal.

A verizon rep called me up & talked to me about changing up my my plan from unlimited to a share everything plan. So I'm not using up as much data which is what she was basically saying. I told her I'm staying with the unlimited data because it's a rare plan. Carriers can kiss my ass! By the way what's up with using my 9930 on this site, very laggy?

LOL and why would you be the least bit worried about "using up as much data?" Did they confuse data with a natural resource or something? :p

I love it when reps makes the stupidest of pitches. I wonder even if they believe what they're saying.

Exactly, I love knowing I can play Pandora while driving all the while my google maps and BlackBerry Traffic apps are are running constantly as much as I want whenever I want.

I just finished a call with a very pleasant Verizon rep and she told me that because I went with a new contract with the Z10, the pre-existing grandfathered unlimited data plan that I had with my Storm 2 no longer is available and cannot be "rolled over" to my super Z10. While I had her ear, I shared how me and members of CrackBerry nation are disappointed with Verizon's slow release history of software updates.

If you sign a new contract, you lose unlimited. It has nothing to do with what type of a data plan you have. You don't even have to get a new phone, just the fact that you're signing a new contract will remove the unlimited.

The way to get around this is to buy phones at full retail price.

Yeah yeah that's great Verizon, now riddle me this, where's those OS updates for the Z10? Hmmmmmmm?

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for share everything customers, "F" you Verizonnnnnnn.... I'm still not giving up my grandfather plan

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Just another money making machine for big red. I understand that people want to stay in touch with the latest technology, but you'll end up having to pay upwards of $40 a month just to upgrade your phone once a year. Not worth it to me.

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Who gives a crap! Can I get 1 update for my Z10. "Hey Verizon I can't hear you." All these app updates and new apps and Verizon customers can't use them.

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Everyone who is frustrated with not receiving an update should go to the forums and download a leaked version. I recommend using the latest from LBFE. I have downloaded three (two for me, one for my wife) of his and have not found any issues with them. We're currently running version The only thing I had to do was to reload Link to restore the backup. That took maybe 5 minutes per phone.

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My theory on these upgrade plans is that with the market reaching a saturation point as evidenced by slow growth last quarter from samsung and apple not to mention BlackBerry. These upgrade plans are a way for them to move inventory plain and simple. While it sounds good in paper you're still locked in every time you want a new toy.

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Verizon drives me up a wall every time they try to do something like this. My smartphone broke halfway through contract so I opt to use a feature phone, but wait... even though I own the feature phone just by activating it I will lose my unlimited data package?! No thank you.

If the Z10 ever gets 10.2, someone wake me up so I can think about picking one up... off contract.

I don't think I've ever gone over 2GB of data usage in a month but I'm still not giving up my unlimited plan. It's the principle.

You are absolutely correct. It is the principle of the matter. I had never gone over 2GB of monthly data usage when I had my grandfathered unlimited data plan. It was just nice knowing that it was available to me since Verizon did give it to me but when I went with the Z10 and new contract, that plan was surreptitiously taken away without any explanation. If I were to breach the terms of my contract with Verizon such as failure to make payments or engage in some form of unethical behavior, I would no doubt be considered a deadbeat. It is strange how standards and fair play do not apply universally to all. I am seriously considering voiding my contract and taking the financial penalty, and going to a new carrier or whatever these phone companies call themselves.

Now if they just get back to unlimited data plans, they might be able to compare to the other carriers' plans. Service-wise, Verizon is top dog.

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