Verizon having interactive launch of BlackBerry 6 on October 14th

By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2010 02:11 pm EDT
BlackBerry 6 Interactive Launch

An "interactive launch" is better than no launch at all right? Well kind of. The boys at BGR got a hold of this invite to Verizon's interactive launch of BlackBerry 6 that takes place on October 14th. From the looks of things it's most likey a bit of a demo more than an actual software launch, but it still gives us hope. It's doubtful that an official software release will drop the same day, but this is still a good sign that BlackBerry 6 shouldn't be too far off for the Bold 9650 and/or Curve 9330. 

Source: BGR

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Verizon having interactive launch of BlackBerry 6 on October 14th


Anyone else find it ironically funny that the only screen shots of BB6 in that advertisement are of the touchscreen variant of the OS?

You know, considering Verizon doesn't currently offer any BBs that are of the touchscreen variety.....




my guess is that this is a release announcement party, and not the release of the new OS. It wouldn't make a lot of sense for them to spend all this money marketing an OS that people download for free. I think this is official announcement of their first phone that comes with OS6.

So you think this is the official announcement of the Torch? Lol, they're a little late on this announcement don't you think....

And they got it right on the first line, but the very next line they use the incorrect version.
Got to love proof-readers.

I'm going to be p*ssed if they introduce a new phone with OS6. I just upgraded to the bold 9650 (should arrive Monday). If they do announce a new phone, I'll be "testing" the return policy.
If its just OS6 release, then it saves me time and hassle of installing leaked version. Guess I'll be using OS 5 for at least next week.

The 9650 is at least a half year away from getting replaced. They may announce the 9670, but it is ugly and you probably don't really want it...

Relax, I took delivery of a 9650 Saturday after they announced that the Storm 2.5 was canceled. But you have 30 days to return it if you don't like it. If they announce something at this party that you find appealing, take it back. This is part of why this 30 day thing exists.

tried it the 5.0 runs great. The new 6.0 drained my battery huge, wouldn't last a day. Until it is really tested out for awhile, I will not be getting it.

You will enjoy the Bold. I love it

It looks to me like the screenshots are of a portrait-style screen like a torch or storm instead of a landscape style like the Bold or Curve.

Very good point that everyone needs to notice. It might be more specific to the Bold series, or the new Bold.

I think Verizon should be invited to use a spell check on their advertising copy. That or an adult.

This is almost 2 months to the day following the 9800 launch. Could it be that the exclusivity agreement is up and all devices will be getting upgrades in the second half of this month?

I would really like for them to announce the Storm 3 at this event. Even if it's just a picture with specs and possible release date. that would be great. can already tell how this "interactive demo" is going to go.

They can't even get simple english correct.

Your invited to the interactive.....


You're invited to the interactive....


This is very disheartening. OS 6 was supposed to be released at the end of Q3, which I believe was the end of September. Now OS 6 is being launched interactively on the 14th?? Something tells me a release date is not around the corner like I (and everyone else) hoped. I'm a 9700 user, but I think the window of release dates will probably be comparable. At this point, I'm just waiting for a freakin' announcement.

Storm 1 & 2 do not have enough memory to even consider OS6.
And since Verizon (and other carriers) panned and passed on what was likely the Storm 3 (too much like the Storm 2) it won't be happening on any unit without at least 512MB of memory. My Storm 2 has 256MB and original Storm only 128MB.

I am sad about it. Would have purchased the Torch if Verizon had carried it. Not sure what is up with AT&T getting the better phones like Torch, and yes, iPhones.

I may be looking to jump over to Google OS based phones, but right now, to many iterations to even consider which would be the right one!

The leak runs fine on my 9650 so I suppose they could launch any time now. I don't understand the event unless they are announcing a new device though. I'm shocked they are doing an event at all since its not a Droid. Perhaps the death of the 9570 made them so happy they feel a need to celebrate.

If I recall, the Tour has just 256MB of on-board memory. According to experts, 512MB is minimum required memory to run OS6.

the tour has more memory but even though some devices have the same amount is not just the memory for os 6 that is a factor but the proccesor inside that the tour and storm do not have although the bold 9700 has the same memory. The difference with the 9700 is the chip/proccesor inside to use os 6! get it? thats why the 9700 will get it and the tour and storm will not.

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I'm thinking that Verizon is having this party because they are introducing the new Blackberry Style Clamshell. As we all know, the clamshell will be shipped with os 6, so im thinking that they are going to introduce the clamshell/style and they will also update 9650 and 9330.

Until I get it on my Bold 9700... and bump you people talkign bout we whinning... actually we're fighting for what we deserve.

Why can't be what it says it is, why does everyone have to read between the lines and think of ulterior motives? Why can't they just say- this is the new operating system will be sending it out within the week, and the bold will be getting it? I just hope it is newer than the .280 that just leaked.

How does Interactive launch work? Where do I go to participate? Sorry I am a newbe to this sort of thing!

I'm with you guys. I've been checking my google reader looking for some exciting BB6 news for my VZW Bold. Was the event cancelled/moved? I can't find any info anywhere.