The Verizon Guy and BlackBerry Tour Make Their Gameshow Debut on The Price is Right

By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2009 10:17 am EDT

Jerry sent this in and I must say it made me laugh a bit. Everyone's favorite gameshow The Price Is Right featured none other than the Verizon Guy sporting a BlackBerry Tour during the Showcase Showdown. Check out the video as the Verizon Guy touts the "global BlackBerry Tour" while presenting a showcase to the contestants - very cool! Thanks Jerry!

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The Verizon Guy and BlackBerry Tour Make Their Gameshow Debut on The Price is Right


obviously not!! when i heard her say $25,000 i was like "Absolutely not" first off most of those trips are "donated" and the price is right doesnt pay a dime, so the final is usally thousands what you would think it would be.. i dont even have a guestimate for this.. i'd say somewhere in the 7-8k range...

glad to see that the company is wasting its money on this stuff while they cut back on healthcare and employees.

Its not wasting money, its called an advertising expense that most companies have during the course of a year. Its not wasting money if they get customers from their promotion.

Your surely not talking about Verizon Wireless. Cuz they are hiring like crazy and have excellent benefits that start the same day you begin work which also covers pre-existing conditions. So which company you talking about?

more than 10 words at a time???? LOL I do not think I have ever heard him say more than "Can you hear me now?" and "Good!" LOL Nice. Too bad she didn't win....

At least we learned something about what a Blackberry can do instead of watching a bunch of retards jumping around.

I thought it was PRETTY funny that they're using an un-activated Blackberry Tour, considering how much Verizon LOVES to gloat about their coverage. Aside from that, I do have to give it to them though, it was pretty clever from a marketing standpoint to have their "mascot" make an appearance on the infamous "Price is Right" and give away a phone with one year of free service, but wait...isn't a two-year contract required?

What makes the "Price is Right" infamous? Infamous does not mean "more than famous". I'm also trying to find the humor in using an unactivated Tour. But I digress.

I hate in show ads

Were being swamped by them

ie NFL Pregame shows, regular sitcoms

Now i know that the Price is Right is all about ads

But i remember some ad execs saying that because of the advent of Tivo they would resort to placing more ads in to the body of the shows

They were able to find out that that over 80% of the people who TIVO programs skip thru the commercials

HE NEEDS TO GET OFF GAME SHOWS AND GET THE 5.0 RELEASED FOR MY TOUR, out there screwin around instead of at verizon kickin ass

The true genius, wasn't having him present the tour this way, it was having the whole audience behind him wear Verizon hardhats like in the commercials!

Yeah one small problem...

You can't activate a tour on an unlimited "premium" plan. The people who work at Verizon should know this before putting out advertising as false as this.