Verizon Gets Ready to Bid Farewell to Storm 9530, Curve 8330, 8830 and Pearl Flip 8230?!

Verizon End of Life Devices
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Feb 2010 04:48 pm EST

In some not so shocking news, this glimpse of Big Red's system shows their End of Life Devices. These devices are listed as "Current devices with limited or no remaining shipments from the vendor." Among the soon to be dead are the BlackBerry Storm 9530 as we noted the other day, the Curve 8330 (no surprise), the 8830 (which I didn't even know was still around) and last but not least, the Pearl Flip 8230. I feel sort of bad for the Pearl Flip getting phased out as it almost feels like it was never properly phased in. Plus there are people out there who still love that form factor. I wonder if RIM will ever release an updated BlackBerry in the flip form factor or if that's all Waterloo wrote on that one.

So, once the end of the line hits for these guys, it looks like Verizon will be left with the Tour 9630, Storm2, Curve 8530 and the Tour2 Bold (something) on the horizon. No specific date for when the supplies will be gone completely, so if you have a sense of nostalgia you better pick up one of these devices before they're gone.

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Who wants any of these older phones at this point anyway?


Me - I just bought a 9530 to replace my dead 8330 since I was not up for contract renewal and Bell dropped it's no contract price to $249.95.

Not everyone has to have the latest you know, and the Storm 1 is underrated. It's stable as a rock for me.


I completely agree! If I was a product whore like some on this site then I'd have an iPhone. The Storm is perfect because A, I don't full it with sh*t B, I don't chuck it around like a two dollar hooker and C, I have a life so I'm not on it 24/7. I LOVE my storm and refuse to upgrade until the Storm 3, maybe 4.


Too bad on the Pearl Flip... it's not for me but I've got a friend that loves its form factor, and says if they discontinue it, he'll go back to a "dumbphone" flip form factor.


since they are taking the storm 1 off the shelves does that mean that they will not develop the webkit browser for the storm 1?


They will develop the webkit browser for the 9530, and thanks for checking out my site everyone :)


so if they are getting rid of the 8330, what happens if my phone needs to be replaced?? Will they still have replacements or give me new phone?


if your 8330 craps the bed they'll give you an 8530


They will only give you a different replacement when they run out out of refurbish 8330's. My company still gets replacement XV6800's from them weekly and its been gone for a while now.


Word on the street is that VZW has some high 5.0 builds in testing for the 9530 (higher than If VZW is cutting their shipments of the 9530, then they probably want to make sure existing users get a really stable/reliable and fast OS, so they can focus their testing on other devices.

Thanks CB and GizmoFusion!


Doesn't mean that they will stop supporting it. Betcha we see at least one more OS for the 9530


so can we pretty much put the rumors to rest that its only the 9530 getting canned and the storm2 is here to stay? The media got this all screwed up.


If what you guys are thinking is true, then I say please, PLEASE hurry on the browser and OS.


8330 is still going down as one of the better, classic Blackberry devices


i wonder what will happen with my storm get lost or broken i have the extended warranty plan from bell mobility are they phasing out the storm as well


The only carrier to phase it out is VZW. No word on what Bell is doing.

Warranties have to be honored though.


I'd say Bell is phasing out as well - a little over a month ago their no contract price for the Storm 1 and Pearl Flip as well as the 8830 dropped to $249.95 - almost a $500 drop on the Storm. Seems coincidental seeing the device list here...


This is no surprise to me, but here is my question., If my S1 craps out and I ask for a replacement(insurance) will they send me a S2 or refurbished S1?


Best believe you'll get a a refurb S1 or a brand new S1. They're not putting them on a lot and steam roll over all 9530s.


That would be kinda cool to see though. lol


Just give me flash before the firing squad comes in. That will hold me til I get my hand on the Droid Incredible. The reason I got my hand on the storm was the touchscreen. Big dissapointment that was. I'll still keep the 9530 around as a back up. But Droid-time babayyy....

big dawg 23

I got the Storm 1 five days after it came out because of a defective 6800. Since then I move to a Tour and now the Droid. You will not miss BB or the Storm when you go to the Droid. I never use the keyboard because the touchscreen is so sweet.


Does anybody have any idea when verizon is going to release the 5.0 for the tour. I'm waiting, even sprint has relase there 5.0 for there tour, I just updated my mom tour software on her sprint phone. COME ON VERISON LETS MOVE IT!!!!!!!


Why not just install 5.0 for one of the other carriers then? All you have to do is delete the vendor.xml before you install it on your phone and it works great. I've only been a BB user for a few months, so I'm fairly new to it, and I followed the CB forums walkthrough, and have been running 5.0 on my Tour for about 6 weeks without a single problem! Give it a try!

Sam K

How come the Blackberry 8703e is still on Verizon's website (for my zip code in NYC) and it's not on that list? That should have put been on the "end of life" list a long time ago.


Government/fire/cops/etc use it. One reason being it's the last BB that can be completely waterproofed.

Sam K

I didn't know that and that makes sense. Thanks for the info.


Oh verizon, how you make the bulge in my pants rise


I love my flip, just wish it was OS5 and faster!


They are getting a lot of new phones like nexus one and other ones.


Glad to see the 8330 and 9530 go, there is little point in keeping these clearly replaced devices.

The pearl flip is a bit interesting, but perhaps was not doing as well as RIM had hoped...


I can't believe it has taken this long after the Tour was released to give the 8830 the boot. What was the point to keeping this phone with the Tour being a world phone and offering a no camera option?

Also, I think it is a mistake to ditch the 8330. It is still a great device that is still very popular. Even though the new curve is out (8530? I forget the model number...) some may prefer the ball, and the fact that it does not have a camera flash is enough to turn off anybody who even moderately uses the camera (such as myself).


I am one of those people that prefer the 8330 over the curve 2. I am a big fan of the trackball. The tracks is great, but nothing compares to the glow of a new white trackball. And now Verizon is replacing the trackball for free.


I too am a HUGE fan of the 8330. I tried out the Curve2, but was not impressed with it. First, the camera doesn't have a flash. Second, I would have had to get rid of all of my chargers and USB chords in order to adapt to the new charging/data port. Third, I LOVE my trackball- at least I can clean it and replace it when something goes awry with it.

I am sad to see that VZW is phasing them out as they are GREAT phones!


My favorite part about your post is that you prefer to continually remedy the deficiencies in the trackball as opposed to having the trackpad which does not require those remedies. lol.

tony bag o donuts

makes adapters for 2.00 apiece..I have 6 of them so my my mini usb chargers can be used for micro as well......


I will miss the 8330 - will ride mine out until the Bold thingy is out, and lots of reviews are available.


me too. the 8330 was/is my 1st BB. but, now am ready for the Tour/Bold.


Gotta say the flip was fairly good to.

I thought it was a solid addition to the blackberry family. I would say though it is a hard repair job... compared to something like the 8330.

Mz Unique

So is there any chance T mobile USA will get the strom 2 gotta go somewhere, what phone company will take it over??


what if sumth happens to ma phone,,i still have a 1 yr warranty - -*

how r they gonna replace ma storm1 - -*

Wireless Vet

I don't see the big deal in the 9530 being depleted, the 9550 is out, it's not like the Storm is going away completely.


maybe Verizon sees the outdated BB OS. As a new droid owner I def see it. Goodbye BB, I miss messenger but the rest of you was a pos.


Having worked for a major cell phone carrier. I can tell you that out of those devices, the Curve was probably the most reliable. It is about time that they "retired" it. It was a terrific phone and a credit to RIM.

When the Pearl flip was released, I could tell immediately that it wouldn't sell. In my opinion, RIM wasted millions with the production and marketing of that device. I give them credit for the concept of a "flip" Blackberry, but the bottom line was that it was just an odd looking, visually unappealing phone. The buttons were much to small and many customers complained of pushing keys by accident.

As for the Storm, I am a bit surprised that they decided to end it now, although I am not completely shocked. The first Storm was an amazing device when it actually functioned properly. However there were many software issues with the phone within its first year of release. However when RIM released the 5.0 OS for the phone, it gained leaps and bounds.

experiment 626

Good Riddence Pearl Flip. Hopefully VZW will get a CDMA version of the 9100 Pearl soon.

experiment 626

OTOH,the Curve 8330 deserves to go out with "full military honors".What an amazing device for it's time(a whole 2yrs ago,LOL).I'm sure it was alot of peoples' introduction to smartphones and BB.It was mine.And it's still better than 75% of the smartphones on the market today!

tony bag o donuts

I think CB should have a special blog post, or mention that the curve 8330, which I still use, was a device that catered to the masses and was revolutionary for its time.


kind of tracking and prize for whomever buys the last and final BRAND SPANKING NEW Curve 8330? How cool would that be?


well then, that's my perfect excuse to upgrade to 9700, isn't it!!! happy birthday to me!!!


Since the storm 9530 is being phased out of verizon, could other carrier pick it up and sell it?


If I "lose" my Storm 9530, will my insurance now get me a Storm 2?


I think they may have sufficient inventory to make sure you get a 'like new' or 'refurbished' S1... ( but then again I could be TOTALLY WRONG!)

I did go into the store today to ask about a slight issue with needing a new curve, but then I was told that my upgrade date is about 90 days away and if I wanted them to fix anything, I would have to pay for it, then remembered that all I have is the $4.99 insurance from a while back ( and not the extended warranty )... guess i will tough it out and baby the curve.


I guess the 8330 has been replaced by the great 9650 and the pretty good 9630