Verizon forced to hand over phone records to the NSA

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jun 2013 10:40 am EDT

According to a Government order issued secretively in April, Verizon Wireless is being forced to hand over phone records to the National Security Agency.

The Guardian has obtained a complete copy of the order which would allow the NSA total access to the phone records for millions of Verizon customers made between April 25th and July 19th. Verizon would have to disclose "originating and terminating" phone numbers as well as location, time and duration of the all calls - both foreign and domestic. 

Verizon has declined to comment, however Sky News has stated that a "senior Obama administration official" has confirmed the story. 

Pretty creepy if you ask me. Verizon customers, what are your thoughts?

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Verizon forced to hand over phone records to the NSA


Well it could be them crazy liberals or Verizon is a very shady company. I happen to be a Verizon customer. Oh well

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And risk being viewed as unAmerican and not caring about the American people's safety? Yes....that would be smart.

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Your post is a nice picture of how our government fails. All politics and very little if anything focused on the good of the people.

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Unfortunately with this administration they want to know what Americans are up to so they can continue their abuse and love of power. Another scandal like the IRS et all

Yes this is done through the patriot act...but this is the first time that basically all records have been demanded by the government...make sure you know all the facts before spewing off randomly. I am not excusing the patriot act at all but a lot of this goes on Obama and how he decided to use that act which he could have repealed, replaced etc...yet chose to keep. And foreigners are was solely for American far almost all of our terrorist acts and threats have been from really this doesn't apply to the Patriot act except for Obama and his team say its for National Security...and after what we now know the IRS did to people for their political views...we should all be worried and outraged by this no matter what side of the political spectrum we are on.

try using some reading comprehension...I never said this was the first time a cell phone company had to turn over info....this is the first time it has been a blanket subpeona that forces, compels Verizon to turn over all call data...what number makes a call, what number is called, how long it lasted, and where it originated from...this is not the typical we suspect so and so of terroristic ties...give us their info...this is the info of every call and every customer...

ok once more in as simple of terms as possibel...I am referring to the article that is mentioned in this post...yes the governemnt can do whatever they want and get whatever info they want...this is the first time that a subpeona has been used to force blanket reporting by a company to the government...not talking about the government doing things on their own...recording calls, accessing networks on their own...they are now forcing a non government entity to spy or be a part of spying on all their customers...I think we are on the same side of the issue and don't think any of it is right...but I was referring to this particlur instance which this post is about and how it is different than previous attempts...

Regardless, what I said is relevant. You and everyone should take the matter seriously.

People who are dismissing this FACTUAL matter are asleep. We need everyone to help everyone out.

That is the battle we honestly face.

so far, not really home grown..but home imported so far...I think this is just the tip of the iceberg...either they didn't have the access to Verizon's network that they wanted to they had to force them to turn over data or something...I am sure they are getting the same info from the rest, just maybe in a different way...

Let's remember who is in charge and has been in charge for years now. This goes perfectly with many intrusive policies of this administration.

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Actually, Obama not only maintained the Patriot Act, but strengthened it!
If you think there is any difference between Bush and Obama (repubs and dems)... you have been conned.
The U.S. government is now fully of the statist mentality. Most of the public is happy with that, too.
Don't worry about libertarians or Tea Party types... they are just fodder for your derision and smug jokes at this point....otherwise, they are irrelevant.

You are correct. I cannot stand liberal Republicans even though I support my party. It is painful that we have these rino's but we do have some true Conservative Republicans but definitely none in the demwit party. I proudly registered as a Conservative Republican when I was 18. I never have and never will vote for demwits.

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Actually it's not true that this is happening "because of crazy conservatives and their so-called Patriot Act." The Patriot Act (as it existed under Bush) was never designed to be this intrusive at all. Crazy liberals (read: the Obama Administration) expanded its scope and are now exploiting it to openly violate the privacy rights of the American people. That's what happens when Marxist/socialist "progressives" like Obama are eleted into office who seem to be more aligned with dictatorships than democracies. The Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, the Press Bugging scandal, now this. What else is next? I regret the day I've ever sung the praises of Barack Obama and his minions. We reap what we sow.

You are 100% correct. As I know you have the knowledge that the left would never create great companies such as BlackBerry etc. Only government is in their rotten veins.



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IRS got caught going after Tea Party members. So this is just the next Obamanation fishing expedition for find who is contacting conservatives and target them for further investigation. Time to get burner phones.

For one, I think Verizon probably isn't alone. Other carriers were likely targeted as well.

- I did this with my Z10! -

-1 Why would you even want a Q10 at this point?! I'm a Sprint customer as well but just like other carriers we've been waiting an eternity for a device that is already outdated. Android is the only way to go! #ByeByeBB

+1 just to mathematically cancel that stupid statement. Reason before you even see any android device the next iteration of the os is already being made and no I don't hate android but it's silly you'd say that seeing how many android devices come out per day not week

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HTC 1 > Z10+Q10

Even you should be able to understand that Inequality. I have a BB as well but from a spec/build standpoint the above mentioned device knocks anything BB has out currently out of the water. Additionally, it's outselling the BB10's just like other Android devices. Don't be a BB stan, this is after all the same company that can't honor a release date to save it's life (literally) and lacks expertise to lure new customers and retain current customers. Your mention of a new OS being made is sure to be released on time and made readily available unlike BB. #10.4ever

And for good measures ----> -1000

Maybe he is. But I just left the TMo on 34th Street across from Macy's. The stores was packed. 4 people over by the HTC One, a couple over by the iPhone. Euro-Tourists over by the low-end androids and not ONE single person over by either the Z10 or the Q10. As a stock holder, 6 playbooks(I was hoarding them at one point) and general smart phone lover, I'm seriously wondering what Blackberry has in mind for their products.

My point exactly. I look at it this way, if you had the money to buy a Bentley or a Kia and they both are at the same price point. Based on design and specs you're more inclined to choose the Bentley. Needless to say, BB isn't the Bentley in this example. #PunIntended

That doesn't really make sense. If your comparing them as a Bentley and a Kia than you haven't been using either of them, or are extremely biased and you are unqualified to make any believable statements. I agree that the HTC is nice, but that's out of proportion. And I I'm happier with my Q10.

Posted via Q10

And what exactly makes the Q10 out dated? The Z and the Q have the same hardware specs. The Z10 is just as fast if not faster than any Android I have seen. Oh wait I forgot, it doesn't matter how well an OS makes use of its hardware...

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+1MM Not ditching Sprint after 12 years for a phone that's gonna been old when the A10 gets released.

12 years myself as well and the current BB devices aren't enough to lure me away to other carriers. I was definitely more excited about them around the ORIGINAL release date but my desire, like the BB10 sales, has diminished. #OhWell

@Jerale Hoard: Enjoy your random reboots, lack of apps, weak camera, confusing UI, poor battery life, unreliable maps, plastic casing, etc. etc. etc. All of the above mentioned are what consumers truly care about when choosing a phone. Sure, every phone has it's pros and cons but you can't have of the above and expect to do well in today's market. You all are trying to win a race with a 3 legged horse. Again, don't be a stan! If you really think about it BB10 devices are not revolutionary and that's what they needed to be in order to regain their market share. Instead, they trail Android, Apple, and even Windows. #WakeUp

Trail windows!??? Where, in Tunesia!??? BlackBerry market share in the US is still higher than windows phone (comScore numbers for April 2013, go look it up)...

Ps loving all the DROID users jumping over here to show off their ignorance. These are the users who pick malware ridden phones guys. Want a lot of free apps, go get a droid. Have a credit card? Then you probably want something different

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

I hold no positions in any mentioned stocks (although I should probably short microsoft)
All corporations mentioned are not clients

LOL just like poking fun, and correcting ignorance at the same time. Do you really think windows phone has higher market share than BlackBerry in the US? I'm sure you can type, don't take my word for it, Google it you poor sod!

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Confusing interface LOL. As soon as I heard that I had already judged the comment accordingly. These are the kind of people that need Iphones etc.

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Plastic casing? Have you not tried the galaxy phones? They all have plastic casing.. I'll rather have my BlackBerry than bloated android software where you won't use half of what they provide. Yes I have used android before and I still have an android device. Random reboots is a problem but I never had such an issue

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Yes, plastic casing just as the Samsung Galaxy phones have which is why I prefer the metal casing of the HTC 1. Casing aside, the Galaxies are more superior than than the BB10 devices. I currently have a Bold 9700 as well as a HTC 1. I'm a Sprint customer who was tempted to switch over to AT&T. I didn't rely on user or critic reviews, instead I went and tried out the devices. Had intentions of buying the Z10 but the sales rep insisted that the best phone available was the HTC 1, even above the S4 and iPhone 5. I glanced over the S4 as I wasn't too impressed with it's build quality and the gestures were kind of weird and unnecessary IMO. I then checked out the Z10 and was impressed overall but wasn't wowed. Lastly, I checked out the HTC 1 and I was immediately sold on it's casing, size and features. I gave each phone about the same amount of time and I assure you the sales rep had no influence on my selection. Have yet to experience any random reboots (knock on metal), lags or glitches so I'm thoroughly satisfied. There's a reason Android has the most market share; if it was a as bad as BB stans say it wouldn't be in the position that it is. No further comments needed castano22. #Owned

When I switched from android to bb10 I was amazed at how well it swipes. I can go side to side and up and down with no lag at all! I didn't even know that was possible! Thanks BlackBerry!

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His complete thought was "laughing my ass off"

Must have missed it, I can see how that could happen...

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It's not just VZW customers in the bigger picture. As has been stated in other discussions, the Patriot Act allows this and it has been going on since its enactment. Probably many of your emails have been scanned for years as well. It's no surprise to me and is part of the struggle to find balance between citizen privacy and monitoring for terrorist activity. Authorities are hailed as heros when they break up a terrorist plot, and condemned when their tactics become public. Sad to say, but I am used to the idea and while a bit creepy, I don't have an alternative suggestion.

unfortunately, people are willing to give up their rights for freedom. but without rights you have no freedom.

Americans do not understand this.

"Please government please, protect me, I'll sacrifice anything! Even when the threat is marginal and my chances of being affected by a terrorist attack are about as good as being hit by lightening"

Benny franklin once said, "people willing to trade there freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both" and boy was he right!

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You know how Benji knew that????

Because he was British Secret Agent himself who made sure all the John Hancock's (autographs/signatures) were made to create UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

The only Non American to sign the Declaration of Independence of 1776 at that time.

Coincidence much?

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Catholic.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

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This post may get nasty. **running for cover**

[B]Are you a foodie?[/B] Check out my channel: CBFN - C0004E653

The question is why. Obviously, something is afoot and they need the information to track down the individuals. I'm not a Verizon customer, but I never have a conversation over the phone that I would be embarrassed to see in print. I believe the previous administration started with illegal wire tapping. These are just the things that have come to light. Imagine what they are keeping from us.

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Look the government doesnt care that your sexting or making inappropriate jokes or talking about your shopping list or planning a bbq. As long as your not saying your going to be planning a mass murder or bomb a city they can care less. People worry for stupid issues.

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its stupid...till it comes back to bite you in the a$$. But then, its too late to try and change anything...

And, it will come back to get us all...eventually...politicians have too much power and some of them will go to great lengths to keep it...

I agree to a point. The Government itself doesn't care but let's be real, like with the issues currently happening with the IRS there are rouge individuals in high power looking to screw us over if we let them. It's all politics and it crosses both sides of the aisle.

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I agree. They don't care about your personal life I'd get money that it has to do with National Security. Maybe there's a link to more terrorism acts that are planned. I'm glad to see that it's happening. Means they are investigating something. Everyone should be supporting them.


Forced?? yeah right. More like they weren't willing to send their lawyers to battle. If they really cared about their customer's privacy, which they don't, then they would have fought this. Of course, I can't really blame them. We gave the government the power to do this through the Patriot Act. Only one Senator voted against it and he isn't even in the Senate any more. This stuff has been going on for a while. I personally don't really care though. Big deal, read my texts. What are you going to find? That I am a pervert and like to make inappropraite jokes to my buddies. Shocking, front-page news story there.

It will make a huge difference when any or all of that is used against you...right now, no worries...but as it always will be used to keep you from getting something you want or to punish you somehow for your political views...just take a look at the mess that is the IRS...oh and they can tap your phone as well and use it against so can law enforcement without a warrant

You mean someone suffering from paranoia? Baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

The way I read your comment and many others is that you are suspicious of the government abusing the data. Which has not been proven. As I said, we authorized this kind of intrusion. That being said, we authorized it for terrorism prevention, not to silence political opponents or anything like that. If they are using it for that, then I'd have a problem because they would be breaking the law. But then again, there is no proof of that. Hence, why you are being paranoid.

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I am not going to waste my time, you have your fantasy...I will stick with reality...if you think we just give all our freedom to the government and then demand it back once they abuse it...good luck with that...go look at history and see how that has worked for other countries...the problem is, it has happened with our government in the is happening now, and it will continue to happen. You might call me paranoid...I would disagree since it has happened and is happening...not quite the definition of paranoid, unless you take it down to one individual item...I think what it should be called in simple terms is connecting the dots...everytime a government gets too much power over the people, it doesn't go well...and why anyone would want to wait to say anything till after the fact is beyond me

Isn't it amazing how people consider themselves to be so intelligent, yet don't have a clue as to how this sort of thing has historically and consistently never had a positive outcome for those not in power? You are a pawn. Chi-town.

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Thanks guys for the history lesson. I understand where you are coming from, but I really don't see this as anything new. They have been doing this for a while and this is all a consequence of the Patriot Act. If you weren't up-in-arms then, then you missed the boat. I guess over the last decade, I have just accepted that the government can and will acquire as much information as it can to "combat terrorism." What ever that means. Is there anything I can do about it?? Not really. I can vote for people that I think will fight to repeal the Patriot Act, but they hardly exist for one reason or another. Beyond that, you all are just whining.

Yeah that damn Patriot act, smh.
You guys don't care that your government has all your data? That they can spy on you at will? Wow, i guess privacy is a thing of the past then right? I'll just print out my emails,call records, and texts and then ship them off to the govt myself! Yay democracy!

Z10? Why yes it is.

Completely over reaching. A warrant should be limited to the information directly related to the person(s) being investigated.

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I live in the UK, and European Union law works under the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty (even though it doesn't feel like that some times).

It's a shame the US feels they need to outright ignore privacy in order to preserve the perception of Freedom. But then many analysts were on TV stating monitoring of social interaction (in this way) would not have prevented the tragedy in Boston, nor the despicable act committed in south London recently.

It's not as simple as "nothing to fear if nothing to hide", let it all out etc. Wars were fought to prevent the facists doing this. Perhaps that is why the EU is so for privacy. I am thankful for that.

I am truly saddened the US have gone down this route. I thought Obama would be a catalyst for social change and reform. But then the world is increasingly falling into the abyss. When one stares into, or tries to challenge the fall what can one do? We have to embrace the madness, use madness against madness. What does that make us. Mad. Or the Soviet Union. Or Russia as is. Or North Korea. Or any of the middle eastern states. Are we ethically or morally any better for adopting their tactics.

I don't know. I just pray for peace.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

The world moves so fast, far faster now than ever before. Government is struggling to keep up.

Government has always been reactionary to change, and change (as far as electronic surveillance) had really struggled to keep up. I do not agree with the us government's decisions, but I wonder if the government feels it is making them in a position of strength or weakness. Fear mongering has been a powerful force in America.

Posted via CB10

That type of "Idc I have nothing to Hide" attitude is what is allowing the govt to do these types of acts and intrusions. Wait a few years and let's see of that "Idc" attitude keeps up.

Z10? Why yes it is.

Why don't we have apps for end-to-end voice and messaging encryption yet? So what if they're a hassle and you have to establish private keys with the other party before you can communicate. I'm tired of the government having the ability to listen in when I get a phone call saying "honey, can you please remember the bananas on the way home?"

If I have nothing to hide, what do you have to gain from searching me?

The government has over reached their mandate, surely? It's scary. The presumption of innocence is a cornerstone of western law and philosophy. When did we sleep walk into a world where that is no longer the case. Question is; what can one do about it. I'd wager EVERY telco provider is doing what Verizon is doing. They'd have denied it by now, even if only for a cheap marketing ploy. If everyone's doing it what can be done? It's the new normal...

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The terrorists won. A long time ago. Hopefully this doesn't keep going like the useless war on drugs

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The terrorists did not win...but just like the war on drugs...the politicians choose to fight their wars, not in way to actaully win, but just in a way to win more power for themselves.

The politicians choose to lose as it keeps their power in place an unquestioned by most...just like those on here saying, if you're not a terrorist, who cares...problem is, by the time you do care, its too late. IRS scandal will be cake comapared to what comes down the road.

Those who will trade their freedom for security will get neither, and deserve none.
What happened to land of the free, home of the brave??

Posted via CB10 & Z10 abuser

Sad to say but it is waning if not almost completely gone...Americans have been trained to depend more and more on anyone but themselves...the gov. will help, parents will help. etc.

Not enough people have to go out and make it on their own...they always think someone will be there to pick up the pieces for them and they are willing to give up many freedoms for what they think is an easier life....which at the beginning, it appears that way...but it all changes as no society can keep up the something for nothing routine for too long...Greece, Spain and France have all seen this somewhat, especially Greece...and it just keep spreading and is now well rooted in America...

You're worrying too much. They just want to be able to see how many folks are ditching phones to move to blackberry which is a Canadian company.

Verizon is good starting point given some of the early reboot issues. :)

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What are you saying? That the company of the rotten fruit is spending that 100 Billion war chest for a nefarious purpose? No... never... ;-)

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I'd "patriot act" my way into some Kate Upton (blatant attempt at levity through overt sexual comments...NOW BACK TO TECH REPORTING AND LESS POLITICS)

The terrorists did win. Each time a baby's lotion was thrown away by tsa. Each time you stepped on a dirty airport floor removing your shoes. Each time your email was monitored. Being on camera almost every where in public. Now with drones being flown over us watching us . The whole point of terrorism isn't the deaths. They know they can't really kill millions of people. The object is to terrorize and to disrupt and to make the targets change their ways. And they have succeeded. And our government loves it. They got carte Blanche to do anything under the guise of finding terrorists.

Posted via CB10

Correction, we gave thm "carte Blanche" and we are too stupid to realize it. Now we just complain like it is going to make a difference.

Oh the agony, i had to remove my shoes. Tough cookies losers. You want to fly at 650 mph, then I guess you have to do it.

Another question would be how many other secret orders were in the past, and how many other carriers also received secret orders that were not leaked..... :/

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They say it's to monitor terrorist activities. But what do they consider terrorist activity? Planning a protest against a environment issue? Keystone XL? Or the fact that you're rights and freedoms are being taken away? The poor American sheeple are so scared of the terrorist boogie man that they will agree with anything there government pushes on them for fear of being labeled un patriotic or even worse "TERRORIST "
Wake up America! Stop the madness before it spills over the border to Canada.

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Glad I am not on Verizon anymore!
But you are probably right!
This has been going on for a long time for the protection of us all...not what we like to hear but a sign of the world we live in.
I traveled internationally and am sure I and others in my company have been looked at.
The thing is, Don't do bad sh#* and things will not be an issue.
Do we like it? HELL NO but we would like it a lot less if we had another major terrorist attack in the US like 9/11 again and found out that our government did nothing!

Oh please. 9/11 was clearly an inside job. I thought this was common knowledge now...

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

This is nothing new, its not a single case, and if you think it is then think again. No matter what side of the political spectrum you're on, this has been enforced and broken about by both major political parties and if will continue. Let's just say I'm glad I have T-Mobile (a German company) and BlackBerry (a Canadian company) so I should be safe. (for now?) also if you think this is ok or warranted, get your head exammed. This is only the beginning.

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It's not just Verizon. AT&T, Email, people's Internet. NSA is in everybody's ass. An interview I watched of a former NSA agent, a whitsleblower, stated that the NSA is saving everybody's emails and phone records 'just in case'. So just in case you tell your buddies on Facebook how much you hate Obama, they can delve into all your communication records.
What's the definition of Democracy again? I forgot

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Welcome to the era of constant surveillance. All to "ensure our safety" right? F***ing NaZi's...oh? am I being melodramatic?

W/my Q10 - CB10

All of you that blame the Prez for everything is a bunch of racist haters. Starting with the IRS: everyone with a brain know that the head guy was a bush appointee. Why would he help Obama?Second: the tea bag party know full well that they weren't suppose to get tax exempt status, but the bush appointee guy gave it to them anyway. And finally, where were you haters when bush sent thousands of our men and women to there graves over a war that was unjust. I can go on and on but I'll stop and let you uneducated Fox (fake) news viewers continue to put out wrong, and racist information.

Posted via CB10

I'm not racist you Kool aid head. My wife is black, and I've got a mixed child.
I hated Bush, and I hate this Marxist even more.
I agree, it was Bush who started this whole 'freedom for safety' stuff, but Obama could have changed that.
Obama has made more executive orders than any other president, that congress had to change the definition of recess. He has infringed the constitution so much, it's miraculous that he's still in office.

P.S, I was Democrat before the Obamas second term.

Posted via CB10

It has nothing to do with race. I'm tired of Obama defenders pulling the race card to detract from the real issue.

Obama's ideology is the same as Bush - liberal, even though Bush is a Republican (Republican in name only) he was very much a liberal, just as Obama. Obama is for big government and central power - these policies and "secret orders" were reinforced and enacted by Obama and his administration.

People need to understand that the Patriot Act is a LIBERAL act. The problem is that people who don't know what the difference is just see a Republican President put out a new act and immediately think it's bad.

It's real simple: Liberals want change via MORE government involvement (they want government applied liberally) while Conservatives want LESS government (they want to apply government conservatively). The mix up happens because there's liberals and conservatives in both Republica/Democrat parties and they're playing politics toward other agendas.

And lastly, I saw someone mention democracy. The United States is in fact NOT a Democracy. We are Federal Constitutional REPUBLIC. In all of the text in the Constitution, there is not a single mention of democracy - we were founded as and built as a republic, big difference.

No this happening because Obama is making it happen, he is after all the president of the country. He is the 1st president in history to try and stop the press from investigating information leaked by government including his government by charging the press asking for information from government. Obama had his people at the AP offices taking phone and email records last month in an attempt to stop reporters from doing their jobs.

Posted via CB10

The Blaze has been reporting this stuff for a LONG time. Everything they've reported that was laughed at and called "conspiracy theories" turned out to be true and is now FINALLY being reported by the other media outlets. Everyone should be checking my The Blaze out for one of their news sources.

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And what would your thoughts be if these records helped to uncover a Terrorist cell right there on home soil?
The greater good!

From Mark's Z10

Welcome to USA! Gladd that i life in Europa, privacy isn't anything now and in the future if we don't demand it and it wouldn't respected by any goverment....

Or we all could us paper communication with a stamp on it with your icon or symbol xD

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Verizon and most likely others voluntered to give up our phone records, just like they gave the AP's phone records to the Obama administration. When the goverment is left unchecked it turns our nation into a Nazi state. They took away our right to have or not have medical insurance, our rights to privacy, our right to a free press, What's next? The Second Amendment?

Witch hunt?
Guess what Verizon customers?
The NSA is gunning for you.
You bad people.

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I chortle at everybody who has ever defended any wireless carrier, especially Verizon.

It's like Wireless Stockholm Syndrome. The carrier answers to the shareholders and could not care less about you, the customer. The carrier will not protect you from government intrusion, yet so many people don't care because the carrier allows them to text, tweet, and Facebook all day.

And me? I'm with T-Mobile and I know my entire existence is just another account number in their database, dutifully paying my monthly dues.

I apologize if I sound preachy. I just don't understand why anyone would dismiss legitimate criticism of a traitorous entity.

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President bashar assad could of used a "patriot act." It would of made it a lot easier to find and punish the "terrorist " that wanted change in there country.
It could of saved his government a lot of MONEY! I mean lives, an all of that bad world press coverage.
But your government wouldn't use your patriot act to suppress the people's will?
Or would they??
Wake up American sheeple!!!!!

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And to those that freely give over there information to Google, Facebook, etc....even if you don't have something to hide, they have it all. Society isnt paranoid enough if you ask me. Want my information, you are either going to have to pay me or get a court order...:P

Living in NYC and having been in lower Manhattan on that faithful day, I'm often torn between by this. But, having been in lower Manhattan on Sept 11th, bottom line is that there are lots of people out there who mean to do innocent people harm. Foreign nationals are flocking into this city in droves. Most are of a good nature and have come to work hard and believe in the American Dream.

And yet there many others, as evidenced by numerous posters of this very site, who simply don't like America. And would giggle with glee to see her fall or be harmed in a major way.

So if the NSA wants a copy of my phone records to stop some low-life scum bag from blowing himself/herself near times Sq and killing a member of my family in the process, I would gladly send them my phone records myself via Fedex.

Some of you choose to ignore the realities of the word will live in.

according to the didn't apply to foreigners....very sorry you were anywhere near the events of 9/11. Our governmet having more power instead of becoming wiser does none of us any least 2 of the major terrorist attempts were only foiled by fate and quick acting regular citizens...the underwear bomber couldn't get his underpants to blow up and neither could the shoe what does the gov. do in response...they don't get wiser, they just take some more power...TSA...who has not foiled one major terrorist threat and frequently fails to find knives etc...

The us gov. had lots of info on the Boston Marathon Bomber including warning from Russia and even interviewed him...more power is not what was needed but wiser use of what they already had...just because the gov. gets more info doesn't mean we are just means they have more info on us and in most cases someone will abuse that power...we need wiser people running these most important areas...Obama is not one of them and chooses not to appoint the best choices...susan rice is moving up to top security adviser...she couldn't even realize that Benghazi was a terrorist attack after sitting in on security meetings...we need a wiser government not a more powerful government

"we need wiser people running these most important areas...Obama is not one of them".

And the other options are...?

with the state of politics here in the USA, most of the time the wiser better people stay out of politics...I am not saying John McCain would have been much better...nor that I am happy with what GWB did...we have been betrayed by both parties...

Agreed. There are 313mm people in the US. That usually 313mm different opinions on how things should be done. Both everyone and no one is right or wrong.

Idealism works great in a vacuum, but with the world's population at 7bb and growing rapidly, I'm not sure how realistic it is.

Possibly, the problem may not be politics but ultimately population.

and a lack of concern from an apathetic population...don't want to be bothered with anything until its too late...

But that's what I mean. For good or for bad. 313mm people trying to care about the same thing(s) is a statistical impossibility.

I don't like this one bit, thankfully I do most of my communication via text message, so all they will get from me is calls to my local pizza place and work. Still shouldn't be allowed though. Freaking Patriot Act.

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I'm sure texts are already being looked at by the government and are even easier to monitor than voice calls

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Nothing like a Government vs. Big Business issue to bring out the extremists. Grow up you guys and for frak-sake try to look at things objectively... smartphone and politics... you sound like your 5 fighting over transformers.

Anyway, to be honest, any law enforcement agency can attain phone records with a simple warrant. I have nothing to hide that can be attained through my phone records... and if I did it would be through BBM (not trackable). Big brother may be a threat, but we have a lot of pissed off people in this country and there will be a revolution before we conform that much. So direct your frustration where it matters and not at each other over petty crap like smartphone quality...


People in other countries don't "hate" the American people, they just don't like your governments foreign policy on world oil domination.

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Yes we took so much oil and treasure from Iraq during and after the get some facts before spouting off...if America ever decided to dominate the out because you will become part of America....throughout all the wars America has fought over the last couple hundred years, the only thing we have taken is a plot of land where we can bury some of our dead...

Lol. weapons of mass destruction that's what the war was about.
You got me there.
Too much politics. You all should leave politics to the politicians, and worry about who is getting voted off of The Voice. Haha!
The government knows what's best for you anyway
Have a good day bud!

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Just really think its funny when people say they don't like the us government and what they do around the world....then please...don't take any of our money etc... and Iraq's oil is still in Iraq and we pay for it just like any other country...we defended Kuwait...we still buy our oil from them just like any other country....I am not seeing any great bargains on anything from Europe even though we saved their a$$e$ in the world wars....I would love for someone to point out where America got a some great deal or discount or free oil from any of the wars we have fought...

Not sure if you intended to be so political and naieve with your comment or if it was just off the cuff...but as someone who' dad fought in a war and whose grandpa fought in WW 2....I don't take it lightly when someone falsely accuses America of waging wars just to plunder the land...

Was not trying to offend you or your family or any American.
Have you heard of a small company called Halliburton? Google it if you get a chance

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And by the way, where did you get the idea that I was saying that America starts wars to plunder other countries for profit?
I said "people of the world do not like your governments foreign policy on world oil domination. You my friend, jumped to that conclusion yourself. Your heart is in the rite place.

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I wonder if Verizon and other US carriers having more than their share of rebooting Z10's has anything to do with this article ?

Is the delay issuing 10.1 maybe due to US government bloatware being installed ?

OK step back a minute and consider this. If the Government order was secretly issued to Verizon, then what's not to say that a similar order has been issued to all other carriers and Google as well? After all it was issued in secret.

Not surprised, and it's foolish to think other carriers aren't doing the exact same thing. The US government will do whatever it pleases regardless of what the people want, and it's been that way for a lot longer than the current administration has been around.

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I think people need to get off their high horse. The government is not interested in listening to your phone calls to your wife or best friend. They are only looking to protect us from terrorist. If you are not discussing bomb making then they don't have time for you. I could careless if they want to know my groceries list lol. People need to understand it's only to protect us. If you have nothing to hide then why should you care. The constitution needs changing because the world is changing and it's not for the better. We live in a sick world

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and in a sick world, trusting the gov. to take care of you is not a good bet...i could care less if they know whats in any of conversations etc...until they use it for reasons besides security..which in most cases is just a false hope and used to gain more and more power...

I wish more peope woud get on their high horses and protest while we still have a change of changing it through our votes and politics not other more drastic and less civil ways.

When was Marshall Law issued!? I thought the constitution was supposed to protect us from things like this? Is our Government Democracy or Dictatorship?

I'm so confused!? If I were a Verizon customer I'd demand to be let go of my contract without any fees. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!

Listen I work in NYC for the MTA and guess what the problem is that the people that care about anything have a sense of hopelessness because all I hear is they are gonna do what they want and nothing we can do about it and others who have been so dependent on "Social " programs that any government is good government. But in all honesty there is a reason why criminals and terrorists are who they are because they don't care about our way of life and our laws. So the notion that more laws will prevent terrorism is very naive if you ask me because it only penalize the law abiding citizens. And I apologize for ranting my guts out. So in the end yes most if not all of us in here are actually just whining because if you really want to do something join a political action committee and throw money at the politicians because that's the only language they understand and last time I checked most politicians are lawyers so if Congress is supposed to represent the people last time I checked most of us aren't lawyers

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Seems appropriate to this discussion.. can we get a working version of Orbot on BlackBerry? Tried side loading android version and it won't go.

Anyone worried about security should stop using Gmail, Facebook, and Clearnet in general. Get Tor browser, download Tails OS, encrypt your drives, get anonymous and don't give corrupt governments an IP to find u at.

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I'm not surprised, there are levels of government in the usa that have had access to all us providers data since 2005.

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It gets worse. The entire American Internet is monitored. Where does BlackBerry stand on this?

NSA taps in to internet giants' systems to mine user data, secret files reveal

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Obama is destroying this country and slowly taking away the rights/privacy of its citizens. I don't know if this country will survive another 3+ years of this madness.

Obama specialised in constitutional law after all, so he's the right person to destroy the US Constitution. Obama makes Bush Jr. look like a choir boy.

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The Verizon Wireless CEO should have gone those records erased before the court ruled. VZW could blame a technical glitch.

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So called terrorists are a straw man created by the us government. Keep the population scared, American government are the biggest terrorists going.

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Like another person mentioned...why just Verizon? I'm guessing there will be more to follow...smh

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They shouldn't hold on to our records for more than a month or 2
...what do they need them for anyway????

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Complaining about privacy and at the same time spreading every crap of your life on Facebook, Twitter and soon BBM channels...

You wanted it, you got it: the patriot act...

Now live with it... with all pros and cons...

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It's not about you having "Nothing" to hide.... It's about your rights as an AMERICAN CITIZEN. However the gathering of our numbers used is in part a start to more actions down the road all under the guise of Home Land Security. Any action taken beyond just getting numbers has to have a court order/ warrant to gain more information but some will find a way around that and term it legal.

Hmmm, no wonder they're so slow at getting updated OS's out to their customer base, too busy complying with this order.

Let’s not assume that VZW is the only one just that they were “Outed” first. Also, for those who continue to say they don’t mind giving up more and more of their Constitutional Rights as long as they are safe are in fact true blind sheep. If any terrorist group wants to get to people they can and have show they can. Not all do but we are witness to home grown terrorist from waaaaay back, just the targets have changed. Boston and OK City are testament to that along with “Little” anarchists who want to bring homemade bombs to school and take everyone out because they were mistreated or don’t feel they fit in…. Are enemy at the best of time and worst of times is at times us.
We want to be free and safe yet when we are then shown or leaks abound about how information was gathered that insured our freedoms and safety we were shocked and had to put a stop to the cruelty of those actions. I for one would rather go back to the time of “I don’t need to know” every detail of government covert activity for the safety of our citizens at home or abroad. We live in differnent times and should recognize this that the simple life for most is no longer there.
Maybe we can ask the GOV to force VZW to release 10. 1 or 10.2 to its customers!!!!

It wasn't just Verizon, it was Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Apple, Facebook, etc. It was just phone calls. This has been an ongoing issue. Facebook made the announcement last week. This wasn't just over the night. Privacy issues have been an ongoing battle. Obama confirmed the Internet monitoring today. CISPA and SOPA as well as PIPA have been fought in the political arena the last few years. This one is called PRISM. For the commenter's, you can do something, you can sign petitions, educate yourselves on the issues that matter. None of this has been secret, it's actually been quite open. I know this because I have been working with others to protect privacy. We stopped CISPA by petition for example. It's not a huge conspiracy and has been fought quite openly. Facebook made the announcement along with Apple and Instagram about these issues. All it takes is staying informed and then acting instead of complaining and saying "I don't Care." If anyone watched the conference when Obama address the issue. He stated it wasn't just phones but Internet use, videos, photos, and social media, as well as your emails. You can research all of this, openly on the Internet. Yahoo news had the story blasted everywhere. Yes in the article did state that to do anything other then mass information gathering would still need a warrant. But it's not just Verizon, that's misleading. The best thing to do us gather information and make you own decisions, if you don't like something then write your congressman or sign a petition don't just focus on the problem, focus on solutions that you feel is right. Thats the point of democracy, if you don't do anything don't expect anything to happen.

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I'm not an American but I do care my privacy. I bet Canadian government is doing something like this too. To me, this is not about government listening my communication or tracking my movement but they are violating my rights without due cause. And if nobody cares about very basic rights like privacy, sooner or later "terrorists" will includes anyone with views government does't like. Then they can use your old data like "bad joke against something" & label you as Terrorist. Do you know as "suspected terrorist", you could be detained indefinitely without trial, put on no flight list or get killed by drones!

I have been with VZW for a long time. Never drop calls and there customer service is solid. That being said. I have a friend who's dad works for the NSA. Nobody should be shocked that calls and data are screened. For many years this has happened. Happens with all carriers not just VZW.

Legal or not this government will do what it wants regardless what Americans want or think

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As I sit here reading comments about how you all don't like what your govt. Is doing, I can't help but think that you're giving them the keys to your private lives through social media and being passive.

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