Verizon flyer arrives sporting BlackBerry OS 6

Verizon Flyer BlackBerry 6
By Adam Zeis on 8 Dec 2010 08:26 am EST

The latest Verizon Flyer is landing in mailboxes everywhere and getting some Bold 9650 and Curve 3G users very excited. The flyer touts the benefits of the "NEW BlackBerry 6 OS" and highlights some features such as the Social Feeds, simple setup and new enhanced user experience. Both the Bold 9650 and Curve 3G are pictured in the flyer, though neither specifically showing the OS on the device. Overall it's a good sign that we're one step closer to an official release, but as is the way of Verizon, it also could just be a fluke and we may not see it for quite a while -- only time will tell.

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Verizon flyer arrives sporting BlackBerry OS 6


But this might just be a case of poor communication. I just downgraded to OS5 however, so it will likely be released tomorrow :)

I did a full java swap from the Style OS6 .407 leak on top of .333 on my Bold 9650 and its a biiig improvement over what I was running.

Funny how just a few days ago some financial analyst quoted a senior verizon source stating that OS 6 was of no material significance.

I'm sure this is just a marketing ploy to get people into the stores to buy something with a promise of something better to come down the pike. I can bet you if I rushed into the my local Verizon Company Store and asked for this phone it would be loaded with the OS 5! It's all about the almighty dollar and who's going to sign up more customers than the other guy in the last quarter of the year!

Remember the ad that ran last week showing the old Curve as the new curve! You can bet down in the corner of the ad's in micro print some disclaimer about, pictures, service,and typos!

I'll believe it when I see it! for Now I'm sticking to what's known to work!

Companies have to stay in business, and this is one way of doing it, not that I agree wit their idea if this is the case.

Can't wait till they make OS6 official for my BlackBerry Bold 9650. Will be looking forward to having a new OS with a better browser. :D

I, too, got a flyer but it said "OS6 ready". I have no doubt VZW will release OS6 versions of the 9330&9650. I can't upgrade my 8530 till next year. I'm hoping the have BOTH in OS6 AND OS5 (since I have no PC to load/downgrade my 9650 once I get it) JUST IN CASE I don't like OS6 (no themes YET)...good things come to those that wait:)

Whew! glad I didn't get this POS 9650 and stuck with my trusty, but aging 8330. I would have been hating myself for buying a device that should have gotten OS6 months ago. By the time OS6 is officially released for the 9650, RIM will probably not be around anymore. Dying a slow death. SMH

Anyways it makes you wonder, if it's taken this long for RIM and Verizon to release the official OS6 build, if it's ever going to come out at all. For all those tools saying "to be patient" and they are "optimizing" OS6, don't kid yourself. The "geniuses" at RIM realized that their "new" and "technologically" up-to-date device, aka 9650, is aged hardware that can't handle running OS6 effficiently. Good luck waiting around half a year for the official release! SMH

I'm bitter because I wanted RIM to push the envelope for smartphones because my 2 1/2 year VZW 8330 was the best phone I've ever owned and thought RIM was evolving and going to be a leader. After blunder after blunder and questionable device releases (flip phone, 9650, etc) it seems RIM is content on taking a backseat and dying a slow painful death.

Let me ask all you BB fanboys... what revolutionary or innovative idea/technology has RIM implemented since their push email and BBM? Surepress is all I can think of and it's probably not even going to be implemented on future devices.

I really want to stay with RIM, but they seem to be caught up in this playbook nonsense which is going to be RIM's ultimate un-doing. Come kids...the only advantage the playbook has over the iPad is push email and email IMO is one of the most tedious things you can do on a slate. I don't see business user buying this thing and I sure as hell don't see consumers buying this thing.

@ shimojunk, yea RIM is jerking a few peoples chain. Its sad and pointless, they try and make you forget with all this playbook talk that the way they handle there phones

I'm sorry- Are we talking about RIM withholding or Verizon. It seem RIM is putting out, however big red seems a little behind the time.

I agree it seems to me that your problem is with Verizon they are lackiNg the blackberrys you bitchin about on crackberry. You should stay with Rim bro but switch carriers if you not happy with the devices because truth be told...Verizon sucks when it come to phones

I am with Alltel, I hope they put it out for the Curve 8530. This is my first Blackberry and i love it! Can't figure out why RIM puts out there newest phones to AT&T first when Verizon is bigger. Alltel always follows Verizon. Would love the new BB torch!