Verizon Cuts BlackBerry Prices!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Aug 2008 12:06 am EDT

Cheap BlackBerry Smartphones from Verizon!

The only thing better than a new BlackBerry is a new BlackBerry that's cheap! And it seems the North American carrier that's poised to carry RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry is making room for it by blowing out some existing inventory thanks to new low pricing.

Verizon is now offering the 8330 Curve for $99.99, the 8130 Pearl for $79.99 and the 8830 World Editiion for $149.99. Not too shabby! Visit Verizon's website for more details.

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Verizon Cuts BlackBerry Prices!


Freakin' sweet! And just before I buy a Curve in a few weeks! Perfect!

I kind of want to wait for the Thunder, but I'm afraid November may to too far away... if its even then!

I cashed in and got my Curve for $49.00 after the mail-in rebate. I am enjoying my CrackBerry as I type this...

I check verizons website very often. It has been 99.99 for about a month or so now. I didn't really look at the other phones but i bet they have been at that price for the same amount of time.

Not true. I am a current Verizon user just about into my 5th year with them, and when I decided to upgrade to the BlackBerry a few weeks ago I got my Pearl for $60!

I would have to say, although jumping to a HUGE conclusion, that VZW is speculating that the sales of the Thunder and any other new BB device they may bring to the table by year end are going to be very big? Maybe this also means that they are not releasing information to the public about the new Thunder hitting the streets? Maybe it'll hit sooner than 8 October?

Best Buy Mobile has the Verizon Curve for $49.99 with a new 2-year contract. It's usually between $179.99 and $219.99.

verizon wireless is a great network. the only thing is that there phone plans and data plans are compared to the plans of at&t. verizon relies on their vcast program which sucks very much and also very well over priced. verizon has locked phones and most of the time are a little bulkier than ones of the competitors. verizon might be getting the thunder first but the thunder will most likely sell a lot more with tmobile and at&t. verizon is also known for cutting prices right after you buy your new phone. most verizon customers, i was one myself, hated the price cuts that they had. my advice to you when it comes to verizon is to go to best buy or circuit city to buy your new verizon phone or blackberry. they usually have the best prices without the hassles of rebates. so if you are going to buy a thunder with verizon, wait for the sunday paper and look at what best buy and circuit city have to offer first!

49.99 for the Curve and the pearl with new activation at Best Buy mobile.. 2 year upgrades are 69 for the pearl and 119 for the curve..

I just stopped to upgrade to the Curve from my 8703e with my NE2. As I was getting ready to check out the sales guy pulled a pink Curve out from under the counter. He checked and as of tomorrow you can order it . . . you can buy it at the counter in 15 days. He is shipping it to me tomorrow so I'll have it by Tuesday for the sale price. I'm a happy girl!