Verizon Customers Forced To Update Data Plans (from BIS to BES) For BESX Usage

By Bla1ze on 15 Mar 2010 12:49 pm EDT
Verizon Customers Forced To Update Data Plans For BESX Usage

One of the most compelling features of BESX has been kicked to the curb for Verizon users. When Research In Motion released BESX, they clearly made note of the fact BES data plans would not be needed. I'm guessing Verizon skipped over that memo as it's now been confirmed that Verizon is going after the cash grab and forcing users to upgrade their BIS plans to a BES plan in order to use BESX. It all seems pretty shady on Verizons part if you ask me. You can read the full memo sent out to tech support reps after the jump.

On March 1, 2010, RIM will launch BES Express (BESX), an entry-level version of BES. As with all Corporate email solutions, customers will need a corporate email data plan or feature added to a voice plan to allow access to BESX.

Note: Customers on the Email and Web for BlackBerry $29.99 data feature MAY NOT utilize BESX.

Overview: BESX replaces BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) in RIM's product lineup and allows businesses using Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server to support up to 75 BlackBerry subscribers without having to purchase Client Access Licenses (CAL) or a dedicated server. Additional users can be supported if BESX is installed on a dedicated server.

With the launch of BESX, RIM will discontinue the sale of BPS. Verizon Wireless will sell through our remaining BPS inventory and RIM will continue to support this solution for the foreseeable future.

Customer Information/Eligibility:
  • BESX will be available directly from the RIM website. Customers should be directed there for additional product information.
  • BESX will not be available directly from Verizon Wireless.
  • As with all Corporate email solutions, customers will need a corporate email data plan or feature added to a voice plan to allow access to BESX
Reference: Information about current pricing options is available in the Verizon Wireless Small Business Guide or on

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Verizon Customers Forced To Update Data Plans (from BIS to BES) For BESX Usage


I don't know what you call it; the two faces, one with a smile and the other with a frown? That's how I feel about Verizon. On one hand I love them and on the other, I wish I could tell them to go do themselves. They really piss me off with some of their tactics.

I call those two faces "The masks on the cover of Motley Crue's theater of Pain". Christ I'm old.

Way to charge more verizon. Nothing like nicole and dimeing your customers!!! I'm guessing. This is paying for the free skype. Lol

Makes since for them I guess... they are just trying to separate everything thing in to 2 groups (business and "personal"). If enough small businesses jump ship and go to someone else for "free" BESX then the policy may change in the future; however, I bet you'll see the other guys follow suit if VZW is even somewhat successful with this plan.

i agree with ya, ill tell you what i would pay for.... for verizon to quit screwin us of our os updates. for being so big they should favor us not charge us all these fees, and for god sake give me my effin update already

This appear to contredict the the "Blackberry conparaison chart" found here

Look for the line "Pricing to get started"

For BESX it is written
Any Internet enabled BlackBerry data plan plus free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software and CALs.

$3,999 MSRP for 20 users + BlackBerry enterprise data plan

So who is right ? I did not install BESX yet ... Any Verizon BESX users around ?

I'll Simplify it for ya...

RIM... You don't need BES for BESX.

Verizon... We don't care. Corporate email is corporate email and we will charge you our corporate email rate (AKA BES).

Customers... WTF Verizon?!

I got so angry I couldn't sleep when BBLeaks broke the news last thursday night. I went to t-mo friday morning to ask if they were charging for BESX. They said "no" obviously then threw me a killer deal I took back to vzw. I presented the article print out from BBleaks. Both the customer service for business accounts over the phone and my local vzw rep seemed perplexed about the obvious price gouging going on. I showed them both the print out from the BESX info from the BlackBerry page clearly stating that it works on ANY data plan. I kindly asked twice to be given quotes to close my lines (19 of them). Oh, they tried not to panic. I'm waiting to hear back from my business vwz rep. Apparently they're trying to offer me a 20% on my entire bill along with a "$20 flat BlackBerry package". Not sure what that last part means, but I'll know more after meeting the vzw rep.

I love vzw, but I made it clear to them that I'm willing to pay the termination fees and sacrifice the best service in So Cal over this obvious rape of their BIS customer.

The $20 flat Blackberry Package is basically the same as their $29.99 BIS package just cheaper. They offer it to some buisness accounts already. Most of the companies accounts that i manage have this option for BB's and smartphones. I think they also offer a promotion if you sign a new 2 year that they will give you the $20 data package as well.

Another prime example why Verizon will be losing Blackberry customers. I wonder if RIM could and would interfere with Verizon's greed..

I, for one, am with Verizon because I always have voice and data service when and where I need it (even in the middle of nowhere - literally). Yes they are expensive but the service is worth it and I know I cannot get the same coverage with any other carrier in the US.

Verizon has become an out of control monopoly. They need to be regulated and dispersed as did AT&T back in the day when they were out of control. What Verizon does to it's customers will not stop until we just stop supporting them. As I have told the reps.... I am currently saving up to end my current contract with their company and will be moving on.... as soon as I get the 350 plus ETF fee... Verizon is out of control and must be stopped!!!

F the ETF!!!! I cancelled my line with them and when that ETF bill comes around....well I will get to it when I get a chance and that's it. They don't need my ETF right away seeing they are raking in the nickles and dimes from their customers with all these new schemes up their sleeves!!! Not having the ETF money up front to cancel a line will not keep in a contract where I am getting reamed without lube!

they will mark your account as such and also put a block on your esn's and you won't be able to sell your phones.

I did not care if they blocked my esn so I could not sell my phone. Big whoop. That they marked my account as in "poor standing...double whoop! They moment they screwed me over it was goodbye right there and then. I personally would not stay in a contract if I felt I got shafted. No way. Drop them and deal with the aftermath later thank you. I know so people are hesitant to take the extreme measure I did to prove a point, but I feel that staying with them when you are clearly being screwed is worse.

LOL Verizon is not a monopoly. There are 4 large carriers and numerous small carriers in this country and the other large one that uses the same tech as Verizon (Sprint) has a roaming agreement with them. Yes there are still some places where no one else has access but the same could be said for any carrier.

Obviously by your screen name you either work for vzw or love them. Last I checked, Verizon just bought out another CDMA carrier, AllTel, making Sprint the Last major carrier and they are in bed with the devil now which means verizons initial plans to buy sprint as well is just around the corner if they are not stopped.

Obviously by your screen name you either work for vzw or love them. Last I checked, Verizon just bought out another CDMA carrier, AllTel, making Sprint the Last major carrier and they are in bed with the devil now which means verizons initial plans to buy sprint as well is just around the corner if they are not stopped.

above its says..

"Note: Customers on the Email and Web for BlackBerry $29.99 data feature MAY NOT utilize BESX."

so does that mean i can stay and keep my BIS as a simple guy with a berry at $30/mth or will I have to be bumped up to $45/mth?

I do not need to utilize BESX, I'm happy just the way things are now with all the things I can do.


I have had verizon for 9 years but I am officially through. I took my verizon blackberry and I partnered up with a company that offers free unlimited voice, text and data after only referring three customers. watch video at . My phone service is now 100% free.

i dont get why anyone is suprised by this. they have always charged two different rates, one for BIS and one for BES. BESX has nearly all of the same functionality as full-on BES, so why would anyone expect BIS pricing? it makes sense considering there is more frequent data calls to/from the server thus increasing strain on the data network, so why wouldn't they charge for this?

If they offer BESX support for free, then all the corporate BES account users are going to get pissed since it's pretty much the same thing.
If anything it just creates the opportunity for T-Mo or someone else to come in and try to steal some of their clients.
Competition is good.

i'll tell you why....its because you are already paying a monthly fee to RIM for the BESX now you are paying RIM and Verizon...

I have been running BESX since the day it came out with 4 BB's all with Verizon BIS. I don't know what this means for us. I guess only time will tell.

Same here. I'll keep it until it stops working, then I will switch to an Android.

This move by Verizon is total BS, RIM stepped to to provide a cost free solution to sync cooperate email because they needed to compete with Microsoft's ActiveSync (which is supported my numerous phones) then they go and try and make us pay or something that intended to be cost free feature? WTF

What's next? They going to charge and extra $10 a month to use ActiveSync? Come on.

Actually, yes. If you are using ActiveSync on your WinMo device to connect to an Exchange server, you are supposed to have the $44.99 Corporate Data pack.

Just one more reason to keep hanging on to our Alltel smartphone plan; BIS, BES, Personal, or Corporate, it's all the same price.

I am a former Verizon client and I am not at all surprised by this. They have always been about "nicole and diming" their customers for everything they can. Yes, they have the most coverage out there, but I have never had an issue with my provider anywhere I have gone. I do hope they loose customers because of this but I doubt it. For everyone that jumps ship from them one will go to them because of their network without knowing that they'll get screwed by having to pay for EVERYTHING. Hardly anything is just included with Verizon. Good riddance to a bad cell phone company.

I told several of my clients last week about the new BESX offering, and every single one of them were finally willing to give up their WinMo devices and make the switch. Now, they're so disillusioned that they will most likely leave VZW and have delayed the BESX rollout (which impacts my income).

From a technical standpoint, what I don't understand is this: Why charge extra for BES/BESX data traffic? From what I've read, BES/BESX uses way less bandwidth than POP or IMAP. Am I wrong here?

Sorry. Maybe I'm missing something is all this, but I just don't see the big deal. What's the advantage of using BESX over BES? If you already have BES through a corporate account, why would you need to bother with BESX or any of it's "entry-level" features?

I installed BESX where I work. My provider is tmobile and I have the BES plan. my question is can I change my BES plan to BIS plan and what would I loss if I change plan? thanks.

I honestly can not say which place I hate more, A crowded walmart on Saturday night or Verizon. They have good coverage but, their customer service sucks. It was worth it to break my contract after what they did to me after taking over Alltel.

I'm on tmobile and they call my data plan the BB data package is that a BIS or BES. I thought BIS was for individuals. If I am correct what are they major differneces between BIS and BES? sorry if i'm late to all this I never fully understood it.

I'm just waiting for someone to bring it up to the government like they do with MS and their monopoly and all the other lawsuits going on!

But my question is this...

How can they tell that you have or are running BESX? I mean, obviously if you're at a company email address (.com, .org, .net, or whatever) sure, but if you try to use it as a replacement for BlackBerry Unite, then how can they tell?

Stupid question possibly, but just asking because I thought that VZW would only provide your connection / data services but your data, (May be wrong and probably am), doesn't pass through anything on their end.

I'm not up on the specifics of the tech but my guess is that the synced data is passed on a specific port for BESX and the BIS plan has this firewalled out.

I just got BESX working this morning after wrestling with it for a week or so, and my BIS storm seems to be working great. There is no OTA configuration available, you must use the web desktop manager or the BAS to join the device through USB. After joining it to the BESX, it works wirelessly.

If they do bump me up to BES I'm gonna be pretty pissed. Why can't I have the limited options of BESX on BIS service, which is comparable to windows mobile and activesync or other devices that use activesync that cost $30 a month.

VZW can require the data plan all it wants, but it can't do a damn thing to prevent customers from using BESx.

BES and BESx are not the same thing and Express was specifically designed to work with a BIS data plan...that's the reason OTA activation is not available.

There is nothing VZW can do, technically, to prevent BESx on a BIS plan.

Now, they can make it an internal policy to demand that customers sign up for the BES package if they are going to uses BESx...for example if you tell your store or phone sales rep that you plan on using BESx, they automatically sign you up for the more expensive plan or if you call tech support to ask why OTA activation is not working, they will claim that you need the BES package regardless... but smart customers will tell VZW to go pound sand.

VZW is greedy and, in this instance, deliberately misleading consumers. Someone needs to class-action their ass!

And I don;t really mean that in a kind way. I'm not even with Verizon, but I have seen how they treat their customers and I would never join their company on any level.


As soon as you utter that word in Verizon you will be slapped with a $45 data plan. If you keep your mouth shut and tell them you're just going to use Gmail, you can probably configure your phone to use BESx through the $30 data plan.

My office just switched over to Google Apps and I'm going to drop my data plan to $30. I anticipate the rep asking me if I still need to get work email, and I'm going to say NO.

I can't believe I'm excited over saving $15/month, but I am. I really am.

All you verizon custonmers that hate on att...look at this crap...they are forcing you to get something for that mighty dollar....GEAUX BIG RED!!!! not

1. Darth Verizion ( haha ) strikes again. 2. I've never had vz, but I know att was a nightmare for me when I had a curve>bold9k. I dropped att like a ton of bricks and went to sprint, no problem since I signed last august. Going though a reseller gave me a 25% discount. I say this b/c if you're hooked on cdma, try sprint. And as far as vz catching you using besx, how? It's like tethering, as long as you don't raise a red flag with them, they won't do anything about it (largely)

Sprint has practically the same coverage as Verizon with the roaming agreements in place. Sprint's network may not be quite as large but it definitely seems to have more quality, and when Sprint's network isn't available you get to use Verizon's for almost half the price per month as Verizon's own customers do... and sadly almost NOBODY realizes this...

When I had Verizon I dropped calls consistently and had data speeds that made dial up look good. Then to make it worse I looked at their their coverage map which showed full coverage with 3G broadband freaking EVERYWHERE!!!! It didn't show a spot of white for about a 40 mile radius! I felt like I was ripped off and lied to.

This experience makes me wonder why so many people pay MORE for Verizon, then continue to stay with them with all these fees for EVERY little thing, mandating data plans on all but like 3 phones, doubling their ETF's for smart phones, and whatever other ridiculous things they'll certainly think up in the near future... it's almost like Verizon is testing the boiling point of their customers.

Is this not a change in their policy/user agreement/contract which would allow you you to get out of the contract with out the ETF?

No, they are not changing anything. This is something new and they are requiring a specific data plan to use it. It may suck, but it is their right....

Have left for the 2nd and last time. This was last year. But I just agree with everyone about verizon nickel and dimeing everything they can!

Well look at the bright side if you want to get out of your contract now is the time because with this change in makes it possible for this price change to cancel your contract... if you don't believe me do the research !!

With these changes wouldn't this allow you to cancel your service without paying an EFT charge since theyre changing the contract?

I have Verizon and have the BIS service and I'm working fine on BESX. Another guy at my work is also. So as far as I can see it still works with Verizon. I don't honestly see how they can prevent you from using BIS if the software allows you to use it.

Why would a consumer cell phone company like VZW force its BIS customers onto BESX? Perhaps this will allow them to have greater control over the BlackBerries by setting up restrictive BES policies. BES can be used to cripple certain functions of a Berry, right? Perhaps they want to stop people form downloading free content!

They aren't forcing you onto BESX. BESX is for small businesses that want to assign blackberries or allow their user's personal blackberries to access to corporate email. It only affects those users because in the past you had to have the BES data package to access BPS which is now BESX. BESX allows either BIS or BESX data packages but VZW had a bright idea to make users still use the BES data package. This apparently isn't true because BIS still works with VZW.

OK this is what I really don't get about this whole thing!!! Verizon CLEARLY makes it obvious that the extra charge is for CORPORATE email. Since on the PDA phones they are limiting access to exchange/activesync, Also on android correct me if I am wrong but they cant actually cause the service to stop functioning so they are charging the $45 on a honor basis expecting the end user to be honest about the usage and expecting sales reps to probe for this.

So why on EARTH are you upset that Verizon is just upholding their pricing structure. They are not ripping anyone off. I would guess that Verizon feels that there is added traffic from the connection to exchange.

It really comes down to one simple FACT... Verizon is making decisions to try to BALANCE network traffic and revenue. They could make the decision to give EVERYTHING AWAY... at the cost of RELIABILITY. Now given that the only reason people pay more for Verizon is the RELIABILITY I think you should leave it up to them to decide what is better for you. If you disagree you can pay a tiny bit less and get LESS!