Verizon confuses their Curves - Mistakes 8330 for Curve 3G

Verizon Mistakes 8330 for Curve 3G
By Adam Zeis on 30 Nov 2010 10:10 am EST

It looks like Verizon is having a bit of trouble keeping their devices straight in their holiday ads. Not only did they show an iPhone screen on a Droid X, but they seem a bit confused on which Curve is which. As seen in this banner from Big Red's front page, they list the Curve 3G as part of their weekend sale yet the image shows the old standby Curve 8330. Not sure who is to blame on this one but certainly someone will be taking some heat. If you happen to pick up a Curve 3G make sure they don't slip in an 8330 while you're not looking :-)

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Verizon confuses their Curves - Mistakes 8330 for Curve 3G


Well TECHNICALLY the 8330 IS a 3G Curve. Either is quite sad that a nearly 4 year old model is in a Verizon advertisement.

And on the same page as the Droid X/iPhone 4 confusion used to be, we see a BlackBerry Storm 2 with the screen going over the buttons. They should invest some more in the making of these ads...

I was at Walmart the other night and the Bold 9700 display in their newly remodled electronics area (completely redone less than 2 months ago) was a dummy Bold 9000. No wonder market share is going down. Vendors don't give a crap...

Verizon has clearly given up on BB and I really don't blame them. The 9650 is a nice device, but not a head turner. The Storm 3 still remains to be seen. Once the iphone comes to Verizon they will have the best Android phones and the iphone on their roster. They may only carry Curves.

That said, I always really appreciated the 83xx look and feel. I also liked that it was a pretty much the aesthetically standard issue blackberry instead of having two or three more or less identical devices with completely different names and lines and different designs, for as far as blackberries allow that. (*cough* Bold vs Tour)