Verizon Communications CEO Lowell McAdam believes WP7 will surpass BlackBerry [updated]

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By Bla1ze on 23 Sep 2011 02:00 pm EDT

*UPDATE* - This, is apparently a misquote that circulated based off the original TechCrunch article. McAdam never stated who, exactly he thought it would be -- only that another player would emerge to be the third contender. Samsung’s Bada, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5, or RIM’s forthcoming QNX-based BlackBerry were all mentioned.

As we know it, the landscape for mobile OS' has been dwindled down most recently. An area which was once filled with selection has been fairly reduced in the past few months and with that -- carriers are looking to keep only the relevant OS' in their line ups. Symbian, for the most part was swallowed whole by Microsoft and with webOS' fate now in the hands of Meg Whitmen nobody really knows if she'll reverse HP's descision to put webOS hardware to rest. Verizon Communications CEO Lowell McAdam believes WP7 will surpass BlackBerry having stated:

"The carriers are beginning to coalesce around the need for a third ecosystem," said McAdam at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference on Wednesday. "Over the next 12 months I think it will coalesce and you will start to see one emerge as a legitimate third ecosystem."

His reasoning for such statements was never really addressed but with RIM stock being as low as it is, and them not exactly getting the love they once had from everyone, it's obvious his reasoning. However, all things considered -- we're guessing that no one told McAdam about the report from Connected Enterprise. In that report, it showed that 45% of consumers aren't even aware that Windows Phone 7 exists and those that did -- didn't know enough about it to care or were invested in other platforms so a change to a new one was not likely.

Morgan Stanley’s Ehud Gelblum spoke of his outlook for RIM and while he stuck to his previous information, he made note of a survey conducted which asked 1,852 cellular subscribers between September 8th and 12th who already owned a BlackBerry if they would be picking up a BlackBerry 7 device -- 60% stated they would be buying a new BlackBerry 7 device. So, with all of that into account -- what do you all think of McAdam's statements? Verizon has long been known for their Android offerings but even now Sprint is beating them to the punch -- maybe McAdams new love is Windows Phone 7 since the iPhone didn't bring the attention they had expected.

Source: Information Week

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Verizon Communications CEO Lowell McAdam believes WP7 will surpass BlackBerry [updated]


*Update: Seeing how there was a misquote here... I'll take back the below...  I bet Lowell and Dan are both betting BlackBerry*

Lowell McAdam doesn't even have a moustache... I wouldn't put much weight in what he says.  If Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead said it... then maybe I'd be worried.  See below.

Lowell McAdam - President & CEO Verizon Communications


Daniel Mead - President & CEO Verizon Wireless

No Moustache vs. Moustache. And Daniel Mead is the wireless guy on the team. So yeah, with no offense to Lowell, I'd rather hear what Daniel has to say on the subject. I'm guessing Daniel Mead is betting BlackBerry. And on a side note, Dan actually looks a bit like Chuck Norris, as per below...

Chuck Norris - BlackBerry Fanboy #2

Which makes him awesome.

It must be a Friday.... :)

Don't forget to do up your videos for our BlackBerry Super Fanboy contest this weekend!

With OS7 devices being as solid as they are and QNX devices early next year, I doubt WP7 phones will overtake RIM

64% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

That said, your comment is pretty ignorant. Developers know what a blackberry is, they just choose to develop where they are going to make money. Sad, but true.

The usual Media down trodden of RIM...oh well BB 7 is a legit OS and QNX will surpass it and I guess then he will be saying it will come down to

A company's direction comes from the top and obviously this guy has it out for BlackBerry for some reason. That is why the push for Android-based phones (and now Win7 phones) is Verizon's focus. Incentive plans for their salespeople will be changed to even further alienate customers from BlackBerry devices (i.e. "sell more than 25 Win7 phones per week and get a bonus")

Honestly, Verizon has had no love for RIM for a few years. VZW themselves are a bunch of hot air, much like the android OS. Blackberries are messaging machines and are built for that. With RIM's new phones and expansion of QNX to handests, many carriers, and consumers are in for a shock. I see RIM beating out Apple within the next year taking back what is rightfully theirs; the throne of the smartphone industry.

I think the market is ripe for something new. The Windows phone (Mango OS) might be the next kid in town. Strange to think that Microsoft would be the new upstart, but...

Anyway, Google and Apple are garnering plenty of haters for the size, arrogance and market domination.... people hate that.

Windows, with it's iPhone like integration with their PC operating system (Windows 7 or 8 of course) offers something that no one else can offer.... tight, automatic integration with the **most popular** OS in the world. That alone is huge!!!

If Mango turns out to be an acceptable phone OS, then I think they will very quickly "get discovered" by those who don't know. If the OS is a stinker, forget it.

Androids have great Google integration, iPhone is slick with desktop integration.... and now we await Microsoft's honest attempt to enter the race.

Verizon was stuck with Storms 1 and 2 and was a huge dissapointment. Plus there was a S2 recall.

Lately, BB had issues putting compelling hardware with compelling software in a compelling package.

With Nokia as a hardware partner and WP7 being a quality software, they will give RIM a run for its money. Unfortunately

So where is this thrust of recognition for WP7 going to come from? Most people when you mention Windows Phone either look at you blankly or immed. relate it to Windows 6.x which is NOT typically a good thing. As for Nokia, they're great -- but North American carriers have never really given them a chance and it's gonna take MS a lot of pushing to get that to change.

People don't need to recognize anything to buy one. How did I get my Droid Incredible? I did research. I knew little of Android at the time and was coming from a BlackBerry. I went into the retail store, played with them, saw how the Incredible's browsing speed blew my BB Tour out of the water, saw how the display was huge and the keyboard easy to use, and bought the Incredible.

Verizon sends out mailers all the time to educate customers and push the phones they want to sell. The stores put the hot devices right in the front and steer people toward them when they come in. You don't need any brand recognition or advance training to buy a phone that is awesome. It's like holding a puppy or kitten - you don't want it when people ask you, then they hand you one. Now, you want it.

Droid Does.

That marketing campaign has drilled into people's heads that Droid = Android, no matter the carrier. That's great. My kids see an Android phone and say 'Droid' in that computerized voice. Genius.

So if Verizon does the same with WP7, it will work. What Microsoft is offerings is compelling, functional and VERY easy to use. It's also gorgeous to look at. There is also the cloud where you can get 25 gigs of FREE cloud-based storage with a Microsoft account...which in and of itself is slick....and the Zune software is nothing to sneeze at.

I think he's right. BlackBerry screwed Verizon over and they're looking for some payback.

If people want to empower Microsoft to dominate the mobile space then they did not learn from the anti-competitive, monopolistic behavior of this company in PC's and will get what they deserve.
Already Apple is charging prohibitive fees for content they are trying to build themselves. This is why Amazon' Kindle and Google Books have left the ecosystem.
We don't need another jerk in the group. I'm a huge BB fan but I won't ever fault Google for being Apple/Microsoft like. I love my new BB Bold 9930 but if I ever left it would be for a droid not Microsoft. I'll use a couple of cans and shoestring before I use Microsoft.

Google and Rim are ethical companies and apple seems to have learned the wrong lessons from their near death experience with Microsoft. Microsoft has always been a Jerk company.

Microsoft did what any other company would have done in the position. do you think Apple and Google are goody two shoes? This anti-Microsoft stuff is total bullshit.

The worst megalomaniacs in the tech area are Apple and Steve Jobs. Apple must have full control of your life via iTunes, track your every movement and force you to buy non-standard peripherals. All the while producing their stuff in factories that expose workers to sub-human conditions and lock them inside so they can't get out.

If it takes Microsoft to smash Apple to smithereens then I'm with them 100% I hope in 10 years when people say iThis and iThat that younger people won't know that the hell you are talking about.

I would rather carry around a Zack Morris "Saved by the Bell" handset then use anything even remotely tied to anything windows related.

Vzw hasn't exactly been supporting windows 7 either. The HTC trophy is an afterthough for them. At this point they only focus on iphone and android and I don't see that changing anytime soon. At my local corporate store the HTC Trophy is way in the back with the BlackBerries while the androids and apple devices are front and center. It's interesting to hear him talk about win 7 becoming #3 when they don't even make any effort to sell the only win 7 that they carry.


With the new year will be new phones and a new marketing campaign. I see them pushing the beans out of WP7 in 2012. It's fresh (iPhones are already saturated in the marketplace and the Droid campaign has leveled off)'s time for something new.

WP7 provides a fresh, clean slate and some pretty slick hardware coming out for 2012. Nokia is going to have some gorgeous hardware....just wait.

No one has pointed out that Verizon only has ONE Windows phone device (the HTC Trophy), and while people like it, it is old technology with no 4G radio. They have two Blackberry 7 devices, and they are both awesome, based on reviews. So, I take this quote to mean that Verizon has a big list of exciting Windows Phone devices with awesome specs (4G, fast rendering, great battery life, etc.) coming very soon?

I would love a 4G BlackBerry or a 4G WP7 device, but right now my only choice is Android to get 4G. I am looking at the Bionic for that reason (and I hope the HTC Vigor, Samsung Prime, and others that are "better" than the Bionic will drive its price down so I can buy one for less).

Serious comment now...

Verizon wields a lot of power. Heck, they're heavy marketing of the first Droid lifted the WHOLE android ecosystem on all carriers and around the world.

So if Lowell predicts something will happen, that's a foreshadowing likely of what they'll be pushing. Definitely not great news for RIM. RIM is going to have to deliver some super compelling products to make sure they're next on the list.

At the same time, if RIM kills it with the Android app support, then this argument of a third ecosystem becomes less important, as to some extent you can lump in BlackBerry to Android.

Kevin, what these guys say is not important. RIM's fate is in it's own hands. I think the biggest weakness is marketing, marketing and marketing. I am totally in love with my Bold 9930. I put the bad boy in my daughter's hands to send a text to a friend and it was no longer "daddy's big phone." It was "wow that's nice." She's 13 years old.

I think people don't know all this stuff that they are missing out on. I think they need to make real life scenario comercials where it shows off what the Blackberry can do vs. the adroid and apple.

There is no competition to what Blackberry offers. It's almost like we as customers get stuck doing all the marketing for RIM when the information we share can be articulated so much easier in commercials. I mean for pete sake, what does Jennifer Lopez have to do with Blackberry. Put it in the hands of............

Anyway, I have some awesome ideas for some commercials and would love to share them. I'm not even worried about getting paid for it. I'm more concerned with getting the truth out:

Blackberry platform makes a phone complete PERIOD and it's time people knew it.

Jesus Christ Bla1ze. McAdams never said that. He said that there will be a third OS and it was the TechCrunch writer who said it would be Microsoft. Information Week just copied the article without noticing that the quotation marks ended before the writer gave his opinion. Can you not check the sources?

Here's the original article.

Information Week and about 9 other sites that I did check, all of which never even mentioned the TechCrunch article.. That said, update has been posted.

They want iOS, Droid and Windows to win out because they suck so much tiered data goodness down! Why pull for the phone that work great on less than a GB per month when you can have people running over on the other platforms. In the end its all about money and with voice becoming more of commodity data is where they will be making their money.

Speaking as some one who as used Microsoft products at work since Windows 2 and through windows 3 then 95 97 2000 XP VISTA NT now 7 and apparently soon too be version 8 and every single one was late, and crashed on a regular basis. Why does this man believe that people would want this on thier cell phone ? Does he think that we are fed up with having reliable communications. RIM while far from perfect do manufacture quality products with a reliable operating system. The playbook not quite there on the software front yet but from a quality product standpoint its far better than the competition.

I have to agree with WillieLee, you really need to check your sources before posting an article like this one!

Considering how stable every Windows operating system has been I am really excited to see the new Mango phone in action and especially their new tablet! Maybe Windows will be the 3rd ecosystem to hit it big. What I like most about Windows 7 is how you can customize all the sounds for when Windows crashes. For example:

Critical Stop
Device failed to connect
Program error
Fax error
Warning sound

Of course many times there is just a freeze, black screen, or blue screen of death with no sound at all. Those are truly quiet, peaceful moments.

I also find that I can get about 4 hours of work done every day out of 8 because the other 4 hours are spent dealing with Windows updates and restarts.

Windows Mango phone and Tablet........ I can see the lines forming around Best Buy already.

Count yourself lucky you don't own a mac, you'll get even less work done because well half the software you need doesn't exist.

Win 7 on my Sony vaio Z beats every mac I've ever owned, and yes I've owned every high-end mac produced in the last 3-4 years.

regardless whether he said it was wp7 or not, there is large sentiment of microsoft being a sleeper here around the entire smartphone community landscape. wp7 has already managed to get more development in 10 months than BB has it's entire lifespan. wp7 is not a joke product, exchange can go head to head with BES. there's no more time for flops from RIM, it's going to be a fight between these two. what worries me about RIM is right now you have devs making apps..big name devs btw, making apps for wp7 before iOS or android. to me that's a bold, risky move. why are they doing it? well clearly they're putting a lot of faith into the idea that wp7 is going to take off. but you have to ask yourself how they've managed to get more apps in the marketplace in 10 months of existing than RIM has in all of app world, and the answer to that is: microsoft provided the native SDK to WP7 ages ago, and here we are, QNX just around the corner AND RIM STILL HASN'T PROVIDED A NATIVE SDK FOR QNX. so even if developers WERE excited to bust a$$ on a qnx app they can't. this is a tired tired tale from RIM and it needs to be remedied quickly. developers boost your OS. they can't rely too much on the android app player, because it's undoubted that some of the most useful apps will be stunted due to the fact that a system/api function of the app is designed for android, not blackberry.

Ya, no native SDK and people think we'll be getting OS2 shortly after it's shown at Devcon, I hope I'm wrong, but I say there is not a snowball's chance in hell that OS2 is coming anytime soon. My guess is they rush out a half-assed version before Christmas only to have it panned by the media. Again I do hope I'm wrong but.....

I'd be the first to admit that if RIM dropped the ball on their magnificent phones the only platform I would be curious to use would be windows. That same attention to the little things are in outlook, task, notes and everything else within windows. So I would trust that they would be the only ones that could come even close to getting my attention. RIM would have to sell the keyboard to them though, ha.

For the record I'm not going anywhere. Just stating if RIM CHOSE to go down web os's route then I would first check out windows.

Well here is my thought on this issue for what it's worth. I've always been a PC user, never really liked Mac, but I will be the first one to say that Microsoft Windows has always been a highly unstable OS. So I really don't see how a company with such history and reputation will be able to come up with a phone based OS that is anything different from what it has been creating.

While I think RIM's corporate installed base and security are pretty tough to penetrate, I also think the must get QNX right, any more trip ups and they could loose it all quickly.

While I think RIM's corporate installed base and security are pretty tough to penetrate, I also think the must get QNX right, any more trip ups and they could loose it all quickly.

i think wp 8(mango) what ever u wanna call it that seeks to integrate everything will be the third player sorry to say blackberry isnt going to be the third player . by the way im a blackberry user but reality is reality

There really is no reality to your theory. I mean who's to say that both aren't going to be players and android doesn't get bumped. I mean if windows turns out that its so good then it won't just be the consumer but the hardware developers themselves will jump ship for windows leaving android up in the air. so nobody knows really

how is this updated as a misquote? in the very article you claim is the original this quote is:

“Over the next 12 months I think it will coalesce and you will start to see one emerge as a legitimate third ecosystem.” In my opinion, it’ll be between RIM and Microsoft, and I expect Microsoft to come out victorious.

he's clearly saying he thinks wp7 will beat out QNX

WP7 is extremely ugly. Look at the Windows 8-preview, I would never ever put this on my machine. I hate the start-screen.

WP7 will pass BB if they don't get their act together. The new Mango phones look amazing.

There is the new HTC Titan with its 4.7inch SLCD screen, aluminum unibody contoured design and thinnest HTC phone to date(9.9mm), 8mp dual-LED flash BSI sensor, f2.2, 28mm wide-angle lens, Front facing 1.3MP camera, 1600maH battery.1.5GHz Snapdragon S2(MSM8255T), 4G enabled for AT&T

Samsung Focus S, 4.3inch Super AMOLED Plus display, thin, 8MP Single LED Flash cam, 2MP front cam, 1650mAh battery, 1.4GHz Snapdragon S2.

Samsung Focus Flash

HTC Radar 4G
Going to T-Mobile, has 4G obviously, 1GHz Snapdragon S2(MSM8255), 5MP cam, VGA front facing cam, 4G for T-Mobile. Looks like a mini HTC Flyer tablet with aluminum body. 3.8inch SLCD screen.

BB is going down for now. If they get the marketing right, BB is dead for sure.

someone at verizon has lost their marbles....that would never is to secure and no company will ever change from a bb ...maybe the lil kiddies will have more w7...but bb will never be topped...people r so dumb especiqlly a wireless carrier...what do they know besides plans data charges and contracts....get out of here verizon

Jonathan Kopycinski

Actually various companies are shifting away from bb. I work for the county and both the county and state switched to iphones.

Well both wp7 and bb are fighting for the scraps so maybe mango will change how wp7 sells then again if bb wanted to gain some share maybe lowering the prices would be a good start.