Verizon CMO confirms 'three new devices this year'

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jun 2011 11:25 am EDT

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While loads of BlackBerry users anxiously await the arrival of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 / 9930 we seem to forget that there are indeed other devices in the pipeline as well. The Bold 9900 / 9930 is the only of the rumored phones to be announced (although without a release date) thus far, but hopefully once it hits well see others follow closely behind. In a recent interview with BGR, Verizon Wireless CMO Marni Walden confirmed there will indeed be three new devices coming to Verizon before years end.

With the company going through a transition period, do you see Research In Motion being a strong part of your lineup in the future?

I do. RIM is still very, very important in the enterprise space. It does resonate in some of the consumer space as well, particularly with BBM. We'll have three devices this year that we will bring to market with RIM. We'll continue our partnership and it'll be important for now going forward.

None of the devices were named in the interview, but we can expect to see the BlackBerry Bold 9930, as well as the next generation BlackBerry Curve, full touchscreen device and/or the BlackBerry Curve Touch. We don't know much at all about the later devices coming to any carriers as we've yet to see anything solid from RIM, so with a bit of speculation take it all for what it's worth. 

Source: BGR

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Verizon CMO confirms 'three new devices this year'


This is sooooo disappointing, Rim managed to totally miss the boat and an entire cycle. Microsoft has done with their Windows Mobile and now Rim is doing it like they did.
Wake up!!!
People want big screens and apps.
You had Bold 9000 that was a hit and what did you do with it... you took another three years to come up with the replacement that is still not out yet...
Your torch is pathetic underpowered barely touch capable with low resolution screen is a fuck*ng crutch not a flagship product!
Your playbook is beautiful, powerful and bloody useless, where are the apps? You are sitting on billions in the coffers, hire the programmers make them write some soft for you or have a competition 100k for the best app in a category, run it every month for a year, give them more APIs to deal with... or sit on your ass like you have done in the past two years and watch your stock hitting single digit.

"It does resonate in some of the consumer space as well, particularly with BBM."

Not particularly encouraging words. If you read between the lines, he doubts that the upcoming phones can compete against the current strengths of the iOS and Android platforms (which is fair). I expect that Verizon will no longer strongly promote BB in the consumer space.

rrrrrrrriiiiiiggggggghhhttttttttt... Man you are a smarty.. Apple should grab you up and have you go work for them...

He is partially right. RIM is losing the consumer space with verizon. They haven't pushed any devices on Verizon's band's recently so it isn't really a shock. RIM neglected Verizon, now they are saying whoops ok we need 3 phones this year on their bands, or we are going to lose them forever. Thats all this statement told us.


Honestly, regardless of the validity of the point someone is making, if it is in ALL CAPS, I don't even bother to read it.

WOOT three new devices... so will they count the 9900 & 9930 as the same device?? i hope one of them is the 9580, cant wait for the Storm 3!!

Better than the doom and gloom news, well kind of. I've been a BB fan since my pearl flip and fell in love with the keyboard. I bought a Droid Inc last year because i needed (wanted) a fast browser. With the bold touch it seems as if RIM caught up with last years model of droids, but their are still high end droids devices releasing with single core chipsets so if RIM can get the Bold out SOON i still think they have a chance. I would love the thinnest blackberry ever connected with my PlayBook. I will consider shelling out the dough for an off contract device if it prooves worthwhile. My contract doesn't end till March 2012 so impress me RIM like you have before.

On another note, how do people complain that RIM has been releasing the same phone for 5 years now when the iphone hasnt changed since its release?

So here's a question......

"3 new devices this YEAR"

When Verizon says that, I wonder if they are talking "Fiscal Year". If so, technically speaking, they could be past Aug/Sep and still meet this statement........

Anyways, let's see the 9930 soon, please.

Wow read that for what it is.....

It does resonate in some of the consumer space as well, particularly with BBM.


How much worse a statement could he have made without risking some kind of bad faith complaint from RIM? So Verizon comes out and basically spells it out, outside of enterprise users BB is marginal in popularity. Can the week get any worse for RIM?

Do consumers really not use BB? I wanted so badly to switch to Android(which I tried an X) and keep playing with iphones and constantly type on my wifes ipod touch to c if I could switch. As badly as I want to switch platforms to get away from this "wait, wait, wait and then finally get and then spend the rest of the life of the phone complaining it is behind the competition" I just can not get away from the kb for texting and emailing! Maybe I just didn't give touch screen a fair enough chance?

It's not that you didnt give it a chance its just that a touch screen doensnt compare to an actual keyboard. When i switched to my Droid Inc i got tired of my all touch phone rather quickly. Like after 2 weeks is what im talking about, the only thing i would miss from my droid if i were to buy a 9900 is the "Live" wallpapers and some games but i rarely even play them. I guess its the fact that i can play them if i choose too is the biggest factor

I see BB's everywhere in the public/consumer sector.....I've been using them since the days of the old 2-way communication pager & currently have the Torch. I could NEVER give up the keyboard for the touch screen KP...regardless of the "bells & whistles" on the iphone, Android, etc. Pretty sure the Bold 9900 is gonna be my next BB - good internals, slim profile, strong battery life. If ATT decides to carry it, an upgrade is in my future...if not, an outright purchase will be the way I go. BB all the way for me.......

**** you Verizon. Thanks a whole bunch huh...this year huh, I guess as a carrier they could care less the more Rim equipment they dont sell the more android ass crap they do sell. This is very, very upsetting.

all of these upcoming devices should have been released last year. RIP rim. my contract with att if done next month. woot woot! now, too choose between webOS or WP7?

We are such a 'right-now' society...RIM, please take as much time as you need to make these next Blackberry phones the best smartphones on the market, I have faith that RIM will one day be THE TOP CHOICE over all other phones worldwide...I will wait patiently for my Bold Touch :)

Hopefully, these 3 BlackBerry devices are all 4G LTE devices. I am most anticipating of the BlackBerry Bold 9930 smartphone. If they come out with a Storm replacement under the Torch name, I may consider that also.