Verizon CMO confirms they will have BlackBerry 10 at launch

Verizon Wireless
By Adam Zeis on 6 Sep 2012 07:41 am EDT

In an interview with CNET yesterday, Verizon Chief Marketing Officer Tami Erwin spoke about a few devices that the carrier would have available in the coming months. Among the Windows Phone 8 iOS and Android devices, Erwin confirmed that Big Red will indeed have BlackBerry 10 devices available at launch in Q1 of 2013. No other details were made available, but Verzon customers should be happy to know that they won't be left out come BlackBerry 10 time. So far Verizon is the first carrier to fully confirm they will be selling BlackBerry 10 phones next year.

Source: CNET 

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Verizon CMO confirms they will have BlackBerry 10 at launch


Having the US's largest carrier on board at launch is definitely a good thing. I would assume that AT&T, Sprint, and Tmo will all follow.

I hope Sprint shows some BB10 love! I'm rather new to the BB world and am very pleased with my experiences so far and hope to see a device launch along with the other big carriers. Upgrade ready as of 03/01/2013!

It's more than a good thing: it means that Verizon have seen and approved a specification and that it is practically certain to be in production.

What killed webOS was the failure to get any kind of carrier commitment. Clearly RIM still has credibility with carriers.
So long as they can continue to hold together financially, that is far more more important than "analysts".

It was "analysts" that held down the stock of Rolls-Royce for years because it was "old fashioned manufacturing", until the chairman explained to them that once you've built a power station, it tends to keep going for the next 50 years and it needs servicing and spares. They do tend not to be very bright. Whereas carriers actually need to see a real return on real investment.

Add in potential resistance from corporate accounts to move off BlackBerry's and you have Verizon making sure they support the cash cow (aka customer).

Uh, I sneeked at the news to see a few more large corporations getting blackberry devices. Rather large ones. OSPCA being one of them. So they aren't dumping blackberry.

Relieved to hear this since VZW is the best network in my neck of the woods! I've been with them forever!

Guess that means I don't have to switch carriers! ;-P
I will have to buy it out right though if I want to keep my Unlimted Data.
I wonder if Verizon will strike up a combo deal with the PlayBook or something?

it's kinda disheartening to see RIM's ever-plummeting share price, it hit the lowest point to 6.50 last night and i wonder how long can RIM hold off until the launch of BB10 next year (could be up to 6 months from now). RIM will be announcing Q2 fiscal 2012 result on Sept 27 and the figures are gonna be extremely hard to swallow (anyone disagree?).

Are we going to see another round of 20% drop in share price after the announcement? Will they be able to buy another 4 - 6 months time? Things are definitely not looking good for RIM unless they can launch their bb10 smartphone in 2 months time.

They have zero debt, and $ 2.3 billion in the bank, they took a charge for restructuring and they already have the platform and phone determined and well on its way. What makes you think they can't last at least another year if not longer? Watsa owns 10% of the company and could buy it out down here in a heartbeat.

So far, there isn't much competition out there, an iPhone 5 that is simple and boring and a WP8/Nokia launch that was panned by the market yesterday, RIM is in a great place right now, they are controling costs and pushing forward with their marketing and OS/phone launch. Companies refresh products all the time and no everyone of them head for bankruptcy.

Everyone knows sales/revenues/profit will be down for Q2, that isn't news. They had sell-through of 10.5 million phones in Q1, that is a strong number, don't write them off just yet! They could announce a software agreement with Samsung and the stock could double on that news alone.

Yes, the borked Nokia launch must be good news for RIM - the faked camera must have had them cheering. All they need now is for Samsung and Apple to keep fighting in the courts, Microsoft to keep demanding licence fees for Android (or we'll sue you for something when we've managed to think of it) and the iPhone 5 NOT to run on fairy dust and pink unicorns.

And it's a reminder of how critical the audience will be on launch day. They have to get everything right. Let's hope Thorsten is channeling Guderian rather than von Paulus. (OK, cheap remark).

I wouldn't call them having used a prototype to film the comercial a fake camera. I personally think Nokia showed off a very good inovativee phone.....that being said, the bad (Apple centric) reaction probably did help RIM :)

They now have admitted the pictures were not taken with a Lumia 920. To me that's a fake. The UK Advertising Standards Authority regularly takes a very dim view of such things. You're missing my point. Nokia probably have a good product, but they did a terrible launch. (They have in the past made some very good products and then royally screwed up, e.g. the original Nokia N900.) As a result their shares fell 16% in the day. RIM cannot afford a terrible launch.

Awesome news! I have had an upgrade available since June of 2012 and been holding off for BB10. This news lets me know waiting will pay off. Hope my Storm can hold out a few more months. :)

I salute you for the patience on holding onto Storm ! ....i bought a curve 2nd hand from ebay within 3 months of my contract with storm2.Just couldn't use that phone.

Now Verizon needs to make sure their Customer Support staff is fully trained as well as supportive of Blackberry. I can't tell you how many times I have to defend the Blackberry brand when I go into any Verizon store. There are so many kids that are in our workforce that don't understand the platform for the Blackberry brand. So many features other gaming that are important with a phone. Too much money is being expensed out from the parent to these kids for non productive time being spent. I am excited for the BB10 to come and am a blackberry fan. Love the overall Playbook and Phone experience.

Being a long time Verizon (days of AirTouch Communications) customer, this is great news for me too!

This is good but not great news yet. This phone needs to be ready for the early part of Q1 2013 rather than the March. With the blood bath RIM will see for the next 2 quarters, I don't know if they can afford waiting until the end of Q1 leading to a 3rd straight quarter of dismal performance. It will add to the perception that the company is going under. But if they can get the phone out at CES or have the L Series ready at the end of Jan, this may help build the foundation for the new RIM.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Sprint management told me BB10 will be exclusively available for December and other carriers first quarter. Anyone able to confirm that???

I highly doubt they could afford exclusivity for anything with the high $ they had to commit to get the iPhone. And Sprint would NOT be the network to try to save a company on. If this is true, it's a death sentence for RIM. People won't be able to separate the dismal performance of the network from the real performance of the phone

Agreed. An early Verizon (maybe AT&T) release would be more logical and I would love that being on Verizon.

Not discrediting Sprint, but you hit it dead on with the network not being worthy of a new launch such as BB10. The bigger the players are the bigger the buzz is.

I think its needless to say Telus ,Bell and Rogers will have it at launch ,they've offered every other Blackberry and they're Canadian so I doubt think there should be any doubt there

Also 5th line down, spelling mistake -verzon- .
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Hope they will be carrying both BB 10 devices, not just "a" BB 10 smartphone in Q1

Watch for a huge short squeeze come earnings on 9/27. RIM will beat estimates, balance sheet will be in better shape than the sheep analysts think. Also, subs over 80+ million. Burn shorts, burn!!!!!!

This is good. RIM needs a strong US presence and Verizon is one of the best. Well done RIM.
Tablets are incredible

This is awsome news. I wont have to worry anymore about switching carriers. My contract is up in November and I will get the new BB10 phone when they are out. I was actually thinking of switching to AT&T. Glad that worry is over.

I'm with AT&T right now, but if they lag there butts like they did with the 9900 I will be switching to another wireless service provider.

This is great!

Have they addressed the app issue though?
I love my BB and the only downfall I see is the lack of apps... but I'm tired of carrying around my bold 9930 and an Ipod.