Verizon chart compares the Blackberry Bold 9930 to the competition

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2011 07:11 pm EDT

The lack of info coming from Verizon these days surrounding their launch of the new BlackBerry 7 devices is a little bit disturbing but there is no doubt they plan on launching them. The question remains - when? Sprint is rolling out on Auugst 21, and surely before or shortly after that Verizon will jump in an effort to grab some Sprint customers but that remains to be seen. We've seen the video, VZW is training and now -- we see a comparison chart for different carrier BlackBerry devices up against the BlackBerry Bold 9930. Alas, we wait -- hopefully for not too much longer now. Also, someone should inform Verizon of Sprints release dates. The Bold 9650 comparison will soon be pointless.

Source: VZBuzz

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Verizon chart compares the Blackberry Bold 9930 to the competition



BlackBerry Bold 9700 with a 3.2" Display...? I think they mixed up the specs of the Torch and the Bold 9700.. What is up with all of these leaked documents containing so many errors..? Good news nonetheless!

Oh and if i recall correctly. the 624 MHZ in the "9700" is also incorrect, again that would be the Torch...

The 9780 has 5mp camera too... lol

The 9700 has a 624MHZ processor as did the Bold 9000 and the 9780. The only notable differences between the 9700 and 9780 was the increased Ram and the 5MP cam. Verizon is comparing Mid 2011 editions with Mid 2010's (WOW) Just saying :o)

These comparisons aren't going to matter much when all the carriers they're comparing the 99XX to are going to be selling them too...

I'm waiting for this Verizon 9930. I think it's a bad comparison when other carriers are getting the 9900/9930 around the same time they are. I guess it would be accurate if they launch before the others but it is temporary. This seems pretty dumb. At least it's more signs of Verizon launching soon. :)

Good catch. This has to mean they will announce the 9930 any day. I'm guessing the 18th with an announcement/ pre-order on Sunday.

if they're comparing to other carriers with pre-9900/30 stats, are they smart enough that they will be releasing and displaying this chart before the other carriers. In which case it could be on VZW before the 21st (sprints date)

just speculating, i really dont care about anything but it being released already

why in the world would you compare phones that are older and they know that the competition will have the new BB7 phones also!
now that is stupid!
i got a 25th date for vzw for the bold!
and the store here all but agreed but "couldn't say"! LOL
how childish of verizon!
i have been a customer of them for years but you would think they would stop being so childish with their release dates etc...!
and they say BB has executive issues!! WRONG!!!

I was talking with a good friend, whom I trust, and he hinted that the 9930 would be available Aug 18th. It seems kinda soon for not seeing an official announcement, but I'm hoping he wasn't too far off.

Stats or no stats, I get the idea that there is some kind of overly extravagent release coming from Verizon. Seriously, I have no doubt this phone will sell itself. Just get the date out and start the pre-orders. Don't want the pretty bow or the fancy rapping, I'll take my phone raw and thank you on the way out....

Why compare a new model with the old junk? And funny how VZ just this past week finally removed the 9650 from their main site selling it. Why not compare the specs with the dinosaur Storm 2 they continue to sell? Man, I feel bad for the people that get talked into buying that pos.

VZW could easily do one of their one tricks where their press releases followed by launch the next day. Let's wait and see what happens...I'm thinking of upgrading to the 9930 from my 9650.

Is it possible that they are targeting this towards customers on other networks who are using these older devices and may be coming to the end of a contract? Says, hey, this is what you have and this is what you can have.

perhaps the lack of info or delay by vzw is due to their labor issues...I recall hearing a story recently regarding vzw and a possible strike...hmmmmm

either way still not sold on the 9900 100% yet, sadly.....

VZW is a separate company from Verizon Telecom, which has the CWA and IBEW on strike. There is no issue with VZW providing service or phones during the strike.

They are both owned by Verizon Communications*, which obviously is focused on the VZ Telecom strike right now, but shouldn't affect the day-to-day launching by VZW.

*VZW is owned 55% by VZ Communications and 45% by Vodaphone.

please don't hate me but why is VZ comparing the old Sprint Bold when Sprint already announced the 9930 for sale on Aug 21, which it seems will be ahead of VZ...jealous much VZ?