Verizon Buy One Get One Starts Tomorrow?!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2009 02:36 pm EST

Verizon BOGO Starting Tomorrow!

This is what happens when tough economic times hit... the strong companies start to pounce on the weak in hopes of growing even stronger for when the times get good again. And so the word is that tomorrow Verizon is going to flex some muscle and begin offering a compelling sales promotion that will continue through to March 31st - Buy One Get One free. The Boy Genius got the deets:

  • The promotion runs from tomorrow, February 6th, until March 31st.
  • Buy any BlackBerry Verizon offers and get another one for free (equal or lesser value).
  • There is no mail in debit card necessary when purchasing the Storm, for the Curve 8330 and 8830, you'll still get a $70 debit card back from the purchase of the first device.
  • Each device requires a two-year activation with corresponding data plan (BlackBerry data plan).

With pricing slated to be as follows:

  • BlackBerry Storm, $199.99, no debit card on either first or second Storm
  • BlackBerry Curve 8330, $79.99 after a $70 debit card (after Valentine's Day, it jumps to $99.99)
  • BlackBerry 8830 Global, $99.99 after $70 debit card
  • BlackBerrry Pearl 8130, $19.99 after $100 debit card

A couple of non-BlackBerry devices are included in the BOGO as well. You can jump over to BGR for that. With a deal like this I think there's going to be a whole lot more BlackBerry-addicted families in the near future! Let's hope this deal pans out as above. Any takers in the audience? 

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Verizon Buy One Get One Starts Tomorrow?!!


This is not true

only the pearl is being offered as buy one get up to 3 free

Store i called is 217-726-2250 on Freedom Dr.

the guy who gets paid $12/hr to sell phone for no commish?


the guy who has a website dedicated to blackberries?

sorry... this comes from dealing with waaay too many ignorant (and probably high) verizon sales reps

of course, we've been fooled before

Couldnt get back here yesterday , i later called into the Copr office 800# and have my order fro BOGO already paid for

I think you're refering to the current Verizon offer: free 8130 with 2-year contract.
That offer is not a buy-one-get-one-free like the offer this post is about.

So I don't have a 2 year upgrade available, but I've wanted a storm since release (have a curve). My friend DOES have a 2 year upgrade available, and he's been looking at getting a blackberry. If I could convince him to buy a storm during this promotion, is there any way they would give him the free be put onto my account *wink*? Or do you HAVE to have two people there who are each signing brand new 2-year contracts? (Or can I just sign a new contract at the same time?)

You should really try talking to someone at Verizon. I had a Curve for about a year. Went in and asked to speak to a manager. I told them I have been having freezes (which it did not) and problems with my current phone. I asked them if they could give me an early upgrade, and they did! So I got the Storm at the 2-yr price because they had me sign a new contract. I love the STORM!!!!!!

If you don't get the right answer try another Verizon store. Be persistant, it will pay off.

as long as he buys them directly from verizon (online, not some store on the road) he can technically buy 1 storm, get the second free, then u can take it...

...once you activate that storm, you will have that new 2 year agreement

its great when u buy directly from verizon, cuz then anything goes, LoL

See, this is why I don’t rush off and buy the latest and the greatest when it first comes out.

There’s always a SALE down the road!!!!!!!!!!!

If it had one year contract, I would definitely get this.

Well initially this is tempting but clearly this is a "RIM" only clearance move. They could just as easily do a 2-for-1 on Moto's and LG's but they're not. The question is why RIM only when they've been selling just fine? I strongly suspect the new Curve or Bold is coming in March and they need to clear inventory. It's a gamble but I'm going to hold up!

They're doing it because of the data plan. You have to have a data plan with the blackberry phones, within a year verizon would have made their money back on the phone and after that it would be all profit. It's all about the bottom line. This is just a good move for both verizon and customers.

You say they're doing this to make money on the data plans because with a Blackberry you need a data plan. Got news for ya . . . with "any smart phone" you need a data plan now! THAT being the case why haven't they simply announced this for "Smart Phones"? It's only limited to Blackberry. If they we're going to make the bundle you say, why haven't they included all smart phones? They're making money on this but I think they are also trying to clear out the Blackberry's.

they do it on blackberrys because it is less money to support. they also make more money selling bes server licenses that go with em. also blackberrys use compressed data that other smartphones don't so they put less pressure on a companies data network performance

bottom line, blackberry is a cash cow, and people love them

Well get them the FOOK out the way!

I want the 9030! (That's the Bold, right?)
I don't understand why they are Pussy-Footing on bringing out the CDMA Bold. I have heard some say it's because they have the Storm and don't want to compete with Storm sales.
But the way I look at are looking at two totally different consumer bases...those who like the touchscreen and those that want a's an either or situation...and then when the Magnum comes out it will be a happy marriage of the two! (Sorry I got off an a tangent, but the possibility of this being a clearance sale to make way for the new stuff got me all excited!)

The reasoning is that verizon wireless requires that you pay monthly for the data plan on there blackberries. The plans are either $29.99 for personal or $44.99 for Corporate. So they will make there money back in the long run.

Clearing inventory, lol.

This is a money making opportunity for Verizon.

All Blackberries come with mandatory data plans. So yeah, the phone is free.

But you're looking at a data add-on of at least $30 a month. Over the next 2 years. We're talking about a guaranteed $720 in return for them giving away the free phone. We also shouldn't forget the original phone also cost $200 (if we're talking about the Storm) and comes with a minimum data charge of $720 over the next 2 years as well.

And that's not even counting the BES plan which clocks in at $45/month.

That is $720 in data over 2 years per person or $1,440(plus more if they get hooked like I am now). In addition they sell one phone for $200. Verizon is effectively giving up only $200 so they can make $1,660.

This is definetly about making money.

I am new to blackberry and pay the extra $30 for data. I can never go back to a regular phone now. I am hooked and that is want Verizon is hoping for.

This is a great deal for people who have been wanting to jump into getting data on their phone and can now do it with a blackberry!

Half right? It should be all right! I mentioned $720 per person over 2 years so that's $1440 over 2 years for both people.

Factor in the Storm that cost money and it's $1640. Tax isn't going to bring it to $1660.


I believe he is saying "half right" because in your first thread, you did not factor in both phones.

You gave the $720.00 for the first but didn't give the $1640 for for the second.

In essence, you were "half right"

I read it as a joke... not to be taken seriously.


It starts tomorrow if you buy a Blackberry Storm at Verizon go to ATT and show them your receipt and they will give you a free BLackberry Bold. Cant wait!!

is it true AT&T will honor this, and give you a free Bold or something? What about T mobile or any other company? I really do want a Bold! I have an 8310, and it lacks Wifi....and 3g.....

If only Verizon had new trackball BlackBerries... But perhaps this is a move to clear some inventory for new devices like some have suggested, let's hope that is what it is anyway!!

Remember, Verizon Wireless' Worry Free Guarantee protects those of you who purchased a Storm in the last 30 days as well. Anytime you purchase a phone from VZW and that phone goes on sale within your worry free guarantee period, you qualify for the difference in price. What this means: If you bought 2 storms in the last 29 days, you're eligible for a $199 credit tomorrow. If you purchased 1 Storm (or curve, pearl, etc) then you are eligible for a free one once this sale launches.

The 2 year on my other 2 phones is up at the end of the month. The wife and daughter now want BB's and will buy whatever they want especially if the second one is free.

For those who spoke to a person at a Verizon store, and said that they know nothing about this, i just spoke to my cousin who works at the Verizon Wireless Corp office in Southern California and he verified that this is true and the dates are accurate.

Most Verizon store and phone people don't even know what's going on even AFTER something is officially launched!

What a brilliant marketing scheme from Verizon !!!.. the company that REQUIRES you to have a Data Plan with your blackberry.. (unlike AT&T that does not REQUIRE a data plan)... they get you with a "free" phone but then sucker you into a two year commitment on a $35 (well closer to $70/month for two phones) a month plan for data...and I'm sure the phone only costs them what maybe $100?

Glad i'm with AT&T... but for those loving Verizon.. more power to you.

I didn't know that AT&T didn't require data plans (I've been a VZW customer the last 6+ years). I was hoping you could clear something up for me. If I only want to use a BB for email and maybe the Facebook app etc, do I need a data plan? Is there a separate fee for Email support?


E-mail and Facebook require data, they use a data plan for their connection to the internet. You would need a BIS account to access POP e-mail accounts and have an e-mail address. The data plan gives you instant access anywhere you have a data signal.

If you are only connecting to GMail or Hotmail, I believe there are seperate apps for those that could use the Bold's WiFi connection. Without a data plan, it would mean you could only check e-mail, browse the web, and update facebook whenever you are in a WiFi hotspot.

if you bought a BB storm early, you still get to go back and get a free BB device.

so if you bought a STORM ONLY, you can go back and get a free BB on an eligible upgrade OR newline of service.

nice huh

Verizon wireless has literally sent me 8 phones(refurb models) in the past month and refuses to send me any other model.

I am available for upgrade and I just heard they have Buy one get one free of Blackberry storm.

I was thinking I could buy one for my self(200.00) and my girlfriend who is also elgible could get one(free).

I could then transfer her phone back to her old phone and she could avoid the 30 a month charge for data.

I could sell her phone on ebay for around 400 bucks.

The only problem I thought of in this plan is that my girlfriend would not be able to get an updated phone for 2 more years.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas on this?


This is great timing for a few family members that are in the market for new phones (and thinking of transferring from AT&T). I'm personally not thrilled about the OS update being that far away. I realize that storm users have been "spoiled" by a bunch of leaked os's lately (i'm running .75 since i'm on a corporate account and not willing to mess up work stuff for a beta release). That said, I just wish it was sooner... Any way someone can verify that without getting into a "I called my rep today..." back and forth dialog?

EDIT: Just noting that I saw all of the threads about this in the forum and the bottom line is that it's just a TARGET date and can hopefully come out sooner to coincide with the app store. (fingers crossed)

I called about it because I have a NE2 and a secondary line upgrade due April 10th. The CSR said to call back end of March and they'd pull em both and I would get two storms for $99

Couldn't agree more since they are currently selling for 300-500 on there and with this promotion anyone right now can buy 2 for a total of $200, cancel both paying the ETF's of 175/line respectively (Brings the total spent to 550) and sell them for a profit.
or keep the $200 one for themselves, cancel the free one pay 175 and sell it for a huge markup.

Couldn't agree more since they are currently selling for 300-500 on there and with this promotion anyone right now can buy 2 for a total of $200, cancel both paying the ETF's of 175/line respectively (Brings the total spent to 550) and sell them for a profit.
or keep the $200 one for themselves, cancel the free one pay 175 and sell it for a huge markup.

I work for the company. The rumor is true. Do not have all the details in hand yet. Keep checking the website for further news!

I can't believe they are giving BOGO on the storms. I work for at&t and that seems to me like giving a BOGO on a Bold. I currently own the Bold and I paid a pretty penny for it, tried the storm out a couple times. It's a killer device but I'm not a big fan of using a touch screen to text, I'm very anal and I would be constantly cleaning off that screen.

Get on this while you can VZW peeps, you have to have 2 new 2 year contracts signed to get the BOGO. You also can qualify for early upgrades depending on your account standing and how long you've been a customer. at&t does it and so does Verizon.

We just bought two this past Saturday at a Verizon store.. I wonder if we can get a refund for the difference, or return the two we bought and sign up for two others.. Anyone got an input?

Ok, I just got off the phone with VZW HQ and the guys JUST RECEIVED the email about this promotion. IT IS LEGIT! I asked the guy about it and he was like, "That's news to me. Hold on, let me check my email. Wait, yeah, I just got the update on what you're talking about. We usually get the concrete email the day OF or the day BEFORE the promotions are going, same for new release phones."

Now I got to try to convince my fiance to let me get the Storm BOGO offer on her account and upgrade my Curve!

**I'm willing to pay for the phone too, all she'll have to do is renew her contract!**

I have been a vzw customer for many years now and I am still amazed at how "educated” their csr’s are. I love the coverage that vzw gives me across the US, but I am so glad I don’t have to deal with any csr’s on a frequent basis. I called the vzw 800 number today to ask a question about the BOGO on BB’s tomorrow and got the equivalent of a blank stare, but over the phone…for a moment I was sure the call had dropped, but no. It was just the chilling silence of someone who seemed aware of any such event happening less than 24 hours from the time of the call. Once I brought the csr up to speed on the offer around the bend I asked if this would mean that I would get a FREE Curve with the purchase of a Curve? To this he said, “probably not, it is most likely you would be able to get a free Pearl if you purchase a Curve”. At this point I ended the convo.
Not wanting to let go of this until I had an answer I was happy with I called the local retail vzw store…a little more helpful, but still seems unaware of the offer kicking off tomorrow. I am hoping that the lack of knowledge of the BOGO event is just the face of a company policy that will not allow csr’s to talk about events before they have started, but based on other interactions I have had with vzw in the past I think some of it is just horrible internal communication.
I still think I will hit the store tomorrow, if for nothing else just to ask some BB application questions to an unwitting csr and watch them squirm as I laugh to myself at their lack of knowledge about a product that they push…A great way to start the weekend.

I did confirm it already. There's an email that was JUST sent out at like 6pm EST for the VZW HQ staff, Tech Support, and CSR personnel confirming this.

Verizon employees are NOT ALLOWED to tell customers what promotions will be coming up until they are officially announced by the company. this BOGO has not been officially announced.

many of the reps know exactly what you are talking about but they have to say they dont because they can get in trouble for revealing proprietary information.

there giving away all the ones they found to be good that the people on here found flaws with and sent in to be anal so they would get a perfect storm . all the yellow screens the ones that people said were flawed but wern't are gonna be the freebies.. lmfao

Like me and a lot of others who bought a Storm in the last 45 days or less. I'd hope they would step up and offer the free one to people who made recent purchases. Otherwise they are going to alienate a lot of customers. This isn't like a $50 or $100 price reduction. This is a lot more. I'll be visiting the Verizon location where I got mine for sure.

If you purchase and blackberry, you can get any other blackberry of equal or less for free... If you purchase a storm, curve or a 8830, or a pearl, you can get up to 3 pearls for free.

I am going to get 2 storms, cancel and unlock 1 and use on att and sell the other one to help cover the etf fees.

I am going to get two as well and sell the 2nd one to cover the ETFs, my question is do I get to keep the phones for the price paid or will I owe more on top of the ETFs?

On ATT it wont have 3G, and it already doesn't have wif... so it's just an expensive EDGE only touchscreen BBerry. If you insist on only using ATT might as well fork for a Bold.

My buddy works for Verizon and he said its only the pearl and its buy one get 3 free!

dont cancel the line and sell the phones or unlock and move to att before 6 months or else you will be charged the full $499.99 for the price of the phone... This happened to myself. BEWARE!!!

for everyone complaining that VZW CSRs are "uneducated" you need to use your brain. VZW employees are not allowed to tell customers about any promotions or changes before they are officially announced by the company.

Its very likely the CSR you spoke with was looking right at the email about it and telling you they dont know what you are talking about because they value their jobs.

Calling the 800 number and asking
"tell em about the blackberry bogo"
and then thinking that person is not smart for say
"well mr customer it starts in a week, don;t buy anything, hold off, and we are releaisng super secret stuff on the 15th...stay tune."

how dumb are YOU to think a person will risk thier paycheck to help mr poor ignorant dumb ass hell consumer to not think for themselves?

this si also a testament to how verizon has been working on NOT trusting thier front line reps with news like this. they rolled this out via conference call this afternoon to managers of retail locations...why? to stop the leaks weeks in advance.

it's a market that is struggling, and therefore verizon is keeping as much as they can close to the vest as not to discourage people from buying hoping to hold out.

so next time you call in or stop by a store and think those people are just ignorant and stupid, know that as soon as you leave they are laughing at how dumb you are thinking you are gonna get news out of them.

I work for VZW...not only is it a bogo offer on Blackberry phones but it's also retroactive...that's right, anybody who purchased a BB phone in Jan is also eligible for the same offer. Enjoy.

So here is the deal. I do work for Verizon and I can tell you, this is true. If you purchase a Blackberry Pearl, Curve or Storm with a 2yr contract you will get one free with a 2yr contract for a new line of service or ELIGIBLE renew! This is a huge deal currently!!

If you purchased a Storm since 11/21/08 you can still take advantage of this offer. If you Purchased the Storm you can get either a free Storm, Curve or Pearl. If you purchase a Curve you can either get a free Curve or Pearl. If you purchase a Pearl you can only get a free Pearl.

This offer will start tomorrow 2/6/09.

Why would you expect a Customer Service Rep, who doesn't get paid to sell, know about something that hasn't even launched yet?

Ask a retail rep. Someone who gets paid to sell, not to service.

And, You who bought 2 storms less than 30 days ago, they'll match the price for you, just bring your receipt. I've done it recently.

Why would you expect a Customer Service Rep, who doesn't get paid to sell, know about something that hasn't even launched yet?

Ask a retail rep. Someone who gets paid to sell, not to service.

And, You who bought 2 storms less than 30 days ago, they'll match the price for you, just bring your receipt. I've done it recently.

Now if they would put out another offer...which I think would make as much sense...if you are close to your renew date...put a special out for that. My wife's phone contract says I can upgrade May '09. Set up a deal that lets those upgrade sooner at a good deal...Open up the market for renewals. Guess VZW is only interested in getting NEW business...not renewing the customers they have. My 2 cents.

Why does VZW have to make your upgrade date earlier just because of a sale? Primary lines and most single lines get an additional discount off the 2yr price of a phone for an upgrade, and secondary lines can upgrade every 20 months whereas most carriers make the secondary lines wait 22 months.

To say VZW isn't interested in renewing the customers they do have is retarded. VZW customers get perhaps the best discounts for upgrade of any carrier out there.

Could this be a promo to also get the existing BB inventory "outta here" so they can get ready for the VZW version BOLD???

I have to say, i wish i didn't have a blackberry so that I could get in on this deal, but sadly I already have a storm, nd no1 in the family is looking to upgrade...

Ok, I just got off the phone with the VZW people at CS. They are saying that the details are not completely ironed out but as of right now, the way all the supervisors are understanding it this is the deal:

In order to get the BOGO on ANY of the Blackberries, you MUST have TWO phones that are eligible for UPGRADES on the SAME account. If you do not, then you WILL NOT be able to get the deal.

When I found that out, I kind of got really pissed. My wife wants a Storm and so do I. I traded out my 8830WE in October/November for a Curve and gave her my WE cause she's military.

BUT... her phone is elligible for an upgrade as of this January and she's wants the Storm so we were going to get the Storm for her, renew her contract, and then take another Storm for myself. Talked to Customer Service, they said NOPE. It sucks!!!

If the deal is real (and I think it is) it is a great value. A lot of people still buy curves and pearls (regardless of carrier) and they all would love BOGO offers. A lot of people are buying storms (it is a good phone. not everyone loves it. that’s ok. i thought the razr was beyond terrible yet one of the top selling phones in US ever. But for new BB users who are either not into Iphone (which again is good but has shortcomings) or younger generation the storm is very good.)
This is a good value regardless of how you look at it. And if there is a way to track my post (I have no idea and to lazy to look) you will see awhile back BGR posted how wi-fi was a waste (and on a Curve model) and now every phone that doesn’t have wi-fi (pretty much on BB from CDMA carriers, both VZW and Sprint even though people rag mostly on VZW) is worthless is a lot of peoples eyes (including BGR and his employees).

I think phones, when possible, should have wi-fi just b/c options are good. And anyone with intelligence would realize networks especially would love wi-fi b/c every user paying for data and using wi-fi only means more free space on network. So why would VZW (or sprint to lesser degree according to most posters) hate on wi-fi?

BOGO are good. On BB they are great. Can I BOGO on curves for AT&T? T-mobile? Sprint? Don’t they all carry curves and pearls? Oh yeah.

_the 2nd needs to be eligible, just like any BOGO
_they need to be on the same acct
_thanks to WFG anything bought in last 30 days is covered
_you signed a contract for 24 months. vzw allows upgrade after 20 months (12 for primary lines on family share or single lines 79.99 and up i believe) and you can upgrade at 12 months for $20 fee but 2 year pricing
_if you think the offer sucks or isn't good enough go BOGO from AT&T or Sprint. oh wait...
_a lot of csr's don't know b/c in care not sales. b/c in care and want to go to HR or trainer, etc. VZW hires a lot from within. they don't read websites and message boards. they help with your bill.
_the ones that do know usually wont confirm b/c if that call gets monitored they can fail. buy the phone today. wfg and you will get your money back tomorrow.

_think about this: most csr (and even tech and global, etc) don't know about sales until right before they happen. most car salesman know about thousand dollar rebates at least day before. vzw offers wfg. GM and Toyota do not. Now who hates you more?

Be curious to see how many this moves and raises the total number of Storms that have been sold......

so if I buy 2 for the price of 1. then pay and early termination fee of 175, that means i just got one free and clear for 175 and i can sell it on ebay for 400. sound like a good deal to me. hahahaa sshhhhhhhhh.

Damn!! That sucks. If I would have known that was going to happen I would have waited 2 months to buy my Storm. My hubby REALLY wants one and we cant afford to shell out another 200 bucks for his. Darn-it-all!!!!


Free Phone Offer
BlackBerry® Storm™ 9530 smartphone

Buy the BlackBerry Storm 9530 and Get another BlackBerry Storm for FREE!
with 2yr activation per phone

I bought my Storm last weekend. Thoughts of getting another one free sure is tempting but as everyone is mentioning.....

basic service + the required data plan = hard sell for me

I'll be taking advantage of this deal! My wife and I were scheduled to switch to VZW here in a few weeks anyways, this just sweetens the deal.

Just bought my BlackBerry Storm last night at 12:30AM without knowing about the BOGO promotion. I bought the phone for $100.00 using my primary device upgrade.


As far as I can tell they will be honoring BB Sales that are within 30 Days of this promotion.

Verizon didn't charge me a cent for the 2nd Storm, I in fact just got two Storms shipped to my door for $100.00, I couldn't be happier!

I am a Senior Rep with VZW. This IS the CORRECT information.

The promotion will be running 2/6 - 3/31. Both lines have to be elibible to either upgrade or be new lines of service. The offer can not be combined with Corporate pricing.

If you have purchased a Storm since 11/21 you qualify for this promotion.

If you purchase the Storm you can get the Storm, 8830, 8330, 8130.
If you purchase the 8830 you can get the 8830, 8330 and 8130.
If you purchase the 8330 you can get the 8330 and 8130.
If you purchase the 8130 you can get up to 3 8130s.

A lot of people are saying buy 2 and cancel and resell; if you buy and cancel the lines you will be billed the full retail amount for the phones if you do not return the equipment.

ETF is early termination fee - you are getting "fined for breach of contract" (you agreed to stay in contract for two years). Beyond the fee they can bill you for breach of contract (the ETF), they can also bill you the full retail price of the device because the "sale price" was defendant on the contract (which you then broke, thus owing full retail cost).
Read the fine print before you try this little trick, because I'm damn sure a company like VZW has thought about it already and I've personally seen clauses like this with phones I've bought in the past with a 2year contract....

Bought two curves last week. I just left the Verizon store after getting a price adjustment. Received a full refund for the second phone, paid $70 for the primary line. Still eligible for the $70 mail in rebate so final cost will be $0.

Quote "If you have purchased a Storm since 11/21 you qualify for this promotion."

I just called twice, both reps said if you purchased a phone before the 2/6 you DO NOT qualify for this program...

If you bought a Storm (or any BB) in last 30 days your covered. The person who said since 11/21 is wrong. Just last 30 days. If you get a rep who says that isnt true ask for a supervisor bc under WFG you are covered for price preotection.

i work for verizon and if you have ever worked in a call center you will know how i feel. i will give this tidbit of info out...ppl at the stores make comission and that is why they are so pushy. ppl who work in the call center do not make comission and are too busy fixing mistakes the sales reps cause. but the sale about the storm is not true. might be in the future but not now.

B.S. lol...I work in the store and were not all "pushy" lol...just to correct you. And we will honor customers that have bought a Storm since they launched if they want to get another one free. We may have to do some reseach to get your reciept but we'll get it done. Plus people on commision have more of an incentive to find ways get free phones to customers especialy blackberrys becasuse we get paid on renewals and data add on. The last thing we want people to do is call in to get things done becasue we dont get paid....and I like getting paid lol...

Just an FYI. Plus this promo JUST started...some people are just hearing about this TODAYand are trying to get the details right. If you dont think your getting the WHOLE truth ask the rep to look up the promotion details or ask for a manger...there should be one on the floor @ your local VZW.

P.S. so far the offical promo is....

Buy One BB get one of equal or lesser value for free.
Instant rebates on the Storm ONLY!!!

If you bought a Storm since it launched and want another storm you can get on FREE but Im not sure if that promo has "officaly" started. I do know if its just limited to certain markets or channels ie: only at Verizon stores or customer service .... but I know that I'll give it to anyone that asks. It just makes good bussiness sense as long as there original contact obligation has been met.

if you just bought a BB and want a price adjustment go back to where you bought it and ask. As long as its a phone purchsaed from a corporate store youll get it. It also needs to have been bought in the last 30 days with the reciept

30 day return policy is in effect as well for other purchased phones but be aware that stores can charge up to a 35.00 restock fee for every phone exchanged/returned

AND YES THE DATA PLAN IS MANDATORY!!! 29.99 for basic email and web access 44.99 for corporate email and web access...If you have an employee discont ask and see if you get any discnts on the data access.

Hope this help!!

i work in a call center AND make that's a pretty weird statement for a vzw employee to make. But I can honestly say I'm not seeing ANYTHING stating that the promotion extends to 11/21 purchases of the storm. It does extend to the last 30 days as all promotions/bogo offers with verizon wireless do.

yeah i went to the store and guy said that i had to buy my storms during the promotion. but just called customer care and the lady told me if i bought them within 30 days then i should be covered. so now she is calling that store i went to. since i bought 2 storms for $400 getting $200 back would be lovely.

Just make sure you tell the store it's part of the worry free guarantee. They have to honor it if its a direct store

Personally, I believe this sale is a fact. However, it's shocking to see the number of Verizon employees posting here with nothing but conflicting information. This reflects the horrible job Verizon has done in getting their own people on board with facts.

Every day we as customers have had to deal with radically different stories about everything from A-Z from Verizon staff. Verizon seriously needs to do a better job with information sharing both with customers and their own people. The industry Blogs like this fine one here seem to know far more about what's going on with your own company than YOU. Verizon, please fix this soon.

yeah the rep called and they said they would do it, i asked her to note my account too. but i will be going back later on tonight so i can get my $ back. but the sale is legit and you would have had to buy the phone less than 30 days go to get the promo.

Its true I went to Verizon to chcek out the Storm and it is BOGO time on Blackberrys. So those of you who have upgrades or want to get one for you and your special someone its the perfect time.

i purchased my storm 2 wks ago. went to the store today added another line and got the free storm for my boyfriend. its true. i promise. i paid like 25 for tax THATS IT! how wonderful is that WOO! hopefully he likes his suprise. :)

I ticked off at verizon right now. My husband just bought a storm Feb 2nd so I called verizon about the special. They will not allow us to get the free storm because she said the special is only active through Feb 20th, and I am not eligible for upgrade until March 24,2009. Nice huh!! Any suggestions on what I can do??????

The conditions of the promotion are that both phones must be activated on lines of service eligible for 2 year contracts..(either a new line of service or one that is out of it's equipment contract and eligible for standard upgrade) Short of adding a new line, your options are pretty short in this situation for getting one right now...although the end dates on promotions like this are always subject to change and it may end up lasting longer than the date provided to you by that representative.

So if I added a line to get the other free storm, could I cancel the line that is due for upgrade on March 24th and not get any charges??

rep just told me in order to get free storm on previous purchase, must be within 30 days.i got mine on 12/27 she said no dice.

I would check back there again tomorrow...they should let you get another one at no cost since you have a Storm already. If not let me know where you are and Ill get on to you lol

with my local Verizon coorporate office here in Panama City, they did confirm the current sale, and also went on to say that the new Curve will be coming out in a few months for Verizon. That was surprising because I didn't ask him that, and I thought it was going to be the Bold for Verizon.

This is sick, i have my upgade the 17 so, I can get the storm and another one, would there have to be two contract due to get the another one free(hope not!)??

My girlfriend wants to get one and she recently separated from her parent's account. Is it possible she can go in with someone else who qualifies for an upgrade and they get the promotion together or does it have to be on the same plan?

I got the Storm the day it came out (which I love). Bought the crappy LG Decoy for my girlfriend for Christmas because she's on my account. Turned out to be a piece of crap phone so we took it back a week later and upgraded her to the Curve. Now we bought two BB's and don't get any free phones or money back.

Actually, Lance if you got the Storm the day it came out you are still able to get the Curve that your girlfriend got for free with the promotion going on! Just stop into your local store or call care.

I ordered my storm today, I was due an upgrade. My husband had his own acct. I transferred his line over to my account and we now have a family plan. I inquired about the BOGO sale, his line was not eligible for an upgrade yet, which would have been July 2009. I asked the rep, if she can make an exception.. and she spoke to a supv, and I was able to upgrade both of our lines, just paid one storm at $99.99 and my hubby gets the free one....Should be here Monday...

If I could get a 4th? I just bought a storm last week, but yesterday added 2 lines and got two storms. I do not have any upgrades coming though. although all of these lines are only a few months old.

Wonder if i could get that free one for the one I purchased last week.

I just called the customer service and all I need to do is stop by the Verizon store and they'll refund the money. I had $100 credit, so final price for 2 storms is $50 each.

I purchased my two blackberry Storms a week ago, just so everyone knows out there that if you have purchased any blackberry's within the last 30 days you can call now and Verizon will honor the BOGO promotion. Verizon credited my account back for one of the storms. I was impressed they did so.

I went to Verizon last night (the 6th)to help my boss pick out a new phone. When she decided to buy the storm the sales clerk told us that there was a buy 1 get 1 free. I told them we had separate accounts and he said that was fine. She paid full price for her phone and accessories and also paid for my accessories on the same credit card (you can't use a debit card for this.) I upgraded my service plan, reimbursed her for my accessories and we were off!!!! Two new stormies!!!!!
We both are lovin it!!

Saw some others that got it for cheaper but, oh well. $149.99 plus tax on both phones through Verizon *611. Tried online first but, since one will be a gift and the other a backup, the site kept asking me to upgrade to a data plan. Also was a couple months shy of being eligible for new every two, but they accommodated me. Minus ringtone charges, ditching V CAST TV, and VZ Navigator, didn't end up costing any more per month. Hope I don't get some sort of charge for not activating the second phone...

So when the iphone was first released and they had to do the rebates back on the people who got the first line of iphones, are they going to do anything like that for people who pre-ordered two Storms?

I just received my second phone with no problems at all. I went into my local Verizon store and told them I wanted my free Storm and walked out 20 minutes later. Was not even charged taxes.

I work for VZW in a call center makeing no commision. And let me be the second to say that we are very busy fixing mistakes made by sale people who are busy making a buck to worry about the customer and getting issues right. And in order for the buy one get one to work, you must have at least two lines of service. And both of them must be eligible for their two year upgrades.

Also if you are looking into the BlackBerry Storm, you must activate it on a Nationwide calling plan.

And with any Blackberry, you can not activate it on a Nationwide Connect plan or a Nationwide Premium plan. All phones made by RIM must have a data package on them. $29.99 BIS, $44.99 BES.

The BOGO runs for 02/06/09 - 3/31/09.

I called verizon, they said they wouldn't honor it.. but to try the store.. yeah.. damn right I am trying the store.. I walked in... spoke to the manager immediately, explained my situation (I bought my storm jan8th, my girlfriends the 25th).. we are on a family plan.. because my phone was < 30 days they gave us an account credit for $217 ($200 for storm, $17 for the tax she paid on the storm). So if you are having trouble, push harder and get the manger, they do honor it..

Thanks to crackberry for giving me the heads up on this and saving me $217! :D

I went to Verizon not knowing if this promo would work. It did!! The rep said on Friday, Feb 6 alone they had sold over 100 blackberry's. It so works and if you are thinking about getting a blackberry, get it now! Can't beat the deal and there is no mail in rebate with this offer. 2 Blackberry's for $200.00.

My husband bought a blackberry storm Feb. 3, 2009. I called, and they told me I had to add a line to get a free one. So I called back a day later to add a line to get the free one and now that are saying they will not give it to me that if I want a free one and I would have to buy another one to get the free one! They will not back date the special!!! They told me I can't buy one a week before and expect to get one a week later!!! I called the verizon customer service and the lady there had no idea what I was talking about with the special. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beware that the offer applies only to numbers under the purchaser S/S# and phone plan. No giving one to a friend or family member even with a data plan contract.Too bad since Verizon would have made up the difference with the data plan.Scam to get you in the door and get your hopes up. Now you'll probably end up buying one outright as I did for my wife as she is not on the same business plan.

I am on a family share plan and the only phone eligible for early upgrade is the primary. If that lines buys a storm and gets one free can those phones be used by other people on the plan?