Verizon Buy One Get One Free Offer is Back!

By Adam Zeis on 14 Aug 2009 08:52 am EDT

A friend let me know that Verizon will be firing up a new Buy One Get One Free offer. The promo, which kicks off today, will let you snag any BlackBerry device (Tour, Storm, Pearl Flip, Curve or WE) free when you buy one. The fun doesn't stop there - you can also snag a netbook or other mobile broadband device (equal or lesser value) as part of the deal. I ran through the checkout on Verizon's site, and sure enough I was able to snag two brand new Tour's for a total of $199.99. If you have multiple devices in your family (or on your own) and have been thinking about upgrading or switching to Big Red from another carrier, now is the best time to do it. Head over to (or your local store I'd assume) to take advantage of the BOGO offer.

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Verizon Buy One Get One Free Offer is Back!


If I buy 2 BB's do they have to be for the same account or would I be able to give one to my brother? How long is this promo going on for?

I would say that both phones need to be activated on the same account and be either a new activation or upgrade eligible.

I was about to snag a couple of 8330's from eBay when I heard about the new BOGO deal. I'm not eligible an upgrade yet, so I called VZW to see if the BOGO deal applied to phones purchased at full retail price without a contract - sadly, it does not.

It seems VZW *never* gives a good deal to the customers they already have. The only thing keeping me with them is the awesomeness of their network.

... but now I want another one :)

Seriously, I've offered to extend my existing contract to get a better deal on a new phone before my NE2 eligibility kicks in, but they won't do it. At some point, it will be economically feasible to eat the early termination fee and move to a new carrier to get a deal... but then I'd lose VZW's network, so I guess it's not worth it.

How would it be financially smart of VZW to let you upgrade earlier than normally when you havent finished your first 2 year for the discount you got on the first phone?

See here is where the problem lies... Independent retailers get the shaft on this one. Big red kind of throws a bone our way but when it comes down to it the bogo special hurts. It's already tough selling a phone and making a profit when competing with online and telesales but when an entitled consumer comes in and demands a free phone the salesman doesn't exactly get a warm fuzzy feeling...

Also keep in mind that both phones must be on a new or eligible to upgrade line and add the $29.99 a month BB access fee.

I went through the checkout trying to get a tour and a netbook, but it didn't look like it was doing the BOGO? Is that just an in-store part of the promotion?

Reading through vzw's bogo page, there's no mention of netbooks. Where did you hear that netbooks were included?

Went in to my local VZW corp store this morning and upgraded my storm to the Tour and was able to get the netbook for free.

Just thinking out loud. Could you unlock the second phone and use it on Sprint? My wife has Verizon 8130 and I have a Sprint 8330. She is due an upgrade and I use my for work. Maybe I could upgrade hers and use the second one for me on Sprint?

No thats not going to work. Both lines would either have to have an eligible upgrade or be a new line of service. As far as the Buy one get a netbook goes, I know that that deal is available in stores.

No thats not going to work. Both lines would either have to have an eligible upgrade or be a new line of service. As far as the Buy one get a netbook goes, I know that that deal is available in stores.

Thats a good deal that will boost Rim's numbers, although not their profit, and Verizon's number of people with data plans.

I bought my Tour from Best Buy and it has no issues. Very solid battery door, trackball and screen. Made in Mexico.

When I did the BOGO last time they ran it they only required one line to be upgrade eligible, I had no problems with them doing it that way.

BOGO has been running for a couple of months if not least for me that is. When I got to VZW's site, I see the BOGO mentioned at the top. I went to their site yesterday to print out to bring to store, and it was offered as well. Maybe its my company discount? I called CSR 2 weeks ago and they said its only for eligible upgrades or new activations.

Doh! My girl just bought one a couple of days ago! I think I might have her call her corporate rep and set me up with an account. I've been thinking of switching over to vzw anyway... think they'll offer her the deal? Literally got her tour as a new contract upgrade like 3 or 4 days ago...

My blackberry is only 1.5 months old and the girlfriend got hers this week that kind of sucks. We did get 170 combined in mail in rebates but still buy one get one is better.

If your G/F's phone is only a week old then return it and get the BOGO offer if you have another line that is elig. to upgrade that is..

I love when people comment about how VZW never gives there current customers deals just new customers. Like AT&T or T-Mo or any other carrier don't do the same thing. Hell my Directv service does the same thing. Get over it that's the way of the world. If you were elig. to upgrade 2 lines then that offer would apply to you as well.

Ok I gave in. Upgraded from our Pearls to 2 tours!! Trackballs work on both, my son's battery door is a little loose but he threw a case on and is rocking his.Setting them up as we speak.

I did the upgrade after seeing this and I called the store near me and wanted to see if I could get this deal there instead of ordering online...YES but they gave me a better deal it ended up being $150 for 2 BB tours

First you need to have 2 lines that are eligible for a 2 year upgrade, and have to be the same account, if they are billed separately but under the same name they will do it but they act like they are doing u a big favor.

So one account gets billed $250 for the phone and the other gets billed $100 and then you get a $100 dollar rebate for each phone, Now the cost b4 taxes is $350 minus $200 for the rebate and $150 is what I will pay for both phones.

Online I almost placed the order for $199 so im glad I waited, The rebates wont take long I have done it many times and they are pretty fast at turning the checks around

and i think I like the tour better than my storm

Read this post and went to my local VZW corp store and asked if I was able to get the netbook for free if I purchased the Tour and they said yep...So I walked out with a new tour and free netbook. Of course I had to sign up for a data plan on the netbook. But worth it I think.

It is precisely that offer which got me to jump. Because the Tour is priced *higher* than a Storm, when Mom snags her Tour later this month, I get a new Storm out of the deal. (It helps that I actually *prefer* the Storm to the Tour.)

I just bought two BB Tour (buy 1 get one free) fo 249.00.
After $100.00 rebate it will be $149.00
The problem with this deal is that they charged me taxes on the 'RETAIL' price for both phones...which added an addtl $100, opposed to $50.00 if the taxes were on the sale price.
Is that right? If they advertise a sale price...shouldn't I only pay taxes on THAT price?