Verizon To Buy Alltel in Billion Dollar Deal

By James Falconer on 5 Jun 2008 10:36 am EDT

Verizon to Buy Alltel - Is This the End of Alltel Guy?Our bud Dieter over at WMExperts has reported that Verizon is gearing up to buy Alltel.

Verizon is reportedly coughing up $5.9 billion in cash, and will take on $22.2 billion in debt for a total investment of $28.1 billion dollars. Yikers, now that's a lot of cash!

Alltel had been rumored to be hunting for a buy-out for some time now, and this just serves to confirm that rumor.

Lets hope that Alltel customers get the same level of quality, customer service that Alltel provided (at least that's what I hear). With Verizon becoming, dare I say it... a 'behemoth', one would think that customer service might suffer a tad? On the flip side, Alltel 'widows' will probably enjoy improved roaming on Verizon's network.

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Verizon To Buy Alltel in Billion Dollar Deal


Alltel would still operate under the name 'Alltel'? There are MANY examples of companies that are bought out by other companies; yet these companies that have been bought out; still retain their identity...the only difference being is that they are a subsidiary of a different (parent) company now.

If Alltel still operates under their name, identity and way of doing business (that apparently Alltel customers like)...then maybe this buyout won't be perceived so 'sucky'.

With the aquisition of Alltel, VZW will knock AT&T off the block as the largest US carrier by approx. a million or so customers, personally I can't see how this is good for Alltel customers but maybe that's just me.

Warning lil potshot at Dieter: Anyone notice the uncanny resemblance between Dieter and Chad lol!! Scary (lol sorry Dieter, I know Malatesta hits you with that all the time, but it's sooo true :P )

I worked for Alltel (Allhell) and I have to say I hope Verizon knows what they are getting into...

I hope it all works out.

Can't be any worse then the whole Cingular/AT&T/Bellsouth/Dobson/EDGE Wireless mergers, trust me I was there for the whole "I don't wanna switch to cingular, you can't offer me the same plan" all those "old" AT&T customers want their "old" AT&T Plans back again since ya know, AT&T is well...AT&T again...

*feels a headache coming just thinking about it*

I hope the services don't change with Alltel. I've compared my services with other services my friends have with other providers and I come out on top. This is not good news!!!

I left Verizon because they screwed me out of a couple hundred dollars and went to Alltel. Never had a problem since. Always have had good coverage with Alltel (and I live in WYOMING)... If this is true, I think I'll start looking for another cellphone company. I WON'T go back to Verizon. The still owe me a lot of money as far as I'm concerned.

So does that mean that verizon will bring over "my circle" or ditch it? im with verizon and i would love to have the "my circle" option.

im on alltel, love the call quality and all, but when i try to reach my local store????....fugitaboutit!! it dont matter if its right up 8am or the dead of the afternoon or any freakin time of the day...i have NEVER been able to get someone on the phone at the store. good thing im in a smallish town and the store is about 1 mile from my house. when i drive down there in a fit of rage, i assume there will be 30 or 40 people waiting outside for help. wrong. most times there are 4 or 5 workes and only a few customers. maybe chad should start manning the phones more!
i have never had a dropped call and reception on my end is always great, but the customer service at my local store
------IN HUTCH KS---------

I dont know if my first post went through so I apologize if this is a duplicate...

The following was reported in Cynopsis Digital this morning:

Verizon Wireless pulled the trigger on its deal to acquire Alltel in a cash merger valued at $28 billion that will make Verizon the leading carrier in the U.S. with more than 80 million subscribers. The merger should be good news for Alltel customers, giving them access to Verizon's robust V Cast content and speeding the roll-out of faster wireless broadband services. Regulators are expected to insist that Verizon maintains service in rural Alltel areas as a condition of the merger.

I would like to see how many people loose thier job over this. I heard Verizion is out increasing the head count adding staff members, while us Alltel employees, wonder whats in store for us. It doesnt make sense to add to your head count and terminate hundreds of good employees. We are being told to keep our head up, but lets see how much Verizon cares about its "people".