Verizon branded Z30 caught on camera

By Adam Zeis on 26 Sep 2013 09:03 am EDT

Verizon has already confirmed that they will indeed be offering the BlackBerry Z30 at some point, but we don't expect that to be for quite a while still. While they did announce on Twitter that the Z30 is "coming soon" they failed to give any other details.

Today an image of a Verizon-branded Z30 turned up however which means that things could be moving along. The Z30 has most likely entered into carrier testing for Verizon in which case it may only be a few more weeks before we see an official launch. Details are still scarce for this one but it's still a good sign that Verizon users may be one of the first to land a Z30 in the US.

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Verizon branded Z30 caught on camera


T Mobile will not be carrying any more BB directly in any of their stores. All BB on T Mobile will have to be ordered from stores

That doesn't answer the question. The question is will T-mo have this phone? Unknown at this point. I haven't heard or seen anything that says they will have it...

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It will likely be available in at least their largest stores. The real question is if it will actually be on display or if you will have to ask about it.

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I'd buy a Q30 tomorrow if they made one! Love my Q10, but could easily handle one another 1/2 inch wide/tall.

Fantastic news, will be grabbing one on release for sure :)

Lilly's hand stitched Frankensteined Z10 powered by

Still trying to WIN a free one. Pick me. Pick me. Pick me. See me waving my hand.

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I want one too. Bought my Z10 off contract, and just lately I bought the S4 Active for my wife. If I buy another phone my wife will kill me. Please let me win one to show her how better is my Z30 than her S4 :D

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That Verizon logo on the front doesn't look that bad. Hopefully AT&T will make an announcement soon.

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Getting this the second it's available just like I did for the Z10

Anything but BlackBerry is like having 2 cans and a string

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Got my Z10 off contract just in case I wanted to use my official upgrade for another BlackBerry later in the year. That time is approaching.

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Is that a white backing? Kinda looks like it. Also for those complaining about branding it's really not THAT bad... I actually made my Z10 an oreo anyway :)

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No, that is the alloy band around the centre of the phone.

Front of the phone is also white on the white Z30.

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Verizon users purchase the Z30, only to find out that Verizon only validated OS 10.1. A maintenance upgrade will occur sometime in 2014, once further testing for OS 10.2 is complete.

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

I don't care if BlackBerry is dead or dying cause I am ready to resurect it by upgrading my Z10 to that gorgeous and powerful Z30. Just fricking release it in Canada already.

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I love my Verizon, and I love my BlackBerry. Can't wait for Verizon to release the white Z30. I'll be selling my white Verizon Z10 if anyone is interested? screen protection and iZenus black leather case included! I'll even install the latest OS 10.2 at the time of sale!

At least with even the moribund performance of BlackBerry and the ineffective marketing the company has put out, Verizon is still supporting them (think of the BBM video commercials and piles of radio spots). Good job VZW!

Z30 is mine as soon as it releases in Canada. On the BlackBerry website, you can now sign up if you wish to receive a notification when it comes to your region. I agree with many others. I am going to continue to support BlackBerry. I have great confidence they will be around long term, just tough decisions need to be made in the short term. As soon as the privatization goes through, I think you are going to see a lot of announcements that are very positive.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Does anyone know if there will be some sort of trade-in program for Z10 owners. I feel like BlackBerry took advantage of its faithful fans by having them buy a Z10, help work out the OS bugs in 10.0 and 10.1, and then they release the Z30. I saved my upgrade for a year for BB10, now I'm not able to get the Z30. Hook us up BlackBerry.

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If you are with Verizon, they have a trade in program - but they are not giving much - $105 for a BlackBerry Z10 in mint condition. It's better to sell the Z10 and put that money towards the Z30.

BlackBerry has a trade-up program, but that is only for legacy devices to the new BB10's

I'm excited that it's coming to Verizon (since I have a Verizon account) and can't wait to get my hands on it. I always felt this phone should've been released 1st in order to compete with the S4 & HTC One and maybe they would have seen better results than with Z10. I'm going to have to shell out full price for the Z30, because obviously I'm still on contact with the Z10. So I'm wondering, how many Z10 owners will go through the same thing?

Although BlackBerry is going through some extremely tough times, I have a lot of love for BlackBerry & wish they continue to exist in the near future. I'm just very confused about certain decision they've made, they got me puzzled.

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I was not eligible for a at the time I got Z10 for my wife and I. I paid full boat for both. We're both up for upgrades now though.
Last time I got an email from VZW they were offering about 130 dollars to trade in your Z10. Ebay is also another place to sell and will probably get you more.
We just need the friggin top apps everyone wants and this phone is complete!

P O W ! ! ! VZW !

You better have it in Black A N D White VZW ! Baby needs a new White Zed Thirty to replace her White Zed Ten! I'll be rockin' Darth Vader Black!

I wish Sprint would've been quicker to jump on this. I thought it was rumored that they opted out of carrying the Zed 10 in favor of another all touch screen device. Any way good for VZW users, but Sprint you guys need to get on the ball.
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Given the recent news, I'm worried Sprint will say that conditions have changed and they won't carry it... (sigh) So much waiting already...

Want, want, want !!!
But idk about that chin . . Good place to grip with but just wish it were a darker color . . Not gonna stop me though ;-)

If AT&T doesn't offer it, I'm switching to Verizon. It's that critical.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Dam if Spirit will carry this phone, it will be very good. I thought this will be Sprint phone. Shoooooot!!!!

I've never visited a store to purchase oe. Who still does that anyway? What year is it...1985?

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Verizon rep for our company acct said it would be available in stores. We all know how many carrier employees are in the dark about device releases most of the time but this guy has had solid info in the past.

it is extremely disappointing to hear so much news from Verizon about this device and nothing from Sprint...I'm totally on the bandwagon now that Sprint hates their BlackBerry customers...I mean look at their track record: BB10 is launched and Sprint is even mentioned at the keynote as supporting and bringing BB10 phones to market and what do they do...Nix the Z10 and only carry the Q10...and then when do they release it...MONTHS after EVERYONE else!! Why everyone asks, well Sprint passed on the Z10 because they knew another, better, touchscreen would be coming and they would opt in for that one...well ok Sprint, here is your chance, let us know what's up with the Z30 but NO! I have even tweeted to Sprint and they deny knowing anything about the Z30...SMH...about time I really showed them how much I care about where my money goes and switch to Bid Red!

End Rant ;) lol

Why is it that every other major phone manufacturer can negotiate with the carriers to not have their branding all over the front of the device, but BB can't?!

What a shame.

What is my problem. I have a Playbook, a Z10, a Bold 9930 that needs a good home, just bought a Q10, and am lusting after the Z30. This is MADNESS!

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Come on "BIG RED" let get Z30 by Nov.11, 2013. That stinky I-Phone taking up all the attention and making people sick.

“Apple’s new operating system is making me nauseous and giving me a headache - just like when you try to read in the car,” says one user.

Others complain of “vertigo” when apps “zoom” in and out - and say that using iOS 7 devices has left them feeling ill for days.

Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system has been downloaded 200 million times - and some users are complaining that the animations make them seasick - or worse.

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All this talk about Verizon getting the Z30, when is AT&T getting it, I am over here hoping and praying that AT&T get on board with the Z30(plrase).

Looking at it closely, reminds me of the Torch 9850 with the smooth touchscreen to bevel transition, no edges for dust to get stuck. I really liked the form BlackBerry used for the 9850 and I had hoped they would have used it for the Z10 before they released the final look of it. Combine the 9850 smooth screen, "waterfall" at the top and bottom along with thicker grips, and using the back material of the Z10, I think that design would have been awesome and stood out more

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