Verizon Bold 9030 and Pearl Flip 8230 Updates

Niagra and Apex News
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Feb 2009 08:18 am EST

BGR put up a late night blog post with some updated speculation on Verizon's near-term BlackBerry pipeline.

"Apex" (BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230): Apparently this has been removed from VZW's data devices roadmap, which means it's either going to be released soon or has been dropped. Considering a live image of the 8230 leaked in our forums just the other week and the leaker said it should be coming soon (it was his test unit) makes us think that's more likely to be the case. Good news here.

"Niagra" (BlackBerry Bold 9030): Nothing really new here in terms of device information, other than a bit more confirmation that lookswise the 9030 is more like a upsized Curve 8900 than the existing Bold 9000. I'm still assuming RIM goes to market with this as the Bold 9030 despite the change up in looks... it just seems weird/costly to fragment the brand, especially when Wall Street is complaining about tighter margins. The bad news here is on release date. Back in early January, Engadget posted that the Sprint BlackBerry Bold would hit in the first quarter of the calendar year. This would make for a nice CTIA launch, which if you think back to last year is where both Sprint and Verizon announced the Curve 8330. BGR's tipster/info is putting Verizon's "Niagra" launch at May, which is kind of sad if it pans out to be true. I know sooo many people on both Verizon and Telus right now who want to buy a new BlackBerry but are not interested in the Storm and don't want to pick up the Curve 8330 since they know something new must be coming along soon. 

As much as I'd like to see the CDMA Bold launch in the next month or so and then see a big product announcement/launch at WES in May (aka. 3G/touchscreen/physical keyboard... "Magnum") I wouldn't be suprised to see things get pushed back. Over the past week I've had a few tips come in suggesting the Magnum won't be arriving until August and that we shouldn't get too excited for WES on the new device front. Of course, that doesn't mean RIM couldn't announce it in May... as they did with the BlackBerry Bold, which then hit Rogers in August and AT&T in November. Regardless... I'll keep my fingers crossed, as I always do, for BlackBerry newness to hit sooner than later.

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Verizon Bold 9030 and Pearl Flip 8230 Updates


Just spoke to a verzion rep yesterday after voicing my concern about the other carriers cornering the market with this Blackerry Bold. I was informed to be patient it is coming soon, they just can't give any release dates until they get all the proper approval. This will be my 1st BB and i want it to be AWESOME!!! SO I can stand the wait for the Verizon BB Bold...I am sure May Release is promising?

This is like having a good cup of morning coffee. I am looking forward to May. New Bold and my Birthday **Hint Hint
Thanks for the info...

LoL, Verizon and AT&T customers pounded their chests when the Storm and Bold was released and danced around like Who Twinks in Whoville, and then lil ole T-Mo gets the Curve 8900 and now AT&T Customers swarm customer service demanding their carrier get a Bold that looks like the Curve 8900? And Storm owners realizing that their iphone wannabe companion is not all that its "cracked" up to be? And whats with the new app for the storm? iBerry? If you want an iphone just go get one! You people are sick with this stuff! By the way, I love my Curve 8900 and yes you can browse the internet and talk on phone while on the wifi. No 3G, no biggie for me, new processor on wifi is 3G!

By the way, I love my Curve 8900 and yes you can browse the internet and talk on phone while on the wifi. No 3G, no biggie for me, new processor on wifi is 3G! <------hmmm, I use 3G a lot more than wifi, it is a mobile phone.

Its about time Verizon Wireless got the bold. Blackberrys are the best devices out there and they are even greater on the Verizon Wireless Network. The Networks dont even compare.

I'll agree that they are the best when the come out with this phone with a fully unlocked gps and wifi. Until then I'll hold my praise the are great in some areas and jerks in others. People need wifi.

Its like a dream come true .... Lol
I just wonder if it will have some issues as the storm did

I'm a little weary of this report. CX has said that the Niagara is exactly the same as the Bold 9000. Now we are hearing it's kind of a mix in size? I don't know.

I love my netowrk and my plan... Hate the fact that Sprint being #3 cuts us out of getting new Blackberries in short order! Last I heard Q4 for the Bold (Niagria) and maybe never on the Storm! Really sucks..

I like the bold 9000's design. The 9030 looks like a big 8900, which I personally am not a fan of. I think the current Bold is really slick and it definitely comes off as being a higher end BB device. I wonder if ATT will be getting any new phones... Only time will tell

It's about time. Storm is not an option for me. Don't want the reduced battery life that come with a touchscreen. I love my 8830 and the 4.5 OS upgrade helped prolong the agony. I just really want the Bold.

Would it be wise to assume that Verizon's release schedule is a good proxy for when Sprint will release their blackberry phones?

Agreed... Sprint isn't showing the love... and I have no brand loyalty...

I've been wondering the past few days as i've dug to see what other new BB devices have come out and debated taking back my storm because it hasnt been 30 days yet, I went over to my local AT&T store and tried out the bold and I like it as far as speedyness goes and how to functions which is pretty close to how the storm is setup with some tradition blackberry looking option menu's and so forth. I think I will just take my Storm back and wait till the 8930 Javalin and 9030 Niagra come out to make my final decision on what I really like in blackberry's.........

It makes me crazy that Verizon seems to be the slowest when it comes to a new Blackberry. I mean yes the Storm was released, but its not what everyone wants. I personally don't want a touch screen. And with all the bugs that I have been reading about, makes me wary of upgrdaing to it. I want the newest Niagara to come out before the next century!! Lets keep our fingers crossed that it comes out sooner.

yea i can't wait i DO like mny storm BUT i will be buying a 9030 fosure i don't care how much i have to go back and forth between them LOL

Not a fan of the new Curve, hope the Bold stays the same and RIM just changes the radio in it. I've been waiting for this to hit Telus to upgrade.

Niagara is only the codename, just like "Thunder" was the codename for the Storm. I would expect to just be called "BlackBerry 9030" at launch. They could possibly call it a Bold, but that wouldn't make much sense because it looks significantly different than the 9000.

I really hope that this is all true! I am on alltel/now verizon! My upgrade period is in august, I really hope they have this stuff figured out in time for me to upgrade to the pearl flip!! Ive been dieing for it!

Could it be that the picture is the 8930? Could it be that the "Nigagra" is in fact the CDMA Jav? Why make that much of a change to the same model? Just playing devil's advocate.

I'm one of those sooo many people on Verizon. I wish they would have postponed the storm (which seems to be far from "perfect") and just put out a newer, sleeker curve or the 9030. :-\

I can say definitively that Blackberry did a one year exclusivity deal with ATT for the Bold. We will not see Bold offered by Verizon until Oct or Nov 2009. I have seen tons of speculation with many different dates. I can assure you that this one is correct.

I missed out back on Nov 21st with the storm release...and I'm glad I did! as much as I want a new Berry I just can't bring myself to go for the storm. I've been quietly using my 8330 and watching and waiting. this is now the ONE that I'm waiting for. I hope it is not tooooo long of a wait ;)

I finally managed to unload my Storm (thank God!). I was at my local Verizon store in Santa Rosa, CA this afternoon to pick up an existing Curve. I asked about the new Curve and got very little reaction out of them. Then I asked about the Bold coming to Verizon and got big grinning smiles. However, they said they were not allowed to say anything YET!

A female rep. who was very helpful to me in the past took me to the side and asked if I really needed the Curve right now? I said well no, I could hold off a few more months. She smiled and said . . . wait. I left smiling too!

And soon, people are getting impatient and starting to switch to AT&T for the Bold! The Storm is an AMAZING device, but not for everybody. I disagree about the name, however, too much of the device form factor has changed. Weather it is Niagara or something else I doubt it will be Bold 9030. But we shall see I guess ;-)

That is good news I hope. I have been waiting for either Alltel or Vzw to come out with the flip. I hope it happens sooner that later.

Oh, I could comment with info about how all of this is all wrong about the Niagara... its device family (It's not a Bold), its number (It isn't the 9030), and its launch date (Not May!). I could, but I wont :). Its more entertaining reading the rumors.

The 9030 is coming to CDMA networks in MAY???!!! What's up with that? I am soooooo sick of CDMA networks getting the shaft from RIM (especially us Sprint customers). I'm not sure I can wait that long. Very disapointing to say the least.

May, huh? Something else to announce or have for release at or just before WES. At least something for Verizon to tout in their booth and give away at their party.

Does any one have any idea what Bell or Telus will be looking at for blackberries? I know the pearl flip is being released on bell early march. But there are so many people waiting for an update to the curve or bold for CDMA.