Verizon BlackBerry Z10 preorder now available

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By Adam Zeis on 14 Mar 2013 08:02 am EDT

Deploy! Deploy! Verizon users wanting to preorder a BlackBerry Z10 can now do so online. The Z10 is available from Verizon in both white and black for $199 on a 2-year contract. It's noted that devices will ship by March 28th - so in just a few short weeks you could be the proud owner of a new BlackBerry Z10. If you're still on the fence about which color to get, remember that white is a Verizon exclusive so you could be one of the few that has one. Hit up the link below to get your preorder in. 

Are you planning to preorder on Verizon? Drop a comment and let us know!

Preorder a BlackBerry Z10 from Verizon

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Verizon BlackBerry Z10 preorder now available


If i preorder will i get the device on launch day or will it ship that day? Will it ship from my local store or some far off land. Could i not just be the first person in the store that day and walk in and walk out? I need my white z10 ASAP so if i could get it on launch day with a preorder and be guaranteed to get one im in. Help please.

It doesn't matter if you pre-order anyways. The phone will not ship until the 3/28/13. That is the same day online and stores will carry them and to sell. So what is the point? I tried to pre-order today and the rep said it would cost $599.99 right now and still will not have it shipped until 3/28.

So if I wait until the 28th they will upgrade me for free and only having to pay $199 with another 2 year contract and I grandfathered my promotion unlimited data talk and text for $69.99.

The rep said there will be more then enough phones and they will NOT sell out. Rep also replied and agreed that there is really no point to pre-order. I can walk in same day and get the phone on the 28th and get it before all you pre-orders. You will get it on the 29th or later if you pre-order. Clearly says it will ship on the 28th. You can go to the store and pick it up same day before pre-orders. No brainer.

The rep has no way of knowing what will be available. Also the only way it would cost 599 to day is if you are not eligible for an upgrade. I ordered over 50 for my office and they all came in at upgrade pricing except one. That particular line showed up for 599.

The Rep that helped me pre-order this morning said i would have it by the 29th. Seems like it would have to ship early to get to me that soon, but that is what he wrote.

POTENTIAL HELPFUL HINT: I first logged in to my account and then tried to upgrade from there. It would not go thru. I opened a chat/help session. She had me log out, clear cookies and then go to the Pre-order page first, and THEN log in to my account and it worked like a charm after that.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I changed my password and the page just wouldn't let me in until I cleared my cookies. BUT... Good now! Pre-Ordered! BLACKBERRY IS BACK!

already preordered a white z10 right as the sale came onto the website. Sucks that I had to pay full price to keep my unlimited data, but man am i happy it cost 599 rather than 899 like some of the android phones were priced for month to month. I think i will switch back to my 9930 today in prep for the awesomeness that is the z10!!!!!!!

Same here. Unlimited data is hopefully worth it. Now, just when do we expect them to arrive? On March 28, 29, or later?

I would like to just pay for the phone without the 2 year contract discount but to buy 3 phones it will cost me $1800.00 plus tax...that is too I guess its goodbye unlimited data if I want to get the phone at a more manageable price...

Good stuff guys!!! Now we need tomible and all 3 will have it!! I'm on att but I'm happy everyone getting these out now! Can't wait to have mine next friday! Does anyone know how long the exclusive deal for the while is going to last?

My thoughts exactly. I don't think I would have left BB anyways, but with the added fact that I would have lost my unlimited plan for an Android phone or iPhone just wasn't worth it to me. The Z10 is worth losing the grandfathered unlimited!

Still, F-U Verizon!!

Really? VZW can peel my grandfathered plan from my cold, dead fingers. I use ~12-16GB/mo (not on pr*n) and the heck if I'm going to ante up $100/mo for that "feature". :)

I don't think this has been discussed anywhere, but I don't believe these new BlackBerry will use as little data as previous BlackBerries, for the mere fact that a BIS account is no longer required hence data no longer runs compressed through RIM's servers.

You are correct. Plus, with faster speeds, a better browser, and a better app offering, people will generally use more data than they would have on their legacy devices. Always be mindful of your monthly use and use wifi wherever possible!

What's the benefit of ordering online vs. just go to the store? Seems that you would get the device faster walking in the store on March 28th instead of waiting for shipping; you won't receive it until April!

It's the risk you run by waiting on a pre-order, but it does say on the order screen that it'll ship BY March 28th so (hopefully) it can potentially be shipped before that date in order to arrive on time or shortly thereafter.

I was thinking the same thing, but if you wait to purchase at the store you run the risk of the store selling out. At this point that may or may not happen, but I feel better knowing that my order is in.

Just got off phone,.. ordered a Black one!! Rep said ships in advance and will have it on launch day!! OH Yeah!!

Verizon normally would ship so as to ARRIVE on the 28th, 29th at the latest. You risk a sellout or no inventory if you try a store. Either way, good luck.

Also, ordering online ensures that no one else will open up your phone the first time. Sh!t would go down if a store rep unboxed my phone for me. My precious...

Wait; is there a tiny white border trim around the screen? Now if I were to get a black battery door, I'd lose the Oreo cookie look. Noooooooooooo :(

Oh wow, didn't even notice that before, nice catch. I guess it's a change for the CDMA variant of the phone? From the side you'll lose the "Oreo" appearance, but there is still the black bezel around the screen to capture gestures. At this point I could care less; I just want the phone!

Yeah; it has to be something to do with the "exclusiveness" of their white version. As much as the white looks awesomely cool, I'm waiting for Tmo because I don't want to wait ages for a cdma firmware/software leak/update. Can't wait to kick Sprint to the curb!

I think that those are just issues with the models made up.. Very poorly mocked up. The actual photos of the phone do not look like that, only the mockup images, that seems plausable and more likely.

Negative. Look at the other pics. It is only on that one pic where it has a white raised border. They must be terrible mockups bc look at the one that u can rotate and zoom and turn. The blackberry logo and blackberry are much too large in those photos. Bad renders is all. Even on the part about apps its from blackberry app world not blackberry world.

No lag, no problem at all for me. Even got a couple of billing questions answered from the in-line chat rep.

It's been a long time coming since I deserted RIM in favor of 4G, but this might....just might...pull me away from my Android and iPhone handsets. Definitely remains to be seen, but I preordered just to play and see.

Ordered mine in black. Can't wait to get it. Now I have to buy all my accessories from CB and have them here at the same time.

it's funny, the picture at the bottom of the pre-order page with the two white Z10s showcasing Blackberry Balance shows that white border, but the picture at the top of the two devices next to each other does not. I wonder which one it really is? Did VZW/BBRY make a hardware adjustment change for the CDMA?

You're right, two different pics . . You would lose the oreo effect however if I remember correctly there were many complaints expressed in the forums that the white one looked dorky in their opinion without some kind of white trim around the screen . .

So Verizon had to mess around with a sweet looking Z10. I hope it's just a rendering in the ad because I think the white border all around is terrible and changes the look. They had something unique and had to screw around with it. If so I guess I'll be doing a little artwork on mine..

Ordered. It was a long time coming, but at 8 on the nose they had it ready to go.

The pre-order makes the last few weeks of waiting easier to bear. ;)

Ordered black battery cover yesterday. White unlocked Z 10 this morning. Sweet. Finally getting closer to being in my hands.

Interesting. Signed up for email notifications and did not receive one on the availability of pre-order. Oh well.

yeah, that email registration was pretty much worthless. But, then, those of us who frequent CB were going to know as soon as possible anyway.

I got an email from Verizon a couple of hours after the sale went live. Not really useful since I was primed and ready at 8 ET, but at least it's nice to know that they didn't forget about the whole email notification thing.

Got my order in. Yaay!! Now the wait for delivery guy. My last four phones have been BlackBerry and I've enjoyed each one of them, but my latest, the 9850, was very much dated compared to my wife's Galaxy and my daughter's iPhone. Now I can say bring 'em on! :)

Dear Verizon, Sooooooooooo, what was the purpose of me signing up for your Blackberry Z10 updates if you weren't going to send updates???? Good thing I'm a CrackBerry addict, or else I'd still be waiting on your slow arses to let me know you are accepting pre-orders!!!

I did receive an email at 7:25am Get the new Blackberry Z10 before anybody else. With a link to the pre order page.
Of course I had mine ordered at 5:00am

+1. I got all the emails from signing up for alerts about 30 min after i placed my pre order, and i was late by 55 min from the start of this post.

I'm glad they changed the back from that smooth white to the textured back like the black models!!!!


Went online @ 8AM sharp and ordered a black Z10. Whenever I've done pre-orders from VZW in the past including my current 9650 and my wife's iPhone 5 I received the phone the same day as it was released in the store so I'm hopeful the same will happen here.

And as others have mentioned, thanks a lot Verizon. So glad I signed up for Z10 notifications on your website. That was useless!!!

Lol I did once have administrative permissions on the account, but I bought the bold 9930 almost two years ago with my own money and that made him take me off as authorized. :( I dont really know how that affects him. Anyways, my "zed"10 is now pre-ordered and on its way in two weeks :)

Woooow ... I didn't know those still existed. I mean, I have a S1 in a drawer, but you we're still using one? BBRY should just GIVE you the Z10 as a way to say thanks!

Verizon said if I wanted to keep my unlimited data plan at renewal time, I would have to pay full price for the phone of my choosing. This must be their way of phasing out the unlimited plans. I haven't used more than 3Gb per month for several years now, so I may go with one of their Share Everything plans even though the other phone on my account is a "dumb" feature phone. I have some good news though: I saw an attractive full-page ad for BlackBerry 10 in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. It was in the front section.

My wife and I are on a shared plan, I believe it's 2gb and it works fine for the both of us. Just a thought...

It's definitely a tough choice. I've decided that I'm going to fork over the money to keep the data plan though because with apps like skype, bbm video chat, and the streaming videos and radio, I think the money I'll save in the long run by not having to up my data plan will make it worth it. Even if it didn't, the peace of mind of knowing I don't have to worry about going over my data limit it priceless.

I'm having a big issue... I'm not due fir an "early" upgrade until August... Do I wait and try not to destroy my 9930 or do I attempt to get VZW to give me an early upgrade or do I pay full price for the Z10 and keep my unlimited data....

Keep the unlimited data!!! Even if you were able to upgrade the extra $400.00 would be worth it to keep the unlimited data.

I wish I could, my upgrade date is April 25th... I may need to call Verizon to see if they would allow an early upgrade, but not counting on it.... So my wait still continues....

I'm hoping they'll allow an early upgrade - I'm not due until May, but boy am I ready! Any suggestions on how to get them to let me upgrade early?

think i'm going to cry....
well luckily I also have a Verizon employee account. :)
let the saving begin....

they did Pre Ordered White Z10 for the wife, with the $50 off awesome (had to signup about 2 weeks ago)

Ordered !
But I was not given an option to keep my unlimited data plan... told I HAD to go to the 2-gig/month plan...
...and they looked at my past use and had me convinced I would be OK. Am I being stupid here ?

Should I be worried about upgrading to a higher data plan ?

Anyone have any thoughts on this ?
Thanx !

Unlimiteds will be killed eventually. Also you have to stream video to go through 2 gigs in a month. If you don't do that regularly (like watching a show, not talking about a youtube clip), you won't hit your limit. And that has to be on the cell not on wifi at work, home or at cafe.

Look at your own data usage under your bill. I'd be surprised if it's over 2 gb, unless you constantly watch or send a lot of video.

I'm glad to see they offer both a month-to-month price as well as a contract extension price: I want to keep my unlimited data, especially with the confusion about BIS on the new devices. The price point is about right, but that Q10 keeps calling my name...

The only real hassle is you're probably stuck with VZW as the main provider. Has anyone ever tried to activate a dual band VZW phone on a US GSM network??? I just want to keep my options open if I want to change providers.

Anyone notice that there's one picture of the white Z10 on Verizon's website that shows slight differences than the white Z10's we've seen before? There is a white rim around the screen in the Verizon pictures, where it was always black. Wonder if anyone at CrackBerry can shed some light on whether this is just a picture touch up or if we can expect our Verizon whites to look like this?

I am SO hoping they didn't add that white border on the screen. That would really screw up the look of the white Z10.

Hopefully lots of sales so even with white elusive you will be one of many not few. :)

Posted via CB10

I'm kind of glad to hear that..... I'm on the fence whether to buy it outright and keep my unlimited data or give in and be force to a share plan! Now, maybe I can rationalize saving a few weeks to spend 599.

This will be a true test for bb 10 in the states if sales surge at Verizon then I see developers putting more and more App in the new system. I just hope when customers come into the stores they aren't directed to Apple and Android like they do now! Good luck Blackberry!

I was so excited when I recieved email this morning. I live in FL. and I am a technology engineer/programmer. I have been looking 4wd to this phone for a long time! Pay full price, keep your unlimited data AT THIS TIME......OR sign a new contract and do a shared plan which will cost me AN ADDITIONAL 40 BUCKS A MONTH.....starting to miss the good ole pager days...LOL....Just remember this will be a learning curve(NEW PLATFORM) and be patient....It will be the most incredible smartphone to use and will get better with time....This is not iphone(which I currently use) or android which I have also used extensively....This is NEW Blackberry mobile OS QNX and it ROCKS :D This is GONNA BE FUN

Had mine preordered before 8AM. Was glad it went live before as I don't want to get stuck high and dry like some of the AT&T preorders. Just 2 more weeks and I will be in BB10 heaven.

I pre-ordered mine today, but had difficulties. I tried logging on and doing it on-line with them wanting me to add another line. I then engaged the on-line chat and we ran into the same roadblock. She suggested contacting customer service on the phone, which prompted me to visit a store. I jumped in my car, dropped into four wheel drive and jumped the river "Dukes of Hazzard" style and ordered one thru the store. A lot of work for a pre-order, but it is done. May I suggest the same to anyone having difficulty. GLTA

Just got my email from Verizon this morning. Hopefully T-Mobile's will be coming soon. I want to be able to compare service offerings before I make the jump away from Sprint. I'm getting kinda excited, soon I will have my Precious!!!

I'm real disappointed. I just went to my Verizon Corporate to pre-order my new Z10. Once there, i found out that they did not have any demo's for the unit. After spending about 30 minutes there and finding out that even with the free upgrade (due to my 3yr old Storm 2), the Z10 would cost me $189.99 instead of the $ I would loose my unlimited data/voice/message plan.
They couldn't even figure out how to pre-order that dam thing.... I finally walked out without placing the pre-order.
Not sure if I'll just wait till they come in on the 28th and grab one, or jump boat to AT&T.

Please check your data to see what you have used over the last six months. Between me and my wife, we have used as much as 3.8 gig in a month. Mostly my wife with her pics and vids plus, she does not always have wifi and relies heavily on network.....spend a little time and do the research and math....for most, Unlimited with shared data should be ok BUT you will pay other thing,by signing a new unlimited contract, you will get mobile hotspot the data also falls under your shared plan.........kinda makes you want to open your own cellphone network business and knock all the competition out with stellar network and cheaper monthly charges......YAY WIFI

Got my pre-order through after frustration with the online site. If your physical address and mailing address isn't the same, or better yet unrecognized by Verizon (even though they've sent phones to me at this address before), call sales support. She seemed surprised that I've had my accessories for almost a month.

Done! Ordered mine on the phone while driving to work. Ordered it in Black. I also had to pay a $30 "upgrade fee". Don't know what that was all about... My current phone was due for an upgrade anyway so I wasn't anticipating the fee.. But piss on it, it was worth it. Bring Me My Z10!!!! :)

Yeah, it's a fee that they sneak in there. I noticed it with pretty much every high-end smart phone in their lineup when I was browsing last night.

Woot! Black one ordered!!
Had to put up with "Are you SURE you don't want to use your upgrade?!" a thousand times, but otherwise the process went fairly smooth.
So excited to FINALLY retire my Storm 1. (There will be a ceremony.) :)

Have read all the posta above and am still a bit confused about the upgrade. I have a 9850, and my plan is the old 450 minutes unlimited data 3G plan. I'm not eligible for an upgrade discount till august. I don't have any problem with paying full price for the phone but I'm confused with those who have said they paid full price for the phone and kept their unlimited data plan. Don't you get forced into a new limited data plan because of having to change from 3G to a 4G LTE plan?

I'm not sure if their old plans will give them access to the 4G LTE speeds. When I look at my pre-order online it shows an itemized list of the plan I just signed and includes entries for 4G access. Those entries weren't included in my old 3G unlimited plan. I was contemplating this as well but decided to just bite the bullet and get a new contract.

Hi mr1030. You don't get forced unto the new limited data plan unless you sign a new 2 year contract. For now, if you're still on the old unlimited data plan with VZW, you can keep that plan if you purchase the phone outright (therefore not signing the new 2 year contract). I hope this helps!

Upgrade question, If I pay full price for my Z10 (main line) on my unlimited data family plan, do the others phones on the plan have to be bought full price also or can they use their upgrade price for the Z10??

I think the upgrade price will only take affect with the signing of a new 2-yr contract. Unfortunately, this would make the family plan you have lose their unlimited data service. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I know that Verizon is actively trying to get people off their old unlimited plans.

I can tell most of you haven't pre ordered a device from VZW in a while LOL. Anyhow, it always says "Ships by..." but Verizon anticipates on getting you the device by that date. But this language allows them to cover themselves and not be bound by a guarantee if something arises. I see it with the alst 2 iPhones and GS3. So if the release day is the 28th, you pre orders should get yours that day, unless of course your missed the wave of inventory available to get out that day. Not likely though as long as the date says that. Don't worry guys!

About the Shared Data plan madness - when getting a new 9930 under warranty, i was asked to opt in for the shared data plan (2 blackberries on this family plan) - but would end up paying about $10 more per month for that 'privilege'. Weird?

Not sure how that will go if i upgrade one of the berries to the Z10... No matter how hard you try, they always get you...

Since Verizon is getting the white Z10 exclusively are they also getting an exclusive for the white Q10 or will that be another carrier?

I was wondering this too. I haven't heard anything about that anywhere. I'd be surprised if VZW got exclusivity for both but I guess we'll see!

i want to know if costco will be selling it. they are always cheaper than verizon and offer extra goodies too.

I wonder if we will have to wait until it actually comes out to buy from Costco or will they preorder?

Best Buy is sold out online, but after calling customer service, I went to the store and ordered the black with no hassle at all. I even got the $50 gift card. Whoop whoop!!

Ordered on the phone while on my way to work. Got a $50.00 break for upgrade. 195.00 total including Taxes!! Going "BLACK"berry. LOL!! WOOT WOOT!

Already ordered mine this morning! Can't wait to get it! Just read a post else where that Verizon might be in talks of moving the release date up... Having one before AT&T would be awesome! Come on BIG RED!

I just preordered my BBZ10 so excited. But sad at the same time. When I spoke with Verizon they are not getting a huge demand for the Z10. Sales had dipped according to Brittney at Verizon Cust. Svc. After speaking with her she assures me that there will be no rebates available from Verizon. That stinks

Not huge demand? Sales have dipped? This is just the first day of pre-order availability. The rep you spoke to is a freaking moron. Probably an apple fanboi.

I agree, it's way too early to tell. Just the fact that there are tons of people posting in this forum that have pre-ordered the phone, if this is a small slice (which it most probably is), there are already many thousands of pre orders. And remember, most people don't pre order.

Huh? White Z10 sold out everywhere. No longer taking preorders online due to demand from what I can see. AT&T reportely stopped taking preorders as well due to demand. Brittney sounds like a note II fan. LOL

I just pre-ordered 4 Z10's for me and the family. 2 white models for the girls and 2 Blacks for us dudes. Can't wait to get them! Bought time to retire the BB Tour finally. Can't believe I have had it since 2009!

Preordered my (Black)berry Z10! Paid full price to keep my unlimited data. Question for you guys, when my contract expires, will I still be able to keep the unlimited data?

I did the same thing. You'll be on a month to month plan when your contract expires. Nothing should change.

My 9930 is due for an upgrade in 6 days and if I miss the pre orders for the white z10 I swear I will go F-ing ballistic! All of you will hear me scream all the way from the mountains of CO

Question: Does anyone know if you normally get a discount on accessories and plan from your company, does that apply to devices when purchased retail?

Yes i get a discount through my company and if i go into a store or order online the automatically give me a discount of 20% on any accessories I buy.

I havent bought a phone off contract yet. Im still deciding whether to use my upgrade on my other line for q10 or buy outright to keep my unlimited data. Im pretty sure that the discount would not apply to device's though.

I'm to wait at least another friggin contract is set to expire on 5/15/13.......two months to the day and I cannot get no love, I have to buy the phone @ full price.....REALLY? two friggin months and they cannot bend rules.....I'm soooo pissed right now, unlike some folks I am not rich enough to just buy phone out o man...this is going to be a long 1-2 months.......*$&*% *(&#))@#

Placed my preorder for 2 Z10s at 8:10 this morning! I had actually called AT&T when their preorders started (was driving, so I couldn't do it online), since Verizon had yet to announce when they would offer the Z10. After telling me that she could take my preorder over the phone, the AT&T rep. actually tried to convince me to go with a different phone!! She literally asked; "So, why exactly do you want the Z10? You know it's more for business owners, right?". I then proceeded to spout off roughly 10 reasons why the Z10 was my ONLY choice. These reasons included; "Because I need a phone that can get things done; not a toy.", "I've owned nothing but Blackberry by choice for 7 years.", and "No other phone allows you to keep your personal and business related information separate from each other. Blackberry Balance makes that possible.". She was speechless! She then asked to place me on hold for a few minutes, and soon came back to inform me that she could NOT take my preorder over the phone. At that point, it seemed clear that she didn't want to sell me the Z10, for whatever reason! So, I decided to wait it out with Verizon. Luckily they came through within a few days!

Just ordered two of them today. One white, one black and i ordered a set of ventiv colorclick pro cases from crackberry. Cant wait to get my hands on them!

Got a few fits of info I think everyone warts to know
First I went into Best Buy yesterday and pre ordered the white Z10 on VZW (the rep wasn't even sure they were doing pre orders for Verizon)
Secondly I went into my local Verizon store as per the advice of my VZW business rep about tring to keep unlimited data, I found out that I can't keep it bec my current device isn't 4G (Storm2).
Also pre orders placed in store are the same as online gets shipped where you want and no in store pickup.

P.S. They said they will probobly only get 10 devices for launch day (seems like that's how many they get on every new device)

You CAN keep your unlimited data BUT you must pay full price for phone.....I did extensive research and break down of 2g,3g, and 4g with verizon unlimited data plan. I paid full price 599.99 and KEPT my unlimited data plan

Like a lot of users I paid full price for my Z10 in order to keep my unlimited data. The Verizon rep could not believe how much of an increase in cost a new plan would be for me. Basically it was going to be $60 more per month; for those wondering why some of us are paying full price look at it this way. $600 for a new phone, now subtract $200 (cost for upgrade on contract) and subtract the sneaky $30 dollar fee. $600 minus the fees equals $370; now take that and divide by $60 (my plan increase) you will get 6.16 meaning I have made up the difference in less than 7 months. $600 may seem like a lot, but for me I want to hold onto as much of my hard earned money as possible. Small set back, but in the end I have more to spend :) for my wife though it was actually cheaper to ditch her unlimited plan plus she gained unlimited txt something she truly wanted. Everyone's situation is different be sure to explore all buying and contract options before locking into a mistake. If you give up your unlimited data it will be gone forever (on Verizon).........

I had to clear my browser cache before seeing the correct pre-order page. When I first clicked on the pre-order page from the Verizon home page, I was taken to the Alicia Keys contest page.

I thought those of us with old Verizon plans like mine, $39/month 450min, $20/300MB would have to change to one of the new, more expensive plans if we ever bought another Verizon subsidized phone again?

I got my White Z10 as soon as 8am hit. Too bad Sprint isn't selling it because I liked their unlimited plan and they are $30 cheaper than Verizon. But, I want what I want, so Goodbye Sprint. Hello Verizon.