Verizon BlackBerry Z30 landing page goes live

By Adam Zeis on 24 Oct 2013 03:34 pm EDT

If you're a Verizon user and waiting on the BlackBerry Z30, you'll be happy to know that Big Red has just fired up their Z30 landing page. You won't find many juicy details as far as pricing or release date, but you can drop your email to be notified of updates gearing up to release. It does note that it's "exclusive" however so we're not quite sure what's up with that.

No US carriers have released any dates for the Z30 yet, so it's still up in the air when we'll see it land on US soil. It's been available in Canada, the UK and a few other regions for a week or so now, so we expect it to work its way around the globe shortly. 

Hit up the link below to stay in the know with the Z30 at Verizon. 

Register for Z30 email updates with Verizon

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Verizon BlackBerry Z30 landing page goes live


Since it says in that screenshot that the device is "...exclusive to Verizon", I don't think it's coming to any other U.S. carriers.

I hope you're right, this is the bb I've been waiting for. Q10's build and big Z10ish size. This IS the one.

They're going to exclusively carry the Z30 with OS 10.2

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

Before the holidays? Blasphemy! Seriously tho, that would be great. Hope this sells.

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I'm thinking not before the 4th. Watsa Deal?
Or wait. Before the 4th. That was their commitment. 4 devices....then poof....their gone.......

Awesome! This was actually the mock up Lazaridis made 5 years ago, just took a while to implement.

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Hmm I'm hoping sprint will carry it in the US, switched to ATT for the Z10 now if it's true ATT won't carry the Z30 looks like I may have to switch again. Why won't all just carry the darn phones and stop playing with our minds?

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Its called bloody Apple control IMO. Obviously the competition is threatened by BB10, for obvious reasons. Which many know about, one being BB10 is far superior.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeee We are getting closer, let's keep hope alive. Is nice to hear this. Big smile...

Already registered and can't wait. I hope I can get a demo z30 thru my organization....

Cheers from my Z10!! - 00

Delighted to have added my interest to Verizon's Z30 info email list.
Also good to see BlackBerry got over Apple's "misplaced?" font/style BBM bug Wednesday!

If it is exclusive it reminds me of the Storm series all over again. Don't get 1 bar of service in my area with Verizon so no Z30 for me.

I'm wondering if ATT & TMO decided not to carry the Z30, if Blackberry would offer a GSM version on their website, like they're currently doing with the Z10 and Q10?

I'm hoping that they really don't mean exclusive exclusive. What about Sprint though, i thought they skipped the Z10 specifically because they knew the Z30 was coming. And I will be really irritated if TMo doesn't carry it even if they will only sell online.

What the heck . . now it takes this link and sends it to the deals page too . . . are they trying to keep this a secret or something (smh) . .

Here's how I found it . . in the search bar in the upper right corner of hompage type in "blackberry Z30" and it will show up in the results . . . good luck everyone

If you would read a few of the posts above you before you post you will see some correct links . . .

I told everyone weeks ago that at that time Verizon was the only one committed to the Z30

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Blackberry should not give any exclusive phones to anyone who isn't going to sell it. Verizon probably won't even put in in stores. Why give then the exclusive option?

I totally agree, what is this Exclusive nonsense? Do you mean AT&T won't get this?
Well, BB better sell this unlocked in USA, then, because if that's the case I will just extend my contract with AT&T get something like Samsung Galaxy 4, then sell it right away and pick up unlocked Z30...
UNLESSS.... Z30 does not have AT&T's LTE chip!?

I think they can say that because the other carriers have no interest in carrying this. Sad I know.....

actually, verizon it's the only one who didn't said nothing about pull off the BB10 phones from the stores,
you can go to a verizon store and find BB10 phones, others can said the same,

I'm a bit worried there's no mention of a white Z30 for VZW. They better have white. I need to upgrade my wife's Z10...

whoa whoa whoa! What does it mean "exclusive to Verizon"???????? You are telling me this wont be on Tmo? or ATT or Sprint?

Well, this does have GSM/UMTS bands too. But the Z30 is not exclusive to Verizon. They're most likely talking about wireless charging.

This is a true story.........
I agree.... VZ could "care less" about BlackBerry... I walked into one, a week ago, and the little metrosexual Fanboy representative, at the VZ store, told me that the Z30 was not going to be sold in the United States....

That's the level of support we can expect from VZ - while "The Great Frank Boulben" is still CMO at BlackBerry...

and that redirects to the same deals page. looks like the only way to get there from here is to highlight the URL, right click and open link in new tab. so weird.....

Guys we will have for sure a White Z30 that is pretty cool, for Verizon. I don't think Sprint will carry this device. I use mine for game playing on Miracast and for streaming, it's one month that I don't turn on my home pc

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True, the VZ reps push the equipment they benefit from most but I purchase off contract and never go to the store anyway. #Z30!!! \0/

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It seems that since updating my Q10 to 10.2 that the very far left border is slightly off the screen.. it cuts off a a bit of the letters.


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Verizon sucks! The never email, and they claim exclusive when they have no control over what carrier can be used when BlackBerry is selling unlocked phones. Just a marketing scheme that only works on the uninformed.

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I just convinced a Co-Worker that the Z30 is the best thing out there, He will be getting the phone on Verizon as soon as it is available. I'm sad though, because I have no idea when I will be getting it on T-Mobile, DOH!

This company is the slowest to release anything. Even email notifications that the device has arrived.

That and how your monthly bill keeps going higher for no apparent reason necessary. Mine just rose up almost 10 bucks. These companies are scam artists.

Will updates for the Z30 on VZW be just as poor as they currently are for the Z10?

I love my Z10 but very disappointed with customer service and support on VZW. Ubiqitous coverage is what keeps me "hooked!"

If it is exclusive, I hope it is because the other carriers didn't want to take a chance on it and not because of some backroom deal with Verizon. I find this just as upsetting as the exclusivity that ATT has with the new Nokia handsets.