Verizon BlackBerry Z10 unboxing!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2013 06:37 pm EDT

I like to finish what I start, so we're rounding out our trifecta of unboxing videos with the last of the major US carriers to launch the BlackBerry Z10, Verizon. We started by unboxing the AT&T Z10. Then we unboxed the T-Mobile Z10. Sprint is being lame and not offering the Z10 (though they will be carrying the Q10 and there are rumors of another touch BB going to them), so you won't see us unboxing a Sprint Z10 anytime soon. 

Verizon may be last, but they are certainly not least. Every person I know on Verizon is almost fanatical about how much they love Verizon's coverage and service, and Verizon has the US exclusive on the BlackBerry Z10 in white. The Z10 in white is HOT, and that's the color we picked up. The Z10 is a flagship phone, and is available for $199 on a 2 year contract, or you can buy it outright for $599. 

Verizon's Z10 box is pretty basic. All black, with a Verizon logo on the top and a BlackBerry logo on the bottom. Pulling the Z10's box out of its sleeve, we immediately noticed the label stating that our Z10 was manufactured in Canada. To date, I think every Z10 I have handled has been made in Mexico, but it's looking like the Verizon line is coming directly out of Waterloo. 

Inside the box things are pretty basic and minimal. The phone, battery and charg / sync cable and power adapter are there, and that's it. Also interesting to note is that the white model still came with a black cable and power adapter (in Canada the white models shipped with a white cable and power adapter). There's no case. There's no headset. No need to worry though, as has your back.. err phone.. covered. You can pick up cases, batteries, headsets and other BlackBerry Z10 accessories directly from the #1 online BlackBerry accessory store.

Verizon's carrier branding on the Z10 is more pronounced than we have seen from any other carrier to date. Beyond the Verizon and 4G LTE logo on the back of the phone, the Verizon logo is also on the top front left corner of the phone. It's a little more branding than I'd ideally like to see, but I'm over complaining about it. I was really happy with the BlackBerry Z10 signage we saw in the Verizon store we visited today, so if the trade-off is a little more Verizon branding on the device, I'll take it.

Hit up the video above for our ritual unboxing. And if you want to see more of the Z10 in action, be sure to visit our BlackBerry 10 in 10 minutes video.

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Verizon BlackBerry Z10 unboxing!


The branding is not that bad. Someone will let us know how to remove it with out harming the phone I am sure.

First post from my Verizon z10. It's scary how the keyboard just knows what you want to type

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Now that we've unboxed all the US carriers, I'm thinking it's time we work on a new review of the BlackBerry Z10! Looking back at our first Z10 review, a lot has changed. 

I believe he means that the OS that ships with the Verizon Z10 has the original BB10 OS, and has not been updated with the new packages. The latest BB10 update includes many slight changes that increase battery life, among fixing other things as well.

That doesn't work. Our Canadian made models are special (caresses screen and looks over shoulder) and this doesn't work with the CDMA phone, STL100-4.

Hey Kev,
When the Q10 launches (in April/May) are you going back to Canada for the launch? If so, will you come back to the New York again when the Q10 is launched here? (I hope you do)

If there's anywhere to be for the Q10 launch in the US it would be the heart of BlackBerry country: Washington DC!

The American carriers rarely have accessories come with the phones, especially with brand new phones. My 9900 only came with the holster and a charger, and all of my family members smartphones came with a charger and nothing else.

Yea I really like when the official leather holster is included since you don't have to worry about damaging your phone while you wait for your holster to arrive. And of course also the holster is like $30-40 so it's a nice piece to include.

Any word about when the latest OS will be released, and why apps side-loaded are being reported to NOT work unless on wifi??

That doesn't work. Our Canadian made models are special (caresses screen and looks over shoulder) and this doesn't work with the CDMA phone, STL100-4.

Do you carry all these phones, Kevin?
"looking like the Verizon line is coming directly out of Waterloo" -- that seems crazy. They must have taken a manufacturing cost hit if they really built them on this side of the border. I wonder if it was due to demand or the special branding?

Waited outside a Rogers store in Ottawa on release day, and I was first in line. You will love it!!!


Just FYI, Verizon is NOTORIOUS for delaying updates and not allowing certain apps to work (there will be some issues with sideloading)

A q-tip and 100% acetone nail polish remover will likely do the trick to remove the branding on the front (plan to do it to my phone when it arrives Monday).

Cannot believe they released this with an outdaed OS. No Whatsapp until they issue the update. Errrrrrr!

Steve, me too!!! Since I have the white z10 and I saw in one of CrackBerry's videos the white charging cables, they looked so sleek! :(

Why is there no headsets for their phone and why is the charger black my white phone comes with everything white

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Happy for my Verizon buddies...still prefer my low key branded AT&T one though...either way we're up and running usa!

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Unboxed and setup mine today. Awesome so far. Did have a little problem with my Comcast email setup, but solved and working great. Will keep you guys updated!

It also needs to mention the software that Verizon chooses us to load with. Hopefully they give us the updated software over the holiday weekend. I will be even more impressed with my Z10 if they do so. C'mon big red. Don't let AT&T and T-Mobile beat you.

I wouldn't have a choice if I got a Z10 but to pay full price. My Other Half has nursed an old Storm2 along for some time, and finally we got the white Z10 going for her. I had to reset my router so the Z10 would connect to my home Wi-Fi. It took a while to find the Visual Voice Mail, and then there was my boneheadedness of not installing the SIM card properly. Fortunately, the documentation said to "check the SIM card" if there was an activation problem.

So disappointing that BlackBerry doesn't include the famous holster case with their phones anymore! I wish they would of included better headphones than Samsung and Apple to show them off.

BlackBerry can't tell carriers what to include in the box. So it's t-mobile, AT&T and Verizon to blame for NOT including them.

I was the first in the Springfield VA (Washington DC suburb)Verizon store at 10am today buying my white z(ed) 10. Oh happy day!!! The Verizon rep who sold it to me was pleasant knowledgeable (she knew All about the phone and showed me the features too -excellent sales lady!!!!)about the product and she was cute to boot...she was a cutie! I was an easy sell...but she clearly did her homework on the phone.
Folks, the zed 10 looks awesome in white. This phone is easy to learn and it's FAST!!!!!!!!!! too. 3 other people at work will be swapping to z 10s-the time shift camera wowed Em bigtime...this phone reminds me of a PlayBook that fits in my shirt pocket.its that good!
I worried about the touch keyboard because I have a partially amputated thumb. touch keyboards sometimes don't provide enough real estate to type well. Plus I have rheumatoid arthritis too. Mere finger motions can be terribly painful sometimes....No worries here- plenty of space and the "Flick" typing makes typing easy.the word prediction function is uncannily accurate too. Oh, and the white zed 10 I got was made in Canada, that makes me happy to support our friends up north !
BlackBerry knocked one out of the park with the Z(ed) bold 9930 was the best phone I've ever had until now. WOW BLACKBERRY,im impressed with this z10!! Love it love it love it!!!!!!!
BlackBerry by choice,
blackberry for life.

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Every time I buy a new car I tell the salesman put in the contract that if there is any dealer logo oe enblem painted/pinstriped on the body the deal's off.

Hey Kevin now that you have all 3 carriers in hand you should do side-by-side-by-side comparison testing out the carriers. Browser, video chat, calling, and whatever else you can test out.

Had it now for 12 hours. PlayBook for 2 years.

It's a he'll of a device but frankly, I expected more.

I wanted it to make me hash browns in the morning.

Hey USA people, we apreciate your support for BlackBerry, and that you do care about your friends from north, we love you too, look we are working hard to help you create jobs in states, just tell Obama to sign this XL pipeline, again thanks USA for your support for BlackBerry made in Canada

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As of 8:40 a.m CST, my pre-ordered Z10 from Verizon is still sitting 45 miles away at a FedEx sort facility.

THANKS Verizon!!

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Can anyone comment on the Verizon Z10 whether it comes with a microSD (or SDHC) card? If not can you you buy in-store when purchasing the phone? Thanks!

I really don't mind the branding, and on the white version it's grey so it's not as noticeable as say black would be (on white background). I'm likely going to put a case on my phone eventually and looking to take advantage of the CB Easter sale. I love carrying it around naked though! (the phone, not me ;) )

I'm a big fan Kevin, seriously. But when I am watching a video that has more of you than the hardware you are unboxing, something is wrong. Noah Kravitz jumped the shark the same way. Keep it about the hardware.

Hey Kevin, what are you going to do with that Verizon unit when you are done reviewing it? I'd love to get my hands on it once you are finished!!!

Now if the Verizon employees would know how to set one up, we'd be in business.

Came from a 9930 and scared to give up my QWERTY keyboard but it's been a breeze so far! I can't type on iphones or androids to save my life. BB is the only one that works for me!