Verizon BlackBerry Z10 shows its beautiful face!

Verizon BlackBerry Z10
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jan 2013 10:20 am EST

If you've been wondering how carrier branding may show up on BlackBerry 10 phones, this leaked image that just popped up on the internet gives us a clue. The BlackBerry Z10 on the left shows clear Verizon branding on the upper left corner of the phone. The phone on the right is apparently the AT&T version, but we're not seeing any carrier branding on this one... yet. It's likely this will vary a bit from carrier to carrier.

The Verizon branding is subtle, but effective. We'd rather have our BlackBerry's free of carrier branding, but if you are going to have carrier branding, this location isn't too bad. More than carrier-free branding, we want to see big time carrier support for BlackBerry 10 - whatever it takes to get that done is fine with us.

The image was posted first on Business Insider, and was apparently sourced by a person who's testing both Verizon and AT&T variants of the BlackBerry Z10. The tester also gave his opinion of the Z10, which he said had great build quality, a great screen, a fast web browser (as quick as desktop browser) that supports flash and that the boot up time is less than a minute. These are all things we love to hear.

January 30th's BlackBerry 10 launch event can't come soon enough! 

Source: Business Insider via CrackBerry Forums

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Verizon BlackBerry Z10 shows its beautiful face!



Why can't RIM be like Apple is say NO to cell providers putting their name on that device? It's like all that "Intel inside" crap on PC laptops.

I totally agree and also send device updates to all their devices at once rather than per carrier at a time. RIM is at least better than Android at this.

Maybe that day will come someday, but not today. RIM isn't in a position to make demands of the carriers. They need all the help and support they can get to push the phones, so a little branding is the very least of their concerns.

This phone really isn't that huge, compared to most of the other newer phones that are out now days. It's only slightly bigger then then iphone. A little taller and a little wider, but again, not by much. The angle at which these pictures were shot make it look a lot bigger then it actually is. I have a 9850 Torch with a screen size of 3.8 This only has a screen size of 4.2 I personally like this size. I would not go any bigger in my opinion though. Either way, I am anxiously awaiting this, and have been for a long time. It's going to be a joy to pull this out of my pocket or holster or however I choose to carry this around

Loving most of the positive comments about this, and the Z10 BUZZ that is going around everywhere.

Thank you! I'm reading these comments and getting fed up with all this 'ooo it's too big' crap. Geez people its only 4.2 - not 4.5 or 4.7 or 5 inches . . It's only 0.2 bigger than an iphone5 which most people think is fine or even a little smallish. imo this seems to be a sweet spot that i'm sure rim decided on based on much research with business class users. /rant

I don't care what "the other newer phones" are, I don't want a massive BlackBerry.

The thing I really like about my 9800 is that it's fairly compact yet still somehow manages to pack in a touchscreen, trackpad and proper keyboard.

The 9900 is a good solid little phone with comfortable dimensions. Like the 9800 it's not intrusive or obtrusive.

The Z10 might as well be a bag phone.

This is probably off topic but I would have liked to see built in FM Radio like the OS 7 Curve on all the BB10 phones. This would come in handy where you have no reception for data while travelling.

Just because we haven't heard of it doesn't mean it's not in there, although I doubt it would be in one of their first devices. We'll probably see it in a later edition, likely a lower end handset in the vein of the Curve series

All these *GD* pics are DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!. Please give me my phone NOW!

Singing to the tune of Steve Wonder's "Isn't she lovely".....:-)

Looks like all the Canadian carriers will have carrier billing.....sweet!

i live in PUERTO RICO and I am a Blackberry fan. As soon as BB 10 Comes out i will buy one, get to know the OS and make a live presentation at my job in the Mobile Section. I work for BEST BUY by the way. I am the only person in the whole stores who knows how to use a Blackberry. CRACKBERRY and you KEVIN i want you to know that i will do my part here on the Island to fully support Blackberry.
Thank you!

That is awesome! You are the man ! You shall be the ambassador of RIM for Puerto Rico.
I live a few minutes away from Waterloo, and everyone at RIM tells me that this phone is amazing. I haven't heard 1 negative thing about from anyone. This phone is going to out sell any other phone on the market. Hands Down !

I'm as big a fan of BBs as anyone, but come on. Do you really expect anyone who works at RIM to say anything bad about one of their products at this point in time?

This iPhone is a piece of junk. I thought BB10 wasn't coming.

But how can this be? One top analyst said that BB10 will not be available till July 2013. Another top analyst said that RIM will burn all their cash and will never see 2013. A third one said that they will be obsolete. Rocco from seeking alphabet said that buying Rim shares is like catching a falling knife. Another writer said that RIM shares will trade for under $1.00 per share comes 2013.

How could all these people be so wrong? So very wrong.

Easy answer: educated idiots who somehow skated through their post secondary education and talked someone into giving them a job. (think Glenn Beck and the rest of the Faux crew)

The Z10 is 7mm taller, 7 mm wider, and 1.4 mm thicker than the iphone 5. It is NOT too big. I actually can hardly wait for the Aristo, and its 4.7 inch screen, if it will become a real phone.

Agreed. I've been using a Samsung Galaxy S3 as my daily driver until BB10 arrives and it's going to be a little hard to drop down in screen size. The extra screen size on the Aristo won't make the phones too big nor too hard to navigate with one hand -- unless someone has freakishly small hands. The extra screen size will, however, make the awesome BB10 browser experience significantly better...

I think it is waaaay to big for my taste...

I don't quite get it why do manufacturers build such a massive devices ...

Natech SA

Can't believe people actually hoping its along the lines of Android/Samsung Galaxy S3 with all the flaws the malware, the cheap plastic, and the poor GPU's slowing down the UI.

I think the # of consumers that don't want to lug around behemoth phones that can't fit in a pocket is an understated group. I have average sized hands and don't want a phone I cannot operate with 1 hand, easily. If I want larger screen I have a tablet for that. As to the # of folks buying larger and larger phones, that seems driven by rampant consumerism (igottahavethe latestthingorsurelyiwillperish syndrome) rather then actual needs. It is a phone, after all, not a tablet.

Yeah well I get a kick out of people who make reference to 'it is a phone after all' . . I just measured my wireless phone in the house and its 7 - 8 inches tall . . And people say 'I feel stupid holding the note 2 to my face' and its only 6ish inches. So . . Its all relative and strictly personal opinion, so if you don't like it don't buy it. I want a larger screen cuz my eyes are bad, doesn't mean I'm giving in to rampant consumerism.

revtech; So i guess it is ok for you to post your personal opine but not anyone who has a different take on the phone. Right. This is a forum not boarding school.

No, opinions are fine, you stated that everyone who wants a big phone falls into the category of "I gotta have it because its new and cool", I was merely pointing out that some of us need or like larger phones for other reasons. You basically insinuated that we are unthinking materialistic fools, that my friend goes beyond merely having an opinion.

Why does blackberry pollutes it's giant logo and full name on the front of the phone? That should go on the back or nowhere at all.

Have looked but cannot find an answer to this - has there been a price or estimated price range for the Z10? Don't want to get too excited if I can't afford it. Anyone ?