Verizon BlackBerry Z10 passes through FCC

Verizon Z10 FCC
By Adam Zeis on 25 Feb 2013 09:54 am EST

As posted in the CrackBerry forums today, model STL100-4 of the BlackBerry Z10 has worked its way through the FCC and will be on the road to carriers sometime in the near future. This model is the CDMA variant that carries Verizon's LTE band, but sadly there is no Sprint version in sight. The Z10 is set to hit US carriers in the next few weeks, and we've already seen the AT&T version run through the FCC so this is great news for Verizon users. If all goes well things are still on track for a launch in mid-March. You can check out more at the FCC or hit up the forums for more discussion.

More on the STL100-4 at FCC
Discuss more in the CrackBerry forums 

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Verizon BlackBerry Z10 passes through FCC


Not funny at all. Officially it's still Research in Motion until voted on by the shareholders. Also, this is what the name was for the device under test.

Will Verizon also have the limited edition color in RED available besides the standard white and black? does anyone have info on that by chance?

darnm thanks for the info though, looks like black is the color then. RIM should release more colors with phones though. im not really a colored cover kinda guy. I like default colors on the phones. that red is awesome looking. too bad...

I just talked to VZW this past weekend. The rep was very helpful in not providing a single bit of information. LOL! No she really searched everything and even asked other reps. Turned out to be about a 45min ordeal. I asked if they had done any training on the Z10 yet. She said no, BUT,,,, They usually train on new devices a week before release. So I asked her, whats on her calendar for training, and once again she replied, she didn't have anything scheduled. Sorry I didn't have any real info to share, but hey it felt good typing it all out. Cheers!!! :D

the reps never know any info. i would advise to ask to speak to a manager/supervisor. however if you talk to tech support they will tell you.

reps are only good at telling you what you owe on your bill lol.

I'm a recovering VZW rep and yes, we knew nothing of releases until just before hand. Corporate kept us in the dark a lot!

interesting why they would do that...they sure did make the reps push the iphone though. i know that for certain. lol.

thanks for the insight.

I am excited that it will be available soon. Unfortunately I am a Sprint customer so I am denied. Looking forward to at least heading out to stores and seeing a Z10! Sprint can know what I mean. Argh!!

If AT&T passed some time ago and still no word about any pre-order or release then I doubt that Verizon will have a quick release. With no one making any official statements or announcements all we can do is continue to guess what is happening between the carriers and Blackberry. For us Americans I feel like I am living the experience all over again with the PLAYBOOK situation concerning updates and app releases. I understand some things are out of their control but they are the manufacturer of the phone and they could release additional information supporting that they are the the reasoning for such a long span between Jan 30th and now. I don't trust AT&T with speaking any truth after the way they handled the Playbook bridge issue. So we continue to just wait idle and watch the stock going up and down

I feel more comfortable VZW will release the Z10 quicker then ATT because, VZW has been supporting it via Facebook, VZW homepage ads, etc... We have seen nothing from ATT!

Sprint Is going through a major change just like RIM/BBRY. I hope they get it together. I was once a US Cellular from from Primeco days. I just switched to Sprint because I didn't like the 2 BB they were carrying. None-the-less I have them both and my Bold from Sprint. Who the heck am I going to switch to now. T-Mobile and Cingular has been bought out by AT&T; Sprint bought Midwest US Cellular market..... Verizon.... no offense to the customers. You guys are in a higher tax bracket and even if I was, I wouldn't pay extrra for data... Not even a little bit. Boost; Virgin Mobile; Nextel.... again Sprint....
Need I say more...... The phone won't keep me there unless the service improves.
Like I said, I hope Sprint gets it together. They'll loose more than they'll gain.

Bold B.

We are in the same boat. I like Sprint's service, but I can't believe how stupid they are for not offering the Z10. I loathe AT&T more than any other wireless company in existence, so I have come to grips that Verizon will be my new wireless company. I have absolutely no faith in Sprint and the idiots who run the company.

Have read in other forums that VZW is planning on releasing the Z10 concurrently with the Q10 in April. I hope not. Have been waiting since June 2012 for this and it is getting unbearable.

I am really trying to stay positive about the US launch but with nothing from anyone that is more that a rumor it is really hard...Come on CrackBerry...BlackBerry...any carrier...someone has to give us is like this Site is even running out of "good" news to keep those in the US interested...I love the posts about cool games and the 10 tips to do _____, they are great...but how about something...anything...about dates in the US.

I agree with you. Crackberry has been very boring to us who dont have the z10. All the post about games and apps are cool but we cant do anything with it.
BB 10...Boldly taking over!

I've been thinking this same thing... My 9800 torch is just about dead (speakerphone or headset only, screen turns off when slide is open). It is terribly annoying not having something I can get my hands on and no information whatsoever.. I check CrackBerry multiple times a day with no satisfaction :-(

I have the torch seems odd..but every time i get near the end my contract all my cell phones in the past act up. dropped calls, lagging, freezes, my phone shutting off by itself, internet browser slow now.

Yet Im still paying 100% of my bill on time yet i get these issues. I am not much of an app guy and i also take very well care of my cell.

It seems they make these phones to last 1-1/2 years so by that 2 yr...your ready to throw your phone at a brick wall and update and pay more for the "next big thing". I don't like that theory but it what makes company's $$$ and keeps on rolling...smh.

It just seems after a year or so...there is no value on what we purchase these says....after a certain time that is.

I was having this EXACT conversation w/a friend of mine a few weeks ago (e.g. "I think Verizon is f****ng w/me and blowing-up my phone to upgrade..."). Have been told by folks in the mobile game (yes, yes...I know there's NO reason for anyone to believe me in saying that), but they have said "phone life" is roughly tested to the tune of "about 2 years," so it may not be our imagination.

Definitely miss the robust Nokias of the past that were indestructible, but I'm not gonna lie. I'm very much looking forward to my Zed 10! (And yes. I'm a Yankee! Hey. Canucks made'm, I'll call it what you call it.) :D

Now hurry it up, VZW!

Agreed. Dates would at least give us hope. I am happy with my 9930 but can't wait to at least play with a Z10. I just can't read all of the BB 10 articles anymore. My partner just upgraded her Style for a Galaxy III. So depressing.

I see Sprint's stock is around 5.80 while Verizon is 45.70. Why not try to match up better against the competition? They seem to be lagging behind.

Sprint hasn't really been all for the Z10 even from the beginning. They seem to be a lot more interested in the Q10, they even have preorders for it set up.

BB10 Verizon Rep training is 1st full week of March (5th-8th for most stores). Means likely a launch on the 7th or 14th (As they tend to release new phones on Thursday).

T-Mobile better get in gear soon if they want to make good on that whole 'First in the US' thing. For my and other T-Mo users I hope they are first for once, but not too far away from everyone else, don't want anyone to have to wait too much longer.

If you are with Sprint vote with your feet, If you want a Z10 then give your business and your money to those who will provide it for you. Sprint bought so many iphones that soon it's all they will have. Can you imagine 10 years from now going to Sprint for your new iphone 5.

I agree. I am already prepared to leave Sprint. Not sure what idiot decided to hitch Sprint's wagon to the i-phone horse, but when people start leaving that is the person who should be blamed.

Yes!! Finally some news. Not as good as having a firm date, but it will have to do. I emailed Verizon's customer service over a week ago asking for any info on their launch and I never got any response. Not even an auto-reponse acknowledging that they received my email.

Let's do this thing. I want my Z10!!

My Verizon Z10 demo unit arrives tomorrow!! T-Mobile starts shipping to business customers on the 10th! Can't wait.

Awesome. ur soo lucky. So if they start shipping for their business customers, what does that mean for us regulars? sorry I'm not very knowledgable with these things.

I literally came on here to whine about the apparent lack of progress/information about the US launch, but thought I'd double-check the most recent posts to see if anything new had FINALLY been released.

Thank God. Not sure if my Storm2 has too many legs left at this point.

i just got chills. I can't wait.. although, im waiting on the Q10 by VZ. Finally a nice upgrade to my Curve! :)

First thing going that baffled me was RIM giving Verizon exclusive rights to the white Z10. I don't see what they hope to gain with that move. Frankly I could convince my wife to ditch her iphone and come back home to Blackberry if she had the option of a white Z10. Secondly Sprint not carrying the Z10 is the final straw for my relationship with them. After waiting this long for BB10 the delay in the US release was disappointing and made worse by the fiasco with the carriers. All this is pointing me to android or IOS but I got BlackBerry in my blood.

Sprint is gonna offer the Q10. Which is what I'm wating for. I guess if I wanted the Z10 I would be upset enough to leave.

Well that took long enough...................... now get on with loading the damn thing up with all the carrier's crapware and get it out to the public before its obsolete already!