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The BlackBerry Z10 sale in India pays off with all stock sold!

Verizon BlackBerry Z10 available March 28th - Pre-orders begin tomorrow

By Adam Zeis on 13 Mar 2013 03:33 pm EDT

For all the Verizon users who thought they were getting left out, Big Red has finally announced that the BlackBerry Z10 will be available in stores and online on March 28th. Pre-orders for the device in both black and white (with white being a Verizon exclusive) will begin tomorrow at 8am.

As posted on Verizon's site:

The BlackBerry Z10 will be available for pre-order starting March 14 at 8am ET on The new smartphone will be available online and in Verizon Wireless stores starting March 28. Customers will be able to choose from two color models, Black or White, with White being a Verizon Wireless exclusive. 

It's fairly safe to assume that the Verizon model will bring in the same $199 price tag as its AT&T counterpart as well. AT&T will beat Verizon on release by about a week, but it's not too much longer to old out. Good news is your won't have to stay up late to get your pre-order in!

Read more at Verizon



Go get em my fellow Americans

Posted via CB10


the spy shots from verizon have been takin down. did verizon tell CB to do so? with an exchange for a official release date? lol


I didn't get an email from Vzw about it starting tomorrow so maybe that is the case... Wish I had seen the pictures first though!


Got the email at 1030 Eastern. Thanks for the reply though!


Ahhh! Finally a confirmed date! Bye bye Storm 2!


damn, you are still rocking that. It's gonna be one hell of an upgrade for you.


It's been a long, long road. I should frame it or something.


pfh, i'm still rockin a bold 9650!

Stefan Blum

God, I am getting antsy with my bold 9930. I really shouldn't complain!


If I have a 9930 with cracked screen, blown speaker and broken keyboard am I allowed to complain? :-)


You should be the Pope, no one has suffered as much as you. :-)


My wife and I will be upgrading from a Storm 2 also. My son has a 9850 so he has to wait.


lmao nice- i actually liked my storm1 once i upgraded to a hybrid OS. currently rocking 9930 but am ready to take it to the next level w/ the z10!


Haha! I'm rocking a Storm 2 as well. Been waiting for this phone for a looooong time! :)

Plazmic Flame

A Storm 2?.... American hero right here.


I hope the white comes out same day as the black device


1 million (say it with a Dr Evil voice) BB10's to be scooped up by a BlackBerry partner, The Death Star pre orders under way, and now Big Red is rolling........................

Let the snow ball effect commence!!




Glad to see a confirmed date.


Better get your preorders in if you want one... that million-unit order could tighten up supply for the next little while.


I will be interested to go in and play with one once they are in stores.


I'm Excited! I'm Happy! I'm ... "On Fire"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Time to get this BlackBerry party on!


Finally!!! US welcome to the mix. This week has been a really positive week for Blackberry. I see a Brighter Future. BLACKBERRY BABY.


T-Mobile needs to pull a Hail Mary. No confirmed date for us customers yet

9700 Trooper




I am so stoked it insane!! I will be preordering first thing tomorrow AM.


Now just need Best Buy to offer same deal as they have for AT&T


Now we need MARKETING! Enough silence, flood my television with ads now!!!!! Lol


I don't watch any actual "TV" but I started seeing BlackBerry ads on hulu yesterday.


I actually saw a Z10 commercial last night, I was shocked, I live in the US


Reading the story provided by the link confirms the $199.99 price for both the black and white version of the Z10. Thanks for the update Adam.


Finally!!! Still bummed that we have to wait 2 more weeks to get the phone in our hand but at least we have a firm date.


Kevin, I found a lil bit of hot scoop for you. Please check it out and if its worthy, feel for to start typing :)


The Z10 is a refreshing change in smart phone OS. The only way to change U.S. Perception of a blackberry phone is to get in in the hands of users...There is a small learning curve in operation of such a new UI but trust me they won't look back. It is the best phone on the market.
BlackBerry needs some heavy marketing, proper training of carriers first contact people, don't leave it up to a demo mode ( it sucks)

Posted via CB10 from my Z10


Hey, I'll take it! Though they really stretched that "coming out in March" claim to its limit...


To our US friends....if any of your carriers try to dissuade you from buying the z10 in favor of other phones by bad mouthing BlackBerry, please take note of the name of the rep, the store and its location. We'll see how common that problem is in your market.

Posted via CB10

Joshua Ward

Is it common in your market?


Just some random posts here made by CB members. I don't know how prevalent it is, but it is concerning given that retailers do shape the opinions of consumers to some degree.

The retailer's HQ and its mgmt have been notified. They offered to look into it as it is not an acceptable business practice.


If they were stupid enough to say somethin like that to me I would just tell them why I think Droid, iOS, and Win8 suck. And I'd see their manager. And I'd nerdrage about it here and on Twitter.

Already dealt with this once from some tool at a....what do ya know.....Sprint store! I was there just checking stuff out, I'm not a customer, and this idiot rep assured me BlackBerry was going out of business and BB10 was just an OS licensed out for other manufacturers. LOL. This was after we knew about L-series alphas.


Glad to read this, I just hope BlackBerry can make a come back in the US market. The retail stores do not seem to think so.


Go Go Go US BlackBerry fans! Grab the Z10 and start spreading some BB love in America.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

R Field

BB10 US fans go get one! Best Choice you'll make. Then you can let others know how awesome it is.

CB10- z10


going to be a long 2 weeks!


It apparently takes 6 more days to do all that logo printing


This made me laugh hard xD


Yes I am ready for my 2, 1 white and 1 black, his and hers.


sweet baby jesus thank the lord!


Anyone find it odd that the official release doesn't even say if it is online only? So I could call in and pre-order it?


Oh Yes. It's about time we step into the next era of mobile communications. Blackberry is truly Crackberry!!!!!


Wonder how soon Best Buy will start taking orders for Verizon or if they will?
Would be nice if Wal-Mart joined in as well as a lot of peolple go there now for cell phone needs.

I hope Best Buy joins in


*In Rock's voice*.....for the millions and millions........FINNNNNAAALLLLYYYY The Z10 has come down to the US & Verizon.......


Not a chance I will stay with Verizon. Been a customer for so long I can't remember when I joined them...My reward for being loyal? Can't take my unlimited plan with me to LTE. So, unlocked Z10 on Solavei is where I am heading. Now just need enough of the big carriers to flood the market so the little guys will lower their price on unlocked phones.


It was my understanding that if you bought it off contract, they let you keep the unlimited. Is that not true anymore?


Can't get a straight answer. Our corporate rep says he was told, yes, that is true. And, he was also told it applies only if you previously upgraded to an LTE phone before they cut off the grandfathered deals. So, I guess even their reps don't really know. Since I can't get a straight answer and the prices are lower on Solavei...


I bought a 4G LTE phone off contract because I have the unlimited data plan. I then called Verizon and asked them to send me the 4G SIM, and all worked fine, with unlimited data.


When did you buy it? My daughter did the same thing but that was over a year ago when they told her do it now or lose the unlimited plan.


I've done it twice. Once was when the HTC Thunderbolt came out... couple years ago? And the second time this past November. I've since switched back to 3g and gave the phone to my beau, he also has grandfathered unlimited. He originally had the android something or other, that looks like a brick? He did the same process. He's not even the main line on his plan. He just called and asked for a 4g SIM, all they asked is for what type of phone. Then he called and activated it when it arrived, popped the sim in the phone, and done.


So I just did some corporate trainings for BlackBerry 10 for Verizon and there is Skype and Netflix on our Z10. Not sure if they are VZW exclusive apps or if we just held back on our launch so that we could have those apps.




Hey Sprint, you're going to lose customers.




Roses are red violets are blue. Say goodbye to that miserable Storm 2....




Some of us Crackberry psychos here refer to our White Z10s as Storm Troopers.


Because the white Z10 is a Verizon exclusive phone


I wanted the Q10 tho.... I'd rather buy Galaxy S4 than a Z10


i'd say try playing with a z10 first, you just might change your mind.


I have a feeling I'll be doing my pre-order before I even get to eat breakfast :)


Yes!! now I need to finally settle on white or black....


I can't wait for T-Mobile to announce their release date as 20th+ which is not "mid March". Thanks for that T-Mo.


Can't wait to check it out at a local retailer since my contract not up for another 5 months or so. I am so happy for all of you who have waited so long for the greatest phone EVER!!!! Sales are going to em up!!!



I just fell out of my chair and I can't get up!

Jimberry Storm

Well that's good news.....that means my mullet is on borrowed time....hahahahah


Does this mean that Skype will soon be available for the Z10?

Posted via CB10


Would have preferred a midnight on sale time. 8am means either I get into work very early to order the phone from work or order the phone at home and get into work very late. Either way it kinda sucks, but I'm just happy to be able to order it finally.

Eric Shapiro

It's about ******* time! Verizon better not pull some kind of stunt and not order enough to fulfill the preordered units!


Now the first week in April Crackberry will be filled with complaints about how the Z10 isn't good enough lol! Sure hope sales do well and this will be the start of something great!!


Wish I could get my hands on one of those in 2 weeks, but since I'm deployed till the summer, I guess I'll have to wait. My wife is waiting for the Q10, so maybe they'll offer a B1G1 later in the year


just hung up from verizon ,talked to 2 tech support people and they both raved about the new berry. Both said they would switch when they come out. glad to see verizon is supporting the new blackberry!!


10 days since I got my BlackBerry Z10. I can't keep my hands of it . My iPhone s4 is now collecting dust in the corner of my desk, needs a recharge. But, I don't see why I should waste any energy on it. It's breaking my heart to see it this way. I think I will put it in the drawer so I don't have to look at it and feel guilty. Maybe I'll give it to my teenage daughter. She most likely will sell it on kjjie and get herself a

Posted via CB10


Bye Sprint. I will have to pay early termination fees. I have no regret. Hello Verizon.


Finally a confirmation. Sweet! Verizon here I come, good bye sprint.


I went to their website, and didn't find a reference to BBZ10. I am waiting for TMobile to do the same thing.


Why doesn't VZ have anything on their website about the Z10? It seems like they don't put any effort into selling BBs anymore. So sad.


So true. If we have to hunt around for BB10 and Z10 info on the carrier websites imagine how Jane and Joe Average would never see any of it. I hope to see a huge roll-out of ads very soon here in the U S of A.


It's about freaking time Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gonna order mine tommorrow ;) I had BB Storm 1,2 and leaving my BB torch 9850....soon to be BB Z10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so freaken happy right know....................


8:00:01 tomorrow = me + order button + kuh-LICK!


OHH YEAH!!!!! Ive been waiting since 2011....FINALLY!


Good news for VZ subscribers. Now Sprint is the last carrier.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 L.E.


WTF!! And I though t-mo was going to be the first to release it... I'm still waiting for t-mobile to announce it... COME ON!!!!!!


I was in VZW on Tuesday on another matter and on the way out I asked, "When are you getting my new Z10?" One of the floor guys came over and said pre-order on the 14th and on sale March 28. (Now I see that was correct!) They had Z10 training the previous day and all had good things to say about it as in "impressed". They DIDN'T know they were getting the white and exclusive to VZW. Told them they need to hang out on!


Well the day after my birthday isn't bad. Best birthday present ever. :)


OH HELL YES, BYE BYE to my 9650 you have been a good friend but it's time to roll with the Big Boy on the block Z10 lets do this.....


Luckily I won't have to pre-order my White. Kevin and the team will be doing this for me. So excited that I will finally have the phone that I have been promoting with my truck!


Let me see is i can still get this for $199 on my unlimited data plan.


Had this Z10 for a month now and it's effing amazing :D

Posted via CB10


Yahoo! I'm so excited! It's almost finally here - one step closer anyway.


That sucks...why did they get the white Z10 exclusivity? My wife wanted one.


I have a pre-order hold at a corp store. Walked in after work at about 4:30pm. Asked when the would have the devices in store. The guy said the 28th, I asked how many, he said he didn't know. Then he offered the "List" Something they "just started doing" checked to confirm upgrade eligibility (I have 2) and proceed to add me to the pre-order waiting list. As I am first on the list, the "first" Z10 (black or white) that arrives at the store is mine. I could have just pre-ordered tomorrow but...that would put the device in my hand on Monday (this is unacceptable) FYI...I had a few grains of salt with me. ;)


AHHHH getting more difficult to wait for the Q10. My upgrade is next month anyway...


This should be on Verizons front page.

Gray Delany

For those that trade the stock, do you think I should expect the stock to dip after the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy s4? I am not sure if I should add to my position pre-market or after the Samsung announcement.


I can't wait to get my hands on the Z10. I will now add my 9930 to my BlackBerry collection. My 9930 still looks like new and my wife would like me to sell them all, but i just can't part with them. BlackBerry Fan always!!!!


Ebay has backcovers for BlackBerry Z10 in 3 colors,black,white,red. So if u want to change it. Cost $30.00


Is the white Q10 also going to be an exclusive for Verizon? If not, which carrier is getting it?


I remember when the Torch was announced, the phone was being sold in store prior to the release date....I'm hoping for the same with this Z10....<crossing fingers>


Now I REALLY wish I had an upgrade available. I have to wait until August, that is unless the fine folks here at CrackBerry find it in their hearts to allow me to win one, (hint hint). I truly miss the Black Berry experience. I am beginning to hate my Galaxy Nexus.


My upgrade isn't available until May 5th, I don't know if I could wait that long. I hate my 9850 more and more everyday. I see a possible early termination coming... Wonder if VZW will allow a 30 day early upgrade...??


Hate the 9850?? I'm sad to see mine go, but will be "keeping it in the family!" If BB had released the 9850 instead of the stupid Storm 2, they would probably still be at least second place...the storm pissed off a LOT of people


Let me re-phrase, I have a love/hate relationship w/my 9850. When it runs smooth, I think it's great but w/the constant little black clock and the memory leak makes me hate it. Even from a fresh OS install w/minimal apps, I'm already getting the clock. I'm really tired of doing battery pulls and waiting for the clock to disappear before I can do anything. Totally embarrassing when I'm showing something on my phone and you see the clock sit there for 30 seconds and they ask "what's it doing?"


ordered, my upgrade was not up for another month but it helped me keep my plan the same!


I will be paying the ETF from Sprint to get the Z10 from Verizon. It will be worth with.


Land of Goshen ! Finally!! White Z for me!!! Woot!!!


Boom baby! Z10 on its way to my house 3/28....pre-order DONE....whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaa!


THIS IS AWESOME!!! Finally we can get the phone here in the states. I just looked at their site and it is up and read for pre-ordering. I will be ordering my here shortly.


I just called Verizon and they told me I couldn't pre-order and it's not available until the 28th???

EDIT: called back, the last rep I spoke to said the same thing and when she re-checked, to her surprise, found out they are taking pre-orders.

EDIT 2: And after my last call, I have to wait until May 7th! =/


Lucky Yankee. The land where is all begins..


Best buy sold out online the white z10!


Yay for our American friends! GO GET THOSE Z10's!!!!!!!!!


I am trying to prepare for my z10 arrival, and I can't find any intelligible answers to what seem like simple questions....even though I have read through a bunch of the right threads...can anybody help:

I currently have an os7 device on a BES (though the phone was not provided by my employer and their management of it is minimal). My question is, on Verizon, what should my data plan be for the z10...I believe that we are using ms active sync for least that is how I think my playbook is connecting for email. The whole BIS, BES, or regular data plan issue does not seem sorted out for me. Anybody else wondering how to prepare for arrival of their z10 and quick integration into being able to use it?


* * UPDATE * *
Has anyone else had their Verizon order for a Z10 cancelled?
I placed my order (upgrade) online at Verizon last week Friday, 3/15 just after 8AM. On Monday, 3/18 I received an email stating that my order was cancelled at "my" request. (WTF?!?). I called the number they provided and they verified that it had indeed been cancelled. So they took me thru the entire process of placing another order (not to mention the REALLY PUSHY sales pitch to sell me accessories -they apparently don't know about CrackBerry :) . Now today Tuesday, 3/19 I get a text saying that my order has again been cancelled. My account is current (never missed a payment and never late) and I've been due for an upgrade since last August. We have been a VZW customer for almost 15-years and currently have the family Share plan with 4 smart phones @ $300 a month!!
Has anyone else had this issue?