First look at the Verizon BlackBerry Z10!

Verizon BlackBerry Z10
By Adam Zeis on 26 Feb 2013 10:26 am EST

Okay, so technically this is the second look, but the first time around didn't give us much to drool over. After hitting the FCC just a day ago, we have some HOT new images of the Verizon BlackBerry Z10. We've seen that the Z10 will be arriving on Verizon in both black and white and it's rumored that the device will launch sometime in March.

As you can see here, the device is full of Verizon branding from the front to the back -- the branding is tucked on the front of the device as well as the back on the battery door. Nothing much else that we haven't seen yet, but this is a good sign for Verizon users as the device should be in the final stretch. Check out more images below!

Verizon BlackBerry Z10

Verizon BlackBerry Z10

Verizon BlackBerry Z10 

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First look at the Verizon BlackBerry Z10!


i agree on that statement and new BlackBerry's having the logos on them soooooooo greatful my new Z10 doesnt have a big ugly fat rogers logo on it.

+10 my thoughts exactly... Even the boot screen changes (depending on the sim card in the device, i popped in another carrier's sim and saw their startup screen)

I am glad I am not on Verizon. Verizon customers should be getting paid for ad space. I hope T-Mo keeps it traditional (t-mobile logo only on the side that has the screen). Then again, its only a battery door. It can be switched out for another OEM one.

I'm trying to appreciate why some of you find a couple of small brand marks (in exchange for hundreds off on the cost of the phone) to be so offensive, but I just can't. Hmm. I suppose if it bothered me as much as it bothers y'all, I would simply cover the logos with a sticker or some black electrical tape. (I tend to label my phones anyway; my current phone bears the name "W.O.P.R.")

I respect your opinion!

My plan doesn't qualify for subsidies. I paid $700 for my 9900. Well $500 after the $200 MIR by T-Mo.

You think that is why you get hundreds off on the phone??? hahaha

The reason the price is reduced is because part of your monthly bill goes to pay the carrier back for their loan. They put the brand their because they can get away with it. It is free advertising for them.

There is no "hundreds off the cost of the phone" there's just up-front cost and bucket-of-profits-every-month-on-your-contract cost. The idea of "subsidy" is just there to make us feel like we're getting a good deal; they're not really giving anything away.

They don't pay me to advertise them. And the front of the phone should be full on BlackBerry only. Verizon is a great coverage company full of douche bag customer service reps. I will promptly be covering the front with something....Sharpie As for the back. I very rarely see that and have not been bothered by their logo on my 9850. That is my opinion. And I won't be getting hundreds off my phone as I am locked in contract for another 16 months, but will be paying whatever I need to ( possibly adding a line and giving my 9850 to my son) for my Z10.


Wait, did I miss something? Is Blackberry paying you to advertise them?

Or are you saying the Blackberry logo is okay due to the fact that they made the phone? Well, I hate to say, but some sweatshop in some developing nation actually made the phone -- why not have their logo instead?

And the carrier is involved in the phone design to the extent that the chip is specialized to their network (at least in the case of Verizon).

Are you kidding about the spazzing about carrier branding? I'm with Verizon and have never had a device where I thought the branding was tasteless or otherwise offensive. At any rate, when I see Verizon branding, I know the phone actually gets reception. ;-) On the other hand, I absolutely despise dealership branding on my vehicles! Lol Now that I think of it, I've never owned a vehicle with any dealer branding.

I'm paying full price for my z10 because I'm not for upgrade. Will they leave those ugly verizon logos off? verizon logo is huge and its on the front and back?? so annoying!

Quick tip, rub a sugar cube on the branding, its just a heat sticker and the sugar cube will take it right off. Without scratching the heck out of the phone...

+1,000! Please include this in the new owner tips, since I will forget by next week when they ship.

I hadn't seen the sugar cube trick. I've used Purell on a Q-tip. Purell might be easier to find than a sugar cube anymore.

Not at all the same thing.

Having the carrier logo on your device would be like having a Gas Station's logo on your car.

Exactly; the "BlackBerry" logo would be the same as the car logo since they are both of the manufacturer.

It would be like have the Car dealers logo on your car, which sometimes they do . I have a sticker on my car in the back that says where i bought it. Its unobtrusive so I've never taken it off. A phone is more personal though. but its really not a big deal.

On my 9930, a little bit of 100% Acetone (nail polish remover) completely removed the Verizon logo. You'd never know it was there. There was a great post in the forums that gave me the heads-up on this method and it worked perfectly.

I never cared about branding on my 9700 or 9900 but I was pleasantly surprised when my Rogers Z10 had no branding at all. Now that I see this with not one, but two Verizon logos I am so happy. US carriers aren't really being nice. Bad enough they made you guys wait but now slapping their advertising all over it... Jeez

I actually don't mind the way the Verizon logo was placed this time around. I actually like it, but in general, don't care for the carrier logo. We already are forced to see them longer than desired at every start up of the phone.

I really don't mind the front one that much, it's relatively small and unobtrusive.

The back one, however, has to go. Way too big. Fortunately, if I happen to wreck the battery door removing it, I can always replace it.

I'll never understand why the iPhone has NEVER had a stupid carrier logo while it seems like every other phone has one. Oh yea, those phone manufactures like BB, Moto, ect get money from carriers to do that.

Just buy a Rogers, telus, bell phone from Canada. Unlock it, & it will work on the main Mexican carrier.

AT&T Z10's will work too....Once they come to the US

A cube of sugar is the best actually. It won't damage the glass or plastic, but it just abrasive enough to take off silkscreening (The logo).

Otherwise you are being VERY carefull with 1200+ grit sandpaper.

Not smooth sand paper but some scotch tape and good #2 pencil eraser. Apply a piece of scotch tape, press smoothly over the logo. Then erase, not hard, repeat until logo is gone. The scotch tape removes the layers of paint of the logo.

Hey, I was just repeating what that blogger said. I'm sure he or she meant non-abrasive sanding or buffing paper.

Day Late and a Dollar Short. I know everyone is blaming it on the FCC and Phone Companies but this is total BS that the roll out to the US has tanked. The stock is in the dumper. No set time for US release, "some time in March". BBRY botched this one badly.

Lol there's starting to be a very distinct air of real desperation surrounding all the BlackBerry haters and those trying hard to keep BlackBerry stock down.

Lol there's starting to be a very distinct air of real desperation surrounding all the BlackBerry haters and those trying hard to keep BlackBerry stock down.

Who are you? Aside from nothing, who are you, and how on earth are we supposed to value absolutely anything you say?

Seriously, human being number whatever, your opinion isn't as big of a deal as you're making it out do be. Stop turning the Z10 launch into a goddamn emo song.

And WHO ARE YOU to trod on someone for stating an obvious fact that certain leading tech sites do beat down on Blackberry. Your opinion means nothing. Get a life dud.

Hey PlaybookGUY I bought a couple thousand shares of the BBRY stock on launch day and have watched it tank ever since. So no, I am not trying to beat down the stock. You have your head in the sand if you think that BBRY is some sort of strategic genius in not leading with the North American Market. FCC timing is irrelevant, properly timed roll out is everything. And they blew it. Sorry fanboy, its just that simple. We all know there is a ton of competition rolling our new stuff in March, lets hope the Z10 can maintain some sort of strategic advantage and survive this mess.

You timed the market very badly, then. Sorry, do your homework next time, and don't buy stock on the date of a launch expecting to make a quick buck if you're not willing to ride out some volatility.

I'm pretty sure none of those logos will show once I put my OtterBox Defender case on it anyway. I already have the case, now I just need the phone.

They're trying to make it look like an Android with those horrible graphics on it.
Behold the true reason for the delay - they weren't back from the printers!

Need on T-Mobile. Speaking of which, I wonder how T-Mobile's LTE will compare to everyone else's, I would love to ditch my comcast internet.

Exactly!!! Honestly that carrier branding is so irrelevant!!! Dumbest arguement ever.... Boooo fraccin hoooo!!! 1 against your face, the other behind your damn hand!!! FOH with all this crying over the branding!!!

I certianly am going to as well. I can get over double the amount of data I use right now for less money on VZW and their data share plan includes wifi hotspot which is $50 extra on Sprint and has it's own data cap. Plus Verizon has exclusive deals with the NFL and NHL for premium content. Overall, it's a better value on Verizon with LTE that Sprint will probably never bring to my market.

Left verizon last year for T mobile. Will wait for T mobile to get it. I registered on their site for the email update when it is arriving. I will probably find out quicker on crackberry anyways.

Actually, the Verizon logo on the front is more tasteful than the BlackBerry logo on the front.

Two questions: How much bloatware have they put on it, and how easy is it to take if off?

It's the equivalent to Nascar sponsorship, lol. Soon we'll see BlackBerry reps with sponsor patches on their suits.

I can't wait to get my hands on it! I, personally, don't care about the branding. It's the phone I want on the carrier I use :/

I dont care about the Verizon logo, but I am deeply concerned at the lack of advertisement I see elsewhere for this phone.
Since the world wide rollout, all is quiet and only small banner adds here and there. The delay I agree is due to the printers and just hope this doesnt fizzle before it gets enough traction. U.S.
It's delivery should have been immediately after the announcement and it should have been both phones.
The autopsy remarks will state that Verizon branded the phone but that there wasnt enough popular appeal for it to maintain itself in sales. Game over in the US.
No more excuses lackberry! get into action or risk demise..........

Right??! As I'm reading this, I get an email from VZW (on my 9930) with the subject, "Congratulations Sandra, your smartphone savings are waiting!" The three phones featured in it; Samsung GSIII (black), GSIII (white), and Galaxy Note II. See, I WANT to think they're trying to clear out to make room for the Z10 and Q10....

YESSSSSS!!!! There is a god!!!!!who cares about the logo..when is it actually dropping for the US. Tired of all the videos bout other places showing off how nice it looks n performs....I WANT MY Z10 IN MY HANDS.

now i want to see T-Mo's phone and a release date, so i can get rid of my sprint phone. I will not stay with a carrier that doesn't sell the phone i want. hell over in the sprint community forum, not even the "social meadia" peeps are responding to questions about the Z10 anymore.

their(Sprints) silence speaks volumes in my book.

I really don't care my phones are usually otterbox cases, so honestly unless someone asks what carrier I'm on no one even sees I'm on Verizon.

The phone that was used to take the last pic of the Verizon Z10 looks very much like the Q10. Hmmm...Is Crackberry testing the Q10?

Dammittt, I was praying that the Verizon Z10's wouldn't have any branding logos on it! But it has two!

I am looking at the Q10 and at least verizon doesn't have space to put the logo at top, instead probably bottom middle where they usually place it. I'll be okay with that

Just use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to remove that logo. I did it on my Bold, but I'm not sure the plastic is the same.

Anyways, I'm kind of scared due to the fact that we haven't seen and AT&T branded Z10s yet... How much longer can it take?

Front AND back...that's whack. Not to mention the bloatware "My Verizon Mobile" icon...I wonder what other "value-added" apps or shortcuts they loaded onto the device that likely can't be hidden or removed?

that's probably removable. I had a Fido My Account app when I got my phone but it disappeared when I put a T-Mo SIM in it. I downloaded (then deleted) the My T-Mo Account app from BBWorld...

I just went to the Verizon website and had an on-line chat with a sales rep. Here is the exchange:

"Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative, we appreciate your patience. Your current estimated wait time is 0 min 9 secs.

Your RealTime session ID is RT13704369995.

You are now chatting with 'John'

John: Hi! My name is John with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?

You: When can I get a BlackBerry Z10 in Orange County, CA?

John: This information has not been released yet.

John: You can sign up for email alerts through Customer Care if you like.

You: I saw a picture of the phone with the Verizon logo on it on the Crackberry website. I can't wait. Have your sales people started training on the Z10 yet?

You: I signed up with Verizon a month ago for updates. So far, nothing.

John: Not yet we haven't, and you should be receiving an email within the next week.



i hope that updates will be like iOS... not like the BB7 updates, that tmobile gets 7.1.258 and then att gets 7.1.359 they should just roll out 1 update for all z10 phones. and not leave it to carriers... and about the branding.. I really hope Tmobile to ruin the phone with all that crap. ill definitely buy a new back cover with out the logo... and about the front, what ever it works to erase it..

Glad to see things are moving along, what's up with that extra bar across the top on the homescreen? Also I really wish us cerriers didn't brand these. I want to get one from canada now more than before.

Can I get an opinion on utilizing acetone to rid the slab of the VZ logo in the front? It just came to my mind when I saw the images.

I guess the people saying "what's the big deal" over the logos are the same kind of people who don't mind when car dealers glue on a big-ass (often ugly as sin) dealer logo on the back of their new car as well as license plate borders.
Sorry, but I'm not driving around in a billboard to give you free advertising.

I've always asked the dealership "Am I getting anything off the final sale for your logo? If not, drop it from my car." Of course they do, but its wise to ask if you may be lucky to come across such a dealer.

Its not even all that bad looking though. In terms of logos. Like someone said...we get a large discount if your under contract and you can cover it up easily. Whats the big deal? You cannot compare a car with a phone. Every car brand puts there decals/badges on there cars but 90% of folks deal with it so I dont know where some people are coming on too. If your z10 doesn't have a logo...pat yourself on the back you are not any better of a person nor is your cell or its value and frankly we dont give a damn. lol so whats all the fuss again?

I have no problem with the Logo IF I would be buying a phone on contract...if you are buying the phone outright though they sould not plaster it like that...what that just takes away from the phone's beauty. I am glad I am on ATT (I just wish we would hear ANYTHING from them about this phone) and am really hopping that they don't do this as well...if they do I will be purchasing a replacement OEM door for sure!

Im glad our US friends are getting closer to enjoying the Z10.
Does having the carrier brand smeared all over a device somehow get the buyers in the US a better (subsidized) price. If not then why the heck do they get away with this.
We are buying the phone.
It reminds me of car dealers. When I lease or purchase a new car and they attempt to wrap my licence plate in one of their dealer frames, I stop them and jokingly (but actually seriously) say "are you paying me to advertise for you for the next 3+ years? I don't recall that coming up in the purchase negotiations."
The dealer didn't make the car. The carrier didn't make the phone. Curious why they can Brand it. Must be a reason.

Glad Telus did not feel the need to slap their name all over the Z10.
Such a cleaner look without all of the carrier brand spewing all over the phone.

Yes, the Verizon logo is going to make all of you absolute pariahs in your community. I say everyone protests outside Verizon stores to demand an end to this oppressive behaviour immediately. FFS, give your heads a shake - you're losing your minds over this? Wow, get a life.

Could care less about the logo ridden phone but the bloatware VZW adds is horrible! Nevertheless, for me, their service is the best in the areas I use the phone the most.

Who freaking cares about carrier branding?! Does it really ruin your life that much? Just give me the dang phone already. You could put anything on it you want, as long as I have that phone!

As others have posted, am more concerned with the internals - hope they don't load bloated apps or if they do, we can remove them! Also hope they don't cripple any of the functionality...

How many of you are thinking about getting a case for your Z10? What does branding matter with a case on the phone?

Does anyone have an idea what the fill price of the Z10 will be at Verizon?

Why do people buy phones from verizon ? How can anyone favor this carrier when they have to deal with this kind of brandings ...

Cannot wait to get a Z10 regardless of branding. Every time I message Tmo about it or tweet they direct me back to their "news" page. But the news always hits here and other sources first anyway. They need to step up their game if they still wanna be first to launch in the states.

I never even noticed the branding on Verizon phones. I have a Torch 9800 (white) with AT&T and there is not any branding.

On a side note, I stopped in to an AT&T store yesterday here in nyc and asked about the Z10 and Q10 and basically they didn't even know phones were out all. I mentioned they've been released in Canada and the UK etc....

All the sales guy said, was ...they haven't told us anything about new Blackberry phones.

as the expression in nyc goes about the subway, 'hurry up and wait!"

Yuk it has Verizion Logos all over it, this spoils the look of the phone i am so glad i am with rogers in canada as no logos on the phone at all.

That's just sad it has Verizon plastered all over it. If Sprint is only having the Q10 then I hope they offer it in white.

I'm so glad we have received some positive news about Verizon intention to launch this phone. I was becoming very unsettled about their position regading this phone. Verizon moved the introductory Blackberry page from the main page of their website; I thought this was a sign of their reluctancy to launch.

Let's cut the FUD out okay?

The branding is exactly two logos - who cares? As to supposed bloatware, I have used VZW for years and they haven't had "lots of bloatware" for quite a while. On my current phone all they put on there is My Verizon Mobile which is an app so you can view your account, ,manage it and pay it and so on. Really a carrier SHOULD be putting such an app on their phones. They haven't put the other stuff (like V-Cast) on for a couple of years now I think.

Getting the z10 on the largest and most robust network in the US is a very good thing. Verizon is the biggest carrier for a good reason - no matter if their store reps tend to have the expertise of Ruprecht the Monkey Boy their network gives very reliable signal just about anywhere (I still love getting LTE in the woods of southern Michigan).

The front Verizon logo can probably be removed with paint thinner or something like that... the rear, just swap battery doors.... bingo... Verizon UNbranded Z10... :)

These days it happens with cars and just about everything we touch. Why do we have to pay a lot of money for a device and still advertise for them? If i pay for a device it's mine so why do companies feel they have the right to advertise on my property? Can we ask for an unbranded device? Or can we charge them for advertising space?


I am a BlackBerry abuser for the sheer fact that they build beautiful devices that are extremely user friendly, freakin durable and I can edit, modify and customize many, most and all aspects of the device.
Was using my mothers android today and was totally blown away at the lack of simplicity of changing settings in any app. Let alone the incredibly difficult search for any keyboard settings and the damn back keys kept vibrating even after I turned it off.

BlackBerry is a sexy device to hold and use and have always been front-side georgous. This said. Verizon has ruined their version by smacking their name on the front and I will promptly be starting with the above mentioned scotch tape remove their branding.

I was (raped) by an a##hole rep at a local store when recently shopping around for a rep to sell me my (future) off-contract Z10. He loses a commission and I now am jaded by Verizon as they never replied to my concerns of his Android rants when I clearly stated I was there to inquire about a Z10 and the dumb a## kept pluggin Android.

So I will most definitely not promote anything Verizon and will be taking their branding off my phone as I do not put these most amazing devices into any case other than a leather sleeve.

Local store is in the 32174 zip code btw.


SOOOOO glad my Z10 doesn't have the Phone company logo on it. Looks so much sexier with just the BlackBerry logo on the front and especially on the back!

I don't give two hoots about logo's/branding! Don't get me wrong i wish they weren't there, but the day i get the phone, everything is being covered by Otterbox.... ;P

Goodness. Hopefully this charade will end when everybody has their own personal BB Z10. The way I see it a phone with a logo is way ahead of NO Phone. My patience is paper thin by now. One more lousy hiccup in BB's release schedule and they are gonna force me to go 2nd best.

Having the logo on the front and the back is overkill. Takes away the elegance from the phone. They should remove it from the front before release, PLEASE.

Whoa, I'm so glad Rogers didn't put any carrier logo on my phone.

But it's good to see that the US launch will soon be here for our American friends.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I just hope they actually carry it in store here to get new users on board. When I got pissed off enough that I took my 9810 in to AT&T and switched it up for the Note 2 they told me they wouldn't even be carrying the z10 in store you would have to special order it. They don't expect it to be a big seller here. I waited for as long as I could take but it being released every where else before the US was the final straw. I love the note it is a little more complicated than blackberry but I have only had it for a week and a half. I still miss my blackberry some times especially for the bridge with my playbook. but the Note 2's screen is huge 5.5 and its quick.

Still may pick up a Z10 later if I really feel the need, but the Galaxy is replacing Blackberry in a lot of area's. My father in law works for the state of Nevada and they are doing away with BB and switching to Android on a whole. Gonna be interesting to see what BB does in the US. Either way I'm glad I'm not as invested any more.

Ok, ok....Just release the damn phone already. Not sure why the wasted the time putting that logo on the back. Heck, it might as well say "Otterbox" cause that's whats going on my Z10 as soon as I get it.....IF I ever get it that is

Not getting the Z10 and I'm not on Verizon. I agree, it does look pretty tacky having it on the front and back. Like they say, maybe the rubbing alcohol will take off the front at least.

Guys I am amazed at how vitriolic you all are! The back one can be eliminated by replacing the battery door and it seems like the sugar cube and alcohol will deal with the front one. Manufacture branding 100%, dealer 0%, just like when I removed my dealer's branding from my car. Just be very very grateful that there is a Z10 out there with Vz branding, it wasn't long ago when it looked like we would be like the poor Sprinters and never get to see a Vz Z10!

Columbus Ohio Easton Town Center - Bought my Z10 first day out and love it. Sent girl friend to Verizon to replace her Bold with the new Q10. Verizon told her it wasn't worth it. Then we she persisted the told her to wait another year to see how Blackberry was doing. She ignored them one more time and asked to try the new phone. They REFUSED saying the phone takes 2 hours to boot up and they didn't have their floor model turned on then proceeded to tell her to buy the Galaxy 4. I went into the store fuming today and confirmed what she told me. They tried to talk me out of a Blackberry sale and the Z10 and Q10 were both off. WTH? Sabotaging Blackberry sales. As if BB doesn't have enough going against it already.