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Verizon BlackBerry Tour Site Goes Live!

Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 Site Goes Live!
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jun 2009 11:22 pm EDT

Suhhhweeeet!!! You can click on over to sign-up for updates and to get your invitation to preorder.... and if you haven't seen our BlackBerry Tour 9630 review yet, be sure to check out part I and part II. It'll help pass the time until you get one of these babies in your hand.

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I can't wait to hold this and get to play with it! I can only hope its initial OS is more solid than the Storms.


I cannot wait for this phone!! Switching from the Storm. I need a full keyboard! 8)


Soon it will be heading to Telus SWEET!


Where are you! lol show a sign of life post pre!


yesss i cannot wait to pick this baby up!


I will be there when they drop...I am quite excited about this phone.....YESSSSSS!




I have been waiting a long time for this post!!! Almost here, i can't wait.. I have been following this phone for months, and it's almost here.. Can't wait to retire my 8330!!


...Sprint! Can't wait to see a little yellow and black involved in an launch!


Its bout time. So excited!


I'm signed up and recieved my notification email already. Hoping since I'm a current VIP customer I can get in on one asap. My 8130 is getting a little beat up.

Thanks Kevin and Bla1ze


Where is the love for sprint?!!? This is making me drool!


Hooooooraaaaayyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!


I will for sure be getting this with my early upgrade. Im gonna sell my storm. I need my full keyboard back and im not going back to 8330. I just cant stand the storm keyboard anymore.


I am keeping my storm as a toy and this will be my world.


I can get rid of my junky Bold!


Verizon is advertising "It's everything you love about Blackberry... On America's Best 3G network." But the BB Tour doesn't have 3G capabilities!!


"verizon is advertising "It's everything you love about Blackberry... On America's Best 3G network." But the BB Tour doesn't have 3G capabilities!!"

Except the Tour is 3G.....

Running on EVDO 1x Rev A


Now all we need is a firm release date for this puppy!!

Will it be JULY for Verizon and BELL Mobility?

I can hardly wait to "BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO TAKE A TOUR."

- CB



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That was the funniest thing I've read in a while on this site. =)


Its up and both sites advertising the same thing.


By: theotherrrone | Date: Mon, 06/15/2009 - 23:20 |

* reply

yeah yeah hit me on my bLaCk burry,,,,,,,,,,
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Why does Verizon get front billing and Sprint is not even mentioned...here is their site


Sprint is always getting the short straw on all the forums/blogs.


Let's see

Verizon 86 million customers and growing. #1 in users, #1 in 3G reliability, #1 in 3G POP coverage, #1 in customer retention.

Sprint $9 million customers and shrinking.

Mystery to me.


Go to "Compare Tour" and scroll down to wireless networks. Wi-Fi Baby!!!!

I think it's wishful thinking on my part. No mention on the specification chart off the main page. :-(




which is better. which is bigger. pro and cons? when will the added memory work as ram? not sure if i should upgrade.


Is this for real or am i dreaming?


on the blackberry site when you compare devices it shows the tour as having wifi. Mistake or hidden feature......probably mistake.


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The new BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 smartphone will be available at Sprint stores, www.sprint.com and 1-800-Sprint1 later this summer for $199.99 with a new line activation or eligible upgrade and two-year agreement (and $100 mail-in rebate). Sign up now at www.sprint.com/tour to be among the first to own the new BlackBerry Tour.


Excited that this device was finally official, so I went to the RIM website to compare the phone to the others on their compare application....under 'WiFi' the box was checked for the Tour!! WHAT? Thought it wasn't supposed to have WiFi.... RIM website error?


Could really use the input of someone like Crucial to help clear up this WIFI business...in the comparison it also says it is not CDMA but rather GSM...which we know is not accurate


it just the storm without the touch and big deal, same boring wack app world maybe some wi-fi ok same non blazing 3g speed and i own a storm so maybe thats why im so pissed..



omg just went to att to get the bold thank GOD i am within my 30days im am so sorry vzw i will never leave u again lol goin back tomorrow before my 30day end with att then they try and charge me a disc fee


I believe wifi is an error. It does not have a check in the cdma band box. only the gsm bands boxes are checked. I think that check belongs in the cdma box below it.


Now if we can just get a retail price! Bye bye storm :D


I love it!!! I'm excited!


I'm signed up and ready a big thank you for making my day after work much brighter, Kevin and Bla1ze

I can see the light of my new berry

so very psyched...


So...........does this mean it will ne for sale in a week or 3, 4 or 5 months? anyone have any thoughts


Yeah, they are 3G with their EVDO speeds which are really good I might add. Even though I'm a GSM user, I can't help but tell you that our sprint users get extremely fast downloads. Although, they cannot do the simultaneous voice and data like you can on ATT. It's really just a personal preference. Who talks and emails or surfs at the same time....oh wait, I do!


it's nice that RIM is putting more berry's out for cdma carriers. finally!


Hey, that's cool. I'm sure that all the people who've been let down by the 1st Gen Storm will be migrating or angling with V-reps for a sweet deal/incentives on upgrading plans.

Enjoy! Looks like a great phone!


On the RIM site it shows GSM. Does that mean it will be hitting ATT and Tmo soon as well?


I hope it's really as shiny as that picture makes it look.


It does say WiFi next to the Tour, but it also says it is Edge and not CDMA I really hope the WiFi is correct, but I am not getting my hopes up. Would be pretty sweet though.



I cant wait for this phone to release!


This is awesome. I hope the phone's only a couple of weeks away from release.

It'd also be great to get a definitive answer on Wi-Fi.


I just had a TOURgasm in my pants!!!!!


I almost broke down and bought a storm this past weekend because I couldnt wait any loner for this phone..hopefully there will be rebates. thank god for the "new every two" discount. oh and tuh tuh tuh tour


I signed up but wonder if signing up for notifications on the Tour are the same as with the Storm... I didn't receive one update about the Storm.

Anyway, can't wait for this to come out. Thanks Crackberry for keeping on top of things.


That says stream video... if this is true. i will be on my way to owning this baby. even tho I love my storm and haven't had ONE issue with it.. :)


What is the usual time frame from when they put it on their site and Blackberry's also to when they start selling them? Is there a normal time frame or are we still looking at July 13th?


I normally don't change phones until 2 year contract is up, but I may make an exception for this one. Goodbye 8330...


The Bold on ATT&T has many of the same features but also includes GSM by default- (the world standard)and also WIFI which is not supported by Verizon- no doubt they will disable it- so - shy would we NOT want to move to AT&T play by Verizon's rules - why do business with a co that arrogantly ignores its customers by only giving us what they think we should have ?

Can someone tell me why I shouldn't move to AT&T when my contract runs out later this Month ?


Verizon does not disable WiFi on ANY phone at all. All our BlackBerrys have FULL GPS and EVDO 3G service. The GSM BlackBerrys don't except for the Bold. This is why they have WiFi and also because GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile's) 3G network is horrible. The 3G coverage is horrible. Verizon has just sent out a firmware to unlock all Smart Phones GPS and new updates. AT&T is starting to lock down on this. Bluetooth is unlocked on all Verizon phones now and AT&T is starting to lock down on GPS and Blutooth. AT&T 3G service has MANYYY problems. Also, this phone has GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS data and all for when you go over seas. Also, Verizon has the best network and service in the US. You are taking a HUGE downgrade when you switch to AT&T.

Also, Verizon announced that after the Tour, BalckBerry and Verizon have came to the point to have WiFi put on all new BlackBerrys. Sprint doesn't have a BlackBerry with WiFi, and Verizon has more phones with wifi then Sprint.

We will get the Pearl Flip Friday, Tour July 10-13, Then the Atlas with WiFi then Storm 2 with wifi.

AT&T is by far the worse network in the US. Many people are leaving there network for Verizon. It would be dumb for you to switch.


Not all of Verizon's Blackberrys have full GPS. Only the Storm does from what I've read. And as far as WiFi is concerned, Verizon simply doesnt sell the Blackberry models with Wifi. Thats why the model numbers end with 30


He is what a co-worker of yours wrote me on another Thread in this forum asking the same question (http://crackberry.com/rim-introduces-blackberry-tour-smartphone#comment-...), although I can't tell which they prefer frankly.. nerver the less- if the Atlas has WIFI_ - I may wait for that- thank you for your comments - he are he others :

I cant hold back any longer... Some of you think what is availible to you is great - because you have never had anything better. I have worked for AT&T for several years, I have worked with Sprint and now work for Verizon (not at a seller level with any).
If you think not having WiFi isnt a big deal, you havent experienced the power! Why RIM would make, or better yet, why Verizon would carry the newest BB without WiFi is beyond my imagination. From a network standpoint, it frees it up for uses that need it and alows those that use it better speeds.
I have also noticed comments about the processor being slower than was is in the BOLD. What?!? Why?

Goes back to what I have said and see on a daily basis. Verizon carries the cheapest and crapiest devices of all the major carriers!! iPhone has officially swept the market place (now at half price and the 3rd gen device), BB is trying to compete. In my opinion, they are there with the BOLD. If this new device does not have the fastest processor or WiFi, it completely confirms that Verizon refuses to spend any money on their devices. CHEAP JUNK comes to mind when I look at their line up of devices (on a daily basis now).

Please speak up!


already put in to redeem my free blackberry certificate for the 9630. Woohoo.


Thank you Verizon! This is right on time. I've been contemplating recently whether to switch over to AT&T because of the iPhone's 3g capabilities and I'm so glad I didn't. I've had AT&T in the past and their service was horrible. I love my BB and its full QWERTY keyboard. I will be buying the Tour in September when I qualify for the discount, if it's released by then.


yeah im having one too but im curious about what the storm 2 is going to be like i might hold off til the storm 2 comes out to decide... p.s. F@@K the Ipiss 3Gs


Damn this phone needs to come out ASAP can't wait to retire my 8330 even though i love it!!!


I had the Tour for just under 30 days and with NO phone calls, the battery would be dead in less than 12 hrs. The VZW manager said it's normal to have a 8-11 hr battery life. That unfortunately doesn't work for me as I use the phone for work. I'm now (happily) back to my Curve 8330 now with a battery that lasts for days between charges.


i bought my verizon bb tour and had itunlocked and i am on the o2 network in the uk. i have not been able to set up my email rite. it keeps tellin me 'enterprise email already set up' i have no idea how to proceed.


This phone is great except for it is unable to set individual or custom ringtones. What ever you set for one (Normal, custom or loud etc) stays the same. Even the people at Verizon where unable to figure it out. I had the curve and was able to set Normal to be different from Loud etc.