Verizon BlackBerry Tour Review Round Up

The BlackBerry Tour feels great in the hand.
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jul 2009 09:32 am EDT

T to B: Curve 8900, Tour, Bold. RIM has nailed it with the Tour's keyboard. My new favorite.

With the BlackBerry Tour set to launch on Verizon and Sprint this Sunday and Canadian carriers next week, we're starting to see reviews of the BlackBerry Tour (especially the Verizon model) roll in across the web. In case you missed's pre-release BlackBerry Tour reviews, be sure to check out our BlackBerry Tour Review Part I and BlackBerry Tour Review Part II. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be following up with more Tour reviews as the official units hit and we get some running time with each of them on their native networks (Verizon, Sprint, Telus & Bell to start). But if you're an existing BlackBerry 8830 or Curve 8330 user thinking about upgrading, the Tour is an absolute no-brainer - it really is better in every single aspect. If you want a smartphone with a full physical keyboard that isn't touchscreen, you can't go wrong with the Tour (if it only had WiFi!!). 

Win a Free BlackBerry Tour: If you haven't entered our Win a BlackBerry Tour contest yet, Click Here and leave a comment for your chance to win!!

Verizon BlackBerry Tour Reviews: If you're looking for some more hands-on impressions of the Tour from the perspective of tech blogger or journalist, you can follow the links below to learn more. We'll do another review roundup as more reviews (from all carriers) surface. And be sure to jump into our BlackBerry Tour forum for even more user perspectives.

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Verizon BlackBerry Tour Review Round Up


Yes the count down is close...Verizon people you are sooo lucky you have a pre order option...damn you sprint

No need for wifi imo, you're already paying the 30 bucks, on vzw at least, it's just as fast as wifi and not nearly as taxing on the battery

...when you are in low-coverage areas. My apartment has almost no signal at all for T-Mobile or Sprint. I can get away with it because of UMA on my T-Mobile BlackBerry 8900. My wife gets dropped calls poor data coverage with Sprint.

Tour contest is here ->

isn't it?

Commenting on the reviews, does it bother anyone that there have been a couple bugs pointed out?

I am pretty confident that if there are bugs that RIM will fix them and from what we're reading they're definitely nothing like the amount of bugs in the Storm. That said, I am a little worried that if there are in fact bugs that need fixing,Verizon will be as slow to release the OS containign the fix as they are with every other Blackberry OS update.

The one bug imparticular regarding the phone not being able to read the memory card, freezing and then needing a reboot would definitely be bothersome. I could see a lot of original Storm owners getting this phone and then not hesitating to return it at the first sign of a problem or even a little lag in basic useage.

I love Blackberry and really wouldn't want to go any other route but I may be inclined to return it as well if there is a bug that needs fixing that is blatently obvious (ie. not being able to read the sd card)knowing that it'll be up to Verizon to OK the release of an OS with a fix.

Anyone else feelign the same way or am I just worrying too much?

Love my curve 8330 but am at the point where every time I update my professional reference program, I have to delete something to free the required space. Too early in my contract for upgrade. Need my info; love my 8330, but........ NEED THE 256.

I think its just cool this website does a ton of stuff like free tours for its members. This is def a great site.

The Tour will be a godsend. I have been struggling with my Storm from day one. Dont know if anyone has had constant resets while in the media player, but I hope the problem is fixed with the Tour

Having been a previous owner of smart phones, the Palm line up to be precise, I was never really interested in the Blackberry until the Storm. I had gotten so frustrated with the Palm Treo and its bugs that I just gave up on smart phones for a while. When it was suggested that the Blackberry given a try, and me being the gadget guru around my pod, I decided to take the Storm for a ride. I wasn't blown away. It’s a touch screen Treo! But wait! It’s a Blackberry, and surely they will know how to fix it. Nope, still buggy. I admit that I am hooked on all the blackberry does, so maybe it’s the carrier, Verizon, whom likes to tinker with every bit of soul a phone comes with, squeezing out all the dough they can. I am now making deals to switch to the Tour. Cross my fingers, a real keyboard? Please Verizon, leave this one alone. Let it be born naturally, not all drug induced and snipped like your other offerings. I need a smart phone that’s smart! Please...

thinking this would be a great replacement for my 8830 as an existing Verizon customer a pre-order of the tour i am told is out of the question so I would like to win one. just cant afford one with the economy the way it is right now, so please pick me.

I am counting down the hour until I am at Sprint tomorrow to pick up my new phone! But it would be nice to win one too. :)

I'm new tp the world of BlackBerry smartphones. I got the BB Storm (touch screen) at the beginning of July and I have one month to return it, if I decide I want something else.

I'm comfortable with the touch screen keyboard. I like it. But, I wonder if I'd be happier with the new TOUR.

Honestly, the huge screen makes viewing pictures and website really great, and the TOUR has half the screen size.

What would you do?

Dr. Frank Patti
Orange County, California

One problem with my BB Storm, the smartphone locks up sometimes and I have to take the battery out to re-boot. Is this unique to the storm or do all the new BB's do this?

Dr. Frank Patti
Orange County, CA

so is the tour coming to england? i've heard very little about the tour, and yet things like the onyx already have a provisional month of release...

I ran out and got the Tour, and so far I absolutely LOVE it, I previously owned the Storm, and I had some issues early on that regretfully I ignored. I took the Storm in to Verizon and the "fix" lasted a short while. After months of being frustrated, with the Storm running slow, lockin up, or turning off automatically I pretty much had it, I was about ready to throw the phone against a brick wall; then I saw a commercial for the Tour. WOW!!! I had to see this phone in person. I went to Verizon and saw the demo phone and played with it for a bit before I knew I had to have it. About a week later I bit the bullet and purchased the Tour. I have gotten a few complements on it, Curve owners and even IPhone owners love the design of the keyboard. I didn't notice the difference b/c my first BB was the Storm. But after taking a closer look for myself, I was able to appreciate it more. I too am a little nervous about the Tour as with the Storm it was 'perfect' for about a month then all went downhill. I appreciate how the Tour is slighlty lighter (weight wise) than the Storm and the screen is VERY VIBRANT, I have a securtiy screem protector on my phone and the picture is still very crisp and colorful.

Another great thing about the Tour vs the Storm is it is much easier to navigate the web with the Tour. Again, I am loving this phone.... At least for now!!!!

Originally I had upgraded with the EnvTouch. Two weeks into having the phone, issues began with mobile email and Google. I found out it had also involved MSN and YAHOO but those issues were quickly resolved. I was 4 days shy of my 30 day upgrade time and still not able to use my mobile email. Along with this problem, I was having issues with my notebook and it was being repaired for the 3rd time.
But HP ended up giving me a new replacement and I was happy.
I had been checking out Blackberry devices even when I decided to take the EnvTouch. I had decided to switch to a Blackberry and had my mind made up to get the Curve. I got to the store and changed my mind and got The Tour.
This is my first blackberry device and I positively love it.
I dont' know why I waited so long to get a BB but I am glad I have it now. The learning curve wasn't difficult and I am in awe of all that it does. I don't think I ever will use a regular handset ever again. Always will be a BB and btw....The Tour ROCKS

There are ways to save on battery life. I love my Tour and have found ways to help with the battery life. First of all I don't have to use mine for work. I also have it turned off at work. Our building drains the heck out of the batteries for some reason. Happens with everyone. I also have my LED set at low. When not on the BlueTooth it is off on the headset as well as on the handset. It is easy to go into the application and just turn it off and on. No big deal for me. I also CLOSE out of applications don't just leave them. Still will run. I am sure many of you already know this. Having any device on vibrate is going to add to the battery draining. Only use it when you have to use it. I don't mind charging my phone. I can get two days out of my blackberry. I talk and text a lot. No battery is perfect. It is my only phone. I haven't had a landline in a number of years. So I do charge it regularly.
I also have it set to automatically turn on and off and that helps it as well.
I do have Mobile Banking and I am able to pay bills from my blackberry If anyone has complaints they can't pay their bills on their blackberry check with your bank. I am with a bank that allows it.

Forgive me for I have sinned against Blackberry. I use a Storm 2 9550 and a Tour 9630. My wife also has a Tour. We love all of our Blackberrys but with all the HYPE about the Droid I thought why not since I had a few I would replace one of them so late yesterday I purchased the Droid and replaced my Tour. Today I took it back and had the Tour fired up again. The Droid to put it in country speak "ain't no Berry". So if any of you are thinking about commenting a sin and purchasing the Droid let me first say it might be a nice device for some who don't know any better. Here is a list of what I found:

Design could use some improvement
Physical keypad not user friendly
Touch pad not as responsive as should be
Has a big learning curve
Cannot sync out of box with Outlook
I was unable to put contacts in last name order

That was just a few. The Droid was just not for me!!!

Believe me I am a Verizon fan because I have excellent service from them but no Droid for me. Of course when you have had a Blackberry or two or three nothing else compares.

I don't know if I have the right place on crackberry to leave a review on this device or not. But will leave it anyway and if anyone new on the site wants a positive review, then you are reading one.
I have had the Tour since late summer and I love it. I did, however, have to get a replacement in late Sept due to the trackball sticking, but I haven't had any issues since.
I love this device. It is my first BB and it is awesome.
I researched and played with other BB devices such as The Storm and The Curve, but when I got my hands on The Tour, it was over. It had me at first touch !
One of my brothers upgraded with another device and now wishes he had gone BB Now he is stuck for 2 yrs I told him so, but he wouldn't listen to me.
My other brother just this past week switched from AT&T to Verizon with The Tour and he loves it.
You can't go wrong with BB and definitely with The Tour.
Easy learning curve and if you take a BB class at your local Verizon store, you will learn great tips as well.
I will never use a different device. BB forever.

i have a tour 9630 the phone is great but the track ball locks up and will not move to the right. dont know how to fix this problem and apparently verizon doesnt know how to fix it.