Verizon BlackBerry Tour, Bold and Curve software updates arriving today

By Bla1ze on 15 Oct 2010 10:20 am EDT
*UPDATE - 8530 gets OS while Tour and Bold got*

As was mentioned previously, Verizon is set to send out software updates for the BlackBerry Bold, Tour and Curve 8530 starting today. The official word we were sent is:

Verizon Wireless will have software updates available for the BlackBerry Bold 9650, BlackBerry Curve 8530 and BlackBerry Tour 9630 starting today at 6pm EST. These updates include software enhancements to all three devices. For more information about the updates and instructions on how to download please visit, or depending on your device.
In case you were wondering it doesn't look to be a BlackBerry 6 rollout for the Bold 9650 but, Verizon hasn't updated the pages yet to say which OS' will be released. They still say for the Bold and Tour and

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Verizon BlackBerry Tour, Bold and Curve software updates arriving today


wasnt there supposed to be a Verizon blackberry 6 event yesterday? whats going on here, why is BB 6 taking so long to get here for all the carriers?

Why release a 5.0 OS just to have people upgrade in a month or so with 6.0. OS updates are a pain in the ass for average users. If this isn't a 6.0 rollout for the Bold, its a big mistake.

I went to the sight and looked at each pdf. When I clicked on the software download for personal e-mail users, it shows Blackberry 6 os and blackberry device software v 5.0. Does this mean we are getting 6.0?

Nothing yet, will check after 6:00 pm EST. Gonna be very disappointed, I am sure. Prolly something like, rather than finally giving us OS 6 for the Bold 9650. Total bummer. available OTA, but not from web or Desktop Manager yet. Therefore update for Bold 9650 is NOT OS 6.

UPDATE: OTA nuked my Bold 9650, now trying to get reinstalled. Finally after an hour and a half, phone is working again. Well past 6:00 pm, no update to yet. Thx VZW, your effiency is unsurpassed.

I was able to download and update without a hitch. Actually started it while at work on my break. It is fine. I had tried the 6.0 through a leak and was not happy with it.
I won't be getting the 6.0 anytime soon. I like the 5.0 MUCH BETTER

Screwed! A common event being a Storm1 and 2 owner. FU Verizon and your love for Android! So pissed!

I'm still wondering about the Blackberry 6 event that was supposed to happen yesterday. Stop being a tease Verizon! I have already had that update on my bold for a month now...

I followed that to the verizon site, they have a PDF with the details.

It really looks like A LOT of push to talk crap.

do you need to install them or is just optional. I'd rather wait for OS6 to update than do it now if its going to be pointless.

I hope it's not just push-to-talk enhancements. I'm on Sprint. We can always use better battery life! And maybe some more smoothness.

When i saw bold on the subject I thought maybe my 9700 would get a OS 6, I got so exited there for a second :/

I am running a leaked .975 on my Verizon Bold 9650, would this be a worthy upgrade, or should I stick with my .975? I am not ready to try a leaked OS6 yet, since I am thinking some of games and other apps might not work on OS6....

You all are reading the benefits of .732 the version that has been out for eons.

I have scanned every PDF - doesn't mean I couldn't have missed something - and I do not see any indication of version number or features. I still think it is very likely this is OS6.

Just spoke with verizon and was told the update will be
It will be mostly push to talk enhancements is what they said.

Link up above for 8530 - page doesn't exist. So I manually navigated Verizon's site to the update page for 8530. It says availabe at 6:00 EST. When I click on the pdf, it mentions Is .886 what they are going to? Or is it the last update they had prior to today?

I checked the update on my phone & it came up with .973 as the next update, couldn't find that info online. Hope this helps!!

I'm running on the 9650, if this is a 6.0 upgrade will I have to downgrade back to the official version of 5.0 that I had in order to do a OTA upgrade?

I understand that the slide is outdated because we are already using .732 for the bold as an official build.

The slide mentioned delivery and unread confirmation for text with the /732 build.

It doesnt appear that I am getting that with .732. Am I missing something?

all three of these devices have sofware issues that this mr2 update fixes so thats why theres a software update, not because theres a bunch of "cool" shit in it so all you storm users on here bitching need to pull the thong outta your asses and chill the fuck out. os 6 will be out soon enough which none of you 9530 users will get anyway cuz your phones dont have enough internal memory to support the os

BOLD 5.0.0 Release 1242 (Platform

so .1242 is the new OS and the new platform is .732? OR is the platform the OS. I guess I'll find out for sure in a few hours

Most apps work on OS6, and those that don't are being updated nearly daily. Verizon always drags their heels on OS updates, so this should be no surprise to anyone. And is a fully functional OS, so whoever hasn't updated to OS6 for the 9650, you should do so immediately, you're missing out! :)

The latest OS6 leak is great, especially now that the One Touch Flashlight app was updated today and works with. I see no reason for them not to push out this OS,

Verizon hypes this major OS6 release party and then 24 hours after the "party" they push more OS5 to OS6 ready phones...this is too funny.

But what's funnier is those of you who are slaves to carrier releases. Folks, the leaked is solid, stop waiting on Verizon/Sprint to approve it. You don't need their permission to put this on your phone.

And storm users, you've known for a long time you weren't getting 6.0, so please stop filling these things with complaints every time another phone gets an update.

"But what's funnier is those of you who are slaves to carrier releases. Folks, the leaked is solid, stop waiting on Verizon/Sprint to approve it. You don't need their permission to put this on your phone."

I have a MAC so updating to leaked OSs is not impossible but I don't want to run bootcamp and by Windows software just to update to a leaked OS.

If I had a PC I'd update all the leaks haha

Dude just torrent windows 7. I did this back in November of last year I have a fully working Windows 7 x86 (32-bit) on bootcamp with fully activated Microsoft office, all free. Just burn the .iso onto a DVD. I update my blackberry all the time there's a new release by bootcamping over.

Guys the 6.0 leak is a far cry from being official. I've tried out both leaks and while they both work, they need a lot of polish. I think the biggest issue is the webkit browser. The final product will be MUCH quicker/smoother than the leaked version. I'm guessing 6 weeks or so before Verizon rolls out the official 6.0 leak.

I like Blaize's comment even though i have downgrade from each of the previous leaks due to apps not working and sluggishness.

The forum on the Verizon site has debunked the myth of the big rollout the other day. Apparently, somebody did a nice job with Photoshop and got a bunch of people all worked up over nothing. It was not a Verizon ad. The entire thing was con to get people worked up.
Verizon is very cautious about releasing Operating systems for a very good reason. They don't want the joys of Beta releases that plague the computer industry. The average user is not particularly adept or knowledgeable. Until they are convinced that their tech people won't be driven up a tree by users whose phones don't work as expected they won't release a update. That seems pretty sensible to me. It would be nice if Microsoft followed suit with their new operating systems. Of course, if they did, Vista would still be unreleased.
The Bold and Tour support sites are now showing an update becoming available at 6:00 EDT today. It may be that the 8530 support site is being updated which is why it is currently unavailable.

First of all, is a dead link and when I did navigate to the correct site the version available has not been updated since 9/27 for the 8530b and it is bundle 1493 v5.0.0.866 which I already have on my 8530.

If I read this right, the Bold and Tour are getting and I guess the Curve is getting since the last part is confusing. -> (They still say for the Bold and Tour and<-

My Blackberry Tour already has on it. How can something that is already out be released?

If they had something better then that would be fine, but no sense in getting excited for nothing.

Bold is getting Its already available through the wireless update. They have NOT updated the PDFs on the sites yet.


I just called Verizon and was told the updates were actually released on the 10/13/10, but they will be given out in spurts. I did get the update, doing it now as I type.

I just did a wireless update check on my phone and it's showing .975 available.
I'm doing the download to see if anything's different since it doesn't show the platform or anything. Wish me luck!

I guess it would have helped to notice the 2nd page of posts before posting. I just downgraded from to download an OS that I had 2 months ago. The only redeeming fact is knowing I'm not the only one. :)

I just called VZW about the updates today at 6 pm est and the rep sent me a email on the software version and everything it fixes.. Here it is.

Model: 9650 (Bold)
Software Version: 5.0.0 Release 1600 (Applications / Platform
Approval Date: 10/13/10
Available: Via OTA in stages starting on 10/15

Symptoms Resolved:

o Streaming a video through the browser or 3rd party app gives an error if the media player is paused in the background.

o If you are playing a song and then you place or receive a call, after the call has ended, the playback might restart from the beginning.

o If you are composing an MMS message with an audio attachment and you delete and re-attach the attachment, you might not be able to preview the attachment and you might not be able to play media files.

o Under some rare conditions, the device may reset during a group PTT call.

o When making a PTT alert call to a contact in the Blackberry contact list, it does not display the contact's name.

o If you are on a group PTT call, the PTT Call screen might not display.

o If you are on a Group PTT call, the call idle screen might remain and text such as "listening to" ,"talking to" ,"connected to" might not be displayed.

o Sometimes, the device can't get a satellite fix when the user is using Blackberry maps.

o If you try to perform a Wi-Fi OTA Activation you might receive an error message and your device might not activate successfully.

o On some occasions, if you leave an area of coverage and then return to an area of coverage, your device might not re-register to the PTT server.

o In some cases,if you receive a PTT call, you might not hear an alert tone.

o If you are using the MOD application you might not be able to start a PTT call.

o If you receive and ignore a PTT alert, the chirp might not sound for the expected length of time.

o If you have a 1X connection and you make a PTT call, the dormancy timer for HDR might expire prematurely.

o In some rare cases, if you receive a PTT call and press the PTT button to connect, the device might reset.

o In some cases, if you receive a PTT call, the notification will be heard but you might not be able to hear any additional audio and the sender of the PTT might receive the error message "device unavailable".

o In some cases, PTT calls might be delayed and performance might be degraded.

o In some cases, if you make a PTT Group call, your device might move from 1XEV to 1X, PTT contacts might not appear, and recipients of the PTT call might not have audio.

o In some cases, if you make a group PTT call, some recipients might not receive the call.

o If you are on a Group PTT call, the participant list might appear empty or incomplete.

o On rare occasions, if you make a phone call, the network indicator might disappear, you might not receive email messages, and you might not be able to turn off the wireless network.

o If you have set your network selection mode to Manual, scan for available networks, and select F-PLMN, the message "Network selection succeeded" might appear even though F-PLM only provides emergency services.

o On some occasions, you might experience delays connecting to the 3G network and the connection might alternate between DO and 1x.

o Your device might get stuck in a 1X connection and data services might not be available.

o On rare occasions, you might not receive messages and you might not be able to disconnect from the wireless network.

o When the device loses coverage in Global Mode it could scan for longer than 15 minutes.

o In some rare cases, the device scans for 15 minutes for an available network then does not sleep or scan.

o If you have sent an SMS text message to an international recipient and you try to send another SMS text message to the same recipient using a different international prefix, you might not be able to change the international prefix.

o On some occasions, SMS threads might not be immediately readable and might display the message "".

o The unread SMS text message indicator might constantly appear at the top of the Home screen even if you do not have an unread SMS text message.

o If you are in international CDMA coverage, if you try to send an SMS text message to an international recipient in the format , or , the device might not prepend the number with 011 and the SMS text message might not send.

o In some rare cases, the device may reset while idle.

o If you remove and re-insert the battery, the battery capacity indicator might indicate less charge by half a bar.

o If your device is set to Global mode and connected on EVDO RevA, your device might move to IXEV for two minutes and then move back to EVDO RevA.

o If content protection is turned on, collection of logs might not be allowed.

o On rare occasions, if you are using the VCast VOD application to stream a video, the video might pause near the end of the video and you might receive an "Error Playing Video" message and you might not be able to stream another video.

o On some occasions, if you holster your device, it might reset.

o On rare occasions, your device might reset unexpectedly.

o If you remove the battery while you are downgrading your BlackBerry Device Software, you might receive multiple error messages and your device might reset continuously.

o If you try to play a .wmv file, you might receive the error message "Media format not supported".

o If speaker phone is on and you are playing music or a video, if you turn off the speakerphone, the maximum volume level might be too loud.

o If content protection and media file encryption is turned on and a recorded video file is being encrypted, your device might respond slower than expected.

o If you are using the Visual Voice Mail application, record a voice mail message, and select End Recording, the recording might not be saved and you might receive the error message: "Your recording has been either interrupted or an error has occurred. Please try again".

o If you open the Visual Voice Mail application and record a voice message, you might not be able to play or preview the recorded voice message and the error message "Playback Error" might appear.

o PTT - If QoS activation times out all flows will be reconfigured.

o On some occasions, during PTT session negotiation, SCI 9 might remain, you might not receive PTT pages and experience call setup delay.

o On rare occasions, if you are on a PTT call, the QoS call flow might not be correct.

o If you make a PTT call, audio reception might be delayed, the connected screen might not be displayed and your call might end unexpectedly.

o If you are in an area of poor wireless network coverage and then return to an area of good coverage, your device might not re-establish a wireless connection and 'No Service' might be displayed for a long period of time.

o If your device is roaming, it may get stuck attempting to access the RL challenged system instead of reacquiring the less preferred system.

o On some occasions, you might lose data service unexpectedly and you might not be able to turn it back on.

o If your device was roaming and you take it out of an area of coverage, the roaming indicator might still appear at the top of the Home screen.

o If you are connected to a GSM/UMTS network and you try to enter more than 160 characters in a text message, you might not be able to enter more than 160 characters and the message "Field Full" might display.

o If you try to send a text message to an 11 digit number, the message might not be sent even though your device might indicate the message was sent successfully.

o If you pair your device with a vehicle, your device might enter call mode immediately, you might not be able to leave call mode, and you might not be able to use the car radio.

o If you have inserted a media card into your device and you are using the Music application, if you highlight an artist, select Shuffle from the menu, and click All Songs, only songs from the selected artist appear and not all the songs on the media card.

o The device may not have enough memory when it tries to play alarm, ringtone or multimedia during memory cleaning. The device will reset in that case.

Well this means 1 thing NO BLACKBERRY 6 for THE 9650 yet folks! Soon, I hope.

No and then! I can appreciate the log listed above, I did the upgrade, just not really seeing a single difference. Oh well. I am current.

I just updated OTA. 18MB file. Not too bad. Phone does seem to perform a lot better. Ill find out later when I use the iheartradio app.

Started the update on my Bold 9650 over an hour ago and it is still updating. I see a white screen with messages like "linking java" for long periods of time. This is my first update since I just purchased the phone - is this normal??


Here is the list provided by Verizon with what is included in update to .975

Enjoy improved performance with these OS enhancements. Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a new software update for your BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphone.
The BlackBerry Bold update [5.0.0 Release 1600 (Platform and App]includes numerous enhancements and improvements.

+ Enjoy your favorite music and still be able to place and receive calls without having to restart the song.
+ Streamlined MMS messaging with fully functional preview
features allow you to edit attachments before you send them.
+ Improved GPS features when using BlackBerry maps.
+ Immediately respond to SMS messages with improved
message display.
+ Instantly know the status of your SMS messages with improved message indicators.
+ Enjoy content protection and media file encryption without
jeopardizing speed.

Push to Talk Improvements:
+ Manage incoming Push to Talk calls with instant
connectivity, faster notification of available contacts,
and updated performance.
+ Manage BlackBerry contact list during Push to Talk calls with easy-to-read displays.
+ Stability improvements made to the Push to Talk application.
+ Improvements made to the Push to Talk audio alerts.
+ Improvements to incoming and outgoing audio while using
Push to Talk.

Is it me or is .973 lagging using the internet? And app isn't loading radar. I deleted it and reloaded it and didn't do anything to fix.

Been using this os for about 6hrs nor & I haven't had any lagging issues. I'm not sure about the app but Berry Weather is working just fine.

I can't get it wirelessly since I'm not on Verizon and the site still says 6:00 even though its 8:00... Help!

And its stuck at 11% for a while on the restore process. I am being patient. but a little worried.

I know I should have done it via DM on my mac. eff

How do i get an update for the tour? I want but usually crackberry posts a link and then i can delete the vendor file.

Can someone help me out here?

Is it possible we're going to see a new phone? I remember getting an update to the Storm 1 just days before the Storm 2 was released.

Wishful thinking I know...

Just noticed after the new update the wifi actually works without being connected to Verizon's network. In the past, the browser wouldn't work on wifi alone. I have a bold not connected to the network (trying out a Droid) and it seems to work much better via wifi...just my 2 cents.

I upgraded last night. Be prepared to re-enter third party apps passwords all over again.

I use LISTER a lot and had many checklists established. All gone! If you want to remember what you have on Lister, write it down before upgrading. Otherwise, you'll have nothing.

Worked flawlessly for me. Seems a bit more stable with signal. Just hope it stays that way, and isn't just a bluff. Im still having a few wifi issues but thats because I have yet to tweak 1 more thing on the router settings.

I downloaded and installed the most recently leaked OS 6 on my VzW Bold 9650 on October 7th (my phone says it's OS 6, Bundle 850 - is that 6.0.850?) without deleting the vendor.xml file. Others had posted that they hadn't deleted the vendor.xml file before I tried it myself and I've had no problems at all with it, either.

I held off loading the earlier builds until I was seeing forum posts here indidcating that most problems they were encountering with the most recent leaked OS 6 were generally inconsequential. On the build I downloaded, the VzW banner even comes up when I turn my phone on or off so I imagine it's got to be a near-final beta for VzW?

I don't use many additional apps, but the ones I have work fine on OS 6 - Kayak, Weather Channel Max, Tx Hold 'em 3, White Noise, PodTrapper, GoogleMaps, Pandora, ESPN Radio and Yahoo IM.

Finally, the new browser in 0S 6 is a revelation, as are a bunch of other little things. Then again, this is what BB should have developed at least 2-3 years ago after the iPhone was introduced. RIM might not have taken as much of a hit, but that's just speculation on my part.

Give it a shot. All-in, it took me about 35 minutes to update my Bold 9650.

This doesn't make sense. Why would They announce blackberry 6 just a few days ago only to release a 5.0 update for the blackberry bold 9650

I did an OTA update last night. Discovered my address book was empty this morning. Did a battery pull and got error message "uncaught exception:java.lang.NullPointerException." Tried again, same story. Then reinstalled 973 via DM. When I tried to sync the address book came up with a new error: "Error encountered. Error code - 0x80040fb3. Check documentation." Tried wiping the device and reinstalled a second time via DM. Still no joy, and java error was still there too.
Finally rolled it back to and everything works great again.
WTF is up with the 973 update???

did the update OTA friday night, and all seemed well... except now every time a sound played ( ringtone assigned to someone, new mail notification... there would be a pretty loud 'click' just before the sound played, and was getting pretty annoying, so I reverted back to the previous version ( 886) i think...

RIM better release it before holidays to stop people from buying another phone and ditching their berries! If berry doesnt release it soon, Im switching to an apple.. maybe a better fruit