Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS Update Coming Monday

By Bla1ze on 26 Mar 2010 08:13 pm EDT
Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS Update Coming Monday

For all those of you out there waiting for an official OS release of 5.0 to show up on Verizon, good word has it you'll see it start rolling out on Monday. While we mentioned previously that the OS roll out was bound to happen we were not exactly sure which OS it would be. Just that it would indeed include Push to talk and of course be a 5.0 variation. We've seen some leaked OS' appear and it seems that OS is the most likely candidate here given the info we just received.

BlackBerry Tour Software Enhancements Effective Date: 3/29/2010 On the night of 3/29 at 11:59pm, Verizon Wireless introduces a new software update for the BlackBerry Tour smart phone. Users will be able to upgrade their software to version 5.0.0 release 1002 (platform 5.0.0591) to receive new improvements and enhancements.Key Advantages:

  • Camera - Smoother operation in both camera and video applications.
  • Calling - Improved Bluetooth functionality for last number dialed, enhanced functionality for Voice Activated Dialing in both French and English, improved missed call log showing missed Call Waiting calls, and upgraded Call Waiting caller ID and call timer.
  • Messaging - Improved functionality for reading, sending, forwarding, and deleting SMS messages as well as corrected in-box display when in holster.
  • Bluetooth - Improvements in operation when using VZ Navigator
  • Push To Talk - Push To Talk capability Software Availability The software upgrade will first be available to customers on the night of 3/29 at 11:59 pm via the following methods: OTASL (Over The Air Software Loading) OTA User Initiated / Verizon Wireless Network Pushed Process (Poke) / Web Based Software / Desktop Manager Software.
Considering the mentioned OS was leaked with BlackBerry Messenger 5.0.66 built into it, we're not exactly certain it will actually arrive on Verizon with that available. But, if you're using it now you can always just leave BlackBerry messenger as is when upgrading via desktop installer.

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Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS Update Coming Monday


Thank goodness! Maybe now Sprint user can finally get the Tour2/Bold9650 or whatever they wanna call it.

yeah!! release a shitty os!! awesome verizon!! stupid.. at least sprint released a os that was decent.. 591 sucks with battery life.. sucks with memory leaks, and also, SUCKs with web browsing!! way to go big red! FAIL!!!

you don't know that .591 is going to be the official release, so don't get your panties in a bunch before you know for certain

How do you know that it has not been fixed? Just because you got a crappy LEAKED os you gotta whine? grow up...

I know RIM murder the 9530. But where's an offical verizon update. The way I see this going this is it for updates for the storm. Would not be suprise if they somehow tweak it so OS 6.0 doesn't work on the storm. A bag of Bull$h!t

The tour is my first blackberry and I've had it for only a few months...I can't wait to upgrade the os. I've never done this before....will I lose all my apps?

I think you'll have to reload your 3rd party apps, just like you have to reload them if you've ever had to reinstall your current OS. It's a bit of an annoyance, but the upside is you can look at each app and decide if you really use and need it before reinstalling it. Plus a fully reinstalled operates so cleanly and fresh!

You won't lose your apps. The default option in BB DM is to backup everything on the phone, including apps, and reinstall them once the OS is updated. Some apps will ask you to update to an OS 5 version once the phone reboots, but it's all pretty much automated.

I hope you are correct, but my experience has been that a during a full replacement of the operating system, Desktop Manager backs up all databases (very well I might add), all RIM apps, but not the 3rd party apps themselves, including App World. For instance, Google Maps or Twitter or Quicklaunch will be gone. So, you can either reinstall them or back them up using BBSAK prior to the op system upgrade then restore them afterward, then do a Device Database restore from DM, which will restore almost all apps' settings, native and 3rd party.

Boy Genius just said on Twitter that the update was coming on Tuesday...weird. Then a short time after CB says Monday! Either way, that's what's good for Tour owners! Still waiting to see an official OS 5.0 update for the 8900 AT&T style!

The update will be released at 11:59 PM on Monday night, which is about 60 seconds away from being Tuesday. CB & BGR are both right.

(I personally would call it Tuesday...)

About freaking time verizon is going to have an official OS update for the tour since the last one was back in december I think...just wondering what version will be released on monday

Hi everyone,

As a new RIM user (6 months) this is my first upgrade, and I have a couple questions about it:

Do you know what we need to do to be ready for the upgrade? Will our applications be ready for OS 5 or we need to prepare something before?

Probably I’m thinking about an upgrade like Windows XP -> Vista or Mac OS Tiger -> Leopard, but…


Most of your apps should be 5.0 compatible, but you may need to upgrade to the latest version. Depending on the popularity of the app (or really the developers) you might find a few that are not.

run through your apps and see, if they are already updated to their current version they should work fine..

you may however find your fav theme may not work as expected in os 5..

either way, if it is .591, then go grab it now from the leak posted further down.. wont be any difference really at all. and its working fine for me.. better than the previous two..


After the longest wait ever, they are really going to release an OS with a browser click issue? So much for their stringent testing standards.

Verizon probably gave up hope on RIM sending they a viable build so they just said screw it and released this one.

nicely stated and probably true. From my sources, I heard that verizon's release will be .548 for the tour.

Sounds like my general feelings toward Blackberry altogether. Congrats to those of you who have stuck it out this long. I've had my Tour since August, and update or not, I've given up on this thing. Next week I'll be defecting to Android, specifically the Droid. Have fun wishing you'd done the same.

Seriously, if your so anti-Tour at this point, why even post an opinion about the OS when your getting a Droid. Pointless

What SWEET said. LOL!

I have 591 now and it's waaaaaaaaay better on battery life than the previous v5's.

Yea, I see people are already bashing it above...oh well, people won't be happy unless their miserable at something.

Personally, my 2-year contract is for PHONE/TEXT/INTERNET Service, not for latest updates, so while yes, it does suck being on the outside looking in at times, when Verizon decides to send me an update, I appreciate it...If I wanted to, I could leave for another service just because of updates, but being I had the terrible signals of AT&T and Sprint before, the monthly bill of Verizon is worth the service to me(even if it takes months to roll out updates from them)

Tour owners (i'm a tour owner) cried, piissed and moaned for leaks when all the other models were getting them. then when they start leaking out (and in droves) all you hear are more moaning.. its just never good enough for some people.. while i never moaned i'm also not to timid to try leaks.. didnt care for hybrids much, but thats just me.

browser click issue.. get opera or bolt.
battery life bad? i dont believe it personally, but if it is.. drop to another release or try a hybrid.. i think most of the battery drain problems come from the increased usage after updating phones, but having had meterberry installed since 4.7 to current, theres hardly any difference in drain on any build.. i dont use bluetooth anymore though, and i also live in an area with strong signal (which a weak signal can wreak more havoc on battery life than anything else.. period, plus throw in BT or mp3/vid usage,and you have a bad drain problem)

so yeah, i'm glad theres leaks, i've been running os 5 now for a long time, and we should all get ready for the flood of new os 5 posts/questions that were answered months ago.


Cause I do have a leaked on my phone and my tour hasn't run into moaning is the lack of 5.0 support verizon has shown the tour owners but has plenty of support for the recently released curve 2 and both storm/storm 2. My loyalty to verizon has started to crack because of this.

If you think about it though, the software version I got with my tour didn't have any problems (with the occasion freeze up) maybe they have to focus more on the problem child phones and less on the guys that have a more solid OS...just a thought

Finally at long last, the coveted 5.0 OS is coming! I can hold out and wait a couple more days, no rush. @longhairbilly.....yep there will be folks posting all kinds of threads. Like "this 5.0 needs some more polishing or "VZ pushed this garbage to my phone!!!!"

It is about time! Can't believe it took them this long, but it'll be great to finally get that OS on my Tour.

I hope they fix the problems with it first so maybe the browser and i heartradio work as well as other issues that have been mentioned already

Everything in it is stupendous and running great for me (I have the .591 leak running now,) but the browser link clicking issue is still in the build. Granted, its much better than previous ones (.530 and .548) but still! It is much more random. Instead of never clicking properly, now about one out of every ten links will give me trouble. Before you'd have to click the trackball or press enter tens of times and with .591 if there is issue opening a link the enter or clicking only needs to be done an additional time or two, but it should just work.

I'm not trying to be "unappreciative" and "always critiquing or unhappy" of a build, but this has been a know issue throughout the last 4 or so leaks for the 9630 all VZW builds with the ptt files etc. in them. It would be a shame if after all this waiting this slipped through! :/

Either way, no release is perfect (that goes for RIM, Android, anyone) and any release is better than none! :p

Hopefully this also implies that the 9650 is soon to come.

(And hopefully pressures RIM to take care of OS upgrades themselves instead of letting the carriers drag their heels...)

I wish those who post would not use vulgarity on this site.
You don't have to cuss to get your point across. I have a neighbor's daughter with me while her mom is working and she is seeing this when I am on the site. It is disgusting and CB should have rules to follow.
NOW............I am thrilled to hear we are getting our OS upgrade. I am sure it will run fine. Verizon takes pride releasing upgrades that have no issues and to those who complain all the time will complain about anything.
So, thank you for Verizon for your constant great service and great coverage. I don't mind the wait because I know it will be the best.

The fact that the neighbor trusts their daughter with the likes of someone who uses the word "cuss" (which isn't even the proper term for what you're referring to) is even more alarming.

'1775, Amer.Eng. dialectal, 1)"troublesome person" an alteration of curse. 2)Verb meaning "to say bad words", is first recorded 1815.'

I agree with your post. However, you're just as much at fault for continuing on the site knowing she's looking over your shoulder. Have some patience and do it later, alone.

So all adults here must put up with the profanity? I think she was driving home the point that by saying there are young ones around.

Personally, I don't care either way. People who use profanity to get their point across do so because of their deficiency in the use of the language. It's not that they're stupid. They are just a product of the education system, familial contact and the influence of their chosen peer group(s).

Got a questions but I doubt you will read this, have you seen or heard of any other 5.0 builds besides the ones leaked lately? I ask because it seems like with each leak, one thing is fixed and another is lost or broken and it seems to happen on every single leak for this phone.

I own both the storm2 and tour 9630 and find that the storm2 leaks tend to get better and better with each new one but the tour just seems to be riddled with bug after bug. Maybe they honestly need to scrap their version of the tours software and start from scratch..

Just wanted your opinion if possible, Thanks

Well, it keeps the 9630 hybrid-makers in business! :p Good radio in this one, good browser with no stupid "click problems" in this guy, stable battery on this build, throw them together and stir the pot and the results seem to come out fairly well! I still won't play with them though (personal preference only).

It seems though if independent hybrid makers can put together OS files that work and really well, that RIM should be able to do even better! Lol.

You have to remember leaked builds are never meant for the public to see anyways. So, yes it's often that one thing will be broke...while others are fixed. It's the nature of the beast.

In all reality you could have multiple builds in one day to fix one single issue and have the folks at RIM not care what else gets broken in the meantime as long as that one issue gets fixed.

As for other leaks, it's pretty much a fact that leaks we see are well behind the OS' coming out of RIM. As it stands now, the OS' coming from RIM are well into the 6xx just none have leaked. Personally though, I don't have any CDMA device as a comparison of how their OS builds are.

It's about freakin' time! It's been how long since the first official OS5 release? I'm just glad that Verizon is finally releasing the big update! Can't wait! ;-)

Seems unlikely they would release it as .591 as PTT doesn't work with .591 and that was the big push for OS 5. Seems like they would call it something else by then when they add all the stuff to make it work...

Now the big question... Will we keep 1XEV sumbol or get 3G':.

What dont you get??? PTT works fine on my 9630 running .591. All you need to add is YOUR 5 BUCKS and get customer service to add it to your Service Books. Once it is pushed presto error gone.

all that means is that it was the build on the phone when they wrote the howto.. and that that that build and latter support TTT. Does not mean anything.

And yeah PTT does not work on this build since it is not available yet LOL

Actually yes it does. .548 is the only leak so far where the PTT app actually runs and doesn't error out. Like I said earlier I seriously doubt they will release .591 as the ptt app won't load. They won't fix .591 and re-release it as .591

1. I'll believe it when I see it.., too many delays from Verizon to ever believe a set release date ever again

2. Good God Verizon, .591 really?!?

This isn't exactly the longest wait in history but c'mon Verizon you can do better than this. Even .419 is better! I've been using it since yesterday and this is what I have found.

The longest reboots time EVER (worse than the Storm on OS .65) almost 10 minutes.

Browser click issue is rampant ... one of the worst builds I have seen in this regard...

Battery life is actually OK for me....

With the Storm I stopped upgrading once we got a good official but it looks like I'm gonna keep trying leaks and other carrier releases until the Tour2/Bold is released... FAIL Verizon

the longer battery life . . . the battery on my Tour is quite disappointing (as compared to my Curve)

Go ahead and ridicule me, that seems to be the trend on this thread, but I don't know what you Verizon users are talking about.

My BlackBerry Tour, on the Sprint network, runs version and it runs flawlessly. No "click" problems, and my battery life is outstanding, better than any of my friend's smartphones battery life (iPhone, Androids, WinMo, etc).

So my question to you: is this just a Verizon issue?

That's like comparing Apples to Oranges. WinMo Android, etc all have poor battery life compared to ANY BB device. We are all used to BB's and their 3 days of standby (yes, it can last 3 days with light use).

Oh and I would be careful using the word "Flawless" if I were you. There is no such thing as a flawless smartphone no matter how good they are (Droid, 9700, Tour) they have their flaws (even the almighty iPhone). When you use blanket statements like that you basically shoot your credibility in the foot... no offense ;-)

All I can say is.. WHO CARES?? LOL The only good thing about this is hopefully it will be newer than .591 for more hybrids and it will stop the daily multiple threads about when Verizon will release their official OS5!! Next it will be all the people whining about something they don't like about this "God" release of OS5.

The two prophecies by olemil that we can look forward to:

1) "stop the daily multiple threads about when Verizon will release their official OS5!!"

2) "all the people whining about something they don't like about this "God" release of OS5."

Finally tour users will shut the h311 up about an update. For months all i read is Tour babies crying about their crap phones. An update is nice but you’re still stuck with a pos.

If you don't have a Tour, why do you even care enough to have Diarrhea of the mouth? Lame and Pointless! Congrats

The Tour is not a POS just because it lacks a track pad and wifi. It works great for most of us, once we got ones with bad trackballs replaced with good ones, thank you.

I got my first BB, a Tour, Feb. 4. I've had a total system failure 4 times. It always happened during a post-download re-boot. I got the message "Reload Software: 552". Now I'm on my 4th Tour. Anyone else have this happen? I hope .591 fixes this.

I purchased my Tour in July of 2009, and I think I have seen that Reload Software 552 error 10 or 15 times, quite annoying, and usually it was right after an application update and usually always happened while I was away from my home PC and cable so I ended up with a useless phone for the day till I could get home and wipe the device clean and reload the OS. I hope it is fixed I am sick of a useless phone during the day.

I can pretty safely say that you wont have that problem as I got it many times with OS 4.7.1.xx but have never had it on any build

Does anyone know if this release will fix the custom alert issue? Right now custom alerts for messages only works when the phone is out of the holster. when you put it back in, message alerts stop working. Custom ring tones work fine in and out of the holster. This is a known issue and RIM was supposed to fix it in the next release.


To all those sitting on the fence or for whatever reason are still running 4.7, do yourself a favor and upgrade to I've been using .419 hard since relese and my 9630 runs flawlessly on it. I can't believe how much better this build is than 4.7. After that, wait a month or so and decide if you want to DL the official release. By then you'll have heard all the pros and cons of the "official" OS right here on CB and can decide if you want to use it or not. You won't be behind the power curve at all sticking with .419. Besides, the OS benefits/features of jumping from .419 to .484 or .591 are not that great anyway. My $0.02...

its monday and there is no update its is only 8:43 am so hopefully it will show up later vz dont have it on there website sooooo i dont know check back later i guess

Whether or not it holds true, it was stated in the original note that the update would be released at 11:59pm on Monday so pretty much Tuesday to most. I will just catch it tomorrow morning as I certainly won't be staying up late just in hopes to be the first.

Leave it to Verizon to say the update will be out Monday, but wait til the last possible minute of Monday to release it. Why not just wait a minute and call it Tuesday like it really is gonna be. Technically its accurate but it is doucey thing to do. Add it to the list of why VZW is the devil.

actually that's somewhat normal. BB's are used primarily for business and a lot of people catch up on stuff on Monday from over the weekend and they don't want to have these OTA updates in the middle of that. ...

Does this fix the indexing issue when you install/remove too many apps and get that stupid 502 Software error?

Please tell me it does because I really want to load the new Skype app, but I'm at my "limit"!

That issue has been fixed since at least the first 5.0 build I tried and I suspect it is a OS specific issue...

I just want my Slingbox to still work on my Tour after this upgrade. I did the .419 upgrade and my slingbox would disconnect when I would change channels.....
Anyone else us their slingbox on their tour??

Does anyone running 5.0 on their Tour now also have the Gmail Mobile App installed (not IMAP vis BIS)? With 4.7.1 the Gmail Mobile App works, but notifications don't show up under Sounds & Notifications Profile so you can't have visual or audible notifications. If that works...I might keep the Tour. Thanks.

hey verizon F.U. thanks for being dead last with an update we should have had months ago,AT&T is still kicking your A.S.S.

Okay, brand new Blackberry user--Tour my first smart phone. What do I need to do to get the upgrade? I read somewhere that Verizon will "poke" current customers with an "over the air" download. How does that work?

Thank you for the link.

Now a stupid says that a password may be required once it reboots. I don't recall setting up a password for my Tour. If I did (obviously in my sleep) where do I find it on my phone in case I need it?

It's refer to the password that you use to lock your phone. If you never set one up, you won't be needing to enter one when the phone reboots. Location Options>Password

Come on people I want my update but read what it says above! 11:59PM. Yes thats right PM stop saying its not up at 8:30 AM. YES its bs we have to wait till tue but still stop your bitching and be happy we finally got it!

ASS, I never even read the post on an update, all I read was the headline. I woke up this morning and tried to update, came home from work and tried to update, downloaded new DM, blah, blah, blah! WTF, I don't even use my Tour. Storm 2 now just for wifi, if my tour had wifi and a trackpad(hopefully this update fixes the trackball, I still believe it is all hardware)I would still have it. So tomorrow!

ASS, I never even read the post on an update, all I read was the headline. I woke up this morning and tried to update, came home from work and tried to update, downloaded new DM, blah, blah, blah! WTF, I don't even use my Tour. Storm 2 now just for wifi, if my tour had wifi and a trackpad(hopefully this update fixes the trackball, I still believe it is all hardware)I would still have it. So tomorrow!

Just finished installing; going from a leaked .230 to this and I'm bummed to be losing the 3G icon. Either than that, nothing really new to see here

I am downloading the new version but after one hour it still says download in progress download remaining 38MB and Progress 0%! Should it take this long? I need help! Anyone out there that can give some advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks! Sue

I am truly afraid to upgrade. I hate this frickin' Tour.

I'd be happy if they just fixed the ringtones: 1) so that I can actually set the ringtones on the goddamn profiles other than "Normal" and 2) so that it didn't add a custom ringtone I didn't select anytime I edit a contact.

My OS sucks, but at least it is a known evil. Who knows what shittiness this new one will drop on my head. Anyone using it can you report if you regret it?

I have to agree that Verizon is always behind the curve when it comes to phones and OS releases but I put up with it because of the outstanding network reliability! Now with my brown nosing finished...I performed the update via my desktop manager the morning after the release...I fell in love with the threaded SMS and the overall speeds of the phone...then on Saturday I received a tiny error message that said to return the phone to a retailer for repairs. How could this be, I didn't do anything to deserve this?! So I call customer support, she says that any phone that was updated via over air update...WILL crash and be bricked! I was apparently the first person she had heard of that updated via the desktop manager and crashed. She said I would never get it to work again and shipped me a new one.

I couldn't be without my BB for four days so I decided to play. I plugged it in to my PC and found out I could restore to the previous version. It worked surprisingly it worked. Being the geek that I am I wanted to figure out what I tried to load the upgrade again...error immediately so I downgraded again. Anyone have any ideas???? Thanks.

A problem with this rollout is that it appears to interfere with the functioning of Bluetooth links to various automobile sound systems. I have been unable to get help with this: (1) car maker says, "not our problem"; (2) Verizon says, "RIM problem"; and (3) RIM says, "Tough luck -- and it is not possible to "roll back" to version 4.7."

A problem with this rollout is that it appears to interfere with the functioning of Bluetooth links to various automobile sound systems. I have been unable to get help with this: (1) car maker says, "not our problem"; (2) Verizon says, "RIM problem"; and (3) RIM says, "Tough luck -- and it is not possible to "roll back" to version 4.7."