Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 On Its Way Out

By Bla1ze on 9 Apr 2010 07:58 pm EDT
Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 On It's Way Out

Sad day for BlackBerry Tour owners. Alright, maybe not that sad since it means the BlackBerry Bold 9650 is moving in but it's still kind of odd to see a device reach EOL so early on a carrier. As BerryScoop advises the BlackBerry Tour 9630 will be reaching EOL in June. Of course, that doesn't mean they will be ripped off the shelves never to be seen again but it does mean Verizon will not be ordering any more of that model. With the 9630 reaching EOL in June, that puts us right in line for an official announcement of the Bold 9650 at WES I'd think.

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Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 On Its Way Out


I don't know how RIM can expect to hold onto market share when other manufacturers are leaving them in the dust.

Apple is gearing up for the next iPhone with an OS refresh just prior to (though I hate the evil AT&T and would probably NEVER own an iPhone because of it), and both Sprint and Verizon are gearing up to welcome a host of HTC and Samsung, Android-based phones that make BlackBerry SmartPhones look like Fisher-Price toys.

I loved my T-Mobile Curve 8320 and the upgrade to the 8900, though the 8900. When T-Mo's signal took a dive where I live, I eventually moved over to Sprint and the Tour 9630 and that's when the nightmare began. Overheating, slow OS, spinning clock, trackball, trackball, trackball and now a loose micro-USB connector. The battery cover ALWAYS was loose and the once fabulously smooth "bold-style" keyboard now squeaks like a 20 year-old bed.

So, waiting a year for RIM to "enhance" the Tour with a trackpad and wifi, when it should've had BOTH features from the start doesn't impress me in the least.

So from the image above it claims the Tour 9630 + non camera. Does this mean that the camera version I just got last October will not be getting the axe?

Wow Verizon. At least you could wait to kill it until it's a year old! How about a trade-up program for Nexus One? :o)

Does this mean no more software updates after June?

My dad bought his Tour a few months ago (December 09), same time I did.
He bought it from Best Buy and also purchased extended warranty at that time. A month ago, (~March 2010) he went to get an exchange for it, as the trackball was acting up; Best Buy offered him a Bold 9700 instead, as the 9630's had been discontinued, and the store stock was at 0. Maybe it's just in Canada.. but this article is old news.

How could they replace it with a Bold 9700? That's a GSM device and wouldn't work on the Verizon network...or whatever CDMA network you have up there.

I'd like to think they'll do the same as they did with the Storm owners, but I'm doubting it. I couldn't have stayed with my Samsung u740 a little longer. Oh no. I just had to have a new phone. *sigh*

It says that the "non camera" ones are EOL. It says nothing about the ones with the camera. So it doesn't seem like the tour with the camera is EOL

I noticed that it says "Tour 9630 + non camera." does that actually mean both models (with or without camera) are discontinued?

Does this mean that the bold 9650 will be released before that, or at the same time as the tours EOL. I'm thinking we will see it in early May. Any thoughts bla1ze?

I'm predicting an announcement at WES of the 9650, roll through to Mid may and see a release. Then, from there..Tour 9630 sell through of remaining stock.

in the works. All of this stuff is just stasis. If they don't put the Talladega and Dakota out there by summer, they're going to suffer serious defections among the casual and consumer BB users wwhen the new iPod drops, I hate to say. The first 9000 users on AT&T start becoming eligible for upgrades in July.

What about replacements? Do I get another refab or do I get updated to the 9650? It would be nice to get my 9630 replaced with the 9650.

highly unlikely will get a better phone.. Just wishful thinking... They usually have years of support.. Heck they still sell the pearl lol..

So the nightmare is coming to an end. Good! I wouldn't want anybody else to experience the already well known frustrations that come w. owning a tour. I just hope support continues so I don't feel like a complete jackass for outright purchasing this phone at full retail price when it was first released. As for any future RIM announcements at WES I'll be tuned in but if they read these blogs I'd like to make an announcement of my own: Iphone OS4 is looking pretty damn good and so are the nexus one a handful of these other smartphones on the market. With the expanding popularity of twitter and apps that share sms/mms group messaging across platforms losing BBM is no longer that big of a deal. So in other words, Shape up, or watch the masses ship out.

So Verizon just recently gave the Tour 5.0, with PTT and backup assistant, and now they are gonna drop the phone. What about Storm 1. I am still waiting for my PTT and backup assistant.

In June my phone will be one year old. Does that mean I'm stuck with a EOL phone for a year before I can upgrade without buying back my contract??????????????????????????

I think this so funny, you tour owners are gonna be feeling like storm owners, left out in the cold, wait and see if I'm wrong. They dropped you the 5.0 update to pacify you, and that's it, no more updates cause the Tour 2, Bold 9650 as their calling it, well get all the attention. I'm so done with RIM, android based phones are looking better the more and more RIM keeps doing this to folks. HelloHTC Incredible here I come.

The track pad killed the Tour 9630 in my opinion! They didn't have to change the name though.

Good thing I can live with my 9630 for the time being. My upgrade for VZW is in May, but will wait until my 9630 dies. The upgrade will wait until that day, and then RIM will probably have something even better out by then.

That Verizon seems to be the carrier with the trouble? First the storm, released in a poor state and replaced in about a year. Now the Tour (per the post above) released in a poor state and replaced in about a year... Hmm.

that the only phones on verizon that ever seem to be an issue are the blackberries? If you're going to try and bash a carrier maybe you should be a little bit more specific about what the problems are. I'm loyal to VZ and I'm also loyal to BB but you're just being a little harsh now.

As many will attest, VZW seemingly asked for a touch Berry and then rushed RIM to get it done. With the Tour, there were solid rumors of the Tour with WiFi and TP before the 9630 was in the market. I'm curious as to how much VZW pushes RIM for these devices rather than letting RIM fully develop the idea first. I'm not sure RIM is to blame for these things.

if you already own a tour then who cares if it will be EOL? it isn't like the phone is going to implode into dust in your hands. What does it matter? Your phone isn't going to change.

*sigh* the problem with RIM isn't the phones or the company---it is their (mostly) stupid fan base. What is so wrong with RIM/BB? what do other smartphones do that most other BB's can't?

I have a tour. I haven't had any problems with it. Easily the best phone I've ever owned. The 5.0 update only made is better.

And why were tour owners ripped off? if you bought it, then you KNEW THAT IT WOULD'T HAVE WIFI OR A TRACK PAD SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BITCHING ABOUT NOT HAVING IT? Jesus christ. WiFi isn't even that important. Without a doubt that most people who have wifi phones never even frickin use it. I've owned a wifi phone in the past used the wifi maybe twice the entire life of the phone. whatever. I'm done with this site; I can't take all the fucking bitching.

VZW Told me NO phones will have wifi on them anymore....guess that was just a lie to get me to buy.

Less then 7 months old and its replaced by the same basic device just problems sorted.

Its obvious the first Tour had issues, RIM admits this by making a newer revised their little way of not admitting they sold a CRAP phone they change the name. They also get out of replacing the original by calling it something else.

Not pleased at all.

You will care when OS leaks are no longer released for your device, or 3rd party app won't support the device.

I have owned a 9630 since it was released. Have had to replace the unit twice because of a defective trackball. Have depended on OS leaks since day 1 to make it run at a level which I deem acceptable. For me, it's not about the WIFI or trackpad, it's about RIM's commitment to me as a customer, to support the device for more than 1 year. I'm not about to replace my phone, but I am concerned that in a year's time no more OS leaks will come my way. Also concerned about 3rd party app support.

Only had to return one Tour for the trackball, and that was at 30 days. I still feel its a great device. I'm sure this means no more updates unless some other carrier is still interested in updating. I'm pretty much addicted to messing with my OS wheter it be official, leaked, or hybrid. I don't wanna be stuck running the .419 radio forever, so I'll likely upgrade to the new Bold just so I can keep getting my fix. Now here's hoping we get some kind of deal, whether it be an early upgrade or whatever.

I'm on my 9th Tour since July and I am completely SICK of constantly reinstalling everything. That POS should have been kill after the first month.

I haven't had any of the major problems commonly associated with the Tour (my battery cover is a little loose, but who cares). Running .484 (.419?? who knows) official from whomever released it and it's been running like a dream.

The trackball sticks maybe once a month, but I just blow on it and it's fixed.

Do I wish RIM waited a couple of months so they could have released the 9630 with a trackpad & wifi? Sure. But my Tour is doing everything I need it to do.

By the time my upgrade is here (Aug 2011) I'm hoping the LTE iphone is release on VZW. I'd at least feel better about the flagship device having an EOL in 1 year if it was happening to everyone (all the same phone).

cant believe a year has gone by and theres still no measurable improvement from RIM. oh wait we have BBM barcodes...

For those who have never experienced any issues with their Tours, lucky you. Between me and the wife, we've gone through a total of seven (7) devices in six months not as a result of abuse or third party application overload. Believe me it could have easily been nine Tours but we surrendered. We got tired of committing time and energy returning to Verizon and or reinstalling data on replacement phones. Rather than kill a device only a year into its release to make way for the next best thing (wifi and a track pad otherwise the same phone....seriously?) I'd like to see RIM reward and value their existing customers stuck with flawed devices by immediately addressing heavily reported issues and spending more time testing devices prior to their release.

When april 29 comes I'm dumping my tour for the htc incredible...yeah I'm paying full retail for it but it will be worth it. My email account is with gmail so email won't be an issue for me. I only have 15 bbm contacts but I have all their numbers. The android market place has more apps anyway so I think this move will be the best for me. Not to mention the browser being better. Good luck whenever webkit comes out...

I've always wanted to know this, when a phone does reach its death, sale death that is, does it stop getting software updates from the carrier?

I've got the 8900 on TMO and have had it since pre-sale, Jan 09. Before it sold, I had dld 2 leaked OSes. The official TMO OS is still 4.6.1. But even tho they've axed it, leaked OSes are still popping up. I don't know that anyone else has dropped it tho: ATT, Rogers, or other world carriers. When did we see the last 4.5 update for an 83 or 81?

So the device goes EOL prior to the 1 year warranty even being up. Thats odd, i wonder if they give early upgrade discounts to the new bold?

The only things I would change is the trackball to trackpad, and add Wi-Fi. With the new software update, my tour is working great. I'll miss it (Eventually, when I upgrade in Nov.)

I love my Tour. I've had it since September, and had zero problems with it. 7 different people I know all got Tours after me, and none of them have had a single problem with theirs either (half vzw, half sprint). Unless you were part of the early adopters (with the trackball issues), those that claim to have had to return 5, 7, 9 times.... I really wonder how many times they have returned other phones.

I wanted the pad when I first heard about it, but all my friends with other BBs with it, miss the ball, so I figure I'm not missing out on much. And the wifi, I think I would find useful for the FB app which is slow as molasses, but other than that, I'd probably never think to turn it on.

I'll hold out for when they release a touch screen with physical keyboard.

So will Verizon offer any smartphones without cameras after this? That was the main reason my wife and I got the 9630.