Unofficial Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Pricing

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2009 03:18 pm EDT
Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Pricing

And again the BlackBerry Storm2 tipsters strike. This time, Engadget got sent in the image above that shows pricing information on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 and once again further confirms the October 28th launch date.

Unofficial Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Pricing:

  • 2 year: $279.99*
  • 1 year: $349.99*
  • Full Retail: $539.99
  • * = Price before $100 Mail-in Rebate
So after the mail-in rebate, we're talking $179.99 for the BlackBerry Storm2 on a 2-year contract. And let's no forget about the rumored BOGO deal. If that holds true, it will be TWO BlackBerry Storm2s $179.99. Keep your fingers crossed. Let's also hope they provide an incentive to BlackBerry Storm1 owners to upgrade at a reasonable rate.

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Unofficial Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Pricing


Well, coming from big RED i doubt it. Or you wait till you qualify for annual upgrade or wait for your regular upgrade date.

I dont know guys .. the Droid ad's are looking pretty catchy right about now. Atleast I know for sure that phone is coming out. Patience for the S2 is slowly dying.

This IS the date it will be released. I just spoke to a customer service rep from verizon, which is a credible source-or is it? Anyway, she said it would be available the 28th but prices are not available yet.

While an actual Verizon rep could be a credible source, there are so many people around here claiming "I just talked to so-and-so" that it becomes impossible to believe. That, combined with the flood of "proof" documents which all look fake due to various errors just makes everything look too suspicious to believe.

If its any true, any customer service or corporate store reps that tell you when a device will be out are just taking a risk of getting fired because they are not allow to disclose such information.

out of their rabbit azz mind.

If this is too pricey just imagine the Canadian prices. Telus will rip us off.

Honestly I don't think these prices are real. The Storm 1 has a bad press. I Rim or a carrier wants this to sell they will lower the prices.

I just called Verizon. i asked about the BOGO. she said that only if both lines are eligible for upgrade is how you can get 2 storm2's. and yes! she slipped and did not correct me when i asked about the storm2. hahahaha. Ninja skills!

Ok I admit I owned the Storm 1 and returned it 2 weeks later because it sucked. I however took it back within the 30 days. Why do the Storm 1 owners think they should get anything as far as discounts. You purchased the phone and decided to keep it, that IS NOT Verizons problem.

I love the people that come out of the woodwork to criticize any Storm owner that even hints that they should get even a marginal discount to upgrade...why do you care?

Did Iphone early adopters get some kind of discount or incentive when the upgrade showed up a year later? I thought that they did.

When you have the CEO of Verizon coming out and saying that the Storm 2 is what the Storm should have been, I think that shows that at least some conversation should include a discount to those that purchased the Storm thinking the same thing.

Hmmm so $179.00 after rebate and also I have a $50.00 VIP discount.. $129.00 sounds sweet to me.. Cant wait.. I may even go with the 1 year price for $199.00 with my VIP card.. Heck why get stuck with it for 2 years.. LOL

im in the same boat as you. i think with vip discount the one yr is worth it. Question: does that mean you get a full upgrade after that year is up?

I believe I jumped the gun on that one.. The VIP card is for a 2 year upgrade contract..

$50 off any new phone or PDA every year with a TWO YEAR RENEWAL..

How does that work? I know Verizon gave me VIP status this year, but I'm not aware of any discount. Tell me more....

as a VIP member you get like 10% of anything you buy at a verizon store. On top of that, you get additional discounts on your phone. From my understanding you get 50 of after a year (your early upgrade) and you get 100 off if you upgrade after 2 years. Correct me if im wrong...

I get a corporate discount of 25% off accessories right now. I received an email earlier this year saying I was a VIP and I think a mailer, too. I just googled the vip program and there is a link to login to the VIP site.

My number did not work so maybe I need to sign up? I'll call after the launch to see what's up.

Im ready for the Storm2. i didnt give into the Storm1 and im really glad i did. Im lookin at 279.00, mail in for 100.00, and 100.00 for my new every 2. so im thinking im gonna from 79.00 and be done. but im not too sure it will play out, verizon will change something and screw me some how... i know they will, but we will see.

I got S1 for $25 last year between those same discounts and the RIM trade-up program. It can happen.

I went to Verizon today 10/23/2009 and talked to a rep. He said they got a whole shipment in last week and they were supposed to be released on the 21st of October. EVERY speaker in the batch was bad/broken. Makes me think that ALL EVERYWHERE were the same way. They are resending them out for a new launch next week.

I hope these are good to go. My 30 days is up on the 29th of Oct.


I really wish Verizon could quit doing that "misleading" BOGO deal. I am sure it is not what half of people think (ones who think they could sell one to somebody else). How many people can take advantage from it.... Verizon reps really start rolling their eyes and look down at us like "don't you get it, idiots." NO I DON'T.

"Let's also hope they provide an incentive to BlackBerry Storm1 owners to upgrade at a reasonable rate."
If this were to be true I'd jump on that bandwagon faster than you could say, "Can you hear me now?"

Well, the pre and the storm will both be different than your treo. You are talking a gamble asking what the difference between the two is on a blackberry site, you are bound to get responses in favor of the storm. I would recommend you go to and look around. Read precentral's review and also look for an article describing features they would like to see in future versions of webOS (to get an idea of what may currently be missing). Read reviews of the storm/storm2 here. Also go to your local verizon and sprint stores and test both devices out. If you need to, use your 30-day return period to get additional testing.

There is no real way to give you a concise overview, but I'll try anyway :) Both devices are nice devices, but they have different "personalities". I'll give you a quick list of pros and cons for each device, and then try to explain what I mean by personalities.

Pre pros:
- An intuitive, flashy, and fun to use user interface.
- A very capable webkit based browser with multitouch zooming.
- 8GB of builtin storage.
- The optional touchstone charger is very cool.
- Synergy, which pulls in contacts from facebook and google.
- Advanced multitasking capabilities.
- A well designed, non-intrusive notification system.
- A passable slide out full qwerty keyboard.
- Aol IM support (yahoo and google may be coming soon)

Pre cons:
- Limited app selection, but the app selection is rapidly expanding.
- Limited battery life.
- Limited push technology.
- No expandable storage.
- No facebook application (yet), although the pre supports facebook's web site well (even facebook chat), and you can leave it running in the background.
- No autofocus on the camera (although this makes taking pictures take less time)

Storm/storm2 pros:
- Surepress. I like surepress, some do not. Surepress has been greatly improved on the storm2.
- Good battery life.
- Support for up to 32GB sized microSD cards.
- Push email.
- Advanced messaging capabilities (mms, sms, aol, yahoo, google, msn)
- Multitasking.

Storm/storm2 cons:
- Surepress. As I said, some don't like it.
- Limited application memory (storm: 128mb, storm2: 256mb)
- Limited web browser (it is a capable browser though)
- Aging OS and user interface.
- The original storm does not have wifi (the storm2 does)

Personality wise, the storm is a blackberry at heart. The storm excels at getting stuff done and getting it done fast. The storm has decent media capabilities and application support, but it is not really a "fun" device at it's core. The storm is great for communicating, whether it is via email, sms, mms, BBM, aol, yahoo, google, twitter, facebook (but not facebook chat), or msn.

The Pre is a mix between a work device and a fun device. It has a fancy, fun, and functional user interface, but it can also do an adequate job managing your email and calender. It features a capable media player and a good solid web browser. The pre is great for browsing the web.

There are not really many capabilities that one device has over the other, so I wouldn't just use the spec sheets to make my decision. Also keep in mind that both devices are constantly improving as RIM and Palm release new software updates. While the storm may have a lacking web browser now, a year or two from now, this will have improved. Also, while there is currently no facebook app for the pre and a limited app selection, a year from now, things will be different.

I hope that helped. It wasn't as concise as I would have liked, but you asked a very complex question. It was the best I could do :)

You rock!
While that may not have been as concise as you would have liked (though i would say its pretty darn concise!) but by far the nicest gesture i've seen on forums in awhile. Kudos to you my friend!

It comes WITH the 16GB memory card... Seeing as that is probably a SanDisk card, you're looking at between $60 and $75 for that ALONE. :)

Ya, I'm not feeling the inclination to buy this phone even at the upgrade price esp with the new update for the storm 1, now if they did do an upgrade incentive, then I might consider it. ... Oh the life of awesome, and not so awesome phones

The storm 2 will be released on the 28th. i talked to a rep for 30 min after reading all of these post because i didnt think it was true. as far as the bogo deal he said that the s2 is not on it but it could change after the release. you cant preoder them i tried. i hope this helps im excited!!!!!

hey can anyone give me any information on the differences between the upcomming verizon droid and the storm 2??

my biggest concern is push the droid capable of me adding lets say my yahoo email AND schools email to the device so that my emails come straight to me like they do with my current blackberry??

if anyone has any information it will be greatly appreciated

email me at with your answer

thank you

I just got back from my Verizon Store and the employees were talking about the Storm2 coming out "Soon". I asked one if he had been trained on the phone yet and he confirmed he had. He wouldn't give an exact release date, however.