Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Launching October 28th According to Launch .pdf and Updated Intranet Blog Post

BlackBerry Storm2 Launching October 28th
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Oct 2009 07:25 pm EDT

Now this looks promising! In the past few minutes two big things have happened that point to Verizon launching the BlackBerry Storm 9550 on October 28th:

1. Member DonNguyen posted a Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 launch document in the forums, that goes through the device in detail and points to the October 28th date. BE SURE TO CHECK THIS OUT... we're talking Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 stuff in detail. See Forum Post | View .pdf

2. Our pal big-g just sent in the photo above snapped from the ever-popular Verizon intranet blog showing an update to the BlackBerry Storm2 post that also points to the October 28th launch date.

Hopefully this means the BlackBerry Storm2 is back on track to getting announced and will be available for purchase soon.

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Enjoy-! All who can get it! I have to wait another year... probably better in the long-run though!!!

Haha ya youre prob right I gotta wait too...Storm 3 will be out by then or sumthin


how do you know there will be a version 3


Storm2's OS and UI, and Browser are still no good as the first gen iPhone. RIM can't even catch up with UI and Safari on a 2-year old iPhone. Who knows what's cooking in Cupertino, perhaps HD video. How about take a picture of your check deposit and have it posted real-time same day without ever going to the bank...there's an app for that.

And then there's the upcoming Droid a supposedly iPhone-killer which at least closely matches iPhone's functionality and browser.

So why release a Storm2 with same old same old UI and Browser. You have not even fixed the flopped Storm 1.

How many times we have to tell RIM, it's the software stupid!

Freeze Gopher

Is this real or wishful thinking? Place your bets!


this is far from being real


As much as I want to believe it, I'm not sure I do. The photo on the first page is the Storm, not the Storm2. Most of the pictures through the rest of the document also show the original Storm as well. That kinda ruins my hopes...


I am looking at the actual web page that is in the photo. We also have email confirmation that this is the release date. Also, the picture is indeed the storm2. You cannot see too well, cus the bottom is cut out, but if you notice on the side, the volume control key is BLACK, not SILVER!!


grrrr i am so conflicted.. storm2 or droid? I have a tour now but want a touchscreen phone again... i think...

I wish vzw made it easy to switch in between phones because then id just get a driod and switch between that and my tour whenever i wanted to...


seems like we've heard this before...


Did anyone else notice on the .pdf that they have a picture of the Storm 1?? It's got the buttons seperate from the screen, hang up button isn't upside down, and no wi-fi on the screen. Can't Verizon get anything right? Oh yeah, the Droid...


buttons on side are also chrome... storm 2 their black


the picture is indeed the storm2. You cannot see too well, cus the bottom is cut out, but if you notice on the side, the volume control key is BLACK, not SILVER!!

Uncle Rico

Why won't Verizon officially announce the release date??? So lame!! The iPhone is sounding better and better each day...that's right...I said it!


iphone does sound great... it at&t that doesnt


the iphone is all hype it to has had and still does have software issues. Just think about not upgrading your memory and not being able to use a spare battery

The Gift

Is not really that big a deal... in the two years of owning a blackberry, infact in the many years of owning ANY mobile... I have NEVER needed to swap/buy/pack extra batteries.


people are never gonna learn!

Se7enth Sinn

what does price before$100VMIR mean?


It's the price before the Mail in rebate


The Blackberry 9550 will come out 10/28. The price is $279.99 with a $100 MIR. I work for Verizon and they just advised us of this.


Anyone heard of the BOGO offer for release?


Seriously, I think this price will kill the phone.

Nearly $300 with a two year contract and I've lost all interest in trying to get an upgrade on my Storm 1, especially after the latest OS release.

$199 and I would've went for it, but $279 and I can wait.

EDIT: I see we were both wrong. $179 is a great price. Calling my rep tomorrow!


It's not 279. It's 179. 279 is before the 100 mail in rebate.


yeah but you still have to come up with $280 upfront and wait 2-4 weeks to get the rebate in the form of a gift card


cheeper than storm 1 @ launch.. it was 299 w/ 100 mir


Why does it say September in the upper left corner? Isn't this an old post? How reliable is this?


do you think they posted this today. its from Verizon's internal internet (called intranet).This was posted on there internal system on Sept 29


This was originally posted on Sept 28, but has been updated several times since.

Hence the "*UPDATE" in the title.


like I said... $279.99.. then you get a mail in rebate for $100. If you place the order online then its a instant rebate.. Online price will be $179


yes, same in store for corporate accounts


I just can't wait, as much as I should, I'm going in and paying retail for the S2, unless they take my 5 replacements into account which I'm pretty sure they will :-P


I'm in the same boat! I'm on my 5th Storm and I've had it since February...When I called to get my 5th one they offered me a Tour for no charge but I declined it knowing the Storm2 was right around the corner. Isn't it true if the equipment is replaced more than 3 times in a year then you have the option to switch devices?


My storm crapped out on me again.. Went to VZW store. And the rep was like ill order u one then if that one doesn't work we'll put u in another device .. Lol .. I will be swappin for the storm 2 or that Imagio sounds kinda nice.. And did anybody notice on bestbuy website they are offering the storm free with contract. Lol maybe S2 will be out next week.. Lol


if you have multiple issues with your storm 1 and it gets swapped out 2 or more times within 90 days, they will swap for a tour. No word yet if they will swap for a 9550


How about if you had your Storm swapped out 5 times and your 5th one is worse than the first one and it has only been about 7 months!?


maybe you are just picky. I have two Storm's on my account and have NEVER had an issue with either one


I am picky but:
Storm 1 - Reset randomly at least 3 times a day
Storm 2 - Reset randomly at least 4 times a day (I'm not making this up)
Storm 3 - Reset randomly and had a bad LCD (it would flicker and the black had an orange tint)
Storm 4 - People said I sounded like I was under water, no service/dropped calls in my house where my wife's Verizon phone was perfect, the speakerphone would turn on by itself (no I would not press the button with my face) while it was charging if I answered a call
Storm 5 - It has started to randomly reset again, same speakerphone problem while charging, at least once a day I try to use the dial pad to call someone and the screen is unresponsive. I can touch any other button but the numbers and people are starting to tell me they hear like every other word I am saying.

Bottom line, I am picky but come on this is ridiculous and I use to work at Best Buy Mobile for 4 years so I know a lot about phones. My 2 friends are both on their 4th Storms with similar issues. Looks like you got lucky my friend! Congrats!


I don't think its luck I have seven friends with them same thing no hardware issues. sounds like software issues


you probably should upgrade your phone to the latest bundle before turning it into the store. Resets are almost certainly sw issues. It could even be the 3rd party apps causing them.


does anyone have a storm 1 for sale


I will sale you mine for $279


I just got off the phone with the sales assistant, and she informed me that this date is highly unlikely because they have yet to receive anything at all concerning the storm 2, except training. That being said i hope the date is right. Also, whats up with the droid? Does it go toe to toe with a blackberry?


If you know anything Verizon rep's usually are the last to know about anything concerning devices


if this is pulling my leg like the rest of them, i might not have enough fuel in the tank to have my heart broken again :(


the s2 is comin out the 25th. a sales specialist from verizon who is a crackberry member confirmed this. also a best buy manager in rogers a.rk plus this pdf looks fake.


All of this makes no sense we have not seen a single add yet. Regardless of the crackberry hype verizon wants people to know about what they have. Plus no one has said anything about if the storm passed the technical acceptance yet.


watch for commercials two or three days prior to its release

and do you think every little piece of info is leaked be real


Clearly me saying that this is wrong means i think it's real. Think about it your the lead man in an advertising group for a huge product. How are you gonna market it, oh i got it three days before it comes out lets put out a commercial. While the droid's commercial is out a month before it's release. Wow black you really know the advertising business thank you for your wise insight.


It doesn't have to make sense to you or me but all involved know it will sell either way. And not everything has to have a commercial months prior to its release .


i spoke to verizon on the phone and they told me the phone has passed the technical test. that is why when u ask they will tell u it is in the coming soon stage


I just got an email from my VZW Business rep saying that it'll be released on Oct. 28th!!


Let me know, how the Storm part 2 works out. I refuse to get all hyped up unlike the first go around. I wont be making that mistake twice. I am on this fence between this and the Droid.


I talked to the Verizon rep today and he said that it will come out next week around the end of the week. The rep also told me that they aren't getting trained on the phone.


don't listen to any verizon rep who isnt a berry addict, most are temps and have no clue what they are talking about, just got off the phone with tier 3 tech support due to an open trouble ticket, he not only validated that the document is accurate he is providing me with a mutli exchange... so i get 3 storm2's at no charge no contract extention. only prob is i can only get one exhange in store the rest will be mailed... oh well!


my rep is full time employee


and the price! Damn! im starting to second guess the storm and thinking the Droid....

* Bummed... :( *


I've lost all interest in the Storm already. :(


That is the first day of the World Series. I have been saying all along that they would use that to promote the phone.


I agree! I've been telling my people that it would come out during the MLB Playoffs/World Series especially since BlackBerry is sponsoring the post season and have been showing that commercial without any phones, it seemed too coincidental. This could be a great day (the 28th): Get a Storm2 and the Phillies trying to repeat!!!!


The night before I purchased my Tour, I saw alot of posts about Best Buy giving the rebate out instantly and at a lower price. Called the next morning at opening and they were, told them to hold one, and I had a new tour for $149.99 as an upgrade. That's $50 off the normal cost plus $70 off instantly. Good odds they'll do it again.


Why does the first page of the .pdf file posted here show the Storm 9530 picture? Is this an accident or a fake? I'll believe it when I see it anyway. The October 21st date was a let down. Should have seen it coming anyway. : (

When VZ says it's here, it's here. : D


someone wants to trick all of us so bad they made a 29 page pdf file?


Yes, I know, 1XEV is 3G, what I'm saying is they are apparently changing the way the phone shows it. This would certainly stop the hundreds of "My phone won't get 3G" questions on CrackBerry ;-)


that sucks strom was out last year in Nov. not even a year.

I see that it says you will be able to talk and get data at the same time when your connected via wifi. This is prob. a stupid question, but what does that really mean and whats the advantage to that, i mean, while you ate talking aren't you just talking... why would you need to also be able to get data?

any help would be awesome! Tanks!


All signs are pointing to this release date, as I mentioned earlier this week when the plastic dummies came out, this WILL launch the 28th


I still think there are a handful of signs pointing to early-mid November. I'd *love* an Oct. 28 release date. Heck, I'd love a TODAY release date. But at this point my skepticism is telling me sometime in Nov.

another week.... :: sigh:: it's worth it if the product works right out of the gate i guess...


I just called into Verizon VIP about a button on my Storm 1 not working. They confirmed I could wait until Wednesday and they would ship me the Storm2!

this person does not own a blackberry, but bashes on why we should not get one. He says, he "FEELS BAD" for people who own one.
leave a comment on his blog defending your position! no account required.