Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Commercial!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Oct 2009 10:53 am EDT

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 Commercial!


Ahh...tons of apps? How about 100,000 apps.

New OS? It's not even as good as first gen iphone more than two years ago.

Good luck. Here's hoping you don't make a second mistake.

wuhuuuuuu, hardcore to see that verizon is bringing At&t into play - 5 times as fast as at&t haha. i never saw comparing adverts before ;)

False advertising to the fullest. "Tons of Apps"????
Yeah right, tons of crappy, overpriced terrible looking apps is more like it. Ultra responsive? Freakin retarded...

I'll have you know, i picked up my storm2 this morning and it does switch from portrait to landscape that fast! its literally INSTANT! ask me to prove it!

Just because he hasn't designed any apps doesn't mean he can't say the apps are crappy compared to what is available on other platforms. Especially when the commercial is making such claims.

the apps that are available for blackberry are a joke when compared to those that are available for the iPhone, also there is no way that the screen changes that fast though it does seem that the processor dominates the original

I dont know how it will perform in my hands but i gotta say that is the coolest commercial for a phone i have ever seen and now i want it bad!

They're really saying "tons of apps" -- after iTunes App Store just reached 100K apps?! The factual pros of the Storm2 are good enough.

No where in the 30 sec clip did they say "Tons more then the iPhone". As it is right now there is probably close to if not over 1000 apps in our app store. NO clearly that is not as many as the iPhone but no one claimed it was. They merely said a ton and that we do have.

My point is that RIM shouldn't have used a quantifying term regarding apps because Apple is unmatched there. A different approach would've been less likely to invite comparison. For example: Apple touts the iPhone's 3G network speed, but knows better than to draw attention to AT&T's inferior 3G coverage.

True. I guess they have to use the buzzword that catches the most attention. It just doesn't seem smart for RIM to boast in an area where Apple dominates -- at least from a quantity standpoint.

"RIM" is not the one boasting that it has tons of apps, Verizon is. There are tons of apps available for BlackBerry. There aren't many available in App World but there are tons of apps out there. But I prefer quality of apps over quantity. Sure Apple has over 100000 apps but how many of those are fart apps or nonsense apps? A TON! I have all of the apps I need on my BlackBerry. Any current BB can run circles around the iPhone in almost all areas (everyone knows the browser isn't even close though hopefully it's much better with OS 5.0).

ok it might not have as many apps as the iphone but how many of the iphone are duplicates if not more, how many does rim not allow because they don't want to, im sorry it is a great commercial it got your attention and it will stay in your head, its whole purpose....btw why not U2 as the music???

rim is really churning these blackberrys out before christmas...i went to the store...i tried the storm2 and i'm sticking with my storm1 for now...not a big difference from what i already have.

Actually, that's a pretty accurate representation of the switching from portrait to landscape. I did it with my phone (Storm 1 w/ 5.0.328 comparing it to the commercial, and it's pretty darned quick.

I'm happy to have OS 5.0 on my phone. Hope the OS 5.0 and Storm 2 redeems RIM's messups with the Storm 1

I have the Storm 1, but it is really hard to see me liking the STORM2 over the Droid. 11/6 I think I'll have the Droid... I think the timing of this release so close to the awesome looking Droid might hurt it somewhat ..

I never had the storm 1 and this is mu upgrade from a pearl and this phone is awesome. !!! i think the driod is ugly, this phone rocks. Now i need to buy cool stuff.

I agree; Droid is one ugly device! It looks like what a cellphone would have looked like in the 70s, had they existed.

i kept hearing about how the droid would be much better so i googled it... wtf?? that is one ugly phone! looks like one of those LG phones with gay names...

May be ugly, but it trumps the storm in "EVERY" single way imaginable. In fact it trumps anything RIM has to offer...

It's obvious that there aren't very many Motorola fans these days. They haven't had a hit since '04. However, read the reviews people. The Droid handset is hot! The build is solid. Oh, and it has a screen that blows away what 3GS.

Not to mention that the Droid is also the 1st phone to offer FREE TURN BY TURN NAV with street view & sat nav all the while including voice activation at the same time! There's no freebie app for that on I-Phone!

That's a great commercial...I'm quite impressed! Like drPheta I put my Storm 1 up to the video and my rotation speed was just about the same as the Storm in the commercial. And as far as apps go, "tons" is pretty generic, so there's no false advertising there either. As far as I'm concerned there really are "tons" of apps for the Storm. True there are technically more for the iPhone, but most of them are just 50 different variations of the same thing.

The perfect storm...that no one saw...

gg RIM/Verizon

Also, "Tons of Apps"....WTF??? Sure, App World has a few, the only question is how many of those are readily usable on the Storm 2??

Listen you Iphone slappys. at&t is pathetic in my area. Sad that you patrol the Blackberry site to get your digs in. Why aren't you playing with you 1 million apps right now? Storm 2 has two great things going for it.
1) It is not on the at&t network
2) It is a Blackberry

That is good enough for me. Also, does anyone remember when Apple was running commercials non-stop for 6 months this year then all of a sudden they launch the 3GS? Screw you losers who bought in to the slower crap just prior. No thanks, Verizon service is the best. I will be ready for the Verizon Iphone in two years.

"Storm 2 has two great things going for it.
1) It is not on the at&t network
2) It is a Blackberry"

I think I love you for this. =] especially the first reason

They can't help it, Apple fanboys can't stand the idea that they may not have the latest maintstream, everyone-has-one, oh-its-so-pretty, device.

What I love the most is the fact that none of them realize that operating systems since Windows 3.1 has had the ability to multitask. What kind of "Smartphone" can't even do something so basic? oh right, they're called iPhones now... "smartphones" no, "overpriced toys", much more like it.

No this time big red, I'm not going to sign 2yr contract for the same crap I already have. I went to this morning just to check storm 2 and I scream " you lie." the only improvement is typing. it's not worth your money.

Will be interesting to see what Droid does for VZW, especially for BB who crave the Iphone. And then announcement today that VZW may be selling Iphone in 2010. What does all that mean for BB Storm 2? Guess time will tell, but my guess is many Storm users would leap over to one or the other given a choice (RIM has not been endearing to BB Storm users).

2010 probably not for the iPhone, Droid is very tempting only because it is something new and different, but at the end of the day you need to step back and take a look at what you need in a phone. For me the Blackberry delivers!! The Storm 1 and the Storm 2 is not something you pick up and enjoy right away. Although that would be nice, you need to tough it out and get used to it and make it work for you.

Apps are software, and a ton is a unit of weight; therefore, the ton is not a correct measurement for the amount of apps thus showing how dumb Verizon actually is

That wallpaper does come with the Storm2. Also the Whale Tail and Canyon wallpapers are beautiful as well. The Storm2 is much more responsive than the first Storm.In fact it's a Storm 1 that lightning is striking in the beginning of the commercial.

I am interested in the Storm2 more or less for the wifi aspect that isn't included in the Storm1....

Tried to find this already but didn't see it...

Anybody know how long they will have the BOGO for???

Don't want to go out and buy one and have basically the same phone I have now....waiting for android but Storm2 sounds nice...

seriously? everyone is complaining about APPS?? WOW!!! ok so we are talking about the bajillion apps that the iphone has that are all little kiddie games? is this seriously the arguement here? iphone is a childs toy, blackberry is a big boy phone.
every time someone tells me about an iphone app its something I have NO interest in. atleast BB has apps that actually makes me PRODUCTIVE!!!

Got the storm 2 today and its awesome ! , so easy to type on the lock screen is really sweet im very happy :) iphone users ...pathetic trend you fell into, all i can say.

Got it today (actually got 2) and it is as fast as the commercial! THIS is an awesome phone. I didn't have that many problems with my first Storm but this one..........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
BTW- needed tech support to help figure out my e-mail's not coming in- they tried to tell me I didn't have a Storm2-- they didn't know it was out yet! lol You would think someone would let them know already. lol

i just saw the S2 commercial for the first time in Game 1 of the WS just now...hope its alot better than S1, still gonna stick with my tour tho.. : )

I think it's interesting that so many iphone users felt compelled to defend their phones because of a dumb commercial. Its not as if this were a personal attack on you. I think the iphone is a great phone, no doubt and if it were ever available on Verizon I might entertain the thought of switching-and not for the apps, but for the browser which RIM is still behind in its technology. The fact is that at&t's network is far inferior. Peace.

It's time to be honest. Compared to the storm keyboard this "new an improved" screen is horrible. The phone feels dead to me. Definitely keepin my storm plus I don't miss out with the one actually good addition wifi. WOW! Something that i don't need because of the mandatory data plan. How about something useful does anybody know where I can find a do it yourself kit to customize my storm. Colorware no longer does it FYI

I went to Verizon today and tried both storms and I must say, the storm 1, with the update, was faster than the storm 2. I know you get 2gb of memory in the storm 2, but the storm 1 was just performing a lot better. Anyone else notice this??

I haven't yet but I've been meaning to go into a Verizon store just to play with the Storm2... then pretend like I'm interested just to disappoint the nearest sales person (lol no I kid I'm not that mean).

Great phone and features. I just dont have any luck with the any of the Storms. After going thru 7 original Storms I was able to get the Storm#2. Unfortunately this new Storm is not working properly. this isn't supposed to happen with a new phone and new software. Hopefully my luck will change!

I think now that the Storm 1 is updated with 5.0 OS - It runs alot smoother and probably what it should have been all along. I do not see a reason to run out and upgrade to the Storm 2.

I hear rumor that the "Sister" to the Iphone is supposed to be available on Verizon in the "Near" future. That is what a rep told me a few weeks ago.

But for now I am happy with the Storm 1. Seems to be alot more stable now. I will just keep it. Besides my contract does not end untill January of 2011 anyhow so I am pretty much stuck with it unless I wanted to pay FULL RETAIL PRICE... I don't think that is an option.


On the verizon site i see the Storm2 for 179.00 so I decided to check my site to see if I had the storm 2 on sale yet.

It is free for new customers and 89.00 for existing verizon customers.

I the Verizon Store it is 279.00 with a 100.00 rebate.

Maybe this can help someone who does not have the Storm2 yet.

If you dont see the wireless page goto products, then telcom, then mobile.

Add this code to the coupon section: 25RAFPCVER1
$25 Off. Next day shipping is $14.00

Rep ID: Z1885487

I Love the Storm and iPhone battles lol, being a owner of both I know AT&T 3G coverage is suspect and Verizon's is the best by far but all these people who dog iPhones I sure hope if it comes to Verizon you dont jump on the bandwagon, because better network or not it's still and iPhone, so if you dont like it now, dont waste your money then....its like every phone that comes out its a comparison to its obvious the iPhone is a threat to all smartphones...just my 2 pennies but who cares, right...