Verizon BlackBerry Storm Update

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2008 02:24 pm EDT

Verizon Storm Delays...

The BG just posted an update on the Verizon BlackBerry Storm based on his latest intel. Here's the scoop, straight from BG's mouth:

it just went into technical acceptance at Verizon which usually takes around 3-4 weeks, and the device has been delayed internally by around 3-4 weeks while they work out the kinks (read: buggy and unresponsive) and polish it up. That puts us around a mid-November launch on Verizon. We've double confirmed that information, so it should be pretty accurate. Additionally, we heard from someone else that they've increased the marketing budget for the BlackBerry Storm just to give AT&T a little kick in the nuts for delaying the Bold so much. 

So there ya have it. The fact that it's now in T.A. is a good thing. The fact that it's delayed... well.. that's something we are all starting to get a bit used to with BlackBerry stuff. Let's hope the kinks get worked out fast. I know there are a LOT of people wanting this device!

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Update


Not too interested in touch screen not to mention I'm waiting for the bold for as long as it takes. Also I don't have vz.

I have been waiting for a bold since MAY and now i just have this feeling the storm is going to beat it to market. I am sooo disappointed in blackberry. Makes me want to give up the crackberry

You should be happy that they are waiting to put out a good product. There was problems with the bold after initial release, would you be happy with a brand new device that wasn't working up to snuff. Patience is a virtue, I know as crackberry users in general we want things now. But I also want something that will work as advertised.

This would have had some real potential for back-to-school, with its bigger screen and presumably better media capabilities.

I'm still interested in the Storm, but I'll wait to see what capabilities it has. I assume no wifi because, well, Verizon is a PITA that way. Will it have GPS? Unlocked? (yeah, right). The touch screen doesn't put me off, as I assume it'll be at least as easy to use as the small Pearl keyboard I have now. I'm just jonesing for the bigger display for playing movies and such on the airplane.

That doesnt make sense because if it is already at Technical Acceptance level, then it would not be buggy or delayed. If this TA info is right, then we should have the phone around October 13th…the date we have all been hearing. I dont believe VZW accepts anything until it is 100% certified (buildwise) another reason it takes so long for VZW to get their phones out to market. Sorry BGR, but you're wrong.

@ Stang68

You took a comment by "Matt" on BGR (word-for-word) and presented it your own!! Not only that, but you took it WAY out of context! You should be ashamed! I've attached a copy of the original post from the BGR site:


On Sep 4, 2008 @ 2:13 pm, Matt Said:

@ BG

I dont believe VZW accepts anything until it is 100% certified (buildwise) another reason it takes so long for VZW to get their phones out to market.

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Hahaha, I am Matt over at BGR. Sorry for the confusion. I think it says my name in my Crackberry profile, no? That should clear it up. Lol, I think thats kinda funny.

I was at a VW store last week and a sales rep quoted around $350, which I thought was high compared to the iPhone. However, VW tends to price their devices rather high.

But the question I have is if it comes to VZ in a few weeks does that mean it will/should (just guessing) come to Telus by the end of the year as well? also, if it comes to VZ is it possible to buy one and it work on Telus? just curious?
Also thanks for the information and i hope it is correct.

I so hope that BGR estimate of mid November is wrong, I was putting my money on Oct 13th which i already am counting the days for dammit. I think people will find they like the touchscreen more than they thought, I for one don't like the trackball-I don't like the scratchy feeling when you have to scroll a lot, its like nails on a chalkboard for me. I'll be ordering this puppy the day its available either way though. I guess its better that they are not just half-assing it like other companies would by releasing an unfinished and buggy device...

We have to wait longer? I played with my friend's iphone today and I kept saying to him "I can't wait to do this and soooooo much more on my Storm next month".

Now I'm hearing this mid-November BS. Listen I have a Chocolate 2 so I have no idea how all this Blackberry stuff works but I really want this to drop on Oct. 13. I need this soooooo bad man.

Are people so pissed a phone that hasn't even been announced is delayed? Seriously, if this phone is announced next week and delayed 1 month we should all count are blessings. No matter what carrier.

isnt unlocked I'll wait till it coems out for ATT. I'll even bypass the other two devices (that won't be out till next year) cause i still love my curve.

I've had Blackberry's for about 4 years but you guys are so incredibly more knowledgeable about this stuff. First questions, what does "unlocked GPS mean?" Second, I thought this new phone was going to be called the "Thunder and Third, does anyone on here have touch screen typing experience? I use my Pearl for work and e-mail/text a helluva lot. Will I run into problems with typing a lot over time on a touch screen?

Maybe the delay could be the browser problem as the Bold? I think they are running a similar OS version. If that is the case, we know RIM is aware of it and working on an update. Maybe they are waiting to release the Storm until the browser fix is ready. I think that would be a good reason to delay it a little, and well worth a couple of weeks extra waiting time.

Blackberry's 100 Million Dollar Marketing Campaign takes a page out of Sprint's book

Blackberry Storm Vs Halle Berry Storm (X-men movies)

Blackberry Storm can check the weather
Halle Berry Storm can make the weather

Blackberry Storm has Lightning Fast 3G
Halle Berry Storm will hit you with lightning, fast

we (vzw) never release devices until they are fully tested. that's what you have to appreciate about the company. yes we had the bid on the I-Phone, but look what a piece of junk that turned out to be? You can have the greatest phone in the world, but if it's network doesn't function and the phone has so many kinks why invest?

While it's not disputed that Verizon has a broader network than AT&T, let's be realistic for a second.

The IPhone does have (and the Storm doesn't have):

-an amazing App. Store
-an incredible and revolutionary O.S. no one can come close to
-In New England, California and Atlanta my IPhone worked great. The 3G however, that's myth with AT&T and I admit it. For the entire time I had my IPhone I was only able to use EDGE but that was good enough for me.
-Tons of dropped calls when the IPhone switched from an imaginary 3G network to EDGE.
-Also the Wi-Fi capability is fantastic; something the Storm also does not have.

And now the cons on the IPhone. It doesn't have (but the Storm has):

-3D Navigation
-Copy And Paste functionality
-Ability to edit Word, Excell and PowerPoint
-Use it wirelessly as a computer modem
-Ability to download songs wirelessly
-America's best network
-3.2 Mgpxl camera with Flash
-Much better screen resolution
-Use of all main online messenger services such as MSN
-Up to 10 corporate/personal email accounts
-Ability to use QWERTY landscape mode for emails
-Best Global Capability System
-Removable Battery
-Upgradable memory (less expensive)
-Superior speaker system - better and louder reception (This was a drag with the IPhone)
-Mediocre app store knock off version

And what we'll only know after it comes out will be how responsive and how good its operational system will run.

Personally, if AT&T would charge less for the IPhone and its plan since there is no 3G network and it would add 3D Navigation (like VZ Navigator) I'd buy another IPhone in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, I'm grabbing a Storm giving it a try for 30 days. It better be all Verizon has anounced it'll be and as fast as they say it'll be otherwise I'm switching back to AT&T again.

They could be waiting it out until the real holiday season starts, so mid-november does sound strategically good for a phone release. The die-hards like us buy it and show it around-people see it-people need gifts to buy for December-more phones are sold. October seems like an off month to launch a product, when you could just wait a few weeks and probably get more sales. But ya never know...

Check this out;

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I am very excited for the Blackberry Storm coming out. Does anyone know if I have Sprint (which is CDMA like Verizon) if I can get the Storm to work on the Sprint network?

im getting the blackberry phone aka "the genius phone" for either christmas or a few days after it comes out im only a 10 not a buisness worker but ppl dont relize that kids have homework that refers to the web and alot of times microsoft word. cant wait to get my hands on my new BLACKBERRY..and get rid of my orange env and give it to my mom...cant wait! i dream about it every night and i watched a few videos on it is AH-MAZING. now my 9yr old sister is getting it too!


Here's my "Aww, poor baby" story: I am very upset that Verizon only provided 27 new Blackberry Storm phones to my local store on its release date. My name was placed on a waiting list before the release and that didn't make a difference. I was told there were 50 people lined-up for this new phone at 7am and only 27 received them. Why? Why would Verizon provide so few when Verizon had a waiting list for them? Doesn't Verizon think I, and perhaps others, considered switching to ATT to get the iPhone out of frustration and disappointment due to their lack of proper preparation? Doesn't Verizon think that management arrogance could lead to future problems at Verizon similar to what Ford, GM and Chrysler are experiencing now? I have never bought a GM and don't expect to. I can't imagine ever buying a Ford again what I went through with their product and service. I will never buy a Dell computer again for what they put me through. I stopped shopping at Circuit City, Vons and Ralphs grocery stores due to their bad management decisions. Doesn't Verizon think that people talk about their experiences and decide to go elsewhere? Verizon is at a critical transition point in my mind and Verizon needs to respond. So there you have it, my "Aww, poor baby" story. I will wait for the Storm to come back in stock and give it a try.

ive been all over when the blackberry storm is coming out. and they have it to come out in (q4)- now sum of u might not know what that means. this means that they will realease it anytime between oct.-dec so the verizon wirless sales guys are just throwing darts at when it will come out. ive talked with them they said tht it should come out b4 thanxgiving but its on back order so they have told me they got a letter in by blackberry and it should be out in stores by dec. 15th now this may b different in other states but im not sure.

I just got the blackberry storm and I am new with blackberry. And I have a few questions, and I would love if someone can answer them to me. First I would like to know how can I add cool applications for free like in the iphone( I love the bb better). What is Third party app? Do I have to installed it on my phone first?? Is the App Store already working?