Verizon BlackBerry Storm Training Manual!

Verizon Storm Training Manual
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Oct 2008 04:40 pm EDT

Just because I'm down at the BlackBerry Developer Conference doesn't mean I'm not keeping one eye on the good 'ole tips @ inbox. Good thing too, or I may have missed the email that came in from an anonymous tipster pointing me to THIS LINK.

What do get after you click and download? How does a 56-page Verizon training manual sound?!! When it comes the BlackBerry Storm we already know most of what there is to know, but there are a few good images and close-ups and details/explanations in here that are worth checking out if you're one of that many who have been caught in the Storm.

It's sort of a funny document to browse through - it's actually a workbook. I guess this is what Verizon tech support employees take home to test themselves that they are up to speed on a phone. When you read through, be sure to fill in all of the blanks! And no, you don't win a free Storm if you get them all right. You'll need to do something a BIT WACKIER for that. :-)

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Training Manual!


"Proprietary Information
Not for use or disclosure outside Verizon Wireless and its affiliates except under written agreement.
This is an unpublished, proprietary work of Verizon Wireless that is protected by United States copyright laws. Disclosure, copying, reproduction, merger, translation, modification, enhancement, or use by anyone other than authorized employees or licensees of Verizon Wireless without the prior written consent of Verizon Wireless is prohibited."

RapidShare sucks. "You have reached the download limit for free-users. Would you like more?" Can someone host this file elsewhere?

Might GPS actually not be crippled by VZW on the Storm?? This document hints perhaps that is the case!

"Blackberry Maps relies solely on GPS satellite signals to determine the device location" (pg. 12).

Although it is in the context of explaining just how wonderful VZW Nav is, it does seem GPS will be available for BB Maps, and perhaps Google Maps also?

Actually it says you get the turn by turn just not the voice turn by turn if I read it correctly. So if you want it telling you were to turn you need to use VZ nav. if you want to look at the screen all they time (um while driving!!!) then you can use BB maps. Or other software.(google maps)

Yes it is really true. Comes with 1GB on board plus the 8GB card for a total of 9GB with the ability for expansion up to 16GB.

Actually there's the 1GB on board memory + 16GB expansion slot = 17GB of total storage. Just saying.

Anyone interested in sending a PIN message to the PIN that is listed on Pg 37? :) Maybe you can get all your questions answered! I noticed in the Desktop Manager image they have a device connected and it shows the device PIN. :)

When I saw BlackBerry Maps mentioned in relation to GPS I was wondering about the "open" GPS concept as well. How sweet would that be?

It looks like GPS will be available to BB Maps and third part apps, but only VZ Nav will be able to use aGPS, which should find you faster.

Apparently they will use that as a selling point. I hope people don't fall for that.

I hope Nav4All works as it's free turn by turn navigation.

I'm now Verizon certified and completely certifiable for having gone thru that workbook! Damn I can't wait for this Berry!

no RIM decided it was pointless to include their own messaging application all blackberrys use...

... yes it does.

I can't get the download link to work. Could anyone be so nice to email me the zip file? I'd love to go through the manual.

Says my IP is already downloading from RapidShare, guess there are others at work that d/l when we're not suppose to :x

I hope the GPS is unlocked. I started the 30 day trial with them with a curve which I would swap for the storm, but when I found the GPS didn't work without the crappy VZ Navigator, I returned the phone and cancelled service. That was a deal breaker for me.

Just received an update email from Verizon. The storm is arriving 11/21/08. PRICE $199.99 w/2 year agreement

Sorry folks, my Verizon Wireless business sales guy just confirmed to me that GPS will only be available through VZ Navigator. I hope he's wrong.