Verizon BlackBerry Storm Review Roundup & Reactions!

BlackBerry Storm Review Roundup!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Nov 2008 10:52 am EST

At 12:01am EST this morning, just a day before Verizon releases the BlackBerry Storm to the general public, the embargo lifted and the net filled up with reviews of the BlackBerry Storm 9530. Some of the reviews are positive, others are pretty even handed with the pros and the cons, and a few are downright nasty toward the Storm. Push come to shove I think all of you Storm Chasers should wait until you have a chance to play with the Storm for a bit before making the verdict of whether it's right or wrong for you. In the meantime, we have assembled a bunch of the Storm review links after the jump along with some of my own thoughts on the subject. There is plenty of reading material here for you to kill the day while you wait for tomorrow morning to finally arrive!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm Reviews

I'll add to the list as I stumble across more reviews - you can drop any good review links you come across in the comments and I'll get them up here.

Be sure to check out's latest links on the BlackBerry Storm. We still have our in-depth 7,500 word Pre-Release Review that makes a good read, and now that we have a Verizon BlackBerry 9530 in our posession have added a few new pieces to the mix: the Verizon Storm Unboxing, a Storm Bumpy Ride Typing Test and a Real World iPhone 3G vs. BlackBerry Storm Web Browser Speed Test.

As for a followup review... that's coming, but I'm going to give it a few days. Between the reviews that surfaced today everything is pretty much covered in detail, and I still need to get some more time spent on the Treo Pro for the Smartphone Round Robin event that's taking place. Plus, it seems there may be a newer beta version of the Storm OS floating around, and in true CrackBerry fashion I'd like to track that down if I can - always looking ahead. 

Some Thoughts on the BlackBerry Storm Reviews...

After reading through the threads in the CrackBerry Forums, I know some of you are feeling a bit disappointed in the Storm after what has been written in this round of reviews. It's a bit of a swing from the pre-release reviews everybody had posted previously. When writing a pre-release review where it's known the hardware and software is beta, you need to write about the device as you expect it will be, not as it is at the moment. When it comes to final release time, it's a whole other ball game of course... you write about what the person is going to be using when they walk out of the store.

Now that I have been using the Storm for a bit, and after reading the other reviews that have surfaced, here are some of my thoughts/advice on the device that I think are relevant if the Storm is a device you're considering purchasing:

1. Get to Know it - More so than any other traditional BlackBerry with a physical keyboard, you need to invest a few hours into getting to know the Storm. It wasn't until I got off a three hour flight where I played with the Storm the whole time that I really got comfortable. If you want to become proficient and efficient with the Storm, you need to learn how it wants to be used. Once you learn how it likes to be rotated, tapped and swiped, learn the shortcuts and dial in your customizations, only then can you really start to decide whether or not it's for you. And seriously, the Screen/Keyboard settings do make a difference. I have my Swipe Sensivity dialed all the way up to six now (default is 3) and the Key Rate set to fast (default is normal) which has really improved both the navigation and my typing on the device.

There's also some 'quirks' you need to learn. Like on the homescreen and menus, you need to 'tap' on what you want to highlight it (then press to confirm). You can't just 'lightly' touch the screen, then drag around your finger and have the 'active' icons trace the route of your finger before you press. Yet within homescreen folders with four icons or less, you actually can slide your finger on the glass and the active icon moves with your finger from one to the next (you don't need to lift and tap again). The same is the case within certain apps - like within the Pictures app - unlike the homescreen and menu where you need to tap (not press, but tap) to highlight an icon to become active, here you can put your finger down on the screen and slide it and the active links (All Picture, Picture Folders, Sample Pictures) will move as you slide your finger. Another slightly quirky thing is that you can make the keyboard appear on any screen. Sometimes it's useful - like within the email app if you show the keyboard you can actually use standard shortcuts like T, B, R and L. But on the homescreen if you show the keyboard, it doesn't matter what letter you type, it just opens the phone app - there's no real use for it to be an option here from what I can tell. These aren't really bad things - just quirks you need to learn and know about so you know what you can/can't do. And likely these are things that will with time get addressed in future OS versions as more people use and give feedback on the Storm.

There's a lot of good in the Storm too, but again, you've gotta give it that chance and learn how to use the device.

2. Not Going to be As Efficient - Some people gripe with the trackball BlackBerry that you need to do a lot of scrolling... but damn, find me another smartphone that's as quick to get things done - you can't. By having the trackball, menu key, and back key all located central on the front of the phone (you don't have to move your thumb over a half inch in any direction to basically have full control over the OS), it's very fast to use with only one hand. And of course RIM's physical keyboards are second to none when it comes to typing out messages.

No matter how much you master the Storm, I don't think anyone will be able to match an experienced Bold user in terms of getting things done fast. This isn't necessarily a fault of the Storm's design, but a trade-off you see with all touchscreens. You can use the Storm one handed to get around, but it's not as easy nor fast as using a trackball BlackBerry one-handed (you need to move your thumb further to tap things) and though I'm getting pretty darn fast on the Storm's touchscreen keyboard (in both full QWERTY and SureType modes I might add), the mechanics of it all mean I'll probably never be as fast as I can be on a Bold or Curve. Plus things like rotating the device and switching between one hand and two hand use simply eat up some time. There may be some places where RIM can speed up using the Storm, but no matter what they do I doubt this type of device will offer as fast of a user experience as the trackball BlackBerry (this goes for other touchscreen smartphones too).

That said, there are things you'll be able to do on the Storm that you will never be able to do on another non-touchscreen BlackBerry - give it a few days and you'll see the first games come to market that take advantage of the built-in accelerometer. And man oh man is the Storm's display NICE. There's always a trade off. Are you a consumer? Or a power user? The Storm is a BlackBerry so you can use it in either setting, but obviously the Storm is going to show its strengths more so to the consumer customer base. Most of the reviews that surfaced at 12:01am today came from journalists who likely own corporate issued BlackBerrys and are power users by definition (I'd gather they get a hundred or two hundred emails a day). What will be more interesting is to read all of the consumer reviews that pop up in the CrackBerry forums over the weekend once new owners get a chance to become familiar with the device and comment on it in more of a real world consumer setting.

Take Aways - Are the points above bad things? It's up for you to decide. You need to invest time getting to know any smartphone, so point #1 shouldn't come as a surprise. My only issue here is that most people make their purchase decision on a device by reading about it online or playing with it for a few minutes in store. While reading is good, it's not the same as using the device, and like I said, a few minutes with the Storm isn't really enough to make an informed decision, as those first few minutes aren't really the same as after you put in an hour or two or three. Though a lot of you are going to be sold the second you pull up the sample trailer video and crank up the speakers... daaMNNN!!!! As for point #2, that comes down to you. If you send 100 long emails and texts a day and pure communication is your priority, the Storm may not be for you. But that's why RIM has a lineup of devices. They know not every form factor will appeal to every person. That's why there is a Pearl and a Curve and a Bold and not just a one size fits all device. The Storm wasn't built to be the one and only BlackBerry. It was built to be one more option within the BlackBerry arsenal. For some of you it's going to be wrong, and for some of you it's going to be OH SO RIGHT!

As for what I'm going to be carrying in my pocket.. Bold, Storm or Curve 8900??? The answer is simple... ALL THREE.  

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Review Roundup & Reactions!


Macworld did a pretty good non bias review on the Device "Blackberry 9500 Storm Review" was expecting it to be an I phone pitch, but there were alot of Storm features they preferred over I phone> May want to post that link.

This is not going to be an iphone killer, but a good alternative to those seeking a non-apple product. Time will tell if this offering upsets the apple cart so to speak.


Everyone going to camp outside a verizon store, or get there really early beware!!! if your not very very close to the front of the line you will not get your storm tomorrow!!!
they are arriving for tomorrow in limited quantities only :(
my circuit city verizon shop got 2, one display and one to sell, the big verizon store only got 10!!! they will only sell the on hand storms to new contracts or 2 year renewals!!!
Sucks but youll see tomorrow.
Otherwise you can order them....

P.S. playd with it today for over an hour... i can see why a lot of the reviews are negative... but i LOVE IT! little slow here and there, hoping it will get fixed with the update. but typing rocks...

.. & (a) they don't expect a mad rush in the morning & (b) they don't expect to have a handful alltogether.

The Storm is going to be a HUGE win for RIM. The touch is absolutely amazing..the camera/video is awesome--just a great device! I played with it after all of the upgrades--it is faster now, and the visual voice mail is a great addition.

BUT: Khody is is going to be SLIM PICKINGS! Most NYC Metro stores received only 10 phones. Indirect retailers were unable to purchase any from Verizon Wireless directly (I'm a retailer--I bought mine from another authorized distributor, and had enough foresight with the Voyager debacle to see something coming round the bend like this--I got 75). At this point I am doing the same thing as the Corporate Stores and I will be selling to New Lines & 2-Year upgrades only.

Good luck to those of you standing in line.

People actually started to line up around the store near me this afternoon, expecting only a few they wanted to get their hands on them.... but they were informed there was none to be available there the next morning, only for ordering and they left.

But i agree this is the only iphone competitor in my mind, they both have their negatives and positives in my mind, and i will say TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT, there were a couple people in my store that were "getting one no matter what" until they tried it and they are no longer interested. ( i was just the opposite... tried it and realized i needed it.... didn't even want it anymore it became a necessity)

coming from the xv6900 they sure type is amazing... faster, more accurate, a real quick pick up. as that is what ill be using 98% of the time, it sealed the deal.

I got mine this morning. I'm not too impressed with the keyboard. I can live with the keyboard but the speed is really slow. What upgrades did you add to make it perform better?

Okay, so I went to my local VZW store this evening (St. Louis, MO) and asked to play with the Storm. They obliged and I was there for an hour. These are my thoughts, personally I can't decide.

1) The screen is brilliant! I was thoroughly impressed at its brightness and how eye-catching it was. I did notice a bit of "screen-door" effect however. But you can take it or leave it. Notably, I did NOT notice the screen door effect while watching the James Bond movie trailer they had loaded on the phone.

2) The accelerometer was too delayed for me. Often it took a full 2 or 3 seconds to fix it's orientation. Usually by the time the screen rotated, I had given up and switched it back.

3) The keyboard actually isn't that bad. You'll have to play with the sensitivity settings, but I actually liked it better than the QWERTY on my iPod Touch (1st gen. for those curious). There were a few times I did make mistakes, but I expected that as I am currently a Curve freak. Gripe #1 is that when you make a mistake and go back to proof-read, it is difficult to select where, in the word, you want to edit. I had gotten used to the bubble that appears on my iTouch while trying to do it and found myself trying to peak around my finger in order to fix my typo. For those curious I accidentally typed "cent" instead of "can't".

Most of you will be happy to know that the Storm still has that oh-so-wonderful feature of changing text like "cant" to "can't".

4) I'm not sure I the VZW rep just was dumb or not, but in order to actually SEND an SMS or email, you have to push the BB button, then select send. Not terrible, but can get annoying if you're a speed freak.

5) Apps seems to load too slow for me. At one point I actually pulled out my Curve and placed it next to the Storm to see if I was just being pessimistic or not. My Curve (having been on for about a month straight), loaded message box almost instantaneously. Whereas, the Storm (after a fresh battery pull) took at least a second or two. I even tried this four or five times just to see if it was a fluke. It did not appear to be.

6) Scrolling lacks that inertia effect. But you probably already knew that. Its actually not bad not having it. Just more motion than if there was a trackball, b/c now you have to move from the bottom or top of the screen to the opposite side to scroll quickly. Overall though, I wasn't annoyed.

7) The phone is HEAVY. And I love it. You can feel it's build quality.

8) The speakers are great! I read a few reviews today that said the speakers were "blown out". I disagree. They are better than I had expected.

That's really it, I'm not going to get into a full-on can find those other places. All in all, its a very attractive, eye-catching phone. If RIM can fix the delays I'd be all over the phone. Until then though, I'll wait and see once the excitement dies down.

Like good ole' Kev said above though, it just depends on the user. I send 1500+ messages a month. Obviously, delays are going to bug the hell out of me.

Seacrest out.

I just got back from my local store here in Houston and none of them are getting very many for tomorrow. One store which is a rather large one is only getting 20. That's right, just 20. They are fixin to take orders and ship them to you by Tuesday. I called another store and the same thing. So all of you who will going there and or camping out, you will get nothing. Enjoy!

Played with one and definitely want it! sure it was pre-release and had a few problems but that will be fixed soon and its amazing!

That was very reassuring, and level-headed. People need to start being a little more objective and not just get turned off by what they hear from others. YOU, and only YOU, will be using the device. So, at the end of the day, its up to YOU what YOU really want.

Very nicely stated Kev.

i will stick to the bold .

all the vids that i have seen seem to show that the os needs some tweeking.

if it was as fast as the bold this thing would be killer, i cant see a bold user going to this, it would be a step back.

sorry guys, i luv RIM but this looks like they really rushed the os and fit and finish.

ver 2 will be great iam sure.

well said. I have been reading through comments on several of the reviews, and people act like the sky is falling. Most of the reviews did seem negative, but not because it was a bad device(most said they still liked it), but that there could be more to the experience then they were currently having. Several stated that that it just needed a bit more time in production.

dude i hope everyone stays home. id rather not deal with lines 2morrow. yes yes everyone this phone sucks dont get it or at least wait till saturday!!

I just spoke with a Verizon inventory person at a corporate store (location protected for my benefit). The delivery truck just delivered 11 Storms! They are making me wait till tomorrow when they open at 9am! I put my name on a waiting list several days ago, but they have tossed it. First come first serve. Hope to be first in line.

I scheduled and appt for tomorrow to get mine. The store called yesterday to cancel it and said that they are only getting 6 to 11 instead of the previously expected 70. They are having one shipped to me instead.

I dont think the storm was meant to replace the curve or the pearl, but to pull over some of the winmo phone users and the verizon users not willing to sacrifice service for a cool phone. im a recent convert from winmo touchscreen and i like the curve but miss the touch screen. This would be perfect for me i think but only time will tell.

Verizon has a 30 day return policy on new phones. Try it and see if its for you. Dare I say I bough a treo and returned it after a week, and got my curve.

Like lots of others, I've been feverishly reading everything there is on this phone. I'm scouting for every video and every review. Seriously, I think I burned myself out on this Storm, and it sort of feels like I have already seen it/experienced it/had it and the excitement has deminished quite a bit. Anybody else screw themselves like I did?

I've been following this device since it's inception, and I have to say...I wonder if my time could have been better spent. I might still get it, but there are more important things going on out there right now. We'll see.

just because you watch porn, don't mean you had sex before! but when you actually have sex, it's waaaaay better then watching.

I kinda feel the same way, but i never had a Blackberry before, and im planning to dump my treo palm 700p for the storm. The timing couldn't have been better, a new touch screen BB coming out as my 2 years are up.

Out of all the reviews on the screen, the screen some more, and last the screen. I'm curious if it can receive calls correctly, sounds good to both me and the other end, and is it easy to make a call?

I think for me the biggest thing will be calling, reading and email, and once in a while surfing the web.

If my new every two was up I would wait for the next one but since I can get a new phone today for cheap I will be getting it.

I would love too...but I'm on Verizon and don't get AT&T coverage at my house (had them about a year ago)... otherwise I would have had the Bold on release day. I'm getting the Storm, but not really looking forward to it anymore....

Check out all the negative reviews... I find it hilarious that some preface with their iPhone fanboi-ism and others just make is less obvious by having links to iPhone apps and pictures of the 3G release day. Sorry you little Jobs' nuthuggers, you can't compare a second generation phone that still isn't up to speed with the first, somewhat rushed version of the Storm. At least wait for some software updates if you are too busy giving a reach-around to wait for the Storm V2.

/end rant.

When I got my Bold, I wasn't too impressed until I upgraded the OS. Now it's great. From what I've read there are issues with .65, but there will be an update... The hardware looks great, just need some time for the software to catch up. Be patient.

I'll be down getting my Storm first thing tomorrow.

Software updates can fix the little grips with this phone, but NO amount of Apple fixes will cover for the seriously POOR 3G coverage for the iPhone. Besides, Apple has released what, about 2 or 3 Ginormous updates to the iPhone/iPod for V2... and the thing is STILL crash-tastic.

Bold or Storm... both are destined to be GREAT phones, but I want a FUN phone, so it's the STORM for me!

I can HARDLY wait to hold one!

The Mobility Today review seems to be one great review. It goes into great detail for the first 5 mins or so. I had to cut it short since I was on my lunch break but it hightlighted some important factors to consider.

this is awesome, probably the best article on the Storm yet, congrats!!!

but is it more "arsenal" than "aresenal"

and in 2. paragraph #2 is it really "don't"? "Doubt" maybe?

CONGRATULATION AGAIN FOR THIS, EXCELLENT! (and I still want the Storm after viewing Bonnie Cha's review on CNET) THANKS AGAIN KEVIN, you're the Best BB user (and abuser) I know!

After reading many of the other reviews and now reading what you have added Kevin, it is pretty clear to me. I appreciate your level-headed approach. What it comes down to any user is personal preference and how you use a Blackberry.

I will reserve my decision until I can play with a Storm for myself. It has made me decide to wait before jumping from AT&T to Verizon. I would hate to jump ship just to find I do not like the Storm and then be locked into a long term contract.

Thanks again!

I think that your review is very to the point and informative but I would have to say that I will still jump ship from ATT to Verizon. I switched from verizon to ATT for the iphone original and then got the 3G. Dont get me wrong I love the iphone, but it should be called something different the i(hand held computer) because as for a phone it is not. The speakerphone is terrible, and I had so many dropped calls that they replaced my phone for me 3 times. I know that it is also the network of ATT and that is also why I am willing to switch back. All in all at least with the BB storm you are not taking a step back from what phones are supposed to do like make calls and dare i say, send and recieve MMS? Even if the storm isn't what we all want it to be multimedia wise at least it is a BB and we know it does the communication thing great. THATS WHAT "PHONES" are for. leave the iphone for children to play with, this is a grown mans world.

OMG! I soooo can not wait for this phone to come out. I woke up three times last night, thinking it was Friday morning and wondering if I had missed the opening ...o_O
Like the Mervyn's commercials...OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!!!

I don't agree that you have to trade the trackball for the touch screen . RIM could have included both. I'm hoping that the next Storm has a trackball. I understand if this seems odd to want both. But as Kevin said, the bb button/trackball/back button combo is the most efficient navigation available.

My friend who has a Bold told me that the battery life is very small even when its not being used for calls. I use a Palm Treo 700p right now and it can last me 5 days not being used heavily without being charged.

I hope the Storm despites its vibrant graphics, provide sufficient battery life.

Recently, I had a chance to spend a whole day using iPhone as my primary phone, providing live coverage from Eurogamer Expo. Yesterday I played a little with new BlackBerry Storm. While both phones are excellent, most of us will end up with only one contract. That’s why I decided to do this short comparison, summarising my impressions of using each device.

Some of the folks out there expected it to be a phone that does it all. It doesn't and they are disappointed. Still, it's a great phone!

For the folks trying to decide between the iPhone and the Storm, this is actually a really good review because it compares the Storm more directly with the iPhone, which eliminates the whole question of whether or not you like the touch screen idea in general. I think the fact that the reviewer gave it a very favorable review says a lot and it really comes down to whether you prefer the non clickable screen or the clickable one and which network you want to be on. I'm pretty sure I will like the click and I KNOW I want the Verizon network. What I'm waiting to see is whether or not the next iPhone has a clickable screen. Since the MacBook has the clickable trackpad I expect that will trickle down to the next iPhone.

Remember, a bad or good review is never a good way to make your decision since just like you, a reviewer has an opinion. And you know what they say about opinions! Make up your own mind!

THIS PHONE SUCKS PEOPLE! DO NOT BUY IT TOMORROW(FRIDAY)!!!! it's still buggy and look at all the bad reviews, believe them! ok? iPHONE RULES!!!! go read online why ok? and stay home, stay away for a while! or atleast til saturday haha, or something. SO STAY HOME! GO TO WORK! read the bad reviews! so I don't have to wait inline for so long lol! Thank you that is all.

Steve, I am worried that you are spending too much time on the crackberry forums... shouldn't you be enveloping helpless people with you distortion field?

Dude you blow, and I meen that in the worst way possible. I messed around with the Storm for like 10 minutes and I absolutly loved it. Sure it was slow in some areas but nothing that is a deal breaker. The camera was awesome the Browser was awesome and the keyboard worked better than I was thinking it would. So why don't you take your apple huggin ass somewhere else. And to all the others sites out there that panned the Storm go and F*#K YOURSELVES. I loved it after 10 frigin minutes.

yea I see it now, just feeling overly defensive. I used it tonight. It was that good. The propaganda that those sites are spouting is driving me nuts. I love the click.

I went to a special pre-release at my local store for the Storm today. Got to hold and use a live one for about 45 minutes. It was about what I expected.

I've never used a BB before and I found it to be easy to use. I didn't have any problems typing on the screen for the most part and I felt that I typed at a pretty fast rate. I wasn't limited by the hardware as far as my speed goes.

The OS itself is indeed buggy though. It was running the .65 version of the OS and eventually the guy took it from me saying that they needed to load new software on it. He may have been lying, but I'm not sure.

All of the issues the different reviews have pointed out are likely true. I got stuck on a webpage and this caused the whole Storm to run slow, even after I closed the web page. The screen doesn't flip consistantly and lags sometimes. Camera wouldn't take a picture. General stuff like that.

I did enjoy the device, despite the issues and hope they will be fixed soon. I wasn't able to pre-order one today, but I'll be ordering one tomorrow. The store I went to only got 10, so they are going to be stupid hard to find.

I, like many of you, have been anxiously waiting for tomorrow to come so I can go get in line early and buy a Storm first thing in the am.

I called around to a few Verizon stores and at around 11am, I found one in my area that had one on display (they said). So, I got in my car and drove there.

Just before I pulled up to the Verizon store, I got a call from Best Buy. Since I also pre-ordered a Storm at Best Buy, they called me to set up my appointment for tomorrow (yes, they confirmed that they have received their shipment of Storms).

I set up my appt at Best Buy for tomorrow afternoon just in case I don't get one at the Verizon store. Very exciting. So, I headed into the store and when I was greeted I asked if they have a Storm on display. They said no. I thought WTF?! Then the guy says "I have one in my pocket though, want to see it?" I got to use it for a good hour. Here is my take on the Storm - both good and bad:

- The Storm definitely feels heavier than the Bold which actually feels extremely lightweight.

- The OS that was running was rev 65. I suspect that could be the reason for some of the following issues that I encountered.

- Here's something I have not heard anyone mention in any reviews, but I found VERY annoying: We've all heard how the screen moves in and out when you depress it and side-to-side when you hold it with your finger and move the glass left, right, top, bottom. BUT what I found the most annoying was when typing in landscape mode, I actually had to press harder on the letter keys that were furthest left and right on the keyboard than I had to on keys in the center of the keyboard. e.g. you have to depress the A and Q keys harder than the T and H keys. I believe this is because there is less give in the screen the closer you get to the edges. EXTREMELY annoying.

- The Cut, Copy and Paste function is more difficult to us than you would think. It requires you to be very accurate in what you choose to highlight. You'll see when you try it.

- The browser kept freezing up when I was going to Trying to enter a word in one of the fields on Yahoo Finance was extremely challenging. The keyboard would pop up and disappear, then reappear and the web page would disappear. Frustrating as hell. (hopefully related to the OS rev 65).

- While on the topic of the OS, I walked over to an AT&T store immediately after trying out the Storm and played with a Bold. I checked the OS on the Bold and it was rev 67. It performed flawlessly and fast, unlike the first Bold I tried on Nov 5th, the day after it came out. That Bold was sluggish, buggy, froze up, etc. just like the Storm did for me today. Again, maybe it's the OS version that was on the Storm I tried today - I hope!

- The media player worked fine, but

- The Video Camera took at least 30 seconds to start up.

- The Camera took 20 seconds to start.

- The Verizon Navigator GPS program tried to start, but never did. It just froze and I gave up.

- The gaps in the screen appear to be real dust collectors. I could see dust all around the edges.

- Think of the way the screen depresses as the same type of feeling when you click the track wheel of an iPod to choose a song. Almost the same feeling, but slightly different.

- I read one review where the reviewer stated that you could highlight an item (e.g. a letter) on the Storm, then you can click anywhere on the screen to confirm it. I did not find this to be true. I tried that a few different ways and every time I tried to click somewhere else on the screen, nothing happened. I had to actually click on the item I wanted to select.

The reps in the store couldn't answer me when I asked what OS version will be on the Storms they sell tomorrow.

Overall, I am disappointed, but not giving up hope on it just yet. However, I am not in a hurry now to buy it tomorrow without first testing one with a newer OS version (e.g. I'll check to see if 67 is on it). I am hoping that the Storm issues will be corrected in the same way that the issues I experienced on the Bold on Nov 5th seem to have been corrected on the Bold I tried today.

"- Here's something I have not heard anyone mention in any reviews, but I found VERY annoying: We've all heard how the screen moves in and out when you depress it and side-to-side when you hold it with your finger and move the glass left, right, top, bottom. BUT what I found the most annoying was when typing in landscape mode, I actually had to press harder on the letter keys that were furthest left and right on the keyboard than I had to on keys in the center of the keyboard. e.g. you have to depress the A and Q keys harder than the T and H keys. I believe this is because there is less give in the screen the closer you get to the edges. EXTREMELY annoying."

Yeah, I was wondering this myself after looking at the dismantling of the Storm on Engadget. ( Look where the touchscreen button is located. So typing on the screen is sorta like a see-saw effect. if you type on the edges of the screen, the pressure dissipates as you get to the center (simple physics). I think a more logical approach to this would be to have 4 input buttons at the corners (possibly one in the middle too) to ensure seamless input all around.

I don't own a Storm yet. I'm doing a wait and see approach.

Thanks for confirming this for me :)

I couldn't agree more. I got my hands on the Storm today and got to mess with it for about a half hour. This didn't even scratch the surface of it's capabilities. I can see it will take several hours just to get use to it, and probably a couple weeks to get proficient. This phone was absolutely great for what I want. It may not be for people who want to use it more for business purposes, although you need to decide this. I can tell you the screen and sound is more than I expected to be on this device. Beautiful colors and sound! The push technology keyboard also performed better than some of the previews I read. I really liked the Storm and am getting mine tomorrow. Before judging the phone on anyone's review, including this one, go out and try it, you've got nothing to lose.

I just wanted to thank CrackBerry for giving us an even handed, multi-faceted review of the new storm. You highlighted the pros and cons, but made no judgements about either. Rather, instead, leaving the ultimate decision up to each individual's taste and preferences.

I wish more political news was as even handed and neutral as this! If it was we might actually be able to get just the facts and make our own decisions.

THANKS CRACKBERRY! Once again you prove why you're the best!

I am confused. I am a CB Newbie and a BB (hopeful) I won a Storm and I finally got a chance to mess with one that a friend got at a Corp store (he works there so no im not claiming he got his early) He just had one available in the store for me to play with. he is aware of the buggy ness of .65 but "claimed" his mgr told him that the newest u[pdate was on it. so heres why im confused. I was ready to GO BB tomorrow, I have a storm all locked up, but I was very unimpressed. Compared to the other touch screen phones out there (not even iPhone (voyager, dare, and others) react time is SLOOOOWWWW. for everything...rotating the unit, accessing apps, loading webpages in the browser, exiting any screen and reentering the home screen, everything was just slow. hopefully this is just a OS update that can and will be fixed but I dont want crap, and I dont want to WAIT for something good to POSSIBLY come along later. I want it good and I want it now....andd the storm wasnt GOOD NOW it may be good later but this isnt what the world wants. People are greedy and they want it all for nothing and they want it now. another observation I made (I am a big person (230 lbs) but my fingers took a lot of getting used to the qwerty keyboard.) my name is chris and it kept typing vhris on me. fatfingers i know but shouldnt they be sensitive to the ways of the world? i have no troubles on friends' curves.......they are small keys but i can hit em fine....maybe a sensitivity issue???maybe a finger placement issue??? last observation then i will shut up which im sure many of you are hoping my negative mouth will soon.......the construction of the screen seemed very "wal mart" to me. the gap or buffer between the screen and the phone was large enough to make the"big button" seem loose. It seems as though lots of crap will collect in it easily and possible impede on the ability of the button to push in or function properly.

Blackberry has a good name but i think they flopped on this product....I think Im going to sell the PRIZE as I wont use it. Ill get a curve......

I'm sorry to BG and Time and all those others out their who have hours and hours to play with the Storm, but I was able to use it tonight for 10 minutes maybe 15 it went by so fast, but I tell you what I WANT IT.

So i went to two different verizon stores this afternoon trying to just test out the storm even if just for a minute. As an ATT 8800 owner i needed to see if it was worth the $175 cancellation fee to switch over for the storm.

Second store... jackpot! At first they said "sorry you'll have to come back tomorrow". She must have saw how bad my crackberry addiction was because she finally broke down and brought me in the back room to let me try out their sample blackberry storm.

After 10 minutes of trying out all of the features all i can say is... "Do i pay my cancellation fee upfront or will AT&T bill me next month?". I will no doubt own a Storm tomorrow morning when the store opens up. I could write on and on about this... but this isn't my blog so kevin... back to you!

I just called my verizon store and they will have TWO in stock....all that they have two..........

I agree people have to try the device out for themselves and see whether it fits their wants/needs, rather than judge it based on tech reviews regardless if it's good or bad.

I've been a little surprised at the negativity in some of the reviews.

The Storm is not an iPhone and while it has some similar features, for the core communications functions, battery power and flexibility the Storm wins hands down.

If you don't need those features then maybe the iPhone is for you.

There have been some very biased reviews.... but I take them for what they're worth "someone else's opinion".

I'm definately heading down early to try and score one for myself.

I was told today by a reliable source that Verizon actually had code changes up until yesterday (Wednesday) so any reviewer that got a device before yesterday may not have actually gotten a production firmware version to review. Might possibly account for some of the wide variety of reviews and some of the negative comments. I'm going to wait until I see what the real reviews say once the firmware versions of test devices are all announced and compared.

Like some others, I managed to get to a Circuit City and try it out.***

I have not yet seen the Bold (which is basically going to be the choice for me), but I really want to go with the Storm because I've never had any luck with the ATT service. I'm not what you'd call a "power user" in that I don't email all the time. But I basically use my Curve like a replacement computer -- I take my notes on it in class. So, for me, typing is key. And typing on this was weird... I'm not entirely sure I liked how the screen moved. It wasn't a bad feeling, just a constant uncertainty that it was moving the way it was intended. And at first I made lots of mistakes. I eventually left typing to check out the other features, and then moved back. The 2nd time around was much better, which gives me hope that with a lot more time I might actually get up to what I think is a respectable typing speed. But I doubt that I could ever type as fast as I can with my Curve, but I think that's just going to always be the trade off with a touch screen phone. I also need to remember that I wasn't always such a fast typer with my Curve either. Oh, and I found typing in SureType much better and more accurate than in full QWERTY.

As far as other things: being a BB user, it was easy (though not completely intuitive) to figure out navigating around. But the girl who was using it before me -- for whom this will be her first BB -- she was totally lost. So I think there might be a steep learning curve, but that may just always be the case with smartphones for new users, no? I played the Bablyon, A.D. trailer that was pre-loaded on the phone and that was crazy ridiculous. And the volume was very nice. Could definitely hear it despite all of the ambient CC noise.

But there was lag. The Curve is the only smartphone I've ever had (more or less) and so I dunno if I should expect programs to open up on other phones as quickly, but it felt like ages. The wait for actions to be executed combined with not always being sure I clicked the screen right, just 'caused me to click a 2nd or 3rd time out of habit. The result (which was to be expected if I'd known it was just being slow as opposed to unresponsive) is that eventually those commands were all executed and suddenly I'd find myself on another menu or in another program entirely. Even with typing -- I would type a sentence, and then wait... and wait... and wait for the screen to catch up. And then go back and fix whatever errors I hadn't mentally caught and corrected with backspace as I was typing.

I didn't really find a problem with the accelerometer, other than the general lag, as noted.

I tried the browser - both in BB browser and Internet Explorer. In both cases pages loaded up really fast. CNN was great. And the zoom was fast, too. Really, I had no complaints there.

So, after 20min of playing, I'm still on the fence. The Storm was really cool -- sleek, not nearly as heavy feeling as everyone claims, fast browser and really cool media players. And I think if you're either patient/accustomed to slow loading programs OR not a big messager, then it will probably be all you need and want, if not more. Like I said, I haven't counted it out -- I still need to go and finally see the Bold (I was waiting until the Storm came out so I could go to one store and see them both together, but I had time to kill tonight, which is why I popped by the CC), but I gotta say that lag b/w programs and the slow typing, if they persist, will be the death of the Storm for me.

Oh, and I didn't think to look up the OS 'cause I'm lazy. But the sales girl did say that they'd updated the OS today, but earlier in the day, before the update, the phone hadn't lagged as much. For those of you geekier and more tech savvy than I, make of that what you will.

***This was the CC at Union Square in NYC, if anyone is curious. The clerks there all said that they will have approximately 40 on hand tomorrow (which I guess is a good thing since other comments have said as few as 2 and as many as 10 at most stores).

I really don't think everyone needs to weigh in with their own review... there are plenty of professional sites that have posted their reviews... most people don't care about the person who "just got back from circuit city, here's what I thought". If you checked it out at circuit city then so can everyone else

Inside tip for storms chasers

Most corporate stores received 30 units today and Circuit City locations usually received about 10 units. Now some of your bigger/busier stores may have received up to 100 units, but that is completely dependant on their volume of business they conduct.

Now before everyone kicks down the door at the VZW store to get one, most stores are going to be getting overnight drop shipments from RIM Saturady(not for all stores) but Monday as well. Also this is not going to be next voyager where stock was low and people had to wait for a month just to see one. If your store runs out ask the rep to order one from the warehouse with overnight delivery, (most time they will do it for free!) And you will get the phone at your house or business as early as Monday

Hope that helps some storm chasers out there

so originally i was debating between the storm and the iphone.....i loved my curve...but i made the jump to the iphone....i tried my verizon reps storm the next day (this was last week) and was very happy with the decision i made....i tried the texting..pushing down everytime takes to long and i agree with engaget that says it gets tiring....i gaurntee people will be disappointed tomorrow...

and about my best buy has 4....and out of the 11 stores...only 3 have more than 10

so i left work early tonight and went to my local vzw store to check out the storm. it was really dead in the store, so the rep was kind enough to take a couple hours with me and go over the storm -
i have to begin by saying i am the biggest blackberry fan - i have owned every single blackberry there is, and currently rest with a tmo curve - im partial to apple because i have a macbook pro, and an ipod touch which satisfies my crave of that touch i need - i have read every single review, article, anything you can possibly think of on the storm since its announcement. i have to say there isnt a site that i havent read this thing on...

so im working on this storm for what seems to be 3 hours or so..
the build is gorgeous, i mean GORGEOUS. the screen is beautiful, colors vibrant, blah blah blah. the OS was iffy - but this is something i wasnt going to let me deter from giving a positive view on this beast of a machine...i COMPLETELY understand that the OS will have updates, media will get better, lag, accelerator ( spelling? ) - all that - but i have to be honest, and this is killing me more than you know...typing on this thing was the most horrifying experience i have ever had. you cant imagine how much my heart dropped when i tried my best to enjoy the experience. let me repeat myself when i say the device itself is a thing of beauty - the OS i can live with, with the lags and all, i know RIM will come out with software fixes that will make it run smooth and be user friendly... but seriously everyone...the keyboard is a joke. you literally have to push in and push out - it really is like the macbook trackpads that are out now - my thumbs were sore, mistakes were made in both landscape and portrait suretype mode - it was just a mess guys... and you all have no idea how it kills me to write this - because again, let me repeat myself when i say i am a huge blackberry fan - and i wanted soooooo bad for this device to kill the iphone. i cant imagine having this phone if the requirement is to really push the screen down with each press - i surely hope that RIM comes out with some way to give you the choice of choosing sure press or regular touch input...

my final word? ill be sticking with my curve - it has been hands down, the best blackberry so far usability wise strictly speaking. i wish the storm was more user friendly... if i had to make a choice b/w touch screen phones...
im sorry everyone..i hate to say this...IPHONE...just the over all experience and user interface...iphone kills it... ( I CANT BELIEVE I JUST WROTE THIS...TRUST ME... ) please RIM..DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS...

I believe you too .. as a heavy texter on my palm treo, i find it disappointing to imagine your description of trying to type on the phone. I won't know til i actually try it, but that is indeed sad news ..

Is it possible for any updates to fix it in the future? or a permanent problem

Is there any difinitive reliable information that says that on OS update to or higher, will be avail. in the coming days? The Boy Genius report states that the OS version on the box says yet the phone only had What gives? Does solve the sluggy OS and accelerometer issue?

@ knowALL...

i seriously doubt there will be a software to allow the storm to have an option of switching from touch input to surepress. i cant imagine how they would go about that, since their whole OS is based off the navigate/confirm method of input.

what can i say? I AM MORTIFIED... i wanted it so bad to be amazing...the OS i could care less about as i know RIM will continue to update it, so thats not the issue, nor is the lag, or anything at is one thing and one thing only..that surepress... they need to remove that option.
and i know there will be some folks here saying how can i know spending only 3 hours, blah blah blah...folks..its not the OS, its not the build, its not the is the suretype input method. its horrible.

looking forward to that javelin -

I just got back from the Verizon store here in Jacksonville, Fl. I was 12th in line, and was extremely happy because their was approximately 50 people behind me. Well come to find out they took our names down, and two people in front of me ordered 5 Storms. I found that very unfair. Anyways, they let us in to play with the demos, and I get called oddly 3 people before I should of. Get to the counter to see it's the general manger who usually helps me out. Well to my "pure luck" I got fucked in a sense, because the guy next to me got the last 5. I about shit my pants. I mean yes they're sending it to me in the mail, but they're not shipping until tuesday which will fuck us over because of the holiday. I live in FL, but I'm going home to Michigan next week. Oh Verizon you always seem to disappoint. Hope others of you were luckier than I was. I won't be seeing mine till next week.

On it right now...its type all the way....gps works with preloaded bbmaps, just turn gps on, from default e911 mode...visual vmail is 2.99 a month...boooooooooo
...some lag, but will be cleaned with future software!

Well, I got in line at 5 am. There were people there in line. The store manger came out and gave people vouchers so they can sit in the car. It's Atlanta, but unusually cold and windy.

Not everyone was told about the vouchers. So, the 20 they had went to the voucher people. They also got free cases and t shirts. The store manager also pulled people out of line and got them their phones.

We, (the collective other) were screwed. They gave us the rebate on the spot - and are shipping us the phones for delivery on Saturday. My annoyance is how the employees lied to us about about stock, vouchers, and waitlists. I'm livid.

P.S. I couldn't agree more. You alone are the user. You decide if you like it or not. Not someone else.

I used the Storm yesterday at a Verizon kiosk and, unfortunately, I was all but dissapointed. I left the kiosk all but happy that I bought my Bold a few weeks ago and opted out on white-knuckling it til the Storm release.

First of all, yes, the hardware IS great. Phone is nice, screen looks great. But the overall user experience is downright mediocre. The software was extremely glitchy and slow to respond. Another friend of mine that decided to wait for the Storm felt the same way - complete let down. She will be buying the Bold probably within the next few days. I understand this can be fixed in a few software updates (and yes, more than likely a FEW!), but probably not worth the hassle and frustration I would probably get from the phone. I decided, and a good decision at that, way before launch that I would wait for Storm v2.

Sorry family. This thing sucks. I just played with it today and it was buggy and the keyboard is slower than a regular touch screen?

I got my new storm today... it is going back on Monday... for BB users the storm touch pad is difficult to use. It has some cool features but is not for the serious email user. My wife has a Iphone and it is much easier to use for texting and other applications. I also have been trying out the bold which is nice with its bright screen; but the 3G speed for wi-fi does not work well. I think at the end of the day I will go back to my curve.

I just went down to the V store to check out the acclaimed Storm. WOOOOOW - what a disappointment, a complete pile of *hit. The build quality is flimsy at best. The OS/navigation/tactic touch screen is light years behind the competitor.
BB Bold here I come.

Is there any way to turn off the click of the touch screen? It seems like the click could be revolutionary to the UI, but in the case of touch typing I could see it getting in the way, as most reviews have stated. If there was a way that BB could program an off switch for touch-click typing and allow simply touch typing, this could eliminate a lot of the issues that reviewers have had with the device during typing. At least when compared with the phone this was created to compete with.

I got very fortunate to be the almost to last person to get my Storm from Verizon on Friday, got there at 8:10 am and was turned away at first but then the manager let me in considering he knew I had walked a few hours and I had no phone seeing as I already sold my curve. Got inside and after an hour and a half I got my voucher but was told that it wouldn't be in until Fed-EX arrived later on that day, which I suppose was fine, went to work, when I left and came back to get it, the manager was so very nice enough to give me the upgrade price versus making me pay full retail since I was due for an upgrade, I really appreciate that.

My impressions so far, the accelerometer could be tweaked, the typing is not that bad, actually rather easy and slightly enjoyable, I just believe like all touch screens it could be tweaked and then it will not perform to the best as you would like if you had a physical keyboard, but that is the sacrifice you make whenever you get something that is all touch. So I totally agree with Kevin, it took me a few hours to play with it, get used to it, and then figure out how I need to use to best suit me, and I love it as a device.

Once the OS is updated and it finally gets some software to support it, I NEED VIIGO BACK, then I will be a lot happier :)

Has anyone used the unlocked portion of the GPS in the Storm yet? I hope I got this information right...there are 2 gps chips in there right? Kinda makes you wonder huh? 2 gps chips and no wifi? Couldn't they remove one gps and substitute a wifi chip?

I passed on te glitz and glamour of the iPhone. It's a toy compared to the storm. The Storm is like a puzzle and once you crack the puzzle you will be completely amazed at what an awesome device this is. I, too, was bummed the first day I got it. I had been waiting for a very long time. But, after spending a full day working through the applications and changing settings I finaly put it down for the night wondering if I would return it and run to AT&T to buy the Bold. The phone is becoming more familiar now and I went to go sample the Bold and the trackball feels obsolete already compared to utilizing the touchscreen. I email for work probably twice as much if not more than the avg professional user and the screen typing is not bad once you get used to it, it's just a completely different feel. With some soon to be released SW upgrades, it'll only get better. If you give up on things that re challenging, you won't experience the end reward. Give it some time unless you just aren't determined to solve this puzzle.

I was given a Storm last week to replace my Pearl 8100 which I loved. I was looking forward to using it and wanted so much to like it. BUT. It's slow, the touch screen is inaccurate. The GPS doesn't work (i'm in the UK) and it's difficult to move round it at any kind of speed. Sent it back today and returned to old faithful. Shame.


Well I got the storm out of chance. I didn't even realize that the phone came out that day and there was no line when I went into verizon on the morning of its release. So I saw it, played with it for a little and said sure why not. About two and a half weeks into it now I find myself on the phone with a verizon tech guy for an hour and a half. When the phone was ringing, the screen went total pitch black and did not return. I can't see anything on it and it is now totally ruined. The tech guy asked me if I had been having problems with it and had they been progressing. My answer was "I am not sure of the problems were progressing or my patients was depleting" Regardless....this phone is terrible. During those two frustrating weeks with it, the screen kept on freezing up (and not just for a couple of seconds, at times five minutes or so), it would not let me answer calls and I would miss them, at times only half a screen would come out, etc, ect., ect.
Although the capabilities of this phone are out of this world, they do not nearly out weigh the mechanical problems that I faced everyday with this phone.

Just received my long awaited Storm yesterday. Very slow interface. Wow this sucks, an hourglass , ummm waiting for my contact list to come up, wait a minute, I dont even have one loaded yet. Ok, its slow, let me do some txt messaging, Oh my I had to go back and fix every word I typed, This is junk, sent it back , getting a nice little Curve like my wife has.

I ordered a Storm after waiting for initial exitement to wear off. What a piece of crud.

As a BB user since the earliest pager days the ability to use as a BB is limited but what really sucks is web browsing

How the hell can you see a webpage, enter data with the keyboard overlay up... complete nonsense....

On my current BB can use WAP to access key sites, enter data make stuff happen get back to real work while traveling... this Strom is a real waste of my time

Best part about it is the phone feature is nice... but can get that for free ...

really disapointed will go back to a phone and big old blackberry

They should fire the idiots who let this phone leave the factory in this state. BlackBerry is actually commiting fraud by advertising this junk as good to go. My first BlackBerry and I feel as though I have been taken for a major ride.

I was so excited to get rid of my Treo 755 too.........this sucks.

my friend just got this phone. what a POS. literally. he was cracking on me for getting the nokia e71. now, i laugh in his face for getting such a POS for a phone.

i hope he can return that thing. unlikely though.

the new update for this phone is out and i love it!

Its so much faster!!

o yea, if you wanna watch V Cast Videos, go to

you can only do it on Verizon phones.

I can auctually make and recieve calls in my house!

I even have 3G EVDO service!

AT&T NEVER have good service here, my calls would always drop and everything els.

This is quite possibly the worst product I've ever owned...of any kind.

Every day something new doesn't work. The interface is very clunky and nothing works well.

This thing is flat out terrible. What a black eye for Blackberry.

what is numeric keypass do how come i did not know can some one tell me where i find my numeric keypass or help me out please.


for phone blackberry930 is keep ask me numeric keypass went i send music from bluetooth.Help me out thank

Hi every one
Iam asking about Arabic language support for my storm 9500, i need to at least be able to read the text sms and emails i receive in Arabic, if not the Internet browser.

Ive been contacting vodafone for a week now. and appearently they have no clue.

I've tried to contact RIM support, but the only way of contact i found was this forum.

Do any of you have an idea when is the arabic language pack is going to be available. and is there any arabic input in there plans ?

1. The software is sluggish and irritating on most occasions;
2. Flipping from vertical to horizontal does not cause image to flip on several occasions;
3. The phone can not be used resting between shoulder and ear when one needs both hands free, as the mute button is enabled from the home screen causing temporary break in conversation;
4. Enabling multi-tap is a problem as the link to activate it does not appear on most occasions;
5. Using the keyboard in vertical mode is difficult;
6. The voice recorder is average compared to most phones

I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon (due to coverage issues with T-Mobile) and had to give up my beloved 8830 World Edition. I got the Storm. In all honesty, it was an impulse move because the Storm is the latest thing, not because of any in-depth research. Bottom-line: It took a few days to get used to it. I don't think it will ever be as fast as my 8830 at some tasks, but it is MUCH easier to read websites on the larger screen. If you do a lot of browsing, I'd say the Storm is the way to go.

After the intitial shock and excitement about this phone, my smile almost within a week turned upside down. The storm has a the potential to be great, but no where near it! The problems I am having are:

1. keyboard is slow
2. screen loading is slow
3. Apps are worthless (they barely work)
4. even after i adjusted the sensitivity on the keyboard, it still isnt fast enough.
5. I almost constantly get the timer on the front, even though I have removed the battery, closed the APPS and upgraded. All they have done is keep giving me a replacement phone. I am so over it!