Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pricing Revealed?

Storm Pricing
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Nov 2008 10:26 am EST

It seems a Verizon test/staging server has possibly revealed the pricing of the much anticipated BlackBerry Storm. Screen caps grabbed from the site show the following prices:

  • $219.99 on a 2 year contract
  • $289.99 on a 1 year contract
  • $519.99 off contract

Not too shabby! The 2 year contract price rings in $20 higher than the 8gig iPhone, and the off contract price is much cheaper than the BlackBerry Bold's $659.99 price tag. Keep in mind these prices a) could be flat out wrong b) could be subject to change or c) may be right but could ring it lower come time to buy thanks to rebates. Keep in mind it looks like this Storm page has been built off an 8830 template page, with information appearing from both devices. Lets keep our fingers priced for low, lowwwww pricing. Two more screen caps after the jump!

[ HoFo via Engadget ]

Storm Pricing

Storm Pricing 

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Pricing Revealed?


if you go to and click on phone tab enter phonex ariz for your location and click on blackberry and at the bottom should be the storm... when you click on it to view the details it takes you to the world edition ... either ways its coming in the next few days.

Considering that the specs and prices are those of the 8830, this test page is probably just a template being used for the Storm. I wouldn't expect the prices to be any more accurate than the fact that the Storm will have a QWERTY keyboard.

last night I was on the verizon site and the storm came up as an option when you highlighted blackberrys. now it's not there anymore. OK- I just want to know when i can pick mine up!!!!!! I reserverd mine through best buy and when I call they are clueless or "act" clueless anyway. What's the big secret for anyhow?

I don't understand why Verizon is waiting so long to release the official release date and price... the sooner they release the date the sooner they can let people know when to go out and buy one of these. I mean i understand they want to build up anticipation but I think they should give people at least a week to clear their calendars on release day so they can go pick one of these up.

I believe the reason they wait so long is to confuse the competition. I guess if they were to reveal pricing around now, their competition might lower their prices to compete with the Storm when it comes out, same for release date, the competition might release something sooner than vzw's release date. This thing is so far along now though, I doubt either of those scenarios would happen.

Does this mean that the Nov. 16th date I was told by my Best Buy associate who helped me with my pre-order was right?!

: )

the verizon guy I have been talking to said they could come in as early as thursday but most likely by friday. So I am assuming best buy would have it that following day (15th)

I think the no release date could either be really good or really bad. On one hand, everyone is always talking about it because no one knows and when someone 'hears' something everyone knows about it and it keeps the anticipation up. On the other hand like lazyyboy said, some people who would be willing to wait in a potential line may not be able to because of prior obligations. Either way, the phone is going to sell like magnolia cupcakes (for all of you who don't live in NYC they are the food of gods.)

I talked to my Verizon rep friend the other day, and they pushed the date back again from the original November 14th-15th date!!!

Yeah, I just checked and the storm is not an option, I got my hopes up last week to go pick mine up this friday, but then I heard rumors of the 23rd...aaahhh..I'm about to go crazy! if 219.00 is the price, that is so excellent, my NE2 was up on Oct. 2nd...the 14th or 23rd??? either way, I'll be there to get it!!! :)

i went into my local verizon store yesterday and my rep had said he just got back from a communications meeting earlier in the morning...i asked him when the release date was and he said he couldn't give that info out. but then i asked him if i guessed he'd tell me, so i guessed the 22nd and he held up 3 fingers meaning the 23rd. but as for pricing he hasn't heard anything but he was guessing around $200. we'll see....

i was told the same thing at the Verizon Store where I live... The 23rd. Who knowwwwws and I also emailed Verizon about the pricing and they replied with the following:

"At this time, I am unable to provide pricing information regarding the Blackberry Storm, as this may raise expectations that may not be met. "

219.99 plus a possible rebate? WOW!
That seems like a very competitive price for the phone, if it's at all true or holds any value. Verizon's really looking to give the iPhone a run for its money

A representative in Fullerton, Ca said it was being pushed until Black Friday the 28th

That would be the WORST thing VZW could do. I'm okay with the date being pushed back a little but I hope to God they do not release it on Black Friday bc it is already hell to go shopping on that day.

Just went onto and there was a new add for the blackberry storm on the top of the web page. It was animated started with dark clouds then the blackberry storm swooped down from the clouds. Anyways I refreshed the page and it went back to the old ad that I am sure everyone has been seeing. Just wondering if anyone else had seen this?

come on Telus step it up. I guess they are waiting for VZW to release there pricing so they can jump 200 over lol!! so maybe next week we will see the price for Telus. geez, I'm ok with waiting on the Dec 8/9th release date but give me something, please! lol!!

congrats VZW on getting a price. now if you can just get the phone.

about 20 minutes ago by my friendly Verizon store greeter that Black Friday is definitely the release date. She said they had no pricing details and that they weren't going to get a demo model before the actual release date.

i just went to best buy on my lunch and they had a demo of the storm. it was the dummy model (not turned on, not the real screen) but at least you can get an idea on sizing and feel...

WOW !! By a real live greeter ? You are so lucky to have gotten to talk to a greeter. The greeters are the highest ones at Verizon. Everything they say is concrete. They know for sure. I would believe it....if I was an idiot !!

Just called VZW Business Customer Care (my company gets a discount on Verizon equipment and plans). The lady I spoke with said she doesn't know the exact price just yet but told me that they are expecting the pricing and release date information to become public on the 14th or 15th (doesn't mean that is when the phone will be released).

Obviously you always have to take these reports with a grain of salt but here's to hoping we'll know an EXACT price and an EXACT date in a couple of days.

I spoke with a Verizon sales rep this morning and he said the release date was pushed back for two (2) reasons: 1) The software is still not ready & 2) He claims the US Government ordered 80,000 units and they take priority over everyone else.

He also implied the week of Thanksgiving.....

My company's IT department issued a statement this morning saying that they have come to an agreement with VZW on the pricing of the Storm. According to our internal communication the Storm will be available for us on November 24 for $90. Typically new devices are available through our IT department about a week after the launch date. I realize this still leaves room for speculation but at least we know it wont be much longer.

all verizon pda phones have a $70 mail in rebate which would bring the 2yr contract price down to $149 after rebate which is right around the price that people have been saying it will be

I heard it wasnt coming out....Well let me start from the begining....

I went into my Verizon sotre THIS morning, because I am going to switch from Alltel, onto a family share plan for my business. I wanted to wait until the Storm cam out, but I won one so I spoke to my rep and he said that I could buy a cheapie and change the ESN come time I get my FREEBIE!!!


When I went in this morning to set everything up, I asked about a phone for my dad, who will be an add-a-line later (so he too can have the STORM), and MY Verizon rep said, this phone was a PIECE, and they have had to do, and still HAVE to do so many revisions that it will not come out until the FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER!....or was it the second?

OK this whole story was fabricated, except for the switching part and the I WON ONE part.....but do you all listen to yourselves (sorry to those who deserve more credit). You are all doing EXACTLY what Verizon is doing to us.......teasing to get everyones hopes up. All these BS stories about "I heard" and "he said she said" are bull and you all need to tone it down a notch till some concrete facts come out to post. You sould all be freaking weather people. Build peoples hopes up for lots of weather (snow) only to recieve an inch, or freak them out and scare them into hiding because a TORNADO is coming, only to have a little wind.

You are all contributing to the freaking out of each other and it is all essentially over nothing...I mean what the hell are you going to do knowing the price of the phone today, or three days before it hits? Are you going to budget that extra 30 bucks they tell you it will be today only to find out it will actually be more? I think not. You will but it reguardless fo price, and you will stand in those lines no matter what......

SO CHILL, RELAX, and WAIt for Verizon to (in their own time) put SoMeThInG out, but until then tyour freaking out and making up stories wont get it out any faster......

WOW, I feel better.....

wait a minute... so its NOT COMING OUT NOW?

who is worse? the person excited about something? or the person who takes the time to write a novel to make everyone seem inadequate... trying to at least.

and I never stated it wasnt coming out at if that is your assumption you just made an ASS out of U but not ME

well what do you have to say to the 98765433 stories about where when and what? so far NONE of them have been true...

Thanks so much for posting this! I've been trying to get a scoop of the Storm pricing lately. I am so excited for this thing to come out!!!!

My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who works for Verizon and she says the Storm will be released in the 48th week of the year.

I'm a preferred Verizon subscriber (whatever the hell that means), and received an invitation yesterday in the mail from Verizon to The VZW Private Sale. On the cover of this Invite as picture of the Storm. The Dates for this event are listed as 11/17-11/21. I'm guessing it'll be available the 16th or 17th?

There are pictures of this on the crackberry forums... but that sale isn't for the Storm.. it's for the Dare, Glyde, Voyager, etc... Storm is on there just to bring people in...

when i went to preorder my storm at best buy, they told me they would call me to let me know when it was available. so i asked if that meant there wasnt an official release date yet and the employee helping me out said that it was listed as "to be determined" still. but she then quickly asked a coworker standing by and the coworker stated it will be released on November 16th.

whether or not that is true, i do not know, but i guess we'll find out as it gets closer and closer to that date.

Maybe someone can answer this for me, vodafone and verizon are sister companies, i guess, yet for 39 pounds/month, which according to google is $60.89/month, as a vodafone customer you get a free storm, why is it in the U.S. we pay at a minimum of $35 + $29.99 (data) ~ $65/month and we still have to pay $219 for the "phone"... please help me understand, does the UK government subsidize the phone or something???

Thanks for the input...

For once were not getting ripped off over here in the UK if that is the price. The UK has a culture whereby nobody wants to pay for a handset therefore most of the networks offer them for free and there are various other incentives.

Texting is still quite big and people will go on a lower tariff so by offering better handsets for free on mid tier tariffs and up, this will entice many people to go for a free handset and pay the network a higher 'standard' monthly rate. I don't know what the data bundles are like in the States but in the UK the majority of them say 'unlimited' but they're not.

As for the government subsidising handsets, you must be joking! The creamed 'billions' from the mobile operators to hold 3G licences!

emails were sent out today to best buy mobile managers about printing retractions for this weekends ad. the storm is in the ad however the release has been pushed back...

This is by far the most frustrating thing in the world.

If you owned a Chocolate 2, you would feel my pain right now. Every time I pick up that phone I want to destroy it.

All this cross chatter about when it is coming out is just making me more and more impatient.

If I wasn't locked into a contract, I would have left for the Android a week ago.

LMAO! Seriously, what where you thinking when you bought that piece of crap?

I cant wait for the Storm. When, oh when will it come out? @ 219 bucks I am even happier...if true. Just release the damn thing VZW...ok after you fix the glitches :)

The Verizon Rep and Best Buy told me it will be on a Sunday. They told me 11/16, but if it's going to get pushed the latest is 11/23. It should not be delayed past that.

That would be stupid of verizon to have it cost as much as the 8gig iphone.

Personally, I would still buy the blackberry, but, going by a cost to trendy-ness basis, if the iPhone is cheaper, people are going to buy the iphone.

Ok....sorry for all the delayed release dates. Verizon just flew in from California to my office here in NYC for a meeting on the Storm, its capabilities, and it's release date. They confirmed Nov 23rd at midnight which would make the device available on Nov 24th. November 16 was the original date but was pushed back another week. RIM is sending me a seat device this week or beginning of next week. I'm so excited I've already changed my underwear twice!!!

Has anyone seen any accessories for the Storm, like cases or screen protectors. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for which bluetooth to get. There is so many.

The blackberry storm is 219.99 and more than likely it will receive a mail in rebate. Full price is in the low 500 ball park, so even for you non-upgrade eligible fanboys, it isnt too bad. I was told by my supervisor that we are having a RIM rep coming to our location on the 21st to help us sell the Storm.

Hint hint on release date hint hint

I called and spoke to someone at our local Best Buy in Cincinnati on Wednesday 11/12 and she said I could come in and place the $50 deposit or I could do it over the phone and I would FOR SURE have it on Sunday 11/16. I kept asking "are you sure" and "will be guarenteed, are there enough" and she said yes over and over. I then called Verizon and they said they didn't know the release date (like they would tell me) but that it would be on the same date as Best Buy if not before since they are the carrier.

Is it true that if you are doing an early upgrade you can't do it through Best Buy? I've heard in some instances you get a better deal going through the Verizon store and that Best Buy won't give you some of the discount options like the discount for the early upgrade?

They need to be giving people a couple days notice, this is stupid.