Verizon BlackBerry Storm Minute with Mike Details...

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Sep 2008 10:45 am EDT
Verizon BlackBerry Storm

UPDATE: Here's the image we were waiting for. I love how the first paragraph is about the bloggers who love to speculate. Cheers to that Verizon! Not much new in the announcement, but GREAT to see things get "official." Word has it there are more images and even a video that were circulated within Verizon, so hopefully we will soon be seeing some more BlackBerry Storm eyecandy. And while at this moment the site is not up and running, it does look like that will in fact be the place to go to sign up for web updates. Stay tuned for more. **

Original Post: many a CrackBerry Addict didn't go to sleep last night in anticipation of hearing BIG NEWS today from Verizon Wireless per the internal email that went around the company telling people that they'll want to tune into Monday's Minute with Mike.

From the sounds of it, internal people at VZW got to view a BUNCH of PHOTOS and even a Video of the new BlackBerry Storm (not the one by the Brew Ninja), but at this point today's Storm announcement appears to have been more of an internal thing than external. The following was just posted in the forums by Rjsumthin (much thanks for posting!!), a Verizon insider that hangs out in the CrackBerry forums, with the details coming out of today's Minute with Mike:

The Official Minute with Mike Details

  • Just a brief introduction, nothing to do with a website. 
  • The name is the Storm - "Designed to take the world by storm" global marketing name since it's available to work in 195 destinations or more.
  • One of the highest resolution screens on the market today.... no details....
  • Revolutionary Touch Screen
  • High Speed HTML
  • 3.2 MP camera with lots of multimedia capabiliteies....
  • Visual Voicemail
  • And everything else blackberry is known for....
  • Lots of images and videos for us internal people... it looks AMAZING!!!!! Sorry I can't post the video for ya, you would be drooling!

You can check out the forum post here. So at this point it's a whole lot of nothing new, other than the "Designed to take the world by Storm" tag line Verizon has attached to the device. HOPEFULLY some BlackBerry-addicted Verizon folk will leak some of these pictures and the video to the net so the rest of us can get a better look. I'll leave an image off this blog post in the meantime in hopes that one appears soon and update this post as more info comes in.

There's no sign of a site up yet at either, but hopefully one will appear soon. I'm pretty sure I've hit refresh on that page 10,000 times already

[ Image via Engadget Mobile ]

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm Minute with Mike Details...


Yeah, we need a video and some official pics. I'd say the info is "better than speculation" at this point, but would be nice to GET IT OFFICIAL with some straight-from-the-carrier goods. I'm drooling for more...

The sheep have to be on their toes...err..hooves; somehow right? So the best way to do that is to drop a catch phrase about this phone; or a couple of catch phrases in fact...which proceeds the sheep to be interested by checking into the blogosphere every minute (even if the information is bordeline hoax'ish).

Thus, CB and Kevin get the site's blogs the attention that's wanted. :-)

Wolves and foxes are good at rounding up the herd when credible information doesn't exist.

It's nice to see the addition of the documentation. So, it looks like it is a global device with GPS! No mention of wi-fi, though. I'd be intersted in seeing how hte screen really works. :)

"RIM's highest resolution screen ever"? Hmmm, does that mean higher than the awesome screen on the Bold? Can I dare to dream that this is going to be a 640x480?

Ok I have Verizon... Never had a BB. Want a BB. Was going to get the Curve but knew that new devices would be coming out.. and look what has happened.. I don't even own a Blackberry and I am on this site daily reading everyones posts and waiting for these new products to be released! Now the problem is that I want the BOLD.. and sure I'll wait till it comes to Verizon..I dont mind (yea right), but now there is this "storm" and to be honest I've never been a fan of any of the touch screen phones... I know many people that have and had iphones... some love em and some hate em. Know a bunch of people that went out and got the voyager as well... and same as above... some love em and some hate them. I guess im just ranting and maybe I should just go buy this storm the day it's released or should I wait till the BOLD comes out to verizon next Nevuary.??... I'm lost.

For the past 45 days we've been pounded with speculation. So what docs came out. This doesn't have a release date nor a price. ATT is still in LIMBO with the Bold. no one has any idea when these devices are going out, including Verizon & ATT. At this point I'm about to stick with my current 3 BBs (8700, 8800 & Curve), why should I give these companies more money when they can't even tell me when new devices will be released. I must give it to TMO, they are out with new pearl color & a new pearl flip when the other companies are spreading vapor (lol kind of like John McCain)

Hey Fox, Ha Ha, so good of you to throw in your little dig at John McCain at the end. How about keeping politics out of this. The thread is about a new upcoming phone.

My main contract is up with TMO for some of my BBs so I've been waiting for a week about the bold so I can finally get back onto ATT and get my numbers over to them. But I ask corp reps from tmo & verizon, I get a daily changing story. Just frustrated, since pre-order for the bold hasn't started Oct 10 may be the pre-order date which means I may not see my Bold until I hear Santa's fat a$$ coming down my chimney.

Yes, the Storm is 3G. Doubt it will have wi-fi since 3G is almost as fast thru VZW towers and 3G system.

Yes it is 3g, would be being released on Verizon if it wasn't. I don't beilieve wi-fi has ever been mentioned from the beginning. So I guess you can just assume that it will not have wi-fi, back when it was rumored this phone would come out Wi-fi was not part of the equation and today with an offical email it still isn't part of the equation.

Two things RIM needs to "perfect" for the Storm: the touchscreen and the keyboard.

Up to this point, I don't think anyone has introduced a touchscreen that operates like the iPhone (even if the technology wasn't invented by Apple). So in order for RIM to try to appeal commercially, they would need something equivalent or greater than what Apple is currently offering.

We all know the touchscreen keyboard will make or break this handset. The majority feel that the a full physical QWERTY keyboard will beat out a touchscreen any day. With RIM putting an emphasis on how their keyboard will feel like a physical one, they need to make sure that it does as advertised.

Also, hopefully RIM makes a consumer friendly and looking OS, current OS's look too enterprise and doesn't operate or feel smooth like MacOSX Mobile

anyone asks, this phone is available thru VZW ONLY! Not coming to AT&T, TMO, Sprint or any other weak a$$ carrier out there. RIM saved the BEST device for the BEST carrier. The best way to launch a successful device is to launch it with the most successful bugs, call quality issues that can make the device less desirable. HA I'm lovin it!!

CB, great job and keep the info coming!!

It will be on VZW only if they make their sales quota. If not, then you will see it go to other carriers. And I'm not quite sure if it will make the quota. I'm thinking they may not, since it does seem like a niche phone.

but since it is a world phone would this mean that I could unlock it here in the states and use it with any gsm provider or because it is the mix between cdma and gsm will it not work like that here?

You are correct this is only VZW release but don't get your hopes up that there won't be one ATT and Tmobile....the 9220. VZW is the guniea pigs on this one.

I am just curious what the big deal is about Wi-Fi...with the largest broadband network on the can actually be outside a wifi network and have internet...i know thats hard for everyone to imagine you can have internet outside a wifi hotspot...but its true....
my 2 cents

The lure is that you can use wifi not only for data but for voice. With my curve whenever I'm home all my calls go out over wi-fi (free of charge) minutes aren't used from my plan.

the_tysonator, people aren't looking to access the internet only at wi-fi spots. Wifi is a nice addition to 3G data for several reasons.

- Wi-Fi can be a little faster than over the air so its nice to use Wi-Fi when possible to stream videos or other large files.
- Those with open wifi may be able to run more applications such as Skype-like apps easier than on the locked down cell networks.
- Use of Wi-Fi can cut down the amount of usage. Some carriers cap their downloads even through they advertise unlimited (read the fine print). There is no way to push some of that data download off the network if you dont have wifi.

The last one is the reason I would like like wifi.

The only reason that AT&T has both 3G and wi-fi on their phones is because their 3G network is so relatively sparse compared to ev-do. They need wi-fi for people to be able to get the 3G speeds when the 3G signal is so crappy (i.e. iphone). VZW's ev-do service is far more reliable. I get it practically everywhere I go.

what about needing wifi for air travel? i think that most airlines are moving forward with in-flight wifi, and I would like to use my verizon blackberry in-flight. the lack of wifi is not a deal breaker, but I think it misses a crucial opportunity with their core business users as well as those who are new to the blackberry eco-system. what do people think?

Look I hate to be a bearer of bad news in a way but This supposed e-mail/video was for Higher up officals in VZW, Not all employees or any that mattered. I have 2 close friends, which are High up section managers in Customer Care and Have limited or no knowledge of whats been happening. VZW isn't like a lot of other cariers in the fact most if not all there depts communicate pretty well. My other Friend is NorCal/Nev district manager and he doesnt know too much either. So unless they are holdin in on me I bet this is all speculation at this point and will hear more probably in about 2 weeks. My personal opinion as well as what I am betting on is early Nov like the 1st. Like I always so though could be very very wrong. and seriously hoping to be.

thanks for the wifi info...wasnt aware of some on the things you could use it for besides just internet...the storm looks in....

If the biggest features Verizon/RIM can promote about this device are "visual voicemail", "full HTML browsing", and "RIM's highest resolution screen ever", I hate to break it to you folks but the iPhone mastered all of those areas over a year ago and INVENTED visual voicemail.

Perhaps this is revolutionary for a Blackberry, but I don't see this device taking anyone "by storm" except for Blackberry addicts whose billfolds are burning holes through their pockets. There is nothing revolutionary here. Nothing.

Folks, this is just a Blackberry with a touch screen -- nothing more. No advanced operating system, no revolutionary interface, no app store, there's nothing really here for developers or consumers to get excited about.

This is a big snooze.

First thought:

The Storm is not a SNOOZE for VZ (and other wireless companies) customers who are not willing to give up their service for the iPhone (and deal with the the touchscreen).

Last thought:

I'd say that the Storm is REVOLUTIONARY. Why? Because when Storm is released to the public, it will be the first T.S. smartphone to implement click-screen (haptic feedback).

If that is not REVOLUTIONARY, I don't know what is.

Yes it does have an advanced operating system, yes it does have a revolutionary UI and the app store is coming. Where are you getting info that it doesn't?

I am going by the information that Verizon itself has put out. Don't you think that they would allude to things such as an app store and new UI if the product had those things? I think Verizon would want to position this as an iPhone competitor, but I don't think Verizon is going that route. Instead they are focusing on it being the "first touch screen Blackberry", which is an odd selling point to those who don't care anything about whether it's a "Blackberry" or not. They are also focusing on its world phone capabilities, which is another thing most US consumers care nothing about.

Verizon's pitch is clearly aimed at corporate users. I see nothing from the published materials that would indicate this is in any way a threat to the iPhone at all. It's just Blackberry playing catch-up.

Don't be suckered in folks!! This is a great phone but the GPS is sure to be crippled by Verizon. Wait for a fully functional version to come out on another carrier!!!

i talked to a sales rep for at&t he said the 1 out of every 2 iphones they sell come back.... the only cool thing about the iphone is it sucks as a cant get to the battery...if anything happens to it you have to send it to apple...i would much rather have a device like a blackberry that was actually functional....that was more than just cool.....

the other thing.....vz nav is awesome..i use it all the time....just type in the address and bam i am there....also use it to get address and phone#s for businesses....if you think its not good then you must not have really used it...