Verizon BlackBerry Storm GlobalEmail Plans Announced

Verizon BlackBerry Storm Global Plans
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2008 08:46 pm EST

In its effort to take the World by Storm, Verizon today announced its new Storm GlobalEmail plans, which for $69.99 ($5 less with a voice plan attached) covers you for unlimited web browsing, MMS, and visual voicemail in the United States AND in 150 countries around the world. 

Having been with Rogers for years and being used to paying a few hundred bucks extra on my monthly bill every time I jump on a plane and cross a border, this pricing seems pretty mind-boggling reasonable to me. FULL DETAILS after the jump!


BlackBerry Storm Connects Customers Around The Globe

New BlackBerry Storm - Available Exclusively in the U.S. to Verizon Wireless Customers - Makes Globetrotting a Breeze

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether traveling to Europe for an international conference or to Asia for a business meeting, the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon Wireless will give globetrotters the freedom of reliable global connectivity in a single, stylish handset. With the launch of the BlackBerry Storm, customers can use the world's first "clickable" touch-screen BlackBerry smartphone to connect to their offices and homes in more than 200 destinations for voice and more than 150 destinations for data worldwide. The BlackBerry Storm allows for roaming in South America and Japan and also provides 3G data speeds on select international networks, giving customers high-speed connectivity when they are abroad.

The Storm comes pre-installed with a SIM card, so customers who plan to travel abroad can activate global service at the time of purchase or by calling Verizon Wireless prior to leaving the U.S. For those who travel abroad frequently, the company's Global Value Plan offers discounted roaming charges on calls made to and from 130 countries for just $4.99 a month.

Verizon Wireless customers traveling for business or pleasure in both the U.S. and abroad can use GlobalEmail on their BlackBerry Storms to access corporate e-mail attachments as well as personal or POP3 e-mail accounts. Verizon Wireless' unlimited GlobalEmail Plan offers one flat-rate data pricing and covers Web browsing, picture messaging and Visual Voice Mail in the U.S. as well as overseas. Verizon Wireless' GlobalEmail Data Plans are available for $69.99 monthly access for a stand-alone data plan and $64.99 monthly access when added to any voice plan.

Business customers with five or more lines of service will be able to purchase a GlobalEmail Plan for their BlackBerry Storms by calling their Business Sales Representatives at 1-800-899-4249.

To learn more or register to be notified when the BlackBerry Storm is available, visit or For more information on Verizon Wireless' international services, please visit

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm GlobalEmail Plans Announced


Wow! I'm afraid Rogers (or Robers) will never match this. Why? Because it's so nice to be a monopoly.

Now, we need some advice - what options (loopholes) are there for Canadians to set up a Verizon account? There must be a way... .

I am so close to send a letter to VZW and tell them to fvck off!!! GIVE US A DAMN PRICE FOR THE STORM AND A FREAKING DATE!

I having a heart attack every single day.......

No you are not. I don't care about all this BS. Let me know price and date and i will figure out the rest.

Return your phone before the date if it is not out yet and find an old phone to put your number on for the time being and use your upgrade when the storm comes out.

I will be sticking to my 15.00 a month unlimited internet with Telus and 17.30 for talk. As far as rogers, I think you actually have to be American to set up an acct I mean after all your bill would be crazy wouldn't it with roaming if you are living in Canada. I brought my cell with me when I first moved from US to Canada and after getting my bill I had to turn it off and pay the disconnect fee but it was cheaper lol!!

I'm on Rogers also and use BES, I would pay $70 for unlimited data in Canada and the US, forget the other countries!!!!

To answer the first question, a Canadian can sign up for service with VZW, you just need some kind of US mailing address to sign up. They can run credit with the Canadian equivelent to a US Social, but I forgot what it's called... and after signing up for a Nationwide + Canada plan, you can change your mailing address with our customer service team to a Canadian mailing address.

Hope that helps!

I was all happy about this post until I read this:

"Verizon Wireless' GlobalEmail Data Plans are available for $69.99 monthly access for a stand-alone data plan and $64.99 monthly access when added to any voice plan."

Does that mean that this price doesn't include voice? I'm already have another BB for work so I'm probably not going to be connecting to a Blackberry enterprise server. How much would it cost to just have voice and unlimited data without enterprise services? Anybody know?

This is just the Global Email/Data option for $69. If you don't plan on needing unlimited data around the world you will be able to get one of Verizon's other BB plans that cost less for unlimited data in the US. The US only data plans with voice range from $80 - $120/mo.

I have the Verizon all inclusive plan, does this mean the GlobalEmail Data Plan will be an additional $69.99 for me or will this be inclusive as well?

My understanding is, "yes", you need to add it on top of the voice plan.

FYI, I asked today in Portland, OR because I want to switch to Verizon and their Canada plan before I leave on a trip. The employee said to pop in on the 17th. I'm also on the call in list....

He said he got to try one out last week and he said the typing was better than on an iPhone.

I sure as heck am interested in getting this while travelling. Is this available month to month? Or contract based?

I'm Canadian and this sounds very very reasonable to me.