Verizon BlackBerry Storm at DevCon!

BlackBerry Storm at DevCon!
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Oct 2008 05:36 pm EDT

Look what just arrived in my inbox! If you're still looking for a reason to attend the BlackBerry Developer Conference next week, the image above is it. Verizon will have the BlackBerry Storm on hand at their booth and be showing it off! I'm pretty stoked - the Storm has kept itself from my grasp thus far (booourns!!) but knowing I can touch it this coming Monday has me feeling pretttty good. Now I just have to figure out a way to fit that green coffee table of mine into a suitcase so I can bring y'all back an authentic hands-on review. Hat Tip to Doug!

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm at DevCon!


I expect a great hand on video sir these damn pictures and such are not cutting it anymore I WANT IT IN MY HAND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! and I will tell "WHAT IT FEEL LIKE"

why not just get a signshop like make you up a crackberry about the same size that you could plac on the counter while reviewing the storm? you could use it as your travel mat!

Hm, it's a coffee table? Fancy!

For some reason, I always assumed it was a bucket or some kind of cover you used just for those.

Not so. You represent ALL the time! :D

Ok... Here it is... the secret of the Green CrackBerry Review/Pictures Table Thing for those who care to know:

It's just a little side table thing. Nothing special, except for that sticker permanently stuck on top!

Who gives a Sh*t, JUST RELEASE THE DAMN THING ALREADY!! Or at least give us a solid date, these damn clowns. This is the most drawn out launch ever-starting to lose interest already.

Kevin is just making us extremely jelous. I like to b!tch as much as the next guy. This isn't the place to vent. Ya wanna vent go back and vent in the thread talking about the damn vzw cheer tour that's coming out. Now that is something to vent about.hey kev bring us back something special, something special, something new. Something that will justify our continued patience while vzw royally f@&ks up their ad campaign.

Maybe you can try and convince them to send me one early for winning the 200,000 member contest. I die a little more everyday this isn't in my hands. I knew it was gonna be awhile before it was released, but the suspense is killing me!!!!!!!

Excuse me while I wipe some drool from my chin. I hate waiting for new things...obviously I should be in a profession that would have me attending the Blackberry Develop Conference!


Whoops... forgot to finish my comment. I always thought it was mousepad or a pog mat or something.

Walked into Verizon today and told them I wanted one. He said they are coming out November 9th with a $599 price tag. I said I was a current Verizon customer and he said "$100 discount...", which would mean $499. (ouch on both accounts)

I was at Gartner in Orlando this week. Our friends were there and they are saying "soon". They would not confirm a date.

I did get to touch, feel and got to play with the Storm and the Bold.

I was not impressed with the storm because it was heavy and thick.

The bold was wide, but much lighter.