Verizon Storm to come with Trial of McAfee Mobile Security

By James Falconer on 20 Oct 2008 10:42 am EDT

Monday is here, and Kevin is down south for the BlackBerry Dev Con from where he sent me a note. Looks like the Verizon BlackBerry Storm will come with a free 30-day trial of McAfee Mobile Security! The app will scan your files, messages and downloads to make sure your Storm remains virus-free.

Your thoughts? Virus apps for the Berry... was wondering when this would happen!

[ via BBCool ]

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Verizon Storm to come with Trial of McAfee Mobile Security


I really like this idea. I have a work bb that might not employ this but for a home user which my Storm will be I really like this! Hopefully the service will be reasonable,

from my post on BBCool

"Seems kind of pointless to me, unless of course RIM is not telling us the extent of the possibility of viruses on a BlackBerry, their has been a few “select” exploits that have been talked about as possibly causing a problem for BlackBerry devices, but most of which were proof of concepts, this ( has caused issues for RIM in the past as well…"

It should also be noted those proof of concepts originated server side, not device..therefore their would have to of have been malintent from the BES admin.

I don't know about McAfee apps. I know for the PC their program takes up a lot of space on the HD. I don't think I will be buying this after the trail.

I, for one, will be deleting this software off the Storm almost as soon as I get it.

In my opinion, there is no significant threat deeming this software necessary, on ANY mobile device, let alone a Blackberry. Reclaimed storage space, FTW!

I'm curious as to what they will do to add two factor authentication. My guess is that you will not need a second factor to gain access to the device. More so by using the device to login into applications on a PC or VPN with the device as the second factor.

Blackberry's already support two factor authentication. Do a Google Search for "BlackBerry Smart Card Reader"

It obviously hasnt hit anyone yet. Everyone was wondering how they would be able to incorperate flash media on a Berry and this is your answer an application that will scan for viruses before the media can be used. Sounds to me like a win for the Berry crowd and another nail in the coffin of the beloved me too iPhone.