Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Nov 2008 12:01 am EST

Back in October at the BlackBerry Developer Conference I had a chance to spend some hands-on time with RIM's first touchscreen device, from which I wrote up an in-depth Pre-Release Review of the BlackBerry Storm (if you're a Storm chaser and haven't read this article yet, you should!). Since that first encounter, I have been anxiously waiting to get my hands on a commercial release BlackBerry Storm that I would be able to call my own.

w00t! It has happened!! I flew down to NYC to pick up my Storm in person, and as I post this, just landed at home a few hours ago. I'm already hard at work on a follow-up review, but as you guys know, my reviews go a little more in-depth than most of the others you'll find, and therefore take longer to write (plus I want to wait and update the OS). In the meantime I at least have some CrackBerry-NYC Verizon Storm coverage for you. After the jump we have the Verizon BlackBerry Storm Unboxing, both with video and photos. We even throw a quick side by side comparison of the Storm to the Curve 8900 in there (I think that's a web first!). 

I also used the cab ride back to the airport to put the Storm's SurePress keyboard to the ultimate bumpy typing test and used my waiting time at the airport to do up an impromptu Verizon BlackBerry Storm vs. AT&T iPhone 3G Web Browser Speed Test.

Only one more sleep until you can walk into a Verizon store and pick up a BlackBerry Storm of your own (I hope you booked the day off!)... in the meantime, enjoy the coverage!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxed on Video!

I know video unboxings are a little pointless to some of you, but for a much-anticipated device like the Verizon BlackBerry Storm it seems completely necessary. Our friend across the pond already did the Ultimate Vodafone Storm unboxing (parts 1 and 2), so we'll keep this one pretty low key (we gotta get that Brit working for!).

There's no traditional CrackBerry green table for this unboxing though, since it was filmed in NYC. No tripod either, so I played the role of camera man and had a lovely assistant take the honor of unboxing my Verizon BlackBerry Storm. How da ya like that unboxing music? :-)

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing Pictures!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!

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Reader comments Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Unboxing!!!


yeah, the unboxing video was definitely a female. i was holding the video camera. i did write that up in the post ya know... gotta read it! :-)

ahhh I can barely wait until Friday to get mine!! had to go thru a bunch of hoops, but totally will be worth it!

hotel room + cheesy music + undressing by a female..... had me going there for a minute.

to paraphrase jack bauer at the beginning of season 1, my name is abe and this is the LONGEST week of my life!

Weird, it shipped with the older headphones and not the new ones found in the Bold boxes, not a big deal since I never use em, just weird to me.

Those headphones BLOW!! I was actually looking forward to the earbud style..... Not a deal breaker though....

First time in my life where sloppy seconds will be welcomed by me!!!! Oh i'm going to tear up.... I can't eat, I can't sleep.... oh the agony.... oh the joy of agony... I think I might start to cut myself to relieve some of the i'll stop there...

i totally agree WTF verizon, now we have to be extra careful with it, those OEM sleeves are great and it saves battery life. Damn!

Phones still sick, iphone's got nothing

I thought you are not supposed to be using a Blackberry AT ALL during the round robin????????? Was the first thing I thought about when I read this...sorry!!!

No little black pouch thingy that's come with every other Blackberry I've owned???????

Treo Pro is still my daily driver... but had to get this and give it a go.

Thursday I'll be working on my Treo Pro final review stuff... will get back to the Storm for the weekend. The Storm's OS that we got was only and there's newer OS's out there. For the full review I want to use the latest and greatest I can get my hands on. So may be a day or two.

I'll do a good round-up of all the other reviews that just went up online to tide ya over!

the new OS build is, that will hit the scene shortly it adds a more solidarity to the OS and a better feel, so the OS you might be chasing down is still outdated .85 will be gone shortly

For those of you who are wondering... is what it will be released on.. There is no What is currently being tested is release version 92. Just thought i would clarify since veezee was miss informed.

AAHHHHH...Verizon still has the 160 text limit on their blackberrys. you think they wuldve changed it for the storm. Now im considering to get the iphone?


ATT does not have a 160 limit i believe. for sure on their iphone they dont. just curious on what you guys think is all.


SMS has standards. An SMS message has a maximum limit of 160 characters. Some phones (not Blackberries, in my experience) will allow you to type past that limit, but then when the message is sent, it is broken up into multiple messages (each one being 160 characters or less). MMS messages (which I'm told the iPhone cannot do) are limited by file size (instead of character number like SMS) because they obviously hold more than just characters. I don't remember the limit, but I'm thinkin it is >400 KB (don't quote me on that).


I know I'm a little late to the party, but here's what I've experienced with Verizon when sending a SMS message using a non-smartphone/blackberry:

It will let you type past 160 characters.
If you send it to another Verizon customer, they will get the entire message in ONE message, not broken up.
If you send it to a NON-Verizon customer, they will ONLY get the first 160 characters. It will not be split up, and the rest of your message will disappear. (This really doesn't bother me personally, since I don't text frequently with non-Verizon customers, but it's still kind of lame.)

Apparently it's different with a Blackberry on Verizon's network, and again different with Blackberries on GSM networks. I have Verizon and it's nice to be able to send a long text to another Verizon customer without being spanked by my phone when I reach 160 characters. It's making me nervous about my intended switch to a Blackberry... It appears that sending it as an e-mail won't help either, as it will get cut off. I understand why they feel the need to limit the characters, but it shouldn't be limited with in-network SMS. Since I text VERY frequently with Verizon customers, the fact that a Verizon Blackberry is limited to 160 characters no matter what will more than likely make my decision to NOT get one. It might not seem like a big deal, but it would be a huge annoyance to me. Thanks Verizon!

Sweet.. We only have 31 hours left till the official release! Looks good, she kinda rushed the unboxing tho she should of taking it NICE and SLOW! =)

wait...according to my gf, "unboxing" is not a word and when I was telling her about this article, she was flipping out lol! Damn that was too funny, she said it was "unbearable" to hear the word haha wow..well anyway am getting this phone! Cant wait for Friday. The VZW store has reserved one for me so am going early in the morning!

well.. tell her I'm a BlackBerry Addict.. not a journalist. and to this BlackBerry Addict, UNBOXING is a word.

why not? you can box stuff? you can't unbox it? :)

well said haha, I want to UNBOX IT already!. Ive never had a blackberry but I can surely say I have become an addict to this site already :)

Thats Awsome how you already got it... I wish i had mine but its only a few Hours.... Check out the countdown visit

Hubba Hubba! I think I got a lil' chub goin do to the seductive music, the sexy hand model and the hot steamy McStorm!!! Great job Kevin, props dude!

I work night shifts as a nurse and Thursday night I will be so happy to be working...I'm driving right to the Verizon store from work Friday morning at 730am! While you all can't sleep out of excitement, at least I'll be getting paid to stay awake in anticipation! :) So excited!

So, I finally got my hands on a Storm last night. I felt like a kid at Christmas! My first impression was WOW! However, once I settled down a little bit, I actually started to notice a few things. I was surprised that the entire screen actually moved around (left, right, up, down) other than just being able to be pushed in. The device seemed slow at times as well, which isn't going to go over well with users. I have to admit, though, I am still getting one. Either way when I talked to a VZW salesperson about scheduling an appt., they told me that they just found out they won't be getting ANY Storms in their shipment Thursday night. All they could do is order one for me and direct ship it to my house for free. Oh, and she said it may take a week or TWO!!!! Well, at least I got to get my hands on one before then.

what network are you running that bad boy on Kevin.. also, how the heck did you get it if it doesn't come out till tomorrow???

Unless I'm blind, but are we missing a docking cradle as previously shown earlier last month? If the cradle is purchase seperately, cost???

8 GB memory card?!?!? Nice touch VZW! :D

Is sold separately for $49.99

I really hate how they didn't include that Damn sleeve in the packaging.
: /

D*** right I took the day off! Called my local store and they're opening an hour early, even. I'll be there before that.

Hello all my first comment on this site which i have bookmarked on both ie and firefox. When i first got a blackberry device curve 8320 t-mobile gold i loved it had a winmo device, my curve was the best never left it forgot it home one day going to work got off the train at work and i felt empty so called late and went back home to get my curve it felt good to hold the device in my hand. Now i listen to alot of mixed cd,s with split tracks that require gapless playback a feature that blackberry devices dont support very annoying i get alot of ministry of sound and hed kandi music mixed by djs and i love my music here comes the BOLD and STORM bought the bold on the 4TH of NOV. voted first thinking it would fix this gapless issuse by the way i had an att iphone as well handled gapless playback like a charm so i was very upset that i had to give up my bold again because of the lack of gapless playback i see alot of review of the bold and storm which is okay how come no one talks about the lack of this feature in blackberry devices which would for alot of us out there be the one thing that would make me give up my IPHONE for good i returned my BOLD i payed full price for it im upset why cant rim fix this its not fair.

I've been seeing the reviews on this since last night and so far it hasn't lived up to all the hype. it's making me seriously think about not getting it. the one thing that's making me not get this is the lag. i mean why couldn't they just make it run as fast as the bold. i can see that lagging to piss me off a lot.

Personally, I'm not that worried about the lag. I currently have a 8830 WE. So, I'm sure it will be faster than that.

I think for those who already have the Bold it may cause some frustrations, but for those of us with Curve's or older models, it may be better.

I still have OS 4.2 on mine because Alltel still hasn't released an OS update to 4.5 for the 8830. So, I'm thinking even a lag will be better.

Hey guys, this is my very first post and im sure, not the last.

You do not know how much ive been waiting for this storm to come, honestly, usually i cant even stand getting wet!!

Im in the uk, Manchester to be exact and went to my 'local' Vodafone store (inverted comas as its closest to work)...i went on Thurday 13th Nov....the sales guy showed me his, itl come loaded with a trailer for 'Babylon' a Vin Weasel movie..absolutely mental!!!! The quality is breathtaking!!

So went the next day, Fri 14th, the day of the lauch, everywhere plastered with Storm posters, the store workers wearing Strom they basically had everything -except the actual phone!!! I was gutted :(. The bloke said they hadn't arrived yet.

So put my name on the list, go back after work...i stayed in late on a friday just for this...and still no delivery. So get a text the next day from the store saying theyre in stock...but i couldnt go cos i was away on family businesss!!

Went back Monday, as soon as it hit 12 i was there, what did the guy say?? 'Im sorry Sir, but they're all gone!'. All sold on Saturday!! I was honestly gonna cry, serious man serious!!

So then fianlly, the guy called me on Tuesday and i got it. Unreal, it was like passing my exams, my driving test...plain ecstasy!!

So ive got one...guys...IT DOES COME WITH THE LITTLE POUCH THING...ive never owned a BB before so dont really know the 'usual procedure'...but it will come with that protective pouch thing, very handy.

More later, managers giving me evils.....!!

Unfortunately, the fact that Voda's came with a pouch does not mean that VZW's will -- afterall, we get the 8GB card and Voda doesn't.

From the reviews by Walt Mossberg, Engadget, Gizmodo, Boy Genius Report, Wired, and Time etc. it's clear that the Storm fails to live up to all the recent hype. Outside of the reality distortion field, the verdict is in: fail.

i like that... " reality distortion field".

We are a BlackBerry Fan Site/Enthusiast site ya know?!

But for what it's worth, if you actually go back and read all my reviews, you'll see I'm pretty even handed with pros and cons..... the big thing here though is I'm ALWAYS excited :)

Great review, and I too am excited about the Storm!
I have been getting some mixed signals from my Verizon stores in the Boston store (Cambridge, MA) told me that they were not going to have any phones to sell on Friday, and that anyone that was in line by 8am would have the phone shipped to them with the overnight charges waived.
Has anyone else heard this?

I'm so excited!! The phone looks amazing and I cannot wait to have mine!! I don't know if I will be getting it tomorrow, but atleast in the next week or two! I currently have the curve 8330, but I'm so going to upgrade to the storm!!



The hype surrounding this phone has been crazy. It always happens. The movie, album, hyped so much that surely it can never be as good as people expect it to be.

Persoanlly, i never even looked at BBs, i was on my way to buy the Omnia but then found out about this and fell in love straight away.

Honest opinion? I was disappointed that the whole screen actually presses down and moves, feels a little tacky at first but honestly, its such a simple idea but amazingly effective. I just love it now. Surfing is so much easier and im a text addict. More or less everyone in the uk is...we send a billion texts a week for goodness sake! So texting here is a major major feature for us and i can tell u now guys that you'll still be able to text fast on the Storm. Its like anything, have it for a bit and ul get used to it.

My mate has the iPhone and he still struggles to text qwik.

Im still so new to this phone and still a 'newbie'...

The hype surrounding this phone has been crazy. It always happens. The movie, album, hyped so much that surely it can never be as good as people expect it to be.

Persoanlly, i never even looked at BBs, i was on my way to buy the Omnia but then found out about this and fell in love straight away.

Honest opinion? I was disappointed that the whole screen actually presses down and moves, feels a little tacky at first but honestly, its such a simple idea but amazingly effective. I just love it now. Surfing is so much easier and im a text addict. More or less everyone in the uk is...we send a billion texts a week for goodness sake! So texting here is a major major feature for us and i can tell u now guys that you'll still be able to text fast on the Storm. Its like anything, have it for a bit and ul get used to it.

My mate has the iPhone and he still struggles to text qwik.

Im still so new to this phone and still a 'newbie'...

So the VZW website, in its still unfriendly listing of accessories, includes the desktop charger, stating, "A safe place to store your BlackBerry Storm and charge at the same time. Holds your device securely while charging (charger included with BlackBerry Storm device purchase)." So given that this unboxing/review doesn't mention the pod but shows a travel charger, should I assume that "charger included with..." means the travel charger and not the desktop?

I just stopped by the local VZW store (Apple Valley, MN) for a small business preview of the Storm. I pre-ordered my Storm to have it delivered by Saturday morning. I paid the full retail price, which was $499, I CAN CONFIRM THAT THE FULL RETAIL PRICE, WITHOUT UPGRADE, IS $499. The district manager also told me that there IS going to be a shortage of Storms at the retail stores. Most stores in my area are supposed to get only about 10 devices, which many of you have heard on some other forums.

The docking pod for the alarm feature is not included in the box in the uk. They charged me an extra £20. So i cant imagine it being given away for way!!

From what I was told, it will come with the 8GB card, but no docking station, that was an added $29.99. I had about 45 minutes to play with the device. Here are some of the things that I noticed.
-GPS DOES work with BB Maps
-Device Software is (on the devices that I played with, no word on if this is the shipping version)
-Camera is awesome
-VZ App store works

The devices that I used were a little slow and somewhat buggy, but like I said, I dont believe that this was the shipping software version.

The OS version that shipped last week to Voda users was It will be at least higher than that with the possibility of there being a software upgrade on friday,

Several rather negative reviews are out today (I found 4 this morning). Major issues include iffy build quality, very slow typing speeds due to sure click, very buggy/crashing UI, often unresponsive screen, and widely variable battery life. I think I'm going to pass on being a guinea pig for Storm 1.0.

I can say that the build quality is very good from the Storm that I held this morning. The typing speed is very fast with SurePress, almost a fast as on my 8830. The UI was a little buggy, but I'm sure that the OS version on the device was an earlier build that will not ship with the device.

yeah, this phone sucks, dont go buy it tomorrow(friday) get it later, so I don't have to or others don't have to wait inline so long muahahaha! :D

I'm starting to think that I am going to hold off on buying a Storm right away. I'm with Will on this...I not going to be a guinea pig for this phone. Still going to get one after they work all the bugs a problems out.

yes, stay home tomorrow(friday), or go to work, you don't want this phone right away! it's still in early stage and buggy, and all that stuff. Believe what others say ok? and stay home. so I and the others don't have to wait in line for so long.

I went to my Verizon store yesterday to see if they'd have any Storm's on Friday and the guy had one out to play with, trick was you had to ask about it. Needless to say I played w/it for ~45min and forgot to check which OS it was running but there was definitely a significant lag in the accelerometer but that was the only problem I came across. Other than that the thing is LOUD! Played the Ironman trailer on it and everyone in the store stopped and looked at me, besides being load the resolution also was amazing! I loved the feel of the phone, it was heavy but not clunky, the screen click I liked, unlike the commercials you can barely hear it click if at all. I don't agree with a number of the reviews I've read this morning especially in regards to build quality, this phone is neck and neck with the first gen iphone (which I believe feels better than the 3g). Granted I only had 45 minutes they had most likely much longer, I plan on taking my chances and being a "guinea pig"

Forgot to mention the micro-usb cable the Storm comes with can be used to get internet on your computer! There is a free 30day trial, basically you plug the Storm into your laptop and the Storm acts like a Verizon's mobile internet card. Maybe not a big deal since it's only a 30 day trial but it does come right in time for the holiday season and this way when you're at hotels visiting family you don't have to pay for broadband!

What will the Verizon charge be to access the internet on your computer through the Storm?

Ok, but since I hear CDMA/EVDO doesn't let me be on the phone and be on the web with my laptop at the same time, what is going to happen when I'm using the storm as a modem *and* someone calls my number?

Will my web connection drop or will my line ring busy to whoever is calling me? Better yet, will I be able to see who's calling me and decide if I want to drop my web connection (pick up the call) or ignore the incoming call and stay online with my laptop?

Thanks for any clarification on this feature for us newbies :-)

Kevin you have got tobe the luckiest guy ever. I really like this phone but what I am most jelous about is the fact that you compared the storm to a 8900 curve. is that you daliy driver or was it one of the pre-relase phones. Anyway I know that everyone is all hyped up about the storm but not me I am sitting on pins and needles for the 8900 to hit our shores. But the storm is extra sexy and I know that it is a greAt phone but lkie I said the 8900 is what i am wanting and need. Great unboxing Kevin laters

So i have yet to decide if i am going to buy one of these, still thinking about an iphone, maybe if this is cheap enough without contract.

I have the phone now and must admit...sometimes the accelerometer is too sensitive...and sometimes its a little slow...i reckon it suffers from 'moods'...atleast its got personality eh?

But honestly guys, the screen resolution is pure gold. Get this phone or ul regret it!!

I've never stood inline to be first on the block for anything, and I will be in line at least an hour before they open. I'm so excited. I so hope is everything that it's all hyped about and more!!

My local VZW store said they will reserve one for me because I'm not a current VZ customer and will be adding a new line. I'm excited but wondering if this guy is for real? Also, does that mean once I'm a VZ customer they won't appreciate me any more?

VZ always treats their customers good and is always there if you ever need them for anything. Hell they better have good customer service with the phone bill I pay every month.


not quite. but a lot of people say the Storm is like a touchscreen Bold. It's not, it's more like a touchscreen curve 8900 - same processor, battery, general look. Makes more sense to compare I'm without Bold at the moment.

Not trying to rub anything! :)

Welllllllll i was on the phone with Verizon Customer Service earlier and well, i had one real @$$ of a supervisor as i was trying to get the storm on a "multi-froo"

Well cutting to the chase, i found out that each store is only supposed to be getting 21 storms, so if you read this, you better line up......... its going to be an early black friday.....

sooooooo getting back to my multi froo, tell me what you think. back in october, i was advised not to request another replacement curve because of this new phone coming out...... soooooo i have been waiting until and now even my track ball stopped working properly. so they are telling me it is impossible to get the storm now, i was soo pissed.....

Finally after a few phone calls, telling me NO NO NO NO, but then i got this great customer service rep telling me i could pay for the phone at 1 yr pricing....

do you think i should accept it and pay the 1 yr pricing? or really complain and take it far to get the multi-froo? they do see in the notes where it states the multi-froo was stated and i can upgrade, but still insist on no..


Man, I thought that the unveiling of my Storm would come with at least a "generic" I had seen with Vodafone (they had a pouch)...but mine nor did the other ones in the store today when we all went and got ours...had the pouch. ::bummed::

I unboxed my Storm yesterday, and it was much different than what you showed. First, after opening the box, I found the Storm in an open plastic bag. It had no thin plastic film on the front, and had no back what so ever. I have check everywhere, and zip -- no back. Just an open place for the battery (which was in a similar plastic bag.) Now I have to wait until next week for them to find me a new back. But after seeing your film, I have just emailed my sales rep and told them I wanted a new Storm. Obviously, they sent me one someone has already dinked around with. Pretty shoddy, no?