Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Owners to Get Official OS Update on October 25th... err.. 26th?!

Verizon to get OS on October 28th
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Oct 2009 05:11 pm EDT

*Update: And OS it will be. Users can expect to start getting deskotp manager and PIN alerts on the 25th, with a fall back day set for Monday, the 26th. New Storms sold on the 26th or later will ship with the upate installed. *

* Update: LOL... See..this is why I say "dates on things like this can change."  Apparently it already has. An updated photo now shows the date is the 26th instead of the 25th. Looks like they changed it to be Monday instead of Sunday..which does make sense. But heck, we've received more tips saying it'll be 7pm Saturday, and it's version .323 and not .328. I guess we'll know soon either way. *

The title on this post says it all. It looks like OS 5.0, version to be exact, will be rolled out to BlackBerry Storm 9530 owners next week! Another image below looks at some of the VZW training materials. And it looks like another shot of this popped up in the forums to from SpoiledFruit if you want to take a closer look. Pretty interesting. Keep in mind dates on things like this can always change, but now it looks like BlackBerry Storm 9530 owners will have a chance to "officially" feel OS 5.0 on their Storm1 before they head into the store to decide if they want to buy Storm2!

The only other question now is when will everybody else start seeing OS 5.0 on their devices? Hopefully this is a sign that it will be long before year end.

Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS Update

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Owners to Get Official OS Update on October 25th... err.. 26th?!


I too have an unlocked Storm with you know if the BlackBerry DM will do an automatic notification for it? Sorry if that's a dumb question...and do I have to do anything special in order to upgrade my OS? I'm just really excited about 5.0, but probably won't do it if it's too difficult.


The DM will only announce the upgrade if you are on the carrier whom it becomes official for.

Same thing for the OTA upgrade.

are you.The 26th is on a monday when people are at work. Never heard of an official OS dropping on a Monday.

I can't beleive Big Red is going to upgrade the OS with out the Crackberry Nation getting a leak first!!!

nothing has been approved. no internal announcements, no infomanager posts, nothing. you can't have a release without an approved OS. you've all been troll'd.

I had a feeling something was up whenever I would go to my options folder and check for updates and it would take forever to request available updates and pretty much time itself out. It is perfect timing for the update to be released on Sunday. I know have a great reason not to accept calls while sitting at home watching the NFL.

But bear in mind that the Storm, without a doubt, needs it the most.

I've never been one to bag on my Storm, its been great even with all its flaws, but even I believe that this is a well overdue update to fix the Storm.

This rocks, just enough time to decide to upgrade or not. Seems like the big difference, surepress and wi-fi.... Might be a liveable situation if no early upgrade oprion is offered for Storm1 users... are we calling it officially Storm1 yet?

This has to be fake.

Look at one of the URLs listed as No such thing.

There is a, but that kind of error wouldn't happen.

Dammit! I just went through hell to get leaked version .323 working right and now this official update....the horror...the horror!

I actually hope Bell waits and goes for a higher build that fixes the landscape screen dim and goofy VAD issues.

I am so excited!!! I was just about to install .323 before I got this news. Can't wait to supe up my Storm:)

Thats pretty awesome ... I just installed 328 the other day and its so fast compared to any other OS on the Storm ... I can finally truly like my Storm lol.

and i'm going to hold my breath.
I should be turning a lovly shade of blue by
weeks end
maybe i'll dress as one of the blue man group for
halloween just remember we've heard this before

Never updated my os over the air so if i update my os when the new 5.0 update comes out is it going to erase my contacts n calender events? oh yea n dont have my laptop anymore so dont have anything backed up anymore....=(

dam this sucks ive nvr updated using my pc. have no internet either ugh this suckz OTA was much easier tired of this OS need 5.0

This will be my first os upgrade with a BB. I receive email from my employer via Enterprise, and personal email via POP. Will I need to contact my employer IT department, or will the new os installation preserve my Enterprise info?


Your Enterprise data should reside on your company's server. Anytime I have loaded a leaked OS my data is restored once I reconnect to my BES. This includes more than just calendar, contacts, and includes some of your saved messages, settings, etc. too.

Just Updated my phone to .323 10 minutes ago... No complaints. Had a feeling the official updates would be out sometime soon.

Don't know if we can attribute the acting up of Wireless Update to this...if you read carefully it states that OTA update will not be available...

Have been spending too much time in my local Verizon store trying to get a replacement Storm that had a good screen. A couple days ago, one of the reps in there told me that Verizon was releasing the new 5.0 software for the Storm at the same time as the release of the Storm2.

While in there today, another rep started to ask me if I'd downloaded the new operating system yet, then stopped herself and said that she forgot it wasn't coming out till the 26th.

Kind of an odd coincidence.

I was in the local Verizon store and I heard the manager talking with one of the sale persons, and said that the software was indeed coming out on Sunday.

well idk about yall but when all the storm 2 hype started poppin up i think it just threw the OS 5.0 under the rug and we all forgot about it...but 25 or 26 i dont care we waits a million days for it (well it felt like it) whats the big deal about one more day....but wont b surprised about the 26th cuz BBM 5.0 or whateva u guys wanna call it drop the 8th not the 7th as buzzed...all in all i just need this OS to drop cuz im tired of my storm frezzin and having to do battery pulls

So this is gonna finally unlock the hidden WIFI options on the Storm 1 right.

Downloading NOW!!!!

Now maybe this has something to do with the wireless update timing out today. Got .323 on mine and no real complaints for a beta. Can't wait for the real deal to drop! My District Manager did mention that we got the STORM2 on order to be received by next week and the update for the Storm 1 is said to be coming out this Sunday. We shall see......

I am really impressed with the .323 currently, so I can only hope the official one is just as good or better!

I guess we will know either Sunday night or Monday morning which one it will be and if it happens then. Till then I will enjoy .323 that has yet to give me an issue.

This is great news for Storm 1 owners.. Hope this fixes the few little bugs i have on it... other wise its a good phone for me. im not available for upgrade until Aug of next year, so this will be great for me until then ....

I had BBM & App World working with OS and I just installed OS and I cannot get BBM to work - so I had to put on - which is inferior and App World's icon keeps disappearing.

Also, I got QuickPull to work a few times and now, it's just stopped working.

What gives?

this is great.. although i must say, i have no complaints with .323... making it official, hopefully will only make it better :-)

Aside from FLick Scrolling, what else do we get in this forthcoming update? I have a major issue with memory management limiting number of apps installed and it slows this device down so much to the point it cannot be used. Will this be resolved by allowing use of running apps from SD card?

My wife's first comment - and she is absolutely non-technical, in the extreme - was, why bother to buy a Storm 2 at all? Not a bad point, assuming this new OS works even half as well as advertised.

I made the mistake of contacting Verizon yesterday about an issue that I was having with Desktop Manager (DM). Any as usual, you have to remove and reinstall it to get it to work (the standard help desk mantra). When I uninstalled it, it blew away every BB file and directory on my computer (in My Docs too). I ended up restoring my computer to get everything back, but after a 1.5 hour ordeal I loaded the most recent DM back and it wanted me to update to a newer version of 4.7 (the usual DM error crap). The Verizon didn't understand why I was getting that message and looked up the latest release.

He told me that .328 was released to Verizon on the 22nd, and will be out for us to download on Sunday, 25th between 10-11pm.

I know, never trust Verizon reps, but I think he felt so bad about screwing up my computer that he had to give me something. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Was just in the Verizon store yesterday in Federal Way, WA, changing my bricked Storm for a "new" one. Mentioned the new OS and Storm 2 release dates I had heard here, and the tech at the store said he hadn't heard a thing about either one!

Good thing I get my info from you guys!

I don't see the reason for update with the new storm 2 phone coming... I think verizon is up to something lol

I'm running .323 the leaked version and i woke up this morning and visual voice mail showed up on my phone. Did this happen to anyone else?

Confirmed, available after 10PM EST tonight (Sunday, 25th). Still not clear if it will be 323 or 328.

I want to get this like this instant... I can't wait... I feel like a little kid again, also is this 10 PM Tonight thing accurate??? :|

all i know is leaked 230 was better than 323.. if its 323 or 328 that official , then the bugs in the leaked one better be fixed... in 323 there was no pop up text like 230 had..seemed a lil slower too..

I have .323 leaked on my storm1, and it honestly will make you NOT want to get a storm 2....that's how good it is. Everything is on point and its so snappy, its ridiculous...

This is a bad business move for Verizon, and it will slow their sales....I can't see them releasing this before the storm2...they know better....

i agree i dont know why they would release this before storm 2.. i guess there hoping people will buy it for the extra features like wifi, new surpress..etc.. not cuz of the OS.. and i guess this is a "favor" for the storm 1 owners who got screwed..

storm 2 will also have more on board memory and the sure press screen is a newer technology. Most that got the storm 1 when it came out are not eligible yet for upgrade. This will keep most happy

I just plugged my Storm in to my computer and it came up with an update for the "BlackBerry 5.0.0 Core Applications", I have leaked .323 on my storm already

Sorry this is probably a dumb question but how do I uninstall the leaked version on my computer? By simply deleting it?

So I plugged mine in hoping for the best and it said something about updating my 4.7 core applications- do I need to bother with this? My thought is no and just update later with 5.0... I am running the last approved os from Verizon. 4.7.148.

It should say 5.0 when the update is avaliable. its 1:30 EST. I thought it should be up around 6pm. per the communications

So I have read this post multiple times, I guess I just want to make sure I am on the same page. So I put the leaked .323 when it came out. I pulled up DM and it read that there is a 5.0 core app update. I thought that was the new update. I then plugged my wifes storm in which is still running the last official OS and it said there is an update available so I put it on her phone. After reading the most current posts I was wrong in thinking this was the new official OS update? Thanks for any constructive help!

did it say anything about deleting the old BBM on your wifes phone? that's what it showed on mine. I dont know if I need to install that one before 5.0 later.

Ya it said to delete BBM. I dont think thats the official OS. I think it did that because I have the leaked 5.0 on my computer.

the best way to do it at this point is on dm wont untill th 26th on the website it will show ut current os n if theres an upgrade it will show whats new

the best way to do it at this point is on dm wont untill th 26th on the website it will show ut current os n if theres an upgrade it will show whats new

the best way to do it at this point is on dm wont untill the 26th on the website it will show ur current os n if theres an upgrade it will show whats new sorry typos on the first

I checked my DM and it doesn't show the leaked 5.0 OS that I downloaded last week. I decided to see what would happen if tried reinstall the 4.7 OS.
The DM said that I had a newer OS and if I installed the 4.7 I would be downgrading. My questions is why doesn't the leaked 5.0 show up in DM. Also does anyone think its better to downgrade to 4.7 before installing the new 5.0 when its released.

and downgrade then. You know we're about the the official version in a couple hours. Its not gonna hurt to use 4.7 a couple hours.

I am going to wait until the official release comes out. This leaked 5.0 works great with although it has some flaws. I am hoping they are worked out with the official release.

i have blackberry desktop software 5.0 and Blackberry device software updater in my add/remove programs list... Do i keep the Blackberry device software updater??

Just went to the blackberry site and no update yet... I guess I will have to keep waiting... So my question is will it be release on Eastcoast or Westcoast time...

have blackberry desktop software 5.0 and Blackberry device software updater in my add/remove programs list... Do i keep the Blackberry device software updater??

You can upload it from your desktop should just show up when it checks for updates, right??? So don't remove it! Hmmm...pretty new to this so....

Will this update have SMS threaded text? I read a few websites and forums on here and didn't see anything on threaded sms.

Here I am at 7:01pm EST with no PIN message and still completely unsure as to whether it will be .323 or .328. The *Update* says "And .323 it will be" but the article is still titled with .328. Also the link to the BlackBerryZone website has an article with .328 in it. Am I missing something? Or is this all just garbage and it's not going to be released until later.

Do I need to register my PIN w anyone in order to get the notification?, cuz I didn't get one when there was an update to available.

I rarely visit the BlackBerry site as I get all the info I need from CrackBerry. Where exactly on the Blackberry site did you see this?

Now I really think its going to be 10pm not 6pm. I will keep my laptop on all night if I dont get this soon. I'M OUT OF MY APARTMENT @ 5:30 AM.

That is what I meant it says in this story that we are all posting to... 25th err. 26th. Which one is it? The 25th or errr the 26th. That was what I meant. And no one is saying that they have it yet so.....?????'s the update to this blog post that he's referring to. But the most recent update does say Sunday with Monday as a fall back date (what ever that means).

Do you still get alerted if you have the leaked .323? how would you get the official .323, just download it and install if from your computer?

I talked to a Verizon Tech Support today and he read the email to me. It said it would be released today at 6:00 pm. It said you need to go to I have been in their several times now and still no update.

I've been reading around other sites and have seen 7PM PST...which would be 10PM EST where I am...I have also seen a lot of 6PM with no indication of PST or EST...I am in EST and it's around 8:30PM and still nothing yet...

ok my friends. for what its worth. i just got off with verizonwireless and when i ask the tech when i could update my stome1 he read from a script that said would be avalible after 6 pacific sunday. Hummm! more drama for the storm

The folks over at the BlackberryZone have a posting that says...

"New software has been approved for the RIM Blackberry Storm (9530), and will be available effective 10/25/2009 at 7 PM PST for customers."

Now what's interesting (or intriguing) is that they say "PST". Now we all know that most of the country is on daylight time so does this mean it'll be released at 8:00 PM PDT (which is equivalent to 7:00 PST)?? This of course would translate to the other time zones as well (except for the oddballs in Az and parts of Indiana).

The plot thickens....

VZW better not drop .323. In all fairness, .323 is very good, but the keyboard is absolutely killing me. I hope to see .328, or I wouldn't be a happy texter.

I fee like we are all in the same boat being taking for a ride by verzon..... but at the end of the day we will have a new OS.
*I have another quick question so if I am on the .323 beta system what do I do to make sure I get the update, anyone?

I think you have to downgrade back to a lower version... then reload DM and it should tell you there is an update for your device... You should downgrade now before it drops!! ;)

Don't worry about downgrading on the phone. Just uninstall from computer.

You will be able to install the new software over your old one on the phone even if it show the same OS #.

Make sure you uninstall .323 from your computer. Uninstall just like you would any other program. This will insure your new version is clean and nothing will interfere.

After uninstall you will only see older versions (preferred or downgrades) listed in your desktop manager application upload screen until the new one shows up.

Hope this helps

I really hope they are not seriously considering dropping .323 as an official update, it's nice and all but the thing is racked with issues. text message text run off screen, event sounds don't play properly and the browser often breaks down to name a few. I mean i would really like a 5.0 release, but damn! Hoping it's .328

I read somewhere that the storm 2 and 1 will be almost identical. The question was droid or S2. But now I'm wondering if. I should just stick with my S1?

I want threaded sms! THat's what I miss most aobut my Palm Centro...without it seems like text messages are scattered everywhere, BB is so dull.


Same says it could take up to 30 it stuck on the "connecting to device" part? it is slowly moving on my DM and now my phone just moved a little the new boot up screen as well...hope it stays and is not just for the upgrade


where is bbm? its missing ? anyone else having issues with quick pull...did a battery pul and still cant find it

just copped it. the scroll is much much smoother and generally the system is running quicker with less hesitation. i like the improvement on the easier text messaging features with auto complete. very nice upgrade. about time though.

this new os thats supposed to be so great screwed up my phone. now i gotta wait til tomorrow and go get a new one. this sucks.

when i go to options and go to add on->applications->addon it listsBBM and facebook but they are nowhere to be found on the phone. anyone else? help? thanks otherwise the OS is great pretty sick

I'm havin the same problem, I reloaded both bbm and fbook and even got 'The App was installed successfully' screen, but cant find either on the phone. Where are you fbook and bbm?!?!?! I'm lost w/o you!!

I've found the folders for both bbm and fbook under Applications->FIles->File Folders->Device Memory->Blackberry->app_world->downloads->*my PIN*, but there are padlocks once you open each of them and it just tells me that he file could not be displayed. HELP!!

i just got a message from verizon telling me to go dl it...before i did that i checked the dm and it said there was no updates..then went to the site and dled it, its still loading to my phone, its been about 30 min now..i hope this is going to be worth it and hope for no trouble or lost stuff like some people i am reading about.