Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Hands-On Video

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2008 09:44 pm EST

So I was just on youtube looking to see if anybody had uploaded the new AT&T BlackBerry Bold commercial yet, but instead ran across the video above. I'm not sure how I missed this when it first surfaced. The footage is compiled from previous vids we have seen, but it provides a solid look at the Storm if you haven't been following it to closely to date. If you're contemplating the BlackBerry Storm and are looking for every bit of info you can find (the Bold vs. Storm decision will be a tough one for many), you'll want to watch this 4 minute video which shows off the Storm in action.

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 Hands-On Video


this is just a compilation of the 5 or 6 separate videos that were out before. still nice to see them all in one, as i was waiting for someone to edit them together. can't wait to try one out!

Exactly, this is just all the separate Verizon all in one. This is not a new video. I can tell you that because this is the video that I used to take all the screen shots to show the bad screen discoloration on the edges and center of the screen.

i've seen most of that video before as separate videos. anyway, i watched carefully, and noticed that the UI looked fairly smooth. It didn't take several seconds to change from landscape to portrait like BG has claimed. . . IDK, I guess I'll just have to wait until I get some alone time with this bad boy...

Seems like the biggest difference between the Storm and a traditional Blackberry is that it will be more difficult to use just one hand to perform most functions with the Storm. Not that you would never use two hands with a Bold or a Curve, you don't really have to have but one hand. I am leaning more and more toward staying with the Curve.

I have seen(I think)all Storm related videos released by various sources and they all have one thing in common: Whenever they show the browser they always show how smooth the scrolling is and NEVER show how much time it takes for the browser to render the page. To me this is a signal that there is something seriously wrong with page rendering i.e it probably takes too long. Is this the case? Has anyone seen a video where they show page rendering (without editing!!)or better yet has anyone seen live use of the storm's browser?

In any even I think that all those videos released with the page rendering ommited are insulting to the viewers and potential buyers of the device. Marketing people must be faced with serious problems before they resort to something so painly stubit!

There is one video, released by vodafone I think, which shows the screen rendering and scrolling. They move their finger VERY slowly, and there is still some lag when scrolling around the page. I think this will be an issue, and definitely something which compares unfavorably to the iphone.

i've seen this before too. i have been following this phone for what seems like an eternity now and everyone complains about the lag in scrolling/screen changing orientation. if those things are in the final build it'll suck but it won't kill it for me. i feel like RIM has some pretty bright people working for them and i'm sure they don't want to release a p.o.s. device that will tarnish their name so i'm willing to bet they are aware of lag issues and will take care of it. if not by release, at least down the road with firmware updates or something.

one thing that really does bother me about this video are the convenient cuts in the scenes showing the browser.

I still want one! If sprint won't get one can I get one unlocked to use on sprint?!I'd be willing to wait if there was any hope that I could get a storm thru Sprint. In the specs it states GSM and CDMA???!

I still want one! If sprint won't get one can I get one unlocked to use on sprint?!I'd be willing to wait if there was any hope that I could get a storm thru Sprint. In the specs it states GSM and CDMA???!

I just played around with a demo Storm yesterday (my friend manages the RIM device testing at Verizon) at an election viewing party.

Although the interface was noticeably slow, he assured me that the final version would be smooth as silk. The physical "click" of the entire screen was certainly pretty cool.

Now for the bad news. My friend was quite certain that Verizon would not make a Christmas-time release date. According to him, they just didn't have enough time to get rid of all the OS bugs, lag times, etc. Since they are squarely targeting the iPhone, Verizon wants to make sure they don't release a buggy product. He practically laughed in my face when I asked about the rumored "mid-November" release date.

For what it's worth, I just got off the phone with my firm's corporate VZW rep, and he says they were just told that the release date has been pushed back from 11/16 to 11/21. Pricing likely to be high -- he's guessing as high as $500, but didn't offer any details.

Have had the Bold for a while now and been watching the Storm from the sidelines, I've just not felt the love yet. That video does intrigue me though and I'm liking it more. Though, I think with my Bold I have the luxury to wait and see what later generation Touchscreen Blackberry's will offer. This time around I won't be the early adopter on this one and end up with a Delorean. I'll get back to the sidelines...

I haven't taken one for a test drive... a Storm that is, and look forward to a touch and feel session of the prototype ;~)

Verizon will release this phone at all corporate stores November 14th. You heard it here folks. Believe it or not. I'll take all the credit. :)

Going from iPhone to Bold, I am staying far away from this one. I think they copied the worst traits of the iPhone. Once you've used a physical keyboard, you never go back.