Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 Competitive Comparison Chart

Storm2 Chart
By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2009 01:01 pm EDT

Here is a cool document that is sure to make every potential Storm2 owner proud. This internal sheet shows the Storm2 in comparison to the Bold and iPhone on AT&T, and the Palm Pre on Sprint. Its a quick runthrough of the features that the Storm2 has that make it (and Verizon) better than the others. It does look like Verizon may have stretched a bit to get some of the categories for comparison (like OTA Music Download) but the Storm2 still wins out on this one. Fingers crossed that only another week or so and we'll be able to put it to the test on our own.

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 Competitive Comparison Chart


Yeah I noticed that too. I'm no iPhone fan boy but Verizon should be comparing the Storm 2 to the latest iPhone.

I'm disappointed that they didn't increase the screen or camera resolution on the Storm 2. I would have liked to have seen a 480 x 640 or 800 pixel screen with a 5 megapixel camera.

Yeah Verizon, you've compared your new phone to all of the old phones!

Keep up the good work - sigh.

On that note, let's compare my BB 8700 to my OG Blackjack - it is sure to be a nail biter.

WiFi: 8700 = Y | BJ = N
3.2mp Camera: 8700 = Y | BJ = N
UMA: 8700 = Y | BJ = N

Wow, clearly my 8700 is superior than my 3 year old BJ!

Stay tuned for my 8700 vs my Palm Treo it is sure to be a close match!

i dont think this is real, when have you ever seen them do a comparison chart on any other phone that they dont sale? and why would they head this phone up with the palm pre , when there soon to be selling it? something about this chart dont look right to me

Wow so basically the Storm2 can only compete with the iPhone 3G, and not 3GS. What's funny is they claimed music can only be downloaded through WIFI on the iPhone. RIM's UI is not even as close to the first gen iPhone. Safari anyone? oh, and our 75,000+ apps

RIM makes phones for AT&T, VZW and other phone companies.

Apple makes phones for people to love.

This chart merely says that the S2 is as good as everyone else. I mean besides the 3.2 MP camera (which we all know is nowhere near the quality of the 2.0 MP on the iPhone even with the flash) the differences are minimal at best and hardly worth getting all house proud about over the S2. What a silly chart...Look! All these phones are essentially the same.

The funniest part about this table is that if they put the Storm 9530 on there it would come out EXACTLY the same as the Storm 9550 because of the fields they chose to include, showing no reason to spend more money on the new one.

That's the problem. They have to prove they are "as good" as other phones. They should be focusing on being BETTER than other phones. This is not something positive from a company.

That's not a very fair comparison chart. At least add the 3Gs and Bold 2 to it. Not saying the Storm 2 isn't up to snuff, but that's a weak "win".

Hey guys, it's Verizon's fact sheet. It's not about comparing apples to apples it's about the perception that their product is better.

However the chart does not illustrate that point AT ALL. Just my opinion howevr. Somebody over there must love it.

They should have added a "multitasking" section and a section mentioning something about "security" if they wanted to make it look a little better.

It seems like Verizon does this often. They didn't include the iPhone 3GS and they are comparing a device that hasn't come out yet to devices that have been released 4-12 months ago. And not only that, but they are competing with another BlackBerry! What are they doing?

Assisted GPS uses cell towers to speed up the triangulation process and uses less battery power than stand alone GPS. On the flip side, I don't think it will work if you don't have a cell signal. I don't know for sure though.

The only feature anyone cares about is WiFi, an it is not on the list. I have a feeling that Verizon will try to cripple another phone.

More wi-fi use takes a load off of their network, and allows them to be more profitable.

Seeing as they didn't cripple anything on the first storm, I see no reason that they would do so on the second one, especially when it would hurt their bottom line...

Notice how they have tweaked the numbers in their favor. I thought he Bold had a 2.6 inch screen? I believe the iPhone has a 3.6 inch screen. But look how the Storm 2 has an extra digit in it's screen size. They aren't really being honest now are they?

Yeah, there's a difference between "HTML Browser" and "HTML Browser that actually works well, is fast, and slick, like a desktop" (iPhone). If RIM was smart enough to enhance their browser, it might have the edge over all...

As much as I like the storm2, this comparison is total BS. Why does verizon insist on treating us like we are stupid? Not only that, but this comparison basically says "Look guys, all of these phones can do the same things...".

Aditionally, some of the info is wrong or omitted. The pre does not have removable memory. Also as others have mentioned, the storm2 is listed as having a flash, while the bold and pre are not, despite the fact that they have a flash.

...this is an elementary chart... "...hey our phone allows you to make calls by pressing the button or the screen, while you can only press the screen for theirs..." WGAF...??? Bad ad btw...

Why no "What phone works on the bestest network that starts with a V and ends with a 'erizon"? Then it would be a crushing defeat! Can you hear me now? lol

This comparison chart is geared more towards the general audience who are new to or dont know much about smart phones. Believe it or not, there are people out there who go to a Verizon store not knowing which phone they want but would like certain features. This is obviously not for us the CrackBery Lovers. Just by reading the first few comments above, you can clearly see that we can come up with a way better comparison chart. So verizon, quit the stalling and bring on the Storm 2 (or howver they plan to name it on release date).

...I haven't seen any ads for the Storm 2 do we know that this isn't a hoax to get everyone excited about the Storm 2...I mean, when the Tour came out, it was already on the website talking about release dates and what not...why isn't the Storm 2 on, the 21st is practically tomorrow...can anyone, I mean, ANYONE, shine some light for me, because I believe what you say on these blog posts, but I haven't seen any general info...Thanks...

I love how they totally left T-Mobile's myTouch or G1, the Motorola CLIQ out, among many other devices. It's easy to compare when you compare things out of your league.

It's not apples to apples, its more like apples to cherries. There are features the S2 is missing, one that I don't like is the fact that it doesn't have a full keyboard. And, anyone can get OTA music from anywhere these days, that's not even a feature of a phone anymore.

Of course devices were left off. It's a marketing poster. In marketing you pick what yours does better and pick devices that are lower. People read too much into these things.

And, 3G, 3Gs.. it's all the same. With Verizon you'll get REAL 3G coverage just about everywhere, with the iPhone everyone has just gotten used to the poor coverage and stopped complaining about it.

i mean, really really weak, of course its spun to make the S2 look superior to every other high profile device.

Sadly its missing A) 9700 B) 3GS

Oh, and if we just decided to be mean and nasty, it has the 3rd slowest processor on there (3G is 624mhz underclocked to 400) and if it had the latest phones on there, it would be dead last.

Epic f*cking fail VZW

1. the 9700 is not as yet released
2. As for the iPhone 3G/3GS mix up we have no way of knowing how old this chart is (we all know how Apple likes to keep their info under wraps untill it is released.
3. Yes VZW will get the Pre, but not till next year sometime, so in the meantime it is competition and fair game to be compared to,

Not sure why they left off WIFi.

Funny how everyone on Verizon says AT&T's coverage is poor, when I cant even go into the local Wegmans with Verizon and make a call... The area I live in is abundant in population also... Verizon just lacks in certain areas.

That's because of the building structure and not the service. I have Sprint and have the same problems in large metal buildings like Wegmans as well. Perfect service right outside the building and poor to none inside, means the buildings structure is inteferring.

Question.. Why is Verizon practically giving away the Storm1 so close to what is being perceived as a near release date for the Storm2? Wouldn't those people just return their old Storms for the new one if inside 30 days?

This sheet is for employees, not for customers, nor will it be in commercials. Who cares if its accurate, just get the phone you want and continue your life

Whether this chart will be shown to the public or just to the Verizon employees, the information will be presented the same way. So instead of the consumer viewing this poster, it will be a Verizon salesperson spinning the same information which is dishonest. It is unethical for them to tout device features against devices that have already been out for months and then give inaccurate information on top of that. Like one of the previous posters had indicated, there are a lot of consumers who aren't as educated in these matters. It does a disservice when Verizon intentionally misleads them.

So, we have seen GPS omitted from advertising, but here its back on as Standalone?
We have seen WiFi all over other advertising, here it is omitted?

Is Verizon gonna do us like normal and disable the WiFi and GPS and make us pay for VZNav?

Do not do it Verizon, I want this phone so bad and that would end a long time customers commitment. I have had enough of Verizons propriatary disabling of features...

I used to think it would be 100% likely as they disabled GPS on their BBs. Now with the mandatory Data plan, i dont think its absolutely necessary to diasble WiFi, but as for GPS- its been done before...

GPS was not disabled on the first version of the storm, i see no reason that it would be disabled on the second.

Sure they want you to pay extra for VZNav and what not, but there are plenty of alternative apps to use without the monthly fee, that all access the gps just fine.

As somebody said, I think that the whole purpose of this chart is a simple comparison between the devices, not much to try to say which one is better. General public who does some research will ask "what is difference" not "which is better." I am sure "good" sales rep at Verizon will point out what is right and what is wrong in this chart immediately - not something we here need to worry about! We already know what is wrong anyway! Leave it for them.

@ psufan5...everyone complains about AT&T's coverage because is poor.and thats coming from AT&T customers you donk!

AT&T customers complain about : Poor Coverage & Verizon being too expensive.
Verizon customers complain about : Nothing

you might occasionally get a customer here and there saying Verizon is a bit expensive but they deal with it because the one thing they dont complain about is the coverage..because its that much better than any other provider.

and as far as this sheet..this is what youre supposed to do to the competition.DUH! do whatever it takes to make you look better.

@ Basichonda...if you want a full dont get a touchscreen phone.thats a given. just like the iphone, it has a full VIRTUAL keyboard.

@ dwaynewilliams..common sense should tell you that this sheet would come out when the phone is released. its not like they got it plastered all over the store right now.

That's sad. They had to compare to the iPhone 3G and not the 3GS which they know is a better phone overall.

If Verizon and/or Blackberry are going to make up a comparison charts then the most current models for comparison should be used. The iPhone 3Gs should have been the model for comparison, not the iPhone 3G which uses a 3 MP camera and a more user friendly browser. That being said, I am a 8310 user and looking forward to the release of the Onyx. If you're going to use charts, at least be fair and use the most current models and details.

FWIW, the iPhone has aGPS as well, and has had OTA 3G/EDGE music downloads since January 2009, so both of those are factually wrong, even for last year's iPhone 3G.

It seems to me everything verizon prints or says is propaganda to get you to stay as their customer rather than being 100% honest and winning you as a customer because of what they offer rather than by feeding you propaganda. In the technical sense pre doesn't have removable memory in the form of SD card which I assume is what the two blackberries have but the pre does hook up to your pc as removable memory to put audio, video, pics, etc other files you want onto the pre. So to me it is a fair comparison. However they conveniently leave out anything that makes the other devices or carriers superior. To sum up perhaps in a few sentences or so:

I don't know enough about the two BBs to define a specific not apparent (eg physical KB) selling point of the bold over the storm 2. In fact why it is even on the compare other than for carrier difference.

iphone, superior media and entertainment device to anything blackberry. Though at the cost of AT&T's high priced plan.

pre superior multitasking and ease of use along with physical KB without sacrificing screen size. In fact a number of aspects of webOS makes the BBOS look and function outdated. And sprint by far has the most for the least price out of all carriers on plans. They don't call the plan lineup simply everything for nothing. If you want a smartphone sprint is the smart choice to get you everything you need or want to do with it and then some for cheaper than every other carrier will charge you.

Everything I liked about BB was done better on the pre. Heck before the pre I was a die hard BB fan. If you asked me what you should get for a smartphone it was whatever BB model you liked the best over the other BB models. Unless you were looking for a entertainment system in your pocket that included a phone in it. Then I'd would say go get the iphone. But now I can't find out good selling point about BB over the pre unless you are required to have the BB in a corporate setting. But then that is the roots of the BB, corporate users. Now they are trying but failing to mass market to the rest of society. In fact I think recent market share is a good indicator of how bad they are failing to reach outside of the corporate user market.

The Pre has it matched across the board except global and no flash support. Maybe I'm a Sprint loyalist but at worst it's a tie.

Sorry guys but the Iphone is the best phone on the market-- Blackberrys are just the same old garbage with a new package. I compare blackberrys to taco bell, same old stuff-- new package. Give us a good browser or I will never be coming back to RIM. Blackberrys are for 13 year olds now, its the new craze. Sad

iPhone...multi-task? nope BB? yes...the only reason the ophone does so well is because it's from apple, everyone loves ipods so why not have the phone...ok, it has a million apps[exaggeration] oh well, get a life...Pre? I will give WebOS its props because it does the job, but its only icandy, I know how to play Spades so I don't need to 'shuffle' app cards [hold BB button; switch apps] Pre, iPhone, Google Androids, WinMos, they all have eye candy and that's all...most people will marry someone who is more reliable and stable than someone who just looks good...but, on this list, the Pre matches up...screw iphone, android, winmo...that's my input...btw VZW has great service and this pic does not compare well...

blackberries are for 13 year olds now? Are you serious. Ive seen more kids with the iphone than a BB. I see more business people with BBs. I do see some iphones in the business world...but most business people who need smart phones go with BB over iphone (as far as what Ive encountered at least)

Don't make me laugh! Blackberries have what 4 form factors now (open face QWERTY, flip, open face SureTouch, touch screen). iPhonbe has one. All three incarnations of the oPhone look exactly the same as the previous other than the back on the first one. In fact the only physical enhancements to the iPhone are the processor and video camera. Other than that they are all the same except for the software.

In addition to the form factor changes we have seen

1. Camera/no camera
2. Increasing camera quality (1.3, 2.0, 3.2 MP)
3. Zoom/No Zoom
3. Trackball or TrackPad
4. QWERTY or SureTouch keybaord
5. Physical keyboard/vurtual keyboard
6. SurePress/TruePress touch screen

Apple is the one re-releasing the same old thing every year.

could this be photoshopped? I dont know, but shouldnt the TM be AFTER the 2, atleast with what we've seen thus far from branding. That might explain alot of the use of old phones on this sheet. Maybe someone took the storm1 sheet from a year ago and played with it?

just an idea.

Yeah, but it's a misleading chart... makes you think the Bold and the Storm 2 are better than the iPhone.

The iPhone has had music downloads OTA for quite a long time now. But this chart says "via wifi."

I call shenanigans.

As much as I love BlackBerry and RIM and even Verizon Wireless (so far), I must say this comparison is a bit bogus. Their iPhone chart is outdated. They use an iPhone 3G which is the root of the problem. And then they don't factor in improvements from the 3.0 update, like cellular data network music downloads (though Rhapsody is better than iTunes, IMO). In all honesty, the Storm2 MIGHT be on par with the iPhone, but if they kept the same touch screen I'll hate it. I seriously hate that touch screen.

I just got off of the phone with verizon. He couldnt confirm the 21st of Oct but he sure acted like that was the date of the phone being released

This isn't accurate.. and also they are comparing the Storm 2 to last years iPhone too, seems unfair.. wait for the specs on Apple's new iPhone.. I've heard some crazy rumors about it. From a pretty reliable source. But in order to avoid flaming I'll refrain from posting them. I'm not an iPhone fanboy either so.. I have a Storm and I love it. Wish it had wifi though..

correct me if i am wrong but the pre does not have removable memory.
it does not even have a slot for a memory card?

Not sure if anyone prior to this post has mentioned it, but where does the Pre have removable memory? Hmmm...I also question the fact that VZW will take on the Pre if their going to be selling it not too far off.

As everyone has no doubt pointed out, they are using outdated phones. Removable memory is not a feature worth touting, it just means you want to pass on a cost to the customer. Now that even the iPhone has MMS, that was an absolute waste of a feature row. And if you want to talk about wasted space, mentioning HTML Browser and BT Stereo/3.5 mm headphone jack was also stupid. The information is also inaccurate, as you can buy iTunes music over cellular data network or Wifi. I have no doubts that the Storm 2 is gonna be a great phone but only if you're starting out either loving BlackBerry or needing it for work. Until RIM figures out what a graphical user interface is supposed to look like, I'm afraid RIM is always going to be making phones that look like they're only made to do work. It wouldn't hurt to have a REAL App Store, better desktop management and more frequent official updates, so that every leaked OS revision doesn't have to be such a big deal.

Verizon wireless annoys the hell out of me. I have seen so many inaccurate marketing posters for their devices. Just at first glance there are two glaring falsehoods... Pre doesn't have removable memory and the Bold can download music OTA via Napster mobile.

I get that they want their device to sell but why be dishonest? The storm 2 is going to sell weather VZW lies about its capabilities or not. I can also tell that this is an internal thing and likely not meant to be shown to customers, which means that Verizon is intentionally giving false information that their employees will then take to their customers and look like idiots when someone who knows what they are talking about calls them out.

There is a mistake on the Palm Pre Spec. There is no expandable memory on the Pre, just 8 GB internal and only 7 GB is useable.

This chart is hilarious. Good job big red. They should change from a wireless network to a comedy network. I'll invest in their stock. :)