Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 Full Video Walk Through

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2009 10:12 am EDT

The announcement and launch of the BlackBerry Storm 2 9550/9520 is fast approaching, and this time around on the pre-release device video front our pal Sal is walking us through a Verizon-branded unit that is rocking an up to date OS in version ( is actually newest, but .287 isn't that far off!). Sal has been doing a great job entertaining us over the past couple months with his early-look vids, but in past videos the firmware on the devices was still relatively early stage and lagging behind what was in development. This time both the hardware and OS are fresh, meaning this is the first video that's giving you a good look at something that is/is close to what you'll be able to walk out of the store with when the Storm 2 goes on sale. This walk-through is long and in depth - a definte must-watch for all the Storm 2 chasers out there. Great vid sal!

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 Full Video Walk Through


Awesome Review ... thank you
Cant wait, Will be moving from my S1 to the S2 btw: still have the orginal from launch day :) running

Awesome Review as always! Glad to see your hooked up with your contacts lol.But overall phones looking really good!

This has been posted elsewhere for a few days; I'm surprised it wasn't posted here earlier...or is RIM finally allowing Kevin to post a review since it is the final software, shows the phone in a good light, and release date is near??? Come on Kevin, tell us what you know! Ha! Thanks for all of your info, we Storm2 chasers, really appreciate it.

The next Storm 2 post I want to see on CrackBerry is the official release date. This is like having a hot girlfriend that lets you look at her nude but not allowed to touch.

but it is rather obvious that wifi will run down your battery quite fast. just as GPS does. anytime you have a constant radio running it will wreck havok on your battery. it's just good that the BB gives us the option of having a spare battery, just in case. ;).

I saw that pic, too. Interesting.

Here's the rest of the URL:

I have the first Storm and all the things the new one does I can do if you have the leaked 5.0 os try it out im loving my original storm thx.

being that this software for the storm 2 is great, does this mean the storm 1 will get better updated software or are we screwed

right now im very happy with my S1. trying REAL hard to stay away from buying the S1.5 but vids like this are making it impossible. im pretty sure it will boil down to the execution of OS 5.0. after that officially rolls out onto my S1 and seeing how my phone functions with it i'll decide if i should just wait for the S2 to come out.

I would like to see how the Storm 1 handles the 5.0 software. I dont want to have to buy a new BB when I have only had this a year. plus I dont know what is going to come out next Nov.

Sadly, I keep hearing AT&T is not going to be picking up the Storm 2. That's a shame. This phone would be my number one choice otherwise. I don't know if this has anything to do with exclusivity agreements, but I doubt that's the case as there's supposed to be a GSM variant floating around in the labs and in the wild. Plus, Sal did say in a previous video that AT&T was picking it up.

Seems like the only ray of hope right now is that there's been no official announcement yet from AT&T concerning their lineup for the fall season. So there's still a small chance AT&T might still get the Storm 2 (there's a also a small chance Meagan Fox will ask me to keep her company in the middle of the night, but I'm not holding my breath on that one either.)

I dunno.. this late in the game we should be seeing a version for AT&T and it's just not happening. I'm thinking it's unlikely.

i knew that wasnt gonna happen when he said that . when he made that video, it was the gsm version of the phone , the one that vodafone will get, and at the time would only work on at&t, or tmobile. what you could do is buy one on ebay when it comes out and use it that way

They have the iPhone why would they pick this phone up? I know users like choice but if you wanted a BB the Bold and 8900 are there, as well as a 9700 coming out

Great review, but I'm anxious to see a little more text typing on the device. I'm excited for this phone to release!

the first vids Sal did were typing vids. if you cant find them.....put it this way. people thought the vids were fake...he types like a beast on the device. the typing is supposedly where the device shines the most.

So you said the the torch based browser will be out next summer. That's a long time for me. Speed it up. We need need this ASAP

All I want to the audio quality (as heard by the person you're talking with) good...and hopefully better than that of the Tour?

I basically have been quite satisfied with the Storm 1 *except* for the typing aspect. To me, the deal maker/breaker on the new Storm will be typing improvements. Updating other aspects, inclusion of WiFi are fabulous but typing ease, typing ease and typing ease is the key. Right now, for heavy E-mail uses, I would not recommend the Storm.

Just wanted to thank Sal, as always you provide the latest & greatest BlackBerry News. Keep up the great work Sal!

With the 5.x the Storm 1 got rid of most of the lag and is quite responsive. I think the big plus with Storm 2 is the new screen and wifi.

I'm actually quite happy with my Storm 1 now. At launch it really was a mess. I might wait and see where they go with the Storm 2 software. I hope it gets even better.

I'll wait and see if RIM comes out with a slider that has full QWERTY and touchscreen.

I'm seeing some info where an anticipated Vodafone launch is set for this week. Kevin, any confirmation of this? If it were to rollout like 08',(Nov 14 Vodafone, Nov 21 VZW), we might be looking at next week, again so long as Vodafone launches. Official release dates would be nice though.....

I dont care if I am calld dumb for asking this but, IS THAT REALLY THE PRESIDENT OR A JOKE!!! If so how in GODS name did you get the honor to add him!!!, but that phone is going to be sweet!

Is there a sensor on the device that deactivates the screen when you are on a phone call? I haven't seen this addresses. Sorry if I'm asking a repeat question. Thanks!

I was a storm 1 user from launch day until July when I couldn't take using that horrid piece of crap anymore. So I became a total Storm hater without a doubt.

That being said... this looks like a pretty freaking slick device. I think RIM may very well have redeemed themselves if this proves to be as cool as the video shows.

Great review, I want this phone but if its the same as the tour I might just stick with the tour. again great review

What is that that he was able to get his name above the clock. How does he get it there?

For the most part I agree. While I would love a bit better typing on the S1 I have gotten pretty good. The new OS's are making this and the predecessor pretty close to the same. Not too worried about wifi. Never used it when I had windows mobile.

As a recent purchaser of the Verizon S1 (end of July), immediately going out and buying the S2 isn't much of an option. What I'm really curious about, and haven't been able to find a definitive answer on in the forums, is whether an official (or .293) OS update will be released for the 9530. It seems logical, but would it work?

Nice video, too.

There's going to be an update on the OS of S1 about a month after S2 is released for those people that recently purchased S1 during the Bogo offer. So make sure you're signed up with RIM to get the noticed on the new OS.

Hi guys,

Just wondering. The WiFi on Storm 2.. would that allow BBM to work, and emails and all data related activities?

(Probably not GPS stuff?)

Working for best buy and having like 50 of the first storm in the cabinet is going to make it really hard to sell now. Especially seeing the improvements. We are soooo close to getting it, already started getting accessories last week!!! I can't wait!!!!

No one has asked about whether or not a caller id pic will use the full screen like the iphone!!!! This should be something that we shouldn't have to pay for!

until I saw this video I was satisfied with my S1!!! Now I'm not sure I can wait for my new every two discount! I'm thinking I'll be upgrading as soon as they hit the street!

Guys dont get burned again. I got the storm, it susks i know it and you know it..... IM GETTING THE IPHONE...... never mind storm 2 never again... NOW WATCH CRACK BERRY DELETE THIS SO FAST