Verizon BlackBerry Q10 available for $199 online June 6th and in stores June 10th

By Adam Zeis on 5 Jun 2013 11:05 am EDT

Verizon has given the word that the BlackBerry Q10 will be available for purchase online starting tomorrow, June 6th. We heard of their preorders earlier in the week and now can confirm that the Q10 will indeed be available tomorrow. If you aren't looking to grab one online and would rather head to your local store, you'll unfortunately have to wait until June 10th to do so. 

The Q10 at Verizon will run you $199 on a 2-year contract or $599 outright. Just as with the BlackBerry Z10, you'll be able to pick up the Q10 in either black or white as well.

If you want to preorder a Q10 you can do so now at the page below. Orders will begin shipping tomorrow, so depending on your location you may be lucky enough to land one by the weekend. If you do be sure to let us know!

Preorder a BlackBerry Q10 at Verizon

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Verizon BlackBerry Q10 available for $199 online June 6th and in stores June 10th


I hope mine ships today! I want it by Friday at least!!!!! I want my baby :D

Posted via CB10

Ordered mine yesterday via phone, paid extra for overnite they said I will have it by friday at the latest.

You're just mean, why would you tell me something like that?! Now I will have to rework ma schedule to include 6 hours of playtime tomorrow!

Excellent news. I'm really considering switching from Sprint. I wonder many other customers have left Sprint because of this.

I left Sprint after 6 years and went to Verizon for the Z10. Having to watch my data use and pay an extra $20 a month sucks, but the 4G network rocks and Sprint pissed me off by not offering the Z10 at all. When my contract with Verizon runs out I'll consider going back, but for now I'm happy.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to use a test Z10 and Q10 for a few days to get a feel for the keyboards. That will be a key factor.

I did the same. Left Sprint for Tmo. Unlimited data and faster network. It seems like Sprint HATES BlackBerry. Been in one of their stores lately? Smh

Posted via my Panther Z10 and CB10 app

Dropped Sprint for Verizon for the faster data and the Z10. Sad they are dropping the ball with the Q10 as well. Their customer service (Sprint) is top notch.

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I agree. Customer service was excellent. Too bad for them that they don't take to heart that our loyalty is to BlackBerry, not them.

Be sure to write things you would normally write in emails and text messages on the Z10 as it takes a few days for the keyboard to "learn your patterns" but once it does, whoa! You can types whole sentences, one flick per word at a time! :)

If you write gibberish for practice, all you'll get is "gibberish" ;)

My contract with sprint is finally up, been waiting to switch to z10 on Verizon, partly for z10, partly because Sprint service has really gone so downhill over past couple of years in my area. Only thing making me hesitate is the slow release of 10.1, especially with the way Verizon is slow with releasing updates. Makes me very nervous.

My GF is leaving Sprint for the very same reason. She also is frustrated with the lack of 4G in NYC area...

Wow. Sometimes I feel like the only one with no interest in the Q. I've always been a touchscreen guy.

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I dropped Sprint for thé Z10. Best thing I have ever done: Z10 is great ans I have connection everywhere. And yes I am getting the Q10 on June 10.

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Ordered mine a couple days ago, ditching my razr maxx that I picked up after giving up on my bold 9930. I can't wait to feel that sweet keyboard underneath my thumbs again!

Verizon's house is a short 15 minute drive from my office. If it ships today GREAT. If it ships tomorrow than I will still have it by the weekend. Fingers crossed.

It's supposed to ship tonight, with deliveries on Friday. But if it ships tomorrow, it won't be delivered until Monday (no weekend delivery with Verizon's free 2-day shipping). I'm only talking about preorders.

I would rejoice more if Verizon stopped charging extra in perpetuity once a subsidized phone is paid off. Getting a new phone every two years to justify that continuous add-on to your bill seems like a terrible waste of electronics and more junk for the dumps.


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Ugh, I was pumped for a June 6 release in store to go check it out. Oh well, at least a June 10 release will ease the pain of a typical Monday.

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I was in a Verizon store buying a Z10 yesterday, they actually let me hold the Q. I want the Q more, but will be on vacation all of next week and wanted to BBM video chat while gone. Unless the Z blows me away I will be returning it and getting the Q. Sorry, I am a QWERTY guy!!

Just watched BNN their 'expert" commentator says he doesn't know when phones will be available in stores. And staff at stores didn't know either. Wtf

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Anyone have an idea about the locked/unlocked status of this phone? It DOES have the LTE 700 band, which usually means it has to be sold unlocked, but there's a LTE 1700 band too

Curious to know if I pay the full unsubsidized price for the Verizon Q10 if they will unlock it on the spot? I ask because I want the white Q10 but don't necessarily want to stay with Verizon. Are any of the radios compatible with, say, T-Mobile?

I just hope that with the release of the Q10 the Z10 will be updated to the latest software os. It makes no sense that I am still on the original software os. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for an update tomorrow or this weekend.

Verizon unlocked my Z10 on the spot. And when I called to confirm...I believe the guy said that since they got the IPhone 4s they have been unlocking all smartphones. so from a Verizon pov I would bet the phone is unlocked at purchase.

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Yes, my Z10 was sold to me unlocked too. I was told that since Verizon phones won't work locked in some foreign countries, they unlock them upon purchase so they don't have to do it later when you travel.

Damn, was looking forward to snagging it tomorrow. I guess I can wait through the weekend.

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That link only shows the Bold 9930 with and without camera for me! No Z10 or Q10 at all.

Worse than this, if you click on the "Explore" tab at the top and click "Smartphones", there is a dropdown for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones. No BlackBerry dropdown. It seems like the only way you can find BlackBerry phones on their website is to search for them. I know this sounds all "consiracy theory", but it seems like their website manager has a beef with BlackBerry and they set up the website to make sure they won't come up when just surfing around.

Yes, Verizon just doesn't push BB phones, it's a shame. I think the phones you see may also relate to the zip code you type in, but even if they show up, they are at the bottom.

Verizon has actually been pushing BB10 much more than the other carriers. A lot of commercials and radio spots. I haven't seen or heard anything from other carriers

One of the benefits of working for Verizon Wireless is what I am doing right now, playing with the Q10! I must say it is awesome to say the least. Smooth, responsive and the keyboard is absolutely the BEST ever!! A definate homerun all the way around. Glad I waited for the Q10 as I almost got the Z10. For all of you who waited for this device you will be glad you did!!

Hmm. To get a Q10, or not get a Q10. That is the question. I don't want my stormtrooper to get jealous!

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So does this mean the 10.1 will be rolling out for big red for those individuals who haven't installed the latest leak?

Hi, If I purchase this handset Outright from Verizon or Tmobile, will it have carrier branding on the body of the phone and/or carrier screen when you switch on the device ?

I pre-ordered mine on May 30 th. was told it would arrive on the 6th. Today i got the shipping notification, shipped today, and wont arrive until Monday. I wish they would have shipped it overnight, since they misrepresented when it would arrive. Its coming GROUND. So frustrating.

i tracked my delivery and its ETA is monday the 10th at 7:00pm i would have been better off just going to the store and buying one

Thought I would get mine today, but Big Red & FedEx have other things in mind. For once I'm looking forward to Monday more than the weekend. How sad is that?