Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Flip Trickling to Stores

Verizon Pearl Flip
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jun 2009 12:12 pm EDT

Member shotsiekid just posted some photos of a (dummy) Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Flip in the CrackBerry forums that were taken at a Verizon store. According to his source, the marketing materials and actual devices are beginning to filter into retail locations and the release date should be just around the corner. You can jump over to the forums for another photo and to discuss. Thanks shotsiekid!

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Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Flip Trickling to Stores


'i wonder how the purple pearl flip will look. i hope the tour is soon to follow.'

It will look... like the pearl flip in the picture, but.... purple?

Why does verizon keep these things secret for so long.
I understand they do not want people holding out for the newer devices and would rather they buy out their backstock, and then possibly buy a newer one down the line, but with the 30 day trade-in someone could just upgrade anyways, so why not release this info properly.

E3 (videogame Expo) is going on now and the video game industry LOVES to tell you what you will be playing in "Spring of 2010"

Some of use just want to know how long to wait before we can upgrade to our first BB already.

I am not buying a curve or storm if 31 days later the Atlus or Tour comes out.

That comparison doesn't make sense.

E3 LOVES telling us whats coming out in '10 but they never give an exact date.

RIM AT&T/VZW/Tmo leak stuff out ALL the time.

We know this phone is coming out in '09.

So how different is this from E3 announcing whats coming out in '10?

The point is that RIM and VZW do not confirm or announce any of these. Technically, we have no solid verification of the Tour, Storm 2, or Atlus. They could all never be released and RIM and VZW could say "We never told you they were comming out."
All we hear aout is like you said, "leaked info".
I want someone to just say, look at this awesome new phone we will have for you "next month", or for the least, "Q1/Q2 " etc.
Solid confirmation should be a good thing that these companies are happy about. They should be proud of thier devices and want to show them off.

The comparison is that E3 all they do is talk about how awesome their stuff is (to an annoying fault I might add). I don't want a VZW/ATT rivalry like 360/PS3, but some regular news releases would be nice.

I always thought it would be nice to have a Pearl as an alternate phone due to the fact that it is more pocket friendly than a Curve.
Being that this enhances that factor and also that the 9630 (which many plan to replace their 8330's with) is larger than the Curve I would probably be inclined to make the switch more often.

I had a 8120 and recently upgraded to the Javelin 8900. I miss the size and SureType... But the camera and screen make the 8900 worth the upgrade for me. I'm curious to see if a new Pearl will leak out soon...

Since when does verizon have dummy phones. I have never seen a dummy phone in a verizon store, they usally have the real thing so you can play with it

Every day I wait just to hear confirmation of release date,I keep telling my wife new phone next month she wants the flip, I am holding out for the Tour the suspense is killing me...I am contemplating trying the storm with the new update. Any suggestions...