Alert: BlackBerry Email Outage?

By Bla1ze on 13 Apr 2009 04:09 pm EDT

Forums are filling up, is reporting an outage and Verizon all BlackBerry customers are in a frazzle on Twitter. Yes, there is an email outage going on at the present moment. Hang tight Crackberry Nation, all will be fine soon, promise! Other carriers also seem to be affected, AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers users are reporting latent emails. Need to vent or share what you're doing to stay calm, speak on it in the comments!

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Alert: BlackBerry Email Outage?


I don't know how often it happens, but BIS doesn't get the same level of service in terms of uptime guarantees as BES. My units are working fine on that side.

I'm in Massachusetts, and all seems well here. Just browsed to a couple of different websites,and sent a text to my wife.

I am in MD, and the Verizon network seems to be up and running.

Just sent an email from my pc to my account. Instant delivery!!

On VZW BIS near Chicago. Data like browser and twitter is fine....emails VERY late or not coming in at all since 12pm central time.

My email has been really delayed for a few days now. I'm kinda glad that its actually out so it will get fixed. I'm on Alltel in Nebraska.

This is sounding more and more like it's happening at RIM/Blackberry; myself and a couple of friends are on through Rogers (one person has a Rogers email address that forwards to her Telus device) and we were all experiencing no emails for the last hour.

Actually, they came through for one friend after he called Rogers support (the tech asked him to create a username on the Rogers/blackberry email system, and revalidate his email passwords, and BOOM, email came flooding in), mine started working about 10 minutes after he did that and the other friend on Telus *just* received all her mail a few moments ago...

Im a verizon agent and blackberry user. Our customers are starting to realize theres a problems and wigging out. Lol. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

I'm on BIS, using Desktop Redirector to deliver mail from work. I received a message at 4:25pm EDT in Outlook, and it was on my phone by 4:26pm.

This is getting old, once this month and once last month. We pay a premium for these devices and missing emails like this can have huge consequences for people. Sure, you might say to check your computer not your phone - but we pay big bucks for supposed "reliability" from RIM!

On Verizon, no emails, everything else is fine.

I just sent 2 emails from my computer to my gmail address and my Blackberry email. I recieved the one to my Blackberry account immediately but did not recieve the one to my gmail.
The internet, SMS and MMS all seem to be working fine.

UpdateThe email to my Gmail adress came through about a few minutes later.

Nothing is working at all here in the ARKLATEX area. Tried sending test emails, and nothing yet. Hopefully it's fixed soon

i was getting all my emails on the iphone but not the BB. I was guessing there was another outage or something like that

I have not got email since 12:00. Can read e-mail thru Gmail app but it is not being pushed out to my phone.

Boston MA

Last email came through at 11:32, I did notsuspect anything because I am at work so I am getting stuff in outlook I read crackberry and sent myself a email, and I am still watiing.

wyoming on verizon, everything works, but email
sent from my bb, received.
sent to my bb, still waiting.

RIM problem?

I have been without e-mail for almost 2 hours now. Family in Mexico have reported that Telcel and Nextel are experiencing BIS issues down there as well.

I just ran a test in the Seattle area and had no problem at all. Email sent from my workstation appeared on the BB in less than one minute. I am a Verizon customer.

East coast VZW here, havent noticed any problems

as a matter of fact, I just got an NY Times news alert and a forum reply I guess VZW is all good over here

Well I'm glad to see it posted on here, I was having a lag on my emails and T-Mobile told me they were having an outage issue too uggghhhh

here in the DC area, we have service. have been emailing and txting all day, even twitter is working, albeit, delayed at times.

I have had email troubles all day after i installed the new operating system through desktop manager. Telus, Canada West Coast. I thought this might have something to do with the 4.5 OS that i installed this morning on my blackberry Curve 8330.

Internet, and sms/mms ok here in Extreme Northern California. However, email issues are via the BB network. I am on ATT. Email inbound are working fine, however no outbound emails

Everything else works fine for me (sms,IMs and internet) but the last email I received on my blackberry bold was at 1:28pm (haven't been receiving emails since then)

I'm on AT&T located in Detroit, MI

My emails are lagginggggggggggggg T-Mobile said there is an outage. I NEED MY emails! *pounding fist on wall* lol not really BUT I do need my emails!

I've got Telus is BC and my BIS Email is out, too. Data and texts are fine, just email. Tried resending service books and still didn't get my test message. Damn lol. At least I'm at home with my MacBook so I won't miss too many emails.

LOL, AT&T is getting swamped. The recording says "we are having high call volume due to BlackBerry outage, if you are calling about blackberry service, the problem is betting looked at"

I noticed yesterday a slow down of recieving email. It took a long time to recieve or send..

im on sprint/nextel and my email went down about 1:30pm and came back up just before 3pm, while my text was down till about 3:30.

I dont understand

We pay a premium amount to our carriers for BB services and since owning a bold for 2 months now, RIM services have been down 4 or 5 times now not counting the expected outages at night for upgrades. Thats ridiculous IMO.

Ive used FREE mail2web on WM devices for years for activesync/push email and had it of all of 2 or 3 times over a span on 3 years or so. And thats a free service!! Most hosted email solutions give a 99.9% uptime.

Time for RIM to step up and cure these outages plaguing us almost weekly now.

Just got off the phone with ATT they claim its fixed in the Chicago area. My emails started coming in about 5 min ago.

Just received an email from Telus, and a BUNCH of emails in my two email accounts. Everything looks to be working on my BB in Toronto, Canada

I am on AT&T in Phoenix, AZ area. Outage since 11:00. Got some service back on around 2pm but it is now back off again for me.

Fortunately this is not a normal services just came back on again...2:17pm PST.

thats whacked...i just tried connecting to bb server on my phone (verizon storm) and its down now i guess...wont connect...just received an email 15 minutes ago but none now

I am on AT&T in Phoenix, AZ area. Outage since 11:00. Got some service back on around 2pm but it is now back off again for me.

Fortunately this is not a normal services just came back on again...2:17pm PST.

Well, I just had all of my e-mails/facebook notifications shoot thru, but I just sent a test message and haven't recieved it yet... kind of frustrating...

just got a new storm and set everything up and thought it was my device but now see other problems. verizon user in michigan. cannot connect to email settings

I am not able to send or recieve email, texts, or phone calls. What is going on??? I have a Bold. My husband and daughter are both up and working. They have Curves. What gives?

What's all this stuff I hear about how Blackberry's being superior to my trusty iPhone????? Can you all hear me now??? Ha, Ha, Ha. My iPhone is receiving e-mails just fine, wait a second let me check a few of my friends'... Yep their iPhones are working just fine too. So much for the reliability argument you Blackberry suckas like to use on the iPhone crowd. I know how you can fix your Blackberry problem... walk (I mean run) over to AT&T and get a smartphone that works!

Emails stopped last night around 5pm. Came in this morning, and once early this afternoon. SMS and browser works fine.

It's like a don't even exist.

it was a total outage up here, I'm in amarillo, have an alltel pearl and curve, and a vzw storm and they all three lost 100% data connectivity, no apps, no web, no email, no bbm.....just talk and text.....everyone else in my store lost it all too....

I was unable to recieve e-mail from about 10:30 am to 2:15 pm Pacific Time... NOW my e-mails are pouring in. WONDERFUL.

I've been flying for the past few hours and thought it was pretty weird that every time we landed somewhere, I'd get my e-mails on my iPhone but not my BB. Guess this explains it. I'm getting BB Messenger messages and PINs, but not my e-mail. Never thought I would have to rely on my iPhone to get my e-mails . . .

Update: About 2 minutes ago all my missing e-mails came in. Hopefully it's really fixed!

Here in Venezuela I'm having trouble with my BIS... I did't recive any eails between 12 noon and 4 in the afternoon...

I'm on Telecomunicaciones Movilnet...

i got SOS on my bold and no emails since around noon CST. i thought it was just me but i sent the service books twice. BBMessenger seems to work though so i have no idea

Everything is fine on my t-Mobile connection. Still playing with my 5.0 on the 8900. Running with no hiccups.

I know I was getting my emails real late with the wrong time. Then I wasn't getting any for about an hour. Next thing I know I got like 20 emails back to back. Glad everything is up and running now.

I've been getting emails all day without any problems... on Verizon in the Seattle area... Wonder what the deal is with some of your areas... seems to be spotty... some people are working just fine, others aren't... I've gotten emails while I was reading this blog post and comments..

Just got a few more e-mails maybe 15 minutes ago, so i deckded to check again and see if they were coming back as usual, and the 2 test messages i sent myself came thru without a hitch, fast as ever. Looks like they got it squared away!

I have been receiving and sending emails all day, no problems here in Vancouver on Bell network. I have had my storm since January and never had any problems with it.

Rogers in Vancouver, BC. working fine. gmail imap now works with no delay! i was having 2-20min delays for the past 2 weeks.

BIS w/Verizon down in Nashville, Tennessee area. Can't add an count in BIS either. Perhaps it is related to the BIS 2.6 upgrade (see my update at the bottom of this post: )?

"Update: Looks like BIS 2.6 is not yet ready for prime time. I recently discovered that sending from two of my accounts using a desktop client (Thunderbird) caused my entire Sent box to be pushed to the my BlackBerry. Firt time is was 58 messages, the second was over 183. That is not acceptable!"

I am in north carolina. My phone has been working fine all day, but just a few minutes ago lost the network completely. Where there used to be bars it now just says "OFF"

yea my email was not being received from about 3pm until 5:30. i tried resending service books and idk if it was just coincidence but after about 20-30 mins my emails started flowing in again.

8830 WE on VZW in Charlotte, North Carolina. BB email has been extremely spotty all day. 2-4 hour delay receiving emails or not receiving them at all. This is what, outage #3 or #4 in 2009 for RIM? Leave the service books alone guys! My phone works fine until you guys start screwing with the service books then everything goes haywire for a few hours. *Shutting the BB off for the night*

I was experiencing some delays earlier today, and I did get a duplicate at some point (4 hours after I received it the first time). Really don't care enough at this point of the day to test to see if work email is working again (BIS through OWA), but gmail appears to be working about as fast as normal.

I was wondering why I regested with some service providers and didn't get that immediate email I useally get. Its been kinda quiet today. Just thought I was getting a bit unpopular. Thanks for the heads up Crackberry.

ps-I'm tethered (with bluetooth, Ha Ha I figured it out and you can't without Tetherberry, Ha Ha) too and data is flowing, but that has nothing to do with missing all my voice calls today unless we're talking voice over IP.

storm os bell mobility in canada. i got my storm january 1st 2009 and have never experienced an outage. lucky me i guess!!

As eclipse604 mentioned above, now I am getting emails from Gmail in real time. Did RIM upgrade their email service?

Sitting here without email since 11:18 am. Messaging works though. Hmmm... previous reports of email working in DC. Just unlucky I guess. :(

I haven't notice any issues.
SMS = OK, been using it all day
MMS = N/A, I havent used it
EMail = OK, I have 5 accounts and they've been coming fine, just fired a test one from my private email to my gmail, no prob.
INet = OK, I was checking Viigo and FB

Hopefully I continues this way, I;m in constant communication with some classmates and I need stability to finish my HW.

I am in Atlanta GA and we just got our email messaging back at 11:00 Pm on Mon. this is crazy I am applying for jobs and these are the email I use on my resume so I could not get any of this until just now. This can not happen again.

I never had a problem today. I have BIS and didn't miss a beat and I'm traveled from Houston to Austin via driving.

Sprint 8130 in NYC still not receiving email (gmail imap) since noon yesterday. I just pulled the battery to make sure. Still nothing. Like most others, SMS and data work fine.

I am able to SEND email, sms, data, phone calls, etc.
But I cannot RECEIVE email, sms, or phone calls. I am limited to BBM and AIM.
I hope they fix this soon...

I had the same problem yesterday on my 8350i, all I did was resend my certificates and all was well again.

Today everything is working fine again.

I thought everything was cool. Woke up this morning to BBM not working and saying everyone was unreachable, and not being able to access anything thru the browser. I can only get texts at this point, and of course make and recieve calls...

EDIT: As of 10:30 or so I am back up an running. Hope this is fixed for good now.

Anyone on Rogers having problems with receiving emails?
I've got 4 email accounts mapped to by BB and emails are not being delivered from any of them. Been like that since at least this morning.

I'm a T-mobile Blackberry 8320 user,
and I have had no service (except over wi-fi) since mid-march. What the heck!