Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 pricing leaked!

VZW Bold 9930 pricing
By Michelle Haag on 13 Aug 2011 06:36 pm EDT

Following up on yesterdays leaked screenshots showing the release date for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 on Verizon Wireless, today Chennylou posted the above screenshot in the forums. That's right folks, the pricing information you've been clammoring for is out! Full retail on the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is listed as $509.99 for Verizon, with a 2 year upgrade bringing the price down to $249 (and lower if you've held onto your NE2 plan discount). Go Big Red! Thanks Chennylou!

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Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 pricing leaked!


Anyone think that BestBuy will have these on the 15th? Going to buy it full retail, but the Verizon website doesn't allow it.

I agree. $199.99 price point would sell thousands more. There is just something psychological about pricing it that way.
I'm afraid many will spring for Androids or Iphones when they walk into a Verizon store. Problem with Verizon stores: they don't like BB's. I've walked into my local Verizon store and they do just about anything to talk you out of a Blackberry. Sad.

best buy is the same way! They hate Blackberry! When I went to buy my Playbook back in June, my local Best Buy had none on display. They pulled one out of the drawer with a nearly dead battery. They kept talking up Android. I suspect there is some under-the-table monies coming from Android to various retail stores. Hopefully, some day, someone will realize that. RIM should be furious about that!

I bought my Playbook online and I must say I'M LOVIN' IT! Works great on my home Wi-Fi! And with my old Storm, I'm also getting internet for free, and getting my e-mails/contacts/notes, etc. Its the best screen I've seen. I appreciate the smaller screen size, as its easier to take with me, than one of those honkin' ipadoodles! And movies, well, WOW!

I am 100% convinced that Best Buy, Verizon, ATT, and Spirnt IS getting under-the-table kickbacks from HTC, Motorola, even Apple. Why is it that when you walk into almost any store today, they try to talk you out of a Blackberry?

It's not they hate BB's. Every carrier have sales rewards sites for big box retailers, indirect and corporate store reps. Depending on the models I've seen, all android phones give you $10+ for each phone sold towards the sales rep and BB's give crap.

So if you add commission+rewards money, of course sales rep will push where the money is. Besides, those other phones are better anyways.

I spoke with Verizon Customer Service Agent at my local store and he told me that I would be able to order the 9930 online or at the store come Monday and that it would be mailed to me before the 25th. I showed him the Verizon post from the other day to show what I was referencing.

Verizon offers an extra $50 dollars off of the new two year contract price. That's if you're already a Verizon customer. But you only have six months to use it. Luckily mine expires towards the end of September.

Sorry to disappoint u but verizon does not drop prices. They will cite that it is $250 because it is a 4G device. The charge is also $250 as we.. I too believe it should be $199 because like others have said Android and Apple do a lot more than the new Bold Touch so why on Earth would you pay more for a phone that does less? The only thing would be that it is 4G while iPhone and Droid 3, Droid X are not

We shall see......

$250 is definitely too high. With Rim trying desperately to hang onto market share, they should have a $150 max on all their phones. imo

I want one but I'm not paying $250. Nothing wrong with my Bold 9650, I can just keeping using it.

Totally agree.

I still have a $30 NE2 discount. I am willing to sacrifice it at this point. A $250 price point, combined with the camera issue (not really a showstopper, but it bugs me enough to help justify not making a purchase).....I hold on to my Bold 9650.

My NE2 expires the beginning of November, so if it does come down, I may reconsider.

But I have to agree, a $250 price point, psyhcologically, is too much. $199 would sell tons. And anyone with a NE2 would have it down to $149 or $169. THOSE price points are very easy to swallow.

Ditto on Verizon not liking BB. I went in our local store when I was thinking of getting the 9650, the guy said you don't want one of THOSE it's outdated technology. Whatever, I still love my berry always have always will.

so some kid working sales @ verizon speaks on behalf of the whole company? he is right that it is outdated technology though. only the technology impaired can't see that...

This is so true! I went to my local vzw store today and they have no BlackBerrys on display - zero - nada. Maybe because all the models are old now, or they don't like BlackBerry. I asked the guy when they would have the 9930 in the store and he looked at me like I was from outer space. Said he had heard something about it but was very vague. He said they have BlackBerrys in the store but not on display because "no one buys them anymore". He was lucky there was another customer waiting to talk to him or I would have given him an earful. The store had Android devices everywhere, only one small shelf of iPhones. Maybe I will buy my 9930 at Best Buy so I can get reward points.

Wht would you expect a VZ sales rep to know anything? I have never got any use out of talking with anyone at the store, ever. You are better off waiting for the phone to come out, walk in store right to the display and get some hands on time. Whenever a sales rep comes by and bothers you, "I've already been helped, thank you."

That way, you don't have to have them question you as to why you aren't going with a droid yet(especially since iphone 5 isn't out yet, and they always push items they can sell that day).

From the looks of it, no one is buying BlackBerries. Also, they suggest Android phones and iPhones because they are better technology, with better cameras, applications, etc. The only thing a BlackBerry has over an iPhone or Android phone is the physical keyboard, but with 4+ inch screens, who needs one? Don't give me that corporate email bull, because many corporations are switching over their employees to iPhones.

That extra year may come in handy if corp decides to change their data costs again and ditches the grandfathering in clause for existing customers.

I was gonna jump on this as I get a 20% corporate discount through VZW, but I think I'll wait until you all identify the quirks. Besides, my NE2 doesn't come up until April and MAYBE by then some of the QNX phones will be out, and I will probably need the discount more.

WT Frigg...??? I think Verizon is friggin crazy selling them at this price. I know they want you to buy a droid, but this will cause consumers to leave for somewhere that has it cheaper. Actually, I bet Amazon Wireless will have em cheaper for the same service. I got my 9650 from there as well as my wifes Storm 2. 9650 was 49.99 and storm 2 was 19.99. This was when Verizon was selling them for 149.99 and 199.99. Matter of fact, the Bold, Storm 2 AND Curve are .01 each even now when Verizon wants 199.99 for the Storm 2, 79.99 for the curve and doesn't even offer the Bold!
I am eligible for my last New Every 2 in October and will probably get my Bold 9930 from Amazon then. Same for my wife, AND if Verizon offers a family data plan with a decent GB amount for a decent price, I might even get my teen age kids a Blackberry Curve each from Amazon!! In my book, Droid DOESN'T..
What is funny is you can get it Pre-Paid for 445 plus 20 worth of service, and after a month, do an ESN swap and use it on your regular line..and be contract free and still be cheaper than buying it the regular way.
Big Red has the best coverage, but the consumers need to learn how to beat them at pricing!!

RIM hasn't promoted BlackBerry in a while.. Why would they care about the price? They know those who are actually going to buy it are true blackberry fans so they will probably pay whatever to own one (as I am one of those people). How are they going to try and sell the 9930 over the iPhone and Droid phones to a normal customer? They probably wont, and frankly do not care.

I was on the PHONE with a representative about 5 hours ago and asked if she could preorder it for me and she put me on hold and when she came back she goes "Well have you considered getting the droid blah blah? I mean its buy 1 get 1 free"

I am sitting here throwing my money at them for the BlackBerry and she is still trying to sell droid to me.. They don't give a shit about the price because they don't care if they sell it or not.

I know what you mean. I have been all over our corporate sales rep about when they would get them and all I get is Droid, Droid, Droid.
As I said-Droid DOESN'T..Sync Tasks, Notes, Archived Emails, BBM, Push To Talk (Corporate environment, so group PTT is great!!) among other things. I've explained it several times and finally said enough Droid, Droid...Don't want it for work, PERIOD!! OH, and Security (I work for a Law Enforcement Agency) is VERY Important!!
Yes, you pay for what you get, but this is a bit high (249), so I am guessing they will either not sell that many (probably not) or lower the price when customers complain/explain that they can get it for less with another carrier. Personally, I think this NEEDS to happen with Big Red and FORCE them into listening to the customer and lower some of their damn prices. Sprint offers the same coverage where I live for a lot less. (VZW-4 phones, 2 with unlimited data and 2 with no data, 1400 minutes and unl text for almost $175 a month vs Sprint for same plan-1500 minutes and UNLIMITED data for all 4 phones for $150 a month) after corporate discounts

I just had the same experience. The lady tried her damndest to sell mii an Ipbone or a droid, even as far as to act as if she knew nothing about the BlackBerry line. Then mentioned something about trying to get her comission!! are they getting paid to not sell BlackBerry's?

Why should they promote BB after they got burned on the storm?
And also the fact that so many frequent androids are released, which they sell a ton more of. I'm surprised they haven't moved the Rim display right next to clearance rack, I mean they have a curve and a storm 2 currently.
VZ has always asked me about switching to android when I have been in store. I am getting tired of explaining the product I once liked. My reply of I'm used to my led and bbm is only going to last so long.

I agree, the only way Verizon sales rep would quit pushing Droid was my insistance that I wanted a phone that would sync with Outlook. Of course, at the same time they had no Palms and said they were banqrupt and Verizon would not do business with them again. A month later they had Palms again. My contract is up and I am in no rush as I want things to settle down first. Although now that I have a Playbook the faster browser speed would be nice.

yeah, now we're not only getting slapped in the face by rim for the outdated device, but verzion is adding insult to injury by pricing it $50 higher than rogers.

The more I think about it, we have to remember VZW doesn't really care what they sell it at. They make their money on service. So if you or I don't buy the phone, it's really no great shakes. Where the price COULD matter to them is someone adding a new line with the 9930.

But, selling tons makes news for them. I Guess they'll continue to try and soak us for all the money we have in out pockets.......

Prices always adjust to market demand and pressure. I mean the Droid 3 was $249 at launch and then within about 3 weeks there was a BOGO offer going on it. So Verizon really doesn't care what they intro it at and likely they are trying to flush out the remaining NE2 discounts (I still have one left and will be using it). Either way it will fall in price in a few weeks to a month but not in a few days like Robers in Canada.

I think they're pricing it at $249 so they can sell the 9850 at $199. $50 dollars higher than anyone else at least. Maybe they suspect lots of people are going to jump at upgrading all those Storms out there. Besides, they STILL have the Storm 2 at $199!!! That is insane and would be a total customer rip-off at this point!

So I called Verizon to ask about the Bold 9930 and the lady blatantly said the Storm2 is the newest BlackBerry out, and began to suggest the Iphone *shivers* I told her I have the Storm2 and am a BlackBerry loyalist and I had just heard of a complete new line of BlackBerry's coming out. She then said "let me search and see, oh well what do you know, there seems to be a Bold Touch 4G BlackBerry that you can order now, and you should receive it by Wednesday" I got it at the $199 with the NE2, but it took some talking and convincing lol. just $20 shy of what would've been $219. but she then again asked was I sure because there was an Android phone that did all the same stuff but faster, and later revealed she was trying to get her commission. making me suspect she wouldve gotten more commission from the sale if it had not been a BlackBerry I was buying.

Anywho, I should have the 9930 by mid-week.

thats what the lady said, but from looking at the spec sheet its speed is listed somewhere between 3G and 4G i believe. but it is listed as a nice bump above 3G and is being advertised as 4G

I was told that they (VZN) get higher commissions on Android phones by a family member. From what I read above it makes perfect sense. They do not care what works best for you. They care about what pads their pockets.

I am still confused about Ne2 discount... I will be resigning a 2 yr contract with Verizon and I already have the data plan. will I qualify for this?

I bet this price drops at least $50 by the end of August but even the 9650 stayed around $200 for quite awhile after it's release.

Meah ! This is faster version of what we have for last 15 years.
Any news on the 9850 or 9860 ? Need a Global phone w/full capacitive touch screen

so if you get the phone on contract and use the etf you are paying more than the phone costs full retail.$250+350 etf=600 full retail =509 Way to rip people off verizon not to mention etf's aren't right instead they should make you return your phone if you break contract then they can make money off of those.

posted this on bgr in the 9900 review comments...thought I'd share here also

Between the camera let down and the released pricing of the 9930 I'm thinking I'm going to make a switch to the ip5 once released. I use my mobile device for work and leisure, so 3 accounts max with anywhere from 20-50 emails per day. I'm hoping the ip5 will be able to handle it. My wife has an ip4 and I've been toying around with the email and messaging composition with the touch screen keyboard as that's also been a main point for me being resistant to jumping ship, but honestly it takes some getting used to and can be just as easy/fast with some practice. The other final straw was yesterday when I was trying to pull up a vid on youtube for my daughter to watch on my 9650 while were shopping, it was so dam slow I had to ask my wife to borrow her ip4 so i could pull the vid up (we're both on vzw)....that was the deciding moment IMO....

also: bbm used to be the other rock that kept me on board with BB, but with so many of my contacts already off the BB team..bbm is like google+, great format, but no one is on it...and looks like iMessaging is about to be the bbm for iOS users.....

again, not trying to be a fan boy or troll, just stating my current state of mind....

Just got off the verizon rep on chat... the phone will be released at midnight eastern time!! I cant wait!